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TakeOver Results: Last Man Standing For The NXT Championship



With two titles changing hands in back-to-back matches tonight at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn IV, it was time for our main event and the next installment of a violent rivalry as Johnny Gargano challenged Tommaso Ciampa for the NXT Title in a Last Man Standing match.

While Kayla Braxton made the usual introductions for a title match, Gargano jumped the gun and ambushed the champion from behind with a fury of strikes before the match quickly spilled to the outside. Johnny Wrestling’s aggression was on full tilt as he exposed the concrete floor in an effort to seriously injure his former friend, showing that this bout would in-fact be an all out war. He would haul Ciampa over the announce table and bring the fight on top of it, but a quick shot gave ‘The Psycho Killer’ an opening, then driving the challenger through the Spanish announce table with an air raid crash.

Gargano would stagger to his feet and Tommaso took the fight back into the squared circle, cracking him with multiple running knees in the corner, including attempting one with the use of a steel chair. The challenger turned the tide and instead cracked Ciampa in the leg with it, following with numerous chair shots to the spine and ribs. Johnny looked to toss the champion into the chair in the corner with a Lawn Dart, but it was countered into a sleeper hold as ‘The Blackheart’ tried to render him unconscious.

Johnny Wrestling would fight to his feet and finally deliver Ciampa into the chair with the Lawn Dart, then made his way to the outside to set up not only one table, but two on top of each other with the top table being upside-down for a suplex from the apron. Tommaso would avoid it and deliver his own version of Suplex City back in the ring, then batter the challenger with numerous chair shots before hitting Project Ciampa three straight times. The champion would take a seat while the official counted, however Johnny popped up at 9 and connected with a superkick.

Both men would stagger back up and trade-off strikes and big moves before both going back to the mat once again. ‘The Psycho Killer’ would roll to the floor looking for a reprieve and avoiding more high-flying offense from Gargano, then plant him on the steel steps with The Fairy Tale Ending that still couldn’t keep the challenger down. Tommaso would look pull something out of his TakeOver: Chicago playbook and exposed the wooden boards of the ring, but the use of a fire extinguisher and a crutch would stop Ciampa in his tracks as the fight went back to the floor. Heading back inside, Tommaso tried to catch Johnny Wrestling again with an apron DDT on the exposed boards, but this time around the challenger was able to give him a taste of his own medicine.

As the fight went back outside, a misfired superkick by Johnny connected with a ringside attendant, giving Tommaso another opening to connect with a running knee with the use of a steel chair. The champion would bury Gargano under the attendant, the barricade and whatever else he could find to no avail, then pull out a pair of handcuffs. Johnny Wrestling would fight him off and attempt to cuff the champion, but caught a back elbow for his efforts. The battle would again make its way to the apron, leading to Gargano deliver a superkick that drove the champion down through the stacked tables. Despite this, Tommaso was able to utilize the broken crutch to find his footing before the 10 count.

While disappointed, Johnny calmly would stalk ‘The Psycho Killer’ up the ramp to deliver a merciless beating, driving him into the LED board and then slapping on the GargaNo Escape. He would cuff Ciampa to the LED board, leaving the champion to beg and apologize before getting rocked by a handful of superkicks. The challenger would lineup for and deliver a running knee, but spill off the stage in the process as the official counted with Ciampa rolling off the stage to his feet before the 10 count to retain.


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