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SummerSlam Results: United States Championship



With the return of ‘The Demon King’ Finn Balor, the next contest at SummerSlam featured another Superstar sporting face-paint as Jeff Hardy challenged Shinsuke Nakamura for the United States Title after losing it last month at Extreme Rules.

For Hardy, he had to try and put all the attacks by Randy Orton out of his mind if he was to regain the US Championship. Nakamura, who has become a master of mind games since WrestleMania, saw ‘The Charismatic Engima’ return the favor by mocking the champion to take him out of his game. It wouldn’t last for long however, as ‘The Artist’ would quickly take back control with his trademark heavy striking offense before grounding the challenger.

After working back to a vertical base, Hardy would begin to pick the pace up to what he prefers, building off signature Hardy offense before it was stopped by more heavy kicks from the champion. A missed knee in the corner would allow the challenger to connect with Whisper In The Wind for a near fall, followed by a failed attempt to go upstairs for the Swanton Bomb. As Shinsuke lined up for the Kinshasa, Hardy would side-step it for the Twist Of Fate, which then was countered as Nakamura attempted a low blow. ‘The Charismatic Enigma’ would see it coming, deliver the Twist Of Fate and score with a Swanton Bomb, however ‘The Artist’ was too close to the ropes.

The challenger was ready to finish it, hitting another Twist Of Fate and going to the top turnbuckle once more, but Shinsuke would roll to the apron thinking he was safe. Hardy would turn his crosshairs for a Swanton on the apron that missed the mark, giving Nakamura the opening to hit the Kinshasa to retain. It was at this point that Randy Orton smelled blood and made his way to the squared circle, but then seemingly changed his mind and walked to the back.


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