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SummerSlam Results: Universal Championship



With Ronda Rousey winning the RAW Women’s Title in dominating fashion, it was now time for the main event at SummerSlam as Roman Reigns once again had his sights set on Brock Lesnar’s Universal Championship.

With the time for talking and heinous tactics involving pepper spray finally over, ‘The Big Dog’ seemed more focused than ever before after numerous failed attempts to defeat Lesnar this year and in year’s past. Just as the bell was about to ring though, Braun Strowman would march down to the ring and calling for a mic to announce that he would be cashing in his Money In The Bank contract after the match is over to face the winner.

As the bell rang, Reigns would connect with a trifecta of Superman Punches, quickly following with two straight Spears before measuring for a third. Lesnar would catch ‘The Big Dog’ with a guillotine on the third attempt trying for a tap-out, Roman powering to his feet and delivering a spinebuster to break it, but getting caught back in the guillotine again. Reigns would muscle up once again to break out with a spinebuster and with both men struggling back to their feet, ‘The Beast Incarnate’ would plant the challenger with multiple German suplexes.

The champion would go for an F5 that Roman would slip out of and measure for a Spear, Brock with a side-step to send Reigns to the outside, taking out Strowman in the process. Lesnar would look to damage Braun while retrieving the challenger, dropping him with an F5 on the floor, tossing the briefcase up the ramp and decimating ‘The Monster Among Men’ with a steel chair. As Brock slid back inside, Reigns would catch him with a Spear, hook the leg and win the Universal Title.


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