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SummerSlam Results: WWE Championship



With SmackDown Live already seeing one championship change hands, next up at SummerSlam was the WWE Title match that was no longer just about becoming champion after Samoa Joe brought AJ Styles’ family into the conversation.

With Styles’ wife and daughter sitting ringside, Joe would interrupt the usual championship introductions to point them out and needle ‘The Phenomenal One’ just one final time before the bell. It didn’t seem to phase AJ though, as the pace was slow to begin with the champion trying to get into Joe’s head by using irritating leg kicks. The challenger would start firing back with strikes of his own, utilizing what “brought him to the dance”, but Styles also owns a pretty good striking game and would show that he too could hang.

One mistake by ‘The Phenomenal One’ would give Samoa Joe the opening he needed to control the contest, showing his array of power, high-flying and strong strikes to put the champion in jeopardy. The resilient Styles would of course show the heart that’s allowed him to be the WWE Champion for an extended period of time, coming back to finally score with the Styles Clash, but it still wasn’t enough.

After another big exchange that left both men staggering to their feet, AJ would find his way to getting on the Calf Crusher that was quickly countered into the Coquina Clutch, but the champion was too close to the ropes. Joe’s frustration would start to come through as he called for the Muscle Buster, but AJ would fight it off only to be knocked to the outside by an enzuigiri. After depositing Styles into the steel steps, Joe would grab a mic and proclaim he would be the new daddy of AJ’s wife, sending ‘The Phenomenal One’ into a rage. The match became the last thing on Styles’ mind and he would decimate Joe with a chair, leading to a disqualification.


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