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Press Release: Newest Women’s Pro Wrestling Weekly With Kris Wolf



The Chairshot was sent along the following press release for the latest edition of Women’s Pro Wrestling Weekly featuring special guest Kris Wolf, as seen in the video above:



WPW Weekly Hosts, TK Trinidad,  Evan T Mack and Sarah The Rebel Break Down Women Wrestling News For The Week


Get it on YouTube:  or download the podcast version on iTunes: with highlights below:

On how she developed the Kris Wolf character:I think a lot of it comes from me feeling awkward in “human situations” sometimes, and I feel more like a wolf, you know? I enjoy peeing where I feel like it, sleeping where I feel like, and you know, eating lots of meat. I think in the beginning of my career I was trying to be a “good person,” and I got partnered up with like, uh, Kyoko Kimura, and she’s just like, “No, Kris, you should do what you want!  What does your heart tell you?” And, my heart tells me, “F*** everything!!!”

On how Kris got started in pro wrestling:Well, I was, uh, teaching English for a while in the countryside — got bored, moved to Tokyo, taught English there. [I learned] I guess changing location doesn’t change the fact that teaching English isn’t my thing! So, I started talking to people and through conversation, a Japanese woman was like, “Hey, why don’t you try pro wrestling?” And I was like, “What is that?” And she’s like, “Look up Joshi Puro.” And so I did on YouTube — saw it, and was like, “This is a job?!?” And I messaged Stardom to figure out how does one become a pro wrestler, and they were like, well, you can train with us, pass the test, and if you pass the test you can become a wrestler. And I basically quit my job, which was foolish, ‘cuz I still needed to eat! And I lived off of savings, and then when those savings started to run out, I was just like, walking four hours across Tokyo to get to practice, and then, taking the train back to “treat myself.” But, you know, it was really intense and I was really obsessed with the idea of debuting. And then I did! And then I wanted to quit ‘cuz it was so hard, and painful in my soul! But, I kept going, and there was like little moments and conversations with people that were just like, “No, you can’t quit! I’m gonna retire and, you have to be there for that ceremony, and um, I’m glad I’m here!”

Is training with the pro wrestlers that Kris trained with, like Io Shirai, as intense as it seems? Yes! [Laughs] Um, but, I think Japan in general, it’s about time, and like, if you’re — even with friendships — the longer time you spend with them, the warmer that they get. Um, so like, I feel like  now is a very friendly person, she’s more open, she’s willing to like and talk and have conversations. But at the time, when we were underneath Nanae [Takahashi], it was more rigid. You know, there weren’t jokes, unless she was making the jokes, or unless, like, the top three were making jokes and stuff. It was — for me, like, I can’t keep things inside, but I felt like I had to, in order to like, live in that society. So I became this kind of really quiet, polite person who didn’t understand half the things that were going on. But, um, yeah, it was a good experience! Keep pushing through!

On being in different wrestling productions and the passion she sees within the Indie scene: I like bridging that gap between promotion to promotion, because, I think that’s what’s been really fun for me out here is going to the different groups, meeting the different people, and seeing how each one functions, and seeing how passionate each owner of the [promotion] is, in order for it to at least function somehow. Because it’s such a hard business.

What plans does Kris have for the near future? At the end of August I’m going to go to Germany for the rest of the year, and I’ll bounce around in Europe and the UK. And then after that, I don’t know. Maybe I’ll come back to the US again, but I don’t really feel like I have a permanent place just yet, because I just feel awkward [laughs].

Top five people Kris wants to wrestle:I feel like this would be my exit out of the game, and be like, Maito Santomora, Aja Kong, um, I mean, basically people who could like, destroy me, because then I’d be done. Walter! Tim Thatcher! Um, Brian Cage! [Laughs] This would be like, Kris’s sendoff! Maybe Walter would be the last one…

Any plans to pursue Mae Young/ROH/WWE: I don’t think so. Do you think I’d be appropriate? I feel like I would drop too many F-Bombs and attack too many children. I mean, like, I think it’s really cool and I really like watching it, I get hyped watching these women like perform. I’m so into it! But, like, I also know what wrestling does for me is this kind of moment where I can do whatever the fuck I want, and I can be myself, and like, you know, this is my job. So, I’m not interested in being anything else but myself, and I think I’ve been lucky that each promotion that’s asked me to work for them is like, “You be you, Kris!” And I’m like, “Yes, thank you!!! Thank you!”

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