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Raw Reaction – August 20th 2018: The Shield, Reunited!



Join Harry Broadhurst, Tony Acero and Andrew Balaz as they present the Raw Reaction Monday at 11:30 PM (Eastern) on the Chairshot Radio Network.

We open the show with our post PPV thoughts as it’s a Final Reaction for Summer Slam and Takeover Brooklyn 4 kicks us off. Then, we break down the “new night after Mania” as the WWE wants to make the night after Summer Slam mean as much as the one after WrestleMania does. We give you the heads up as to what happened and where it leads us when it comes to the Hell in a Cell PPV on September 16th. All that and so much more here tonight on the “Raw Reaction”, a presentation of the Chairshot Radio Network.

Raw Reaction WWE

Raw Reaction airs live each Monday night, and is available anytime, all the time, on-demand at The!

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