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SummerSlam Results: Daniel Bryan vs. The Miz



After an incredibly physical WWE Championship match, the next match at SummerSlam was eight years in the making as the very personal feud between The Miz and Daniel Bryan came to a head.

With his fist in a ball, Bryan couldn’t wait to finally make ‘The A-Lister’ taste his knuckles, but the early head games by Miz forced him to wait just a bit longer. The Miz looked to use some of Bryan’s trademark offense against him in the beginning, but it was short-lived and those knuckle sandwiches were finally served up. However, ‘The A-Lister’ is no slouch inside the squared circle, showing Bryan that he was capable of delivering technical maneuvers with his own version of a surfboard.

Unfortunately for Miz, nobody knows better how to escape the hold and Daniel returned the favor before zeroing in with the Yes Kicks. His aggression would lead to a minor mistake that had Bryan crotched on the top rope and ‘The A-Lister’ would take control of the match, again showing his technical prowess with a cravate and stiff knees to the skull. Some heavy offense would follow by The Miz, peppering Bryan with big lefts before getting a little too overconfident. A flurry of big maneuvers by Daniel would follow, planting Miz into the canvas, flying to the outside and burying kicks to the chest, but ‘The A-Lister’ would show why he’s held numerous titles in the WWE and prevent a three count on multiple occasions.

After a barrage of slaps to the face and a stiff roundhouse kick to the head, Bryan would line up for the running knee that was countered into a Figure Four, then countered back into the Yes Lock. Miz would fight it off, catapulting Bryan head-first into the corner and following with a Skull Crushing Finale for a near fall, much to the dismay of ‘The A-Lister’. The fight would be taken to the apron where a missed kick by Bryan ended up landing into the ring post, leading to Miz slapping on the Figure Four, but Daniel would hang on long enough to reverse the pressure.

A flurry of heavy elbows would lead to the Yes Lock with Miz barely escaping to the outside, taking the fight out in front of Maryse at ringside who would hand her husband a foreign object out of the official’s vision. One shot and a quick cover, and that was all she wrote for Daniel.


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