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SummerSlam Results: RAW Women’s Championship



Only two matches remained at SummerSlam following the United States Championship match and first up, it was time for Ronda Rousey to try and exact some revenge on Alexa Bliss with the RAW Women’s Title on the line.

Of course, ‘Little Miss Bliss’ effectively stole the title back at Money In The Bank, leading to Ronda getting suspended from Monday Night RAW for 30 days and having to wait to kick Alexa’s “pink-haired ass”. With Natalya in her corner, Rousey entered the ring with purpose with Bliss looking to stay away right at the bell. One right hand from the challenger quickly stunned Alexa and sent her stumbling to the outside, the champion looking towards the entrance as if she was ready to leave. Rousey didn’t want that and proceeded to give Bliss the ring, sitting down and allowing her to put on a rear chinlock, which had zero affect whatsoever.

‘Rowdy’ Ronda would power to her feet and plant ‘Little Miss Bliss’ with a spinning Samoan drop, once again sending Alexa to the floor for a breather. This time around Ronda would give chase and get baited back into the ring, but a couple of shots by the champion did nothing other than piss Rousey off who would unload with lefts and rights, followed by multiple throws. Another spinning Samoan Drop left Bliss seemingly for dead with Ronda asking the crowd if it was time to finish it, twisting away at the left arm for the quick tap-out to win the championship.


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