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Mitchell’s WWE SmackDown Live Report! (8/7/18)



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After Samoa Joe got truly and brutally personal in his message to the WWE Champion, what will the Phenomenal One himself say in his return to SmackDown?



  • Charlotte Flair & Becky Lynch VS The IIconics; Charlotte & Becky win.
  • Zelina Vega w/ Andrade “Cien” Almas VS Lana w/ Rusev; Zelina wins.
  • R-Truth VS Shinsuke Nakamura; Nakamura wins.
  • 3v2 Handicap: The Bludgeon Brothers VS 3SK; The Bludgeon Brothers win.
  • SmackDown Tag Team Championship Contenders Tournament: The New Day VS The Bar; The New Day wins and will face The Bludgeon Brothers for the titles at Summerslam.


Randy Orton heads to the ring!

The Viper is back with even more venom in his veins, as he’s made it his mission to destroy any and all superstars the WWE Universe puts above him and his decade of hard work. Jeff Hardy is his first target, who Orton beat and battered all over ringside last week. Fans let him know “You Suck!” Orton speaks on how Jeff Hardy called him out, and reviews footage to show that new and vicious attack. From t-shirt to necklace to the paint on his face, Hardy was humiliated and stripped bare. Fans boo and jeer but Orton wonders, “Do you still believe?” Orton could’ve warned the squeamish, but making the fans squirm is why he did all that. Orton vows to end careers and dismantle identities. He will become so violent, fans will want to change the channel.

But, fans won’t change the channel because they still believe. They believe in superheroes, in hope, and they even hope the hero, Hardy, will save the day. He won’t, because Orton “erased the Enigma.” Hardy is lost, searching for himself that Orton stole and erased! Orton will erase every superstar the fans respect, because they don’t respect Orton! Let’s have a history lesson on Randy Orton. He started as the youngest man in the locker room, and became the youngest world champion ever! Orton is a 13-time world champion, a multi-time Royal Rumble Winner, Mr. Money in the Bank and Survivor Series winner, but the fans still don’t respect him!

“Sometimes in life, when you’re not given respect, you have to take it.” People make their choices, and so has Orton. Orton has chosen to wipe out those the fans chose to believe in. Orton will pick Hardy apart “piece by piece by piece”, but it is on each and every member of the WWE Universe. Say what you want. Apex Predator, Viper, Legend Killer, but just remember the three most devastating letters in sports entertainment: R, K, O! Orton drops the mic again and takes his leave. Who will the Viper choose to strike next?


Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair talk backstage.

The two good friends aren’t sure where to start. Charlotte wasn’t trying to ruin Becky’s moment, but GM Paige gave her the opportunity so she had to take it. Becky understands, because they both want the title. Becky just finds herself in a tough position. She wants to be happy for Charlotte, but she wanted a 1v1 match. But now it’s a Triple Threat and that makes the challenge a bit bigger, because that hill she was climbing now has a “tall blonde boulder” in the way. Boulder? But it’s Summerslam, so you prove you’re the best by beating the best. Charlotte wouldn’t have it any other way. So they’re good for facing the IIconics? Of course! They’re not Sasha & Bayley. #TeaGenerationX is ready to go, will they be the more stable half of the WWE Four Horsewomen?


Carmella heads to the ring!

The FABULOUS SmackDown Women’s Champion wants to be front row and on commentary for the upcoming tag match featuring her two challengers.


Charlotte Flair & Becky Lynch VS The IIconics!

The Queen of Flair and the Lass Kicker both get a shot at the Princess of Staten Island in Brooklyn, but can they first prove they can beat Peyton Royce & Billie Kay in Orlando?

The Iconic Duo play some word association on the way out. “Orlando.” “The saddest place on Earth!” “Charlotte Flair.” “Overrated. Bad dancer. And lost to Carmella twice!” “Becky Lynch.” “Um… Nothing comes to mind.” Nothing at all? Yeah, is she even here? Fans tell the IIconics they’re “BORING~!” The IIconics ignore that to point out that Becky’s where she always is and always will be: in Charlotte’s shadow. Always a bridesmaid, but never the champ. Carmella says the truth hurts, but it’s time for the match.

Becky starts against Billie and gets a waistlock to headlock to wristlock. Tag to Charlotte, and she adds an ax handle. Charlotte chops Billy with those Flair backhands. Tag to Becky and they double whip Billie. Double hip toss, then double hip tosses for Peyton! Becky goes for the submission but Peyton saves Billie. Becky tags Charlotte, and Charlotte slingshots onto the IIconics! Tea Generation X controls the ring while we go picture in picture.

Charlotte styles and profiles, then clinks tea cups with Becky. She chases down Billie and puts her in the ring. Peyton distracts and Billie boots! Charlotte goes down, and Peyton tags to get in some stomps. She puts Charlotte in the ring, covers, TWO. The IIconics argue with the ref, but then tag to Billie. They double wrench and kick both sides of Charlotte. Cover, TWO, but Billie keeps on Charlotte with a chinlock. She grinds Charlotte but Charlotte powers up and out to chop! Billie throws Charlotte by her hair, then rains down rights. Cover, TWO! Tag to Peyton, and the IIconics grind their boots into Charlotte’s chin. Peyton mocks the styling and profiling, but Charlotte fights back. Peyton runs her over, cover, TWO! The IIconics are getting mad now, but they calm down. Peyton chokes Charlotte on the ropes, then backs off at 4.

Peyton keeps Charlotte down with knees to her back. She drives elbows into the shoulders, then thrashes Charlotte around in a chinlock. Charlotte endures while fans rally up. She stands and power Peyton to the corner. Charlotte throws Peyton off but Billie hotshots her into Peyton’s heel kick! Cover, but Becky breaks it in time! Billie throws Becky out, then argues with the ref. She drags Charlotte over while we go single picture. Small package from Charlotte, TWO, double boots! Both women go down and the fans fire up. Carmella, however, is not impressed. Hot tags to Peyton & Becky! Becky rallies with lariats and a calf kick. She kicks and European Uppercuts, then throws Peyton with a Becksploder! She kip-up, then hops up top for flying forearms! Cover, TWO!

Becky goes for the Disarm-her! She has it, but Billie kicks her down. Charlotte tags in, and shoulders into Billie. She climbs up top, MOONSAULT! she takes both IIconics out! Charlotte grabs Peyton, Figure Eight! Peyton taps, Charlotte & Becky win!

Winners: Charlotte Flair & Becky Lynch, Charlotte with the submission

The best friends win together, but it seems bittersweet for the Lass Kicker. At the same time, Carmella reminds them both that she is champion. Can Becky and Charlotte stay friends with a common enemy in their sights? Or will that greed for gold blind them in Brooklyn?


Backstage interview with The New Day!

The longest reigning team in WWE History blew up the internet just being on commentary. They were dynamite, but now they’re trying something different. Kofi reveals the suit and tie, as well as a wig. “I’m Kramer Kingdom, reporting here from SmackDown Live with two guys who have a very unique opportunity here for the SmackDown Tag Team titles!” They’re facing the fierce Cesaro & Sheamus. How are you gonna spar with The Bar? Fierce as in the rancid milk smell that follows them. They’ve beaten Cesaro & Sheamus before, they’ll do it again. “B-b-b-b-b-but what about the B-b-bludgeon Brothers?” Well, they’re no strangers to dangers. Ya bois, the New~ Day~ will make Harper & Rowan bow down to the power of positivity! The New Day can do anything, but can they win tonight and in Brooklyn?


The Miz has an announcement.

He’s on the set of his hit reality show, Miz And Mrs. He gives and gives, from access to his life and the greatest entertainment imaginable. After weeks of negotiations, Miz gives Daniel Bryan a gift. “The gift of relevancy.” It WILL be Bryan VS Miz at Summerslam! This war of words will finally be settled in the ring! Will the A-Lister kick Bryan back down to the B-List? Or will Bryan show Miz is just too soft to be a superstar?


Charlotte and Becky are fired up!

They love tagging together! They’re so good together. That was today, though, and in two weeks, it’ll be every woman for herself. Well, they can be great against each other, too. Tea Generation X for life, but will it survive a match for gold?


SmackDown reviews Samoa Joe’s message to AJ Styles.

The Destroyer went a step too far claiming the Phenomenal One puts titles and matches before family and friends. Joe claims Styles is barely home long enough to hold his children, and is a failure as a father. Styles may have the fans on his side, but Joe will have Styles’ own family on his.

AJ Styles heads to the ring!

The WWE Champion heard everything his cruel #1 contender had to say last week. With fans chanting his name, Styles picks up a mic to respond. “A lot goes on between these ropes. A lot of trash talking, a lot of manhood being tested. And usually when that happens, it gets personal.” Samoa Joe made it personal bringing up Styles’ family. Styles vows to be the greatest WWE superstar for his family. That doesn’t make him special. All parents make sacrifices, that’s just what you’re supposed to do as both a father and “a real man.”

Styles is away for over 200 days out of the year, so he misses Little League, birthdays, and anniversaries. He and his wife have been together 18 years, but the reality is that she lives like a single parent while he’s gone. But parents are meant to sacrifice to give their kids what they need, and sometimes what they want. Just like everyone else, when his kids fall and cry, he wants to be there to pick them up and comfort them.

But that’s what angers Styles the most! Joe knows his family, and long before SmackDown was the House That AJ Styles Built, they both shared “a cockroach infested apartment” and stale pizza. Joe threw that decade of friendship all away in a matter of seconds. Styles vows that Joe’s hands won’t touch the title. “Screw that!” Styles vows that Joe won’t walk out champion, or even walk out at all. Joe was watching that entire speech backstage, and is laughing? Did Joe bait Styles into being fired up for their match? Or will Joe’s master plan backfire in Brooklyn?


Rusev and Lana meet backstage.

Mr. & Mrs. Machka talk about the miscommunication. Rusev will be with Lana for her rematch with Zelina Vega, for a Happy Lana Day. Lana thanks her Bulgarian Brute hsuband for being so considerate. But now Aiden English walks over. He just wants to apologize, and will let Rusev hit him if he wants. English didn’t mean to cost any of them their matches. It’s not fair to any of them, but he has the best intentions at heart. He just wants to say he’s sorry. Lana nods, and Rusev forgives English. They shake on it, but Rusev keeps English from joining them at ringside.


Zelina Vega w/ Andrade “Cien” Almas VS Lana w/ Rusev!

La Muneca got a win in her SmackDown in-ring debut thanks to both El Idolo and MC Artiste getting involved at ringside. Can she quickly go 2-0 against the Ravishing Russian? Or will Lana prove she’s the best, Lana number one?

The bell rings and Lana tackles Vega to a corner! She throws in shoulders, then backs off at 4. Lana whips but Vega breaks free to discus forearm. Vega runs awy from the anger Lana, but gets a wrecking balld ropkcik! Lana puts her in the ring and goes after the feet. Vega kicks Lana, then hammers away with both fists. Vega covers, ONE. She puts Lana in a chinlock while fans sing for Lana. Lana powers up and works against the hold. She fights back with body shots, but Vega throws her down by her hair. Vega ax kicks Lana, then pats herself on the back. Lana gets to ropes but Veaga whips. Lana reverses and knees low. She reels Vega in, Fisherman Suplex! Cover, ONE, but Lana drops an elbow.

Lana drops more elbows, then kicks Vega while she’s down. She puts Vega in a corner, then another corner. Vega reverses to bump Lana off buckles. Lana kicks back, then bulldogs! Cover, TWO! Lana gets fans singing again, then suplexes Vega again. She gets a third suplex, but keeps going. Almas gets on the apron, and Vega hits a code breaker! Rusev runs over and runs Almas over! Rusev throws Almas into barriers! The fans fire up, but Vega kicks Rusev in the head. Almas hits Rusev, then puts him into a post. Vega blows a kiss, but Lana hits a Machka Kick! Lana climbs up but Rusev and Almas keep fighting. English flies in from the ramp! He tackles into the ring, but that shakes Lana off the top! Vega grins as she pounces with CIEN KNEES! Cover, Vega wins!

Winner: Zelina Vega, by pinfall

English couldn’t help himself, and he’s cost Team Rusev Day again! He was told to stay back, and is furious with himself for disobeying. What can he possibly do to make it up to them now?


Backstage interview with Shinsuke Nakamura.

The WWE United States Champion officially defends his title against Jeff Hardy at Summerslam. But Nakamura thins we’re mistaken. Hardy was erased. No, that wasn’t literal. Nakamura knows that, but he’s just facing “what’s left”, to leave nothing left at all for Orton to destroy. But wait, R-Truth comes storming over, and Tye Dillinger does his best to stop him. Truth calls Nakamura out for the title, at Summerslam. How? The same way everyone else does: he’ll pin Carmella. No, that’s not how that works, Truth. You gotta deal with a certain someone here. Truth isn’t going to wrestle Renee. Nakamura mocks Truth in Japanese, and somehow Truth understands. Truth doesn’t want Carmella or a match at Summerslam, he wants Shinsuke tonight! Will Paige give Truth what he wants? Will Truth regret asking for it after?


Byron Saxton interviews The Miz via titantron.

It is official that The Miz VS Daniel Bryan is happening at Summerslam, but why isn’t Miz here tonight? Is he afraid of Bryan? This is why Byron is just a second-rate commentator. Well, then, with Total Bellas renewed for a fourth season, does he feel Miz And Mrs make it that long? Their first two episodes had more views than all of Total Bellas season 3! Miz And Mrs is meme-worthy! No bad reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, too. Miz isn’t on SmackDown is because he’s too big a star right now. But with that match coming, what does he have to say to the WWE Universe? Make sure to watch episode 3 as Miz learns CPR! Bryan needs CPR to revive his career.

But what about their match? Their history goes back to 2010, the original form of NXT! Things have only intensified over these years, is Miz concerned about not backing up his talk? How much do you think Miz has been worried about Bryan these last eight years? Miz has become the biggest superstar, and should be THE WWE Champion! He doesn’t need this match, but Bryan needs this match. This will settle it once and for all. Miz is done sharing the spotlight with someone who hasn’t earned it! Bryan’s called Miz soft for the last time, when Miz was the one wrestling while Bryan was home crying. Miz is sick of fans saying he’s hiding. Miz will expose Bryan for what he is and always will be: beneath Miz.

Speaking of, why is he talking to Byron? Where’s Bryan? Grazing on kale while talking about how great he is? BRYAN ATTACKS!! Bryan is on the set and bashing Miz into the couch! He even fights off the security guards, until Miz smashes him with a glass vase! Miz leaves Bryan down and out, but Bryan gets back up. The Goat is on the hunt, will Bryan finally break Miz in Brooklyn?


R-Truth VS Shinsuke Nakamura!

The King of Strong Style pretends not to understand English, but many times it seems “Pretty Ricky” doesn’t understand much of anything. Truth may not get a title shot at Summerslam, but can he prove he’s worthy of a shot down the line? Or will he just get a #Knee2Face for his troubles?

The bell rings and Truth circles with Nakamura. THey tie up but nakamuar knees low and throws more knees into Truth. He has Truth in a corner for Bad Vibrations! Nakamura then dares Truth, “C’MON!” Truth runs in but school boys! ONE, so Truth breaks it down with dance moves. Truth copies “C’MON!” then gets Nakamura with headscissors. Truth hits the calf kick, and shouts “WHAT’S UP!?” Splits to running splash! He hip tosses Nakamura high and hard, his body still works at great levels. Truth runs but misses the scissor kick. He ducks the roundhosue but gets the heel kick. Both men are slow to getting back up, but Nakamura grabs Truth into the armbar, then the Triangle Hold! Truth rolls around to get away, with fans rallying behind him. He reaches for ropes, and gets teh break! Nakamura lets go, but is growing frustrated.

Nakamura kicks Truth while he’s down, then rams in knees to the ribs and shoulders. He toys with Truth, then drags Truth up for a facelock. Nakamura brings Truth around, for the inverted exploder! He then aims from the corner… KINSHASA! Cover, Nakamura wins!

Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura, by pinfall

The champion is still rolling towards Summerslam with another victory. Will Hardy be in any shape to challenge for the title in Brooklyn?


The Bludgeon Brothers speak.

Harper & Rowan know that two teams have survived, one having escaped the prison while the other having survived a plunge into madness. But the winner here will face a new test tonight, and then will still have to face the mental and physical torture at Summerslam. “This is going to be fun.”


3v2 Handicap: The Bludgeon Brothers VS 3SK!

Harper & Rowan won’t rest easily in the back while their challengers battle it out. They’ve come to Orlando to obliterate. The trio of local competitors fires themselves up, ready to face the champions. They rush out to the ring where 2B wait as patiently as they can. We return to single picture and the bell rings. Rowan tags in right away, and both Brothers dropkick the men on the apron off the apron! The man left gets a SUPERKICK, then a deadlift to a scoop slam on the apron. Harper sets up the other two, for Rowan to run them over! Harper & Rowan take the other two, for suplex stacking! Then a human weapon senton! Rowan goes back to bring up the odd man out, and tags in Harper, for the Bludgeoning! Cover, Bludgeon Brothers win!

Winners: The Bludgeon Brothers, Harper pinning

As if there was ever any doubt. 3SK was SOL the moment they signed up for this match. However, will the winner of tonight’s tournament finals be the team to finally halt their path of destruction?


SmackDown Tag Team Championship Contenders Tournament: The New Day VS The Bar!

GM Paige set up this four-team tournament to determine who faces the SmackDown Tag Team Champions, and it has come down to positivity against power. Will it be the fun-loving, flapjack-flipping Big E & Kofi Kingston or the Swiss Cyborg & Celtic Gladiator taking on the duo of doom in Brooklyn?

The fans chant “We Want Pancakes!” while Big E circles with Cesaro. Woods serves them up by air mail while Big E and Cesaro tie up. Cesaro gets a waistlock, but Big E switches. Cesaro turns around to switch again, but Big E powers out and throws Cesaro off. He swivels those hips and it keeps Cesaro on the defensive. Fans rally “New! Day Rocks!” but Cesaro kicks low and puts on a headlock. Cesaro gives Big E a noogie, but Big E powers out. Things speed up and Big E elbows Cesaro down. Tag to Kofi, and Kofi runs to kick Cesaro. Cover, ONE, but Kofi keeps on Cesaro with an arm wrench. Kofi whips but Cesaro reverses. Cesaro runs in and monkey flips Kofi, but Kofi lands on his feet! Kofi dropkicks Cesaro down, covers, TWO.

Kofi wrenches Cesaro’s arm again but Cesaro punches him out. Tag to Sheamus and Sheamus gives a EuroUpper. Sheamus lifts but Kofi slips out. Kofi dropkicks then goes to monkey flip, but Sheamus powers it away. He turns things around and forearms Kofi all the way to the floor! Woods and Big E check on their teammate while Sheamus just grimaces down from the ring. Sheamus fetches Kofi up for a bump off the apron, then a EuroUpper that rocks him to the floor! Fans are a mix of cheers and jeers while Sheamus puts Kofi in the ring. Tag to Cesaro, and Cesaro brings Kofi up into a chinlock.

Kofi endures while fans rally up. Kofi feeds off their energy and fights out. Cesaro whips Kofi but Kofi slides under to try a roll. Cesaro denies it, and manages to tag Sheamus. Kofi can’t get away, The Bar whips for the Bar Lariat. cover, TWO! Sheamus keeps Kofi down in a half-nelson clutch while we go to break.

SmackDown returns, and Cesaro argues with the ref over a count. But he and Sheamus are still confident they’ve got this in the bag. Cesaro keeps Kofi down and in The Bar’s corner. Fans rally and Kofi fights back! Kofi tries but can’t escape, he ends up caught by Cesaro. He grabs the rope, then tosses Cesaro out! Kofi crawls for the New Day corner, but Cesaro returns to intercept. Tag to Sheamus, then Sheamus whips Kofi to a corner. Kofi dodges, Sheamus hits post, hto tag to Big E! Big E throws Sheamus overhead, then to the side with belly2belly suplexes! He fires up and swivels his hips , but has to clothesline Cesaro first. Sheamus rolls up, TWO, so he knees Big E. But he runs into an urenage! Cover, TWO!

Big E and the fans rally up with “New! Day Rocks!” Tag to Kofi, and scoop for Sheamus. Sheamus lips out and shoves Big E. They collide, tag to Cesaro! Alley-oop sends Kofi at Sheamus! SOS for Cesaro! Cover, TWO!! Cesaro hits Kofi but Big E tags in. Ceasro whips Kofi but Kofi catches Cearo for a reversal and trip! Kofi drags Cearo tot he apron, Big E hits the apron splash! Wait, Cesaro moved! Big E hits the apron itself, so Kofi leaps at Sheamus! But Sheamus has Kofi, for the rolling senton. Sheamus gets back to his corner, tags in, then The Bar double DDT’s! Cover, TWO!! How?! The Bar can’t believe it, and the fans are still with The New Day.

Sheamus puts Big E back in the corner and stomps him out. Tag to Cesaro, and The Bar split the wishbone. Tag back to Sheamus, for another wishbone. Sheamus tags Cesaro back again, for a hat trick of wishbones! They toy with Big E as they cover, TWO. The Bar is in control while we go to one more break.

SmackDown returns once more, and Big E endures a Half Crab. He turns himself over but Sheamus stomps his stomach. Sheamus drags Big E up and over to the corner, then hoists him up top. Sheamus climbs up to throw hands on Big E, but Big E clubs back. Big E pushes Sheamus down, but Cesaro tags in to boot Big E back! Tag back to Sheamus, and he goes across the way. Cesaro SUPERPLEXES Big E! Sheamus adds a flying knee drop! Cover, TWO!! Another shocking survival, and The Bar is again furious. Sheamus stomps Big E, then goes for a Cloverleaf. The fans know “This is Awesome!” while Big E prevents the roll. Big E shoves Sheamus all the way out! He crawls for Kofi, but Cesaro helps Sheamus back in. Hot tags!

Kofi flies in to hit Cesaro, then Sheamus! He hits Cesaro again and is all fired up! New Day Boom Drop! But Sheamus drags Cesaro out. Kofi sees this, builds speed, and FLIES! He bowls them both over! Kofi puts Cesaro in, then climbs up top. Kofi leaps, flying double stomps! Cover, but Sheamus breaks it. Sheamus runs but is tossed out. Cesaro stalks Kofi, for a back suplex. Kofi lands on his feet, but ends up in a cradle. Tag to Sheamus, hand-off into a double backbreaker! Cover, TWO!! The New Day is tougher than The Bar remembers, but Cesaro coaches Sheamus up.

Sheamus gets to a corner, and powers up for the Brogue. Kofi slowly stands, Sheamus runs at him, but misses! Kofi runs into an elbow. Cesaro tags in, but Kofi takes him out. Kofi hits Sheamus with a dropkick, tag to Big E! Scoop, Kofi climbs, but Cesaro intercepts! Sheamus switches it up, A-Swiss-ted White Noise! Cover, KOFI BREAKS IT! Sheamus throws Kofi to barriers, but Woods knows there’s still life for his team. Big E and Cesaro brawl with haymakers and EuroUppers. Cesaro kicks low, then swings Big E around! Then, Sharpshooter! Big E endures, but he’s stuck in the middle of the ring. Woods gets the fans fired up again, and Kofi comes in. Sheamus intercepts Kofi, but ends up in a tornado DDT!

Woods helps Kofi, and Big E drags himself around towards ropes. But Cesaro shifts to a crossface! Big E rolls, but is still in the hold! Cesoar pulls back hard, but Big E won’t give up. Big E powers up and out, and lifts Cearo at the same time! Tag to Kofi! Kofi climbs, Cearo is scooped, MIDNIGHT HOUR!! Cover, The New Day wins!!

Winners: The New Day, Kofi pinning; will face The Bludgeon Brothers for the SmackDown Tag Team Championships at Summerslam

This match in itself was worthy of a PPV event! The New Day put so much into this match, can they hope to put even more into their rematch with Harper & Rowan? Or will positivity be pummeled into the dirt?



My Thoughts:

Summer is SmackDown’s time to shine it seems, because they again outdid Raw without having to do much. SmackDown is again doing a “Raw, but better” format with Charlotte and Becky paralleling Sasha and Bayley. The missing element with Bayley and Sasha was a title, or just fighting it out in a match. Charlotte and Becky will get their match, and that could be a catalyst for the dysfunction. At the same time, they could tenuously remain friends, until something else makes Becky snap and turn Heel. My best guess would be the compounding of not winning the title at Summerslam or at Hell in a Cell, not winning the inevitable Women’s Tag Titles at WWE Evolution, and then not winning what I expect to be Four Horsewomen VS Four Horsewomen at Survivor Series. And it will be Becky turning, we’ve already had Heel Charlotte in the past.

Hooray! We’re getting Miz VS Bryan! Miz’s promo and the following attack from Bryan were both great, and I can’t wait for the actual match. Orton gives a very similar promo to what he said last week, but he still delivered it with great motivation. His story with Hardy and Nakamura is still pretty creative for WWE, but I’m still waiting for something to make it a triple threat. Truth has a great moment being his goofy, loopy self, but I really do wonder if he’ll get one more go at a title. Maybe it’ll be by luck that he gets a shot. I would love to see him become Mr. Money in the Bank, and then cash in on every title it doesn’t apply to. AJ Styles does pretty good with his response promo, but Samoa Joe also does good with simply laughing it off.

Vega VS Lana rematch was good mostly to further this breakdown of Team Rusev Day. Almas & Vega move up the ranks for their own purposes, but it saddens me that Rusev Day the team is falling apart. I wish SmackDown had timed things better with their picture to picture, I totally missed the last words of Team 3SK. I also didn’t catch their names, Harper & Rowan decimated them too fast. It was an interesting juxtaposition to the amazing tag team main event with so many near falls. This match could’ve gone either way, but New Day wins for one more go at Harper & Rowan. The story of this rematch could make this another instant classic, and I really do hope New Day wins to freshen things up again.

My Score: 8/10

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Mitchell’s ROH Results & Report! (2/9/19)

The NWA World’s Heavyweight Championship is defended on ROH!



ROH cover image

Ring of Honor Wrestling Television, Episode 386

ROH brings us the National Treasure and the Darewolf competing over THE NWA World’s Heavyweight Championship! Which man makes history in historic first?



  • Six Man Tag: Villain Enterprises VS John Skyler, Corey Hollis & Josey Quinn; Villain Enterprises wins.
  • NWA World’s Heavyweight Championship: Nick Aldis w/ Kamille VS PJ Black; Aldis wins and retains the NWA World’s Heavyweight Championship.


ROH opens with John Skyler, Corey Hollis & Josie Quinn in the ring.

The Southern Savior tells everyone from commentary to the fans to “Shut your mouths!” The spotlight belongs on Quinn, Hollis and Skyler! This is the roughest, toughest trio in ROH, and if anyone doubts them, then step up and get stepped on! Who answers the call? Villain Enterprises! Marty Scurll leads PCO and Brody King out to the ring, and we have our opening Six Man Tag match!

Six Man Tag: Villain Enterprises VS John Skyler, Corey Hollis & Josey Quinn!

If The Southern Savior, The Original and The Pale Horse want to prove they’re the roughest, toughest team to come to ROH, then they’ll need to pull out all the stops against Marty Scurll’s own stable. Will Scurll, PCO and Brody spoil this newest trio’s debut?

Before the match, Scurll says, “How cute! Look at you guys! I used to be like all three of you: young, full of hope, full of spirit, full of optimism.” Scurll can tell these three haven’t been jaded by this business. Scurll is sure all three of them will be big “superstars” in ROH, and make one hell of an impact. But unfortunately for them, it won’t be tonight. They’re going to feel the wrath of Villain Enterprises! Scurll, PCO and Brody flank the ring, and they strike!

PCO and Brody drag Quinn and Skyler out of the ring while Scurll brawls with Hollis! Scurll dumps Hollis out and PCO sends Skyler into a post. Brody suplexes Hollis for Scurll to SUPERKICK from the apron, and Brody finishes him off with a gourd buster! Villain Enterprises takes control of the ring as the streamers fly! This match will still happen after the break.

ROH returns and PCO starts against Quinn. Quinn goes at PCO with kicks and chops, but PCO doesn’t flinch! PCO even dares him to chop more! Quinn chops and chops, and then PCO CHOPS back! PCO CHOPS Quinn to a corner and then keeps going! The ref counts and PCO backs off, only to come back with rapid fire chops! Fans fire up for PCO as he scoops and sidewalk slams Quinn! Skyler and Hollis rush PCO to club away on him. They double whip but PCO breaks the line to double clothesline them! PCO choke tosses Skyler into a corner, then choke slams him on the rebound! PCO climbs up top and LEAPS at Quinn on the apron! But Skyler gets Quinn clear and PCO hits only apron! But PCO gets up like it was nothing!

Fans fire up with PCO, but Hollis DIVES out onto him! PCO catches Hollis to send him into the barriers! Fans chant for “P C O!” as he gets back in. Quinn throws big forearms then runs, but PCO runs him over! Tag to Scurll and Scurll chops Quinn back down. Scurll rocks Quinn with a European Uppercut then another CHOP! Scurll runs but Hollis swipes his feet. Quinn tags out to Skyler in the distraction. Quinn runs at Scurll but Scurll throws him out, only to turn around into Skyler’s slingshot spear! Cover, TWO! Skyler keeps on Scurll with a rain of right hands. Tag to Hollis and they mug Scurll in the corner. Hollis snapmares and drops a knee, then covers. TWO, and fans rally up for Scurll. Hollis feeds Scurll to Quinn’s boot then tags Quinn in.

Quinn and Hollis mug Scurll in the corner, then Quinn snapmares Scurll to a chinlock. Scurll endures the squeeze while fans rally up again. Scurll fights his way up and out. Quinn whips Scurll to the corner but runs into boots. Scurll fights out but gets a corner clothesline! Quinn whips but Scurll reverses to a tornado DDT! Both men are down but crawling for their corners. Hot tags to Skyler and Brody! Brody rallies on all there opponents! Fans fire up as Brody puts Skyler on the ropes, for a cannonball! Scurll tags back in but Skyler knees low. Skyler throws hands, then runs, but into Brody’s flapjack! Scurll adds a dropkick then Brody adds the senton! Fans fire up again as Scurll drags Skyler up. Scurll suplexes but Skyler slips out.

Hollis tags in before Brody clotheslines Skyler out. Hollis dodges Scurll to hit PCO. Scurll catches Hollis for a powerbomb! PCO climbs up while Scurll turns Hollis over, leg drop Boston Crab! PCO DIVES on Skyler and Quinn! Scurll catapults Hollis into Brody’s forearm! Back senton across Scurll’s knees! Brody lifts Hollis and hits the Gonzo Bomb! Hollis bounces up into the Chicken Wing! Hollis taps, Villain Enterprises wins!

Winners: Villain Enterprises, Marty Scurll by submission

But wait! Red balloons fly out from under the ring! But also some black balloons… The Kingdom laugh as they appear on stage. Were they looking for someone? It’s no secret that The Kingdom are the best trio on this planet. They’re the best trio in history! The Kingdom doesn’t fear anyone, especially not these “three goons.” They’d love to get in that ring and even put the titles on the line! But Matt Taven keeps TK O’Ryan calm as he says they’re fighting champions. They have no problems defending any place, any where, any time, especially against “Melvin Enterprises.” Just not this time. The Kingdom loves to troll everyone, but will Scurll and company be the ones having the last laugh?


The Kingdom speaks backstage.

Vinnie Marseglia laughs again, and says he “hates to spoil it for all the puppets in ROH, but PCO is human.” TK O’Ryan says Brody King is big and bad, but getting hit upside the head with a baseball bat, he’d be out cold just like anybody else. And Taven lets them all know that while Villain Enterprises is new around here, The Kingdom runs the show. #RespectTheCrown. The Kingdom are the champions and will defend them when they choose. “Because IIII’M Matt Taven, and this is MY Kingdom.”


Jay Lethal speaks.

“It is getting more and more difficult to keep track of everybody in line for this ROH World Championship.” Because all Lethal can see is a man running around pretending that his fake belt counts! Taven attacks Lethal from behind, disrespects the company and disrespects the REAL belt by spitting on it! Lethal is sick and tired of Taven! Taven has Lethal’s attention, where and when will this issue of two world title belts be put to rest?


The Gatekeeper has a brand new challenger.

Kelly Klein put it upon herself to be a fighting champion on a level like no other champion. She willingly defends her title in every singles match she has! Watch Kelly defend that title against a debuting but very promising Woman of Honor via Honor Club’s On Demand!


NWA World’s Heavyweight Championship: Nick Aldis w/ Kamille VS PJ Black!

For the first time ever, ROH TV plays host to the NWA’s top title! The National Treasure brings the Ten Pounds of Gold to the Ring of Honor as the first man to defend it here. The Darewolf, who narrowly avoided death in a base jumping accident, has climbed back and is the first man to challenge for this title in ROH. History is being made, but will it be for a successful defense or a successful defeat?

Introductions are made, the belt is raised, and this is the first time the title has been defended in Atlanta, Georgia since 1993! Fans say “Thank you, Nick!” This historic match finally begins, after the break!

ROH returns and the Code of Honor is skipped by PJ. The bell rings, and the two circle and tie up. Aldis wrenches but PJ cartwheels and wrenches. Aldis spins through and reverses the wristlock. PJ rolls and drop toeholds! Aldis reverses to a hammerlock but PJ gets the ropes. Aldis lets PJ go and the two circle again. They tie up and PJ gets a waistlock. PJ rolls Aldis, TWO, but PJ is on Aldis in a corner with a facelock. PJ honors the break but he gives Aldis a shove. Aldis decides to lounge on the top rope for a moment, so PJ shows off his capoeria while telling Aldis to “Suck It!” Fans echo “Suck It! Suck It!” as Aldis and PJ approach again. They tie up and Aldis gets a headlock. PJ powers out but Aldis runs him over.

Things speed up and Aldis avoids PJ’s Thesz Press. Aldis rebounds and blocks PJ’s hip toss, but PJ blocks Aldis’ hip toss to sweep the legs. PJ covers, ONE! Aldis gets the headlock takeover and makes it a cover, TWO and PJ gets the headscissors. PJ squeezes but Aldis moves around. Aldis headstands and pops out, but PJ gets back. PJ calls for a time-out, but there are no such things. Even so, Aldis lets PJ stand up, and they go again. PJ gets a headlock, and the takeover, but Aldis headscissors back. PJ headstands and pops out but Aldis ducks the boot to roll PJ! TWO, and PJ fakes Aldis out with a punch. PJ offers Aldis a hand, and Aldis takes it, only for PJ to uppercut! PJ uppercuts more but Aldis backslides, TWO!

The Darewolf asks for another time-out but from the corner. Aldis and PJ circle but PJ promises not to cheat. He offers a handshake but also crosses his fingers behind his back. Aldis takes the handshake, but PJ sweeps the legs and double stomps the back! PJ flexes but Aldis stands up. Aldis clotheslines PJ right down! Aldis puts PJ in the corner and CHOPS! He throws body shots and more chops, but PJ turns it around to CHOP Aldis back. They brawl in the corner but PJ stomps low. Aldis hits back and bumps PJ on buckles. Aldis whips corner to corner then runs in for a big clothesline. He whips PJ corner to corner again but PJ goes up and headscissors Aldis out!

PJ slingshots but Aldis slips into the ring. Aldis poses but PJ comes back. They speed up and PJ fakes Aldis out to then poke him in the eyes! The referee reprimands PJ while Aldis regroups with Kamille. PJ climbs up but Kamille stands in his way. Aldis gets to the other side, PJ slides out but gets run over with a lariat! Aldis refreshes the ring count while we go to break.

ROH returns and Aldis has PJ in a chinlock. Fans rally on both sides as PJ fights out. PJ throws heavy forearms then whips, but Aldis reverses. PJ kicks Aldis then runs, but Aldis follows to clothesline PJ upside-down! Aldis drags PJ up for a suplex, and holds him up there! Then brings him down! Cover, TWO! PJ gets to a corner but Aldis is right after him with a CHOP! Aldis whips PJ corner to corner hard, then back drops on the rebound! Fans cheer as Aldis covers, TWO! Aldis keeps on PJ with another facelock. PJ endures as Aldis wrenches. They stand and PJ hits back with body shots and a CHOP! Aldis CHOPS, PJ CHOPS, and now they brawl!

Aldis whips but PJ rolls off his back. PJ heel kicks Aldis down, then runs corner to corner for crossbody! PJ easily lands on the apron and bumps Aldis off buckles. He climbs up an dleaps for a flying elbow! PJ keeps going to the other corner and climbs again, for another flying elbow! Cover, TWO! Fans rally up as PJ stalks Aldis. PJ whips Aldis but Aldis reverses, only for PJ to hold ropes. Aldis walks into PJ’s boot, and then PJ springboards for a moonsault! PJ only grazes Aldis, so he quickly grabs Aldis for the inverted DDT. PJ hurries up top again and Aldis stands to get flying double stomps! Cover, TWO!! Aldis survives the stomp to the heart, but PJ keeps his cool. PJ climbs again and takes aim, but his double ax handles are caught into a BIG German Suplex!

Aldis drags PJ up again for a fast powerbomb! High stack cover, TWO, but Aldis holds onto the legs to try his Kingsland Cloverleaf! PJ brings Aldis in for a cradle! TWO, and both men get to corners. Aldis runs in but into an elbow. PJ hops up but Aldis trips him up! Aldis climbs up behind PJ but PJ resists. PJ elbows Aldis away but Aldis clubs him back. Aldis climbs again, SUPER GERMAN! Both men are down but fans fire up! Aldis crawls to a cover, TWO! The Darewolf survives and the National Treasure grows frustrated while we go to one last break.

ROH returns once more, and fans rally as Aldis heads for the top rope. PJ rolls and SHORYUKENS! PJ climbs but Aldis resists. Aldis hits back with body shots and pushes PJ away. PJ comes back quick, SUPER STEINER! Then springboard moonsault! Cover, TWO!! PJ can’t believe it, but Aldis escapes! PJ drags Aldis up for a dragon sleeper, but Aldis endures. Aldis pries free to scoop PJ into the TOMBSTONE! Aldis heads up top again, MACHO ELBOW! Cover, TWO!! PJ lives and even Kamille is shocked. Aldis gives Kamille a signal and she tosses the belt in the ring! Kamille distracts the referee, but both men grab at the belt! PJ SLAPS Aldis away, then picks up the Ten Pounds of Gold! PJ tosses it to Aldis and falls over! Aldis gets caught with the belt in his hands but the referee takes it away. PJ rolls Aldis! TWO!!

PJ wheelbarrows and turns Aldis over, Billy Goat’s Curse! Aldis crawls as PJ stretches, and Aldis gets the ropebreak! Aldis bails out, but PJ DIVES on him! Direct hit brings Aldis down but PJ gets back in the ring. PJ builds speed again, to wreck KAMILLE with a dropkick! Kamille took the hit for Aldis but fans still boo PJ for it! Fans do know “This is Awesome!” as Aldis goes after PJ. But PJ throws Aldis into the post! PJ puts Aldis in the ring and springboards for a crossbody! But Aldis manages to roll through! TWO!! PJ shoulders and slingshots but Aldis sits on the sunset, but he also holds the ropes! The referee sees that, and kicks Aldis’ arms away! PJ finishes the sunset flip, TWO! Aldis gets the legs, Kingsland Cloverleaf! PJ endures but taps, Aldis wins!

Winner: Nick Aldis, by submission; still NWA World’s Heavyweight Champion

History is made as the National Treasure retains the title on ROH TV! Is this only the beginning of the Ten Pounds of Gold being part of ROH history?


Juice Robinson heads to the ring!

The Flamboyant One saw that there was still some time left over tonight and decided to take this opportunity to address the fans. “What up, Hotlanta?!” Juice says the last time he was here, he promised there’d be a lot more of him in an ROH ring. And he didn’t mean for a cup of coffee or for a Global Wars tour. He meant a hell of a lot more Juice in ROH in 2019! But why? Isn’t NJPW so fun? It’s because Juice knows what this company stands for: Honor. Juice has had something in the works, and the pieces have all come together.

“ROH was founded by guys like Samoa Joe. Guys like AJ Styles. The lifeblood of ROH for so long has been through the hard work of guys like the American Dragon, Bryan Danielson.” Or even Juice’s best friend, Tyler Black. All those guys cared about honor. Those are the guys that when their music hit, they came down the stairs, entered the ring, and looked their opponent(s) in the eyes and said, “Win, lose or draw, we’re going to start this with a handshake, and no matter what happens, end with a handshake.” That is what ROH is about. Juice can’t figure out what’s happened over the last few years. Tonight, ROH hits a reset button. Tonight, ROH begins its restoration. And tonight, “we bring ROH to the next level!” And that starts right here and now.

The pulse that we’ve seen for weeks! Juice is joined in the ring by David Finlay, Mark Haskins, Bandido, Tracy Williams, and Tenille Dashwood! “We are Lifeblood!” And together, they will put the Honor back in Ring of Honor! Fans are loving this already! Will this new alliance of rising stars revitalize ROH?



My Thoughts:

A really great episode right here, and we finally know what that pulse was about. Juice Robinson leading a new faction, Lifeblood, is a great move for him in ROH. It represents a new level Juice himself has reached, and helps give him and all the wrestlers in the stable something to be part of. This can definitely feed the story I’d been sensing of Tenille Dashwood returning to confront the person who attacked her, which can turn out to be Kelly Klein. Tenille VS Kelly can be Lifeblood’s Women of Honor Championship story while the five men go after the variety of titles. I’m sure Juice would want to be world champion, leaving the World TV, World Tag and World Six Man Championships to any of the other members.

Juice’s promo leading up to Lifeblood’s debut was also very well done. It kept the continuity of ROH’s past, with name drops including the wrestlers now known as Daniel Bryan and Seth Rollins. Juice’s group might also be pitted against Bully Ray’s group, who aren’t so honorable. That will make for a great 5v5 tag down the line and then separate showdowns for things like the Briscoes defending the World Tag Team Championships against any combination from Lifeblood.

Villain Enterprises does great again in another Six Man Tag victory while The Kingdom do well again as the arrogant Heels they are. They’ll have it out for those titles soon enough, whether The Kingdom likes it or not. And with Jay Lethal’s promo, that match for the undisputed ROH World Championship has to be happening sooner rather than later. Maybe they can arrange it for the ROH Anniversary Show.  And then the NWA World’s Heavyweight Championship was great, and was rightfully given lots of time. PJ was great being the sneaky Heel he’s been known to be, but it almost felt like Aldis was turning Heel in the course of the match. Between Kamille being his shield but also getting him the belt, this match started to feel like Heel VS Heel. And that’s a good thing, we don’t get those enough in any promotion.

Obviously Aldis retains, a random ROH TV episode isn’t the place for a title change. But maybe ROH and NWA work a Pay-Per-View together and that is when an ROH star challenges and takes the NWA title, or vice-versa and an NWA star takes an ROH title.

My Score: 8.3/10

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Mitchell’s WWE NXT Results & Report! (2/13/19)

It’s an epic rematch between Ricochet and Adam Cole BAYBAY!



NXT cover image

NXT reignites a heated rivalry as The One and Only Ricochet takes on Adam Cole BAYBAY! Who will prove themselves worthier of the North American Champion?



  • Shane Thorne VS Dominik Dijakovic; Dijakovic wins.
  • Street Profits VS Humberto Carrillo & Stacy Ervin Jr; Street Profits win.
  • Taynara Conti VS Aliyah; Aliyah wins.
  • Ricochet VS Adam Cole; Ricochet wins.


WWE honors the memory of Pedro Morales.


Shane Thorne VS Dominik Dijakovic!

The Worst and the Croatian crusher both had a great showing in WWE Worlds Collide, but neither man won the epic tournament. Even so, both men look to climb the ranks on NXT all the same! Will a win help one of these men reach a championship opportunity on the Road to Wrestlemania Weekend?

The bell rings and Thorne circles with Dijakovic. They tie up and go around, and Dijakovic pushes Thorne to a corner. Thorne pulls Dijakovic’s nose but Dijakovic pushes him back! The referee has the two break, but Thorne uses it to hotshot the arm! Thorne gets a waistlock and powers Dijakovic into buckles. He throws hands and wraps the arm on the ropes. Dijakovic pushes Thorne away but Thorne comes back with kicks and forearms! Thorne dropkicks Dijakovic down! Then he kicks away on every part of Dijakovic he can find! Fans fire up and Thorne goes after Dijakovic’s arm and neck. Thorne pulls and fans rally up. Dijakovic fights back but Thorne wrenches the bad arm. Dijakovic breaks free then counters Thorne, and even CHOPS him! Big clothesline clobbers Thorne!

Thorne comes back but Dijakovic kicks and elbows back. “Time to fly!” Dijakovic suplex and tosses Thorne! Dijakovic grabs Thorne by the throat, but Thorne pulls on the weak up to escape. Thorne uppercuts and saido suplexes! Both men are down but fans rally up. Thorne and Dijakovic get to corners but Thorne climbs up. Dijakovic stops him with a palm strike! Dijakovic climbs but Thorne throws hands. They brawl as Dijakovic climbs. Dijakovic clubs away on Thorne, but Thorne goes after the bad arm! Thorne pushes Dijakovic off but Dijakovic back flips! Dijakovic then SUPERKICKS Thorne down! Thorne staggers but Dijakovic springboards for a corkscrew plancha! Dijakovic defies physics and fans lose their minds! Dijakovic puts Thorne back in and fans call for it! Torture rack, Feast Your Eyes! Cover, Dijakovic wins!

Winner: Dominik Dijakovic, by pinfall

Dijakovic feasts on another victory! Will he continue his streak and feast on a title match in the near future?


The Undisputed Era speaks.

Adam Cole is tired of hearing they’re having a bad start to 2019. Everyone hits speed bumps, but they vow to finish what they started. Step one: regain the NXT Tag Team Championships. Step two: continue to be the best team on this whole show! The Undisputed Era will claim what is theirs and take what is theirs. Roderick Strong is excited. Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly will be back together as a tag team, and then Strong and Cole can go for singles titles. They will be dripping in gold in 2019, and that starts with Cole taking out Ricochet. Ricochet is a flash in the pan, but the Undisputed Era runs the show. They will show Ricochet, they will show NXT and they will show the world why they are Undisputed.


Exclusive interview after last week’s Six Woman Tag main event.

The Sky Pirates were pumped after their big victory alongside Bianca Belair over the Horsewomen. Io Shirai was especially excited because she proved she can beat Shayna Baszler. The Genius of the Sky wants that NXT Women’s Championship. The Pirate Princess warns Shayna to watch out, but then The EST comes by. There’s no beef between them, but Bianca would’ve had Shayna beat on two different occasions. Bianca is still Un-De-Fea-Ted, but will she get her second shot before Shirai gets her first?


Street Profits VS Humberto Carrillo & Stacy Ervin Jr!

Angelo Dawkins & Montez Ford are still stinging from the Forgotten Sons using numbers against them in their post-TakeOver showdown. But they look to get things back on track, even against this new young combination.

But wait, is that Kassius Ohno? Why? The Knockout Artist has been back for two years but not the best two years. He wants to let us know that as he was watching backstage, he sees some familiar faces in the Full Sail crowd. Ohno felt the need to come out here that, from the bottom of his heart, “each and everyone of you guys make me sick!” Ohno despises the Full Sail crowd! Their chants and their signs, too! The fans think they know everything but they don’t! Ohno is leaving, again! He’ll go somewhere where he can show he’s the “Best to Ever Do It”! But here comes Keith Lee! Lee rocks Ohno with an elbow!

The Limitless One takes the mic as fans sing for him. Lee tells Ohno, “Oh no… Or better yet, OH MY GAWD~!” This could’ve been so much worse. Lee could’ve low blow’d Ohno like he did Lee. But Ohno, don’t let the door hit you on the ass on your way out. And please, pardon the interruption. Let’s keep the show rolling! The Profits make their entrance and the match finally begins!

The Profits are wary of Lee, but he assures them, Wakanda Forever. Dawkins & Ford also taunt Ohno being knocked right out, then finally hit the ring.

The teams sort out and we begin with Carrillo and Ford. Carrillo and Ford tie up, and Carrillo gets a headlock. Ford can’t get free of the newest Cruiserweight’s grip, but the third time’s the charm. Carrillo runs Ford over, then things speed up and Carrrillo rolls of Ford’s back. Ford returns the favor and then sweeps the legs. Cover, ONE, and the two dodge each other’s kicks. Double dropkicks cancel out and both men handspring up. Fans fire up as Ford breaks it down. Carrillo and Ford shake hands to show there is respect. But then Ford kicks low! Ford clubs Carrillo and drags him to the corner. Tag to Dawkins and the Profits mug Carrillo.

Dawkins elbows Carrillo then tags Ford. They club away on Carrillo more, then Ford whips Carrillo corner to corner. Carrillo goes up and over and then shows off his agility! Ford runs into an arm-drag, then another! Carrillo has the armlock, but Ford finds his way up. Tag to Dawkins and Ford whips Carrillo. Carrillo reverses but gets run over by Dawkins. Dawkins whips but Carrillo somersaults and enziguris! Carrillo brings Dawkins over, tag to Ervin! They double whip and dropkick Dawkins down! Ervin hits a BIG standing shooting star! Cover, TWO! Ervin runs but Dawkins reels him in for a SPEAR! Dawkins gets up and brings Ervin over. Tag to Ford and the Profits stomp a mudhole into Ervin. Ford covers, TWO!

Ford keeps between Ervin and Carrillo as he clubs Ervin back down. He kicks Ervin hard in the ribs then reels Ervin into a chinlock. Ford thrashes Ervin around to show that new edge. Fans rally up and Ervin fights his way up. Ervin pries the hold open but Ford clubs him. Ford shoves and back suplexes HARD! Cover, TWO! Tag to Dawkins and the Profits double back suplexes. Ervin slips out and ducks, hot tag to Carrillo! Carrillo rallies on the Profits and fires off haymakers on Dawkins! Carrillo whips but Dawkins reverses, only to get a handspring back elbow! Ford runs in but misses, Carrillo uses Dawkins to arm-drag Ford! Carrillo rocks Dawkins back then climbs up fast, big missile dropkick! Fans fire up with Carrillo as he hits the somersault moonsault! Cover, TWO!

Carrillo drags Dawkins over and Ervin tags in. Ervin climbs, and hits a TSUNAMISAULT! Cover, but Ford breaks it! Ford puts Carrillo in the corner but Carrillo dumps and kicks him out. Dawkins ROCKS Carrillo and Ford tags in. Ervin runs into a pop-up, and his huricanrana is blocked! Dawkins spins Ervin, Ford says “SUCK IT!” for the blockbuster DOomsday device! Cover, The Street Profits win!

Winners: The Street Profits, Montez Ford pinning

The #CurseofGreatness now has a new intensity behind it! But they pick up mics to say “There seems to be a lot of gold raiding going around.” But best believe, Ford & Dawkins want a piece. Fans say “You Deserve It!” Ford says the Profits’ time in NXT has been a roller coaster. But one thing about roller coasters, it’s a fun ride! Make no mistake, at any given time, if they are given the ball, they can go to war! Profits call out the War Raiders, but they get the European Alliance!

Fabian Aichner & Marcel Barthel see Ford & Dawkins, and say, “Nein, nein, nein.” Opportunities are sacred in NXT. And no one deserves opportunities more than Aichner & Barthel. Street Profits, “stand aside.” But wait, here come Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch! The One Two Combination aren’t about words, they’re about fighting! All three teams argue, but here come the War Raiders! Hanson & Rowe stand on stage to say there’s an awful lot of talk, but no action. If these teams want these titles, “make a move!” Rowe & Hanson head for the ring, but here come the Undisputed Era! They attack Rowe & Hanson from behind 3v2! Then they feed the champs to the other contenders, and it is a feeding frenzy!

Rowe and Hanson hold their own against three teams, and even dump Ford out onto Barthel! Burch gets Thor’s Hammer! And Lorcan gets tossed onto everyone! The Undisputed Era’s plan didn’t work out at all! Who will earn the shot against the machines of Hanson & Rowe?


Taynara Conti VS Aliyah!

The Brazilian black belt and the Canadian Cat’s Meow want to prove they’re still worthy of an NXT Women’s Championship shot, but they’ll have to do it against each other. Who will gain some much needed momentum on the Road to Wrestlemania Weekend?

The bell rings and fans duel as the two circle. Taynara avoids Aliyah’s grip and gets a takedown. Jackknife cover, TWO! Aliyah has Taynara by the hair but Taynara uses that for a flying armbar takedown! Aliyah scrambles to a ropebreak, and Taynara lets go. Taynara comes back but runs into a forearm. Aliyah brings Taynara down by her hair! Cover, TWO! Vanessa Borne appears at ringside to watch this up close and personal. Aliyah pulls Taynara around and hits a fireman’s carry takedown. Aliyah kicks away on Taynara’s back then covers again, ONE! The ref reprimands Aliyah as she grabs hair again. Aliyah kicks but Taynara catches the leg to another jackknife bridge. TWO, but Taynara rolls Aliyah up again. TWO, and Tyanara trips Aliyah into buckles!

Taynara throws Aliyah around with her judo training, then rolls through to finish her with a pump kick! Taynara toys with Aliyah then climbs up top. Aliyah gets up but gets caught into a hanging armbar! Taynara lets go at 4 but fires up. Vanessa doesn’t seem impressed, and then she goes after Taynara’s feet! Aliyah throws Taynara off the top! Aliyah drags Taynara up and around for a modified armlock! She stomps away on Taynara’s head as part of “Total Aliyahnation!” Taynara taps, Aliyah wins!!

Winner: Aliyah, by submission

The Vision helps the fashionable Aliyah win, and it seems an alliance is struck. But before they can explain themselves, Shayna Baszler storms her way out to the ring! Vanessa and Aliyah get clear of the angry Queen of Spades, but Marina Shafir and Jessamyn Duke put them back in! Shayna and the Horsewomen wreck Aliyah, then Marina fireman’s carry Vanessa into Jessamyn’s roundhouse! Taynara is not spared, Shayna gut wrench side slams her down! Shayna grabs a mic and says “This is your reality now!” Do not get in their way and do not question them. And do NOT piss them off. The Horsewomen leave, having made their statement. Who else will be trampled by their furious stampede?


Ricochet VS Adam Cole!

The King of Flight and the Panama City Playboy are far from through with each other, especially if it means getting closer to a championship match. While Johnny Wrestling and The Velveteen Dream fight for the NXT North American Championship next week, this match could determine a new #1 contender for afterward. Which former champion will take the next step back to that North American title?

The bell rings and the trash talk begins. Fans love “Both These Guys!” as they tie up. They go around the ring and end up in a corner. Cole turns it around and backs off only to sucker punch! Cole stomps a mudhole in then brings Ricochet up to whip. Ricochet holds ropes and back elbows hard! Ricochet throws haymakers but Cole kicks and punches back. Cole whips but Ricochet rolls off his back. Ricochet somersaults, handsprings, headscissors and dropkicks! Cole bails out but Ricochet DIVES! Ricochet rains down rights and then toys with Cole. Ricochet puts Cole back in and runs corner to corner. Cole boots Ricochet back, then hops up, but Ricochet enziguris back!

Ricochet climbs up but Cole bumps him off buckles. Cole adjusts but Ricochet resists the sunset flip. Ricochet rains rights, but Cole SUPERKICKS the legs out! Ricochet’s leg is caught in the ropes, and Cole stomps away! The referee backs Cole off then helps Ricochet out, but Cole comes back to swing the leg into the post! Ricochet writhes in agony and Cole takes his time returning. Cole stomps Ricochet more then drags him up into the corner. Cole wraps the leg on the ropes and pulls! The ref counts and Cole lets go at 4. Cole stomps Ricochet more as fans start to duel. Cole dragon screws Ricochet down! Fans grow louder in their duel while Cole stalks Ricochet. Ricochet stands but Cole kicks his legs out! Cole taunts Ricochet before grabbing the bad leg. Ricochet enziguris but Cole ducks it to then smash the knee on the mat!

Cole stomps the bad leg and Ricochet can only crawl. Cole takes the leg and drops knees on it! Fans rally up as Cole stomps Ricochet’s bad leg. Cole stomps Ricochet at the ropes and into a corner. The ref counts and Cole tells him to shut up! The ref and Cole argue but Cole goes back to Ricochet’s leg. Cole puts on a standing kneebar to push on the leg. Ricochet kicks free, but hobbles up. Cole dropkicks the leg right out! Ricochet clutches the leg but refuses to quit. Cole vows Ricochet will not reach the title before him. Cole stomps Ricochet more then drags him up. Ricochet denies the shin breaker and fans rally up. Cole reels Ricochet in but Ricochet slips out of the back suplex. Ricochet’s leg buckles but he shoves Cole away.

Ricochet somersaults but he can’t finish the attack! Cole swings, Ricochet dodges and comes back with a BIG clothesline! Both men are down and fans fire up! Ricochet drags himself up but Cole follows. Ricochet boots Cole with the good leg, then pushes Cole into buckles. Tiger Feint in the corner! Ricochet climbs on one leg, and leaps, for a flying uppercut! Ricochet still manages a standing moonsault! Cover, TWO! Ricochet gets the bad leg moving as fans rally up. Ricochet goes to Cole and brings him up, but the leg won’t allow the fireman’s carry. He rocks Cole with a forearm but Cole again kicks the bad leg out! Cole throws big forearms in the corner then hoists Ricochet up top. Ricochet pushes Cole away but Cole enziguris! Cole drags Ricochet out on a fireman’s carry, Ushigoroshi! Cover, TWO! Ricochet lives and fans are loving this!

Cole keeps his cool while Ricochet slowly catches his breath. Fans duel as Cole stalks Ricochet to ropes. Cole drags Ricochet up as fans cheer for “Both These Guys!” Cole suplexes but Ricochet resists. Ricochet slips out of the suplex and ducks the enziguri! Northern Lights and roll through, to deadlift. But the legs give out, Last Shot Brainbuster! Cover, TWO!! Ricochet survives but Cole tells him to stay down. Ricochet doesn’t and fans rally up. Cole pulls down the knee pad, runs, but Ricochet dodges the Shining Wizard to roll up! TWO, 52 Fake-Out! Cole misses the superkick to get a Reverse-Rana! Ricochet drags Cole to a drop zone then drags himself to a corner. Ricochet climbs but the bad leg is refusing to work. Fans cheer him on as he one leg springboard sentons! Cover, TWO!!

Ricochet’s desperate dive didn’t work out, but he still tries the fireman’s carry! Cole fights out but walks into a back elbow. Cole forearms back but Ricochet returns it. They keep hitting back and forth, and Ricochet grows stronger for it! Ricochet fires off more forearms but Cole mule kicks the leg out. Cole misses the boot and Ricochet uppercuts him. But Cole pump boots, only for Ricochet to knee strike. Cole enziguris, dodges the Pele, SUPERKICK! Cover, TWO!? Ricochet lives and Cole is shocked! But Full Sail is thunderous for this main event! Fans hope they “Fight Forever!” but Cole wants to end this. Cole drags Ricochet up and to a corner. He throws big forearms, then hoists Ricochet up top again. Cole throws more forearms, then climbs up.

Fans duel as Cole throws more forearms. Ricochet slips out to club Cole back! Ricochet grits his teeth and climbs up on one leg. He grabs Cole but Cole elbows the bad leg. Cole sends Ricochet down to the apron! Cole turns around and drags Ricochet back up. But Ricochet fights back now, and steadies himself, for a SUPER STEINER! Ricochet ax kicks Cole down! But he’s not done there, Northern Lights roll through to Falcon Arrow! And a fireman’s carry, for the Vertigo Driver! Cover, Ricochet wins!!

Winner: Ricochet, by pinfall

The One and Only wins, but he’s instantly attacked by the rest of the Undisputed Era! But here comes Aleister Black! Aleister throws hands on Strong, O’Reilly and Fish, but Cole SUPERKICKS him! Strong gets Aleister with End of Heartache! “Nobody can touch us!” Will the Undisputed Era leave everyone behind on the Road to Wrestlemania Weekend?



My Thoughts:

Another great episode for NXT! Thorne VS Dijakovic was essentially filler but anything is good for the now solo Aussie. Thorne should consider the option of being a crossover talent between NXT USA and NXT UK. NXT UK needs a more clear singles midcard, and Thorne could get some good play over there. Dijakovic meanwhile continues a nice roll, he himself might get a midcard title shot, perhaps after Wrestlemania Weekend. Good to see Keith Lee and Kassius Ohno will continue where they left off, especially the way Lee came out and clocked Ohno. I’m thinking Ohno’s talk of leaving for somewhere they’d appreciate him is a sign he’s finally going to the main roster, and perhaps as part of the coming Superstar Shake-Up after Wrestlemania. That will be great, the blow-off curtain call match for Ohno will be great, I really hope he goes to SmackDown.

I’m liking the aggressive Street Profits. They had their fun in their first couple of years, now it’s time to get serious if they want gold. I also appreciate throwing in Aichner & Barthel as well as Lorcan & Burch. Lorcan & Burch are getting title shots on NXT UK, but I’m pretty sure they won’t win. I don’t think they’ll win on NXT USA, either. Of the five teams, the War Raiders either retain or the Undisputed Era’s reDRagon gets those belts back. But having a 5-team tag match of some kind at TakeOver: New York, that would be amazing! Perhaps make it a ladder match, that seems like the most reasonable way to do this. Though, I’m starting to think the other four teams will compete in something and then it’s just a #1 contender team against the Raiders, which is fine but not as insane.

Taynara VS Aliyah was clearly just a smokescreen to give us the first real moment of the Horsewomen running wild. I wonder if Taynara will be forced to join Aliyah and Vanessa against the Horsewomen in a Six Woman Tag, where Jessamyn and Marina can finally get some wins. And I also enjoy the nod that Bianca is not happy with the Sky Pirates thinking they can skip ahead of her in line. I wonder if something will happen to get William Regal involved to make an official decision on who is facing Shayna in New York. Maybe a Triple Threat of Bianca, Shirai and Kairi. Kairi and Shirai might be friends but they can give us some great Stardom style competition before Shirai eventually gets the win.

And of course, Ricochet VS Cole was amazing! That was almost on par with their title match. Ricochet did great selling the leg and impressed everyone by still getting moves off on one leg. It was good for the match to end before the Undisputed Era attacked, because at least Ricochet his win. Aleister Black coming out to help was an interesting surprise, but perhaps it’s out of respect for Ricochet from Halftime Heat. I’m very curious to see how this will turn out in regards to the two singles titles. Gargano VS Dream is next week and that is going to be amazing, and I’m sensing the outcome ties back into this developing story of Undisputed Era, Ricochet and Aleister.

My Score: 8.5/10

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