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TakeOver Results: NXT Women’s Championship



Following the crowning of a new NXT North American Champion (find that here), it was time for a rematch of the inaugural Mae Young Classic Finals as Kairi Sane challenged Shayna Baszler for the NXT Women’s Title.

The catch wrestling champion went to the ground game right off the bat, but Kairi showed she could also grapple with some quick near falls before picking up the speed. The challenger was able to stay out of the grasp of ‘The Queen Of Spades’, however it didn’t last for very long as Shayna finally got her hands on her and began manipulating joints, more specifically the right leg. It was a gruesome sight as Baszler twisted the challenger’s foot in ways it isn’t supposed to go, but Kairi would begin firing up and unload with strikes on the champion.

A strong spinning back fist and multiple rolling neckbreakers would get Shayna back peddling into the corner to succumb to a sliding forearm. Sane tried to go upstairs for the Insane Elbow, but got caught with a roundhouse kick and then planted with a super gutwrench suplex, leaving both women prone on the canvas. Both would struggle to their feet as they exchanged stiff forearm shots, a kick to the bad leg gave Baszler the advantage, who followed with a running knee that nearly put it away. As she lifted the challenger for a suplex, ‘The Pirate Princess’ would slip free and connect with the Interceptor, then follow with a 2nd rope Insane Elbow. Shayna rolled to the floor to escape, but the challenger took flight with a top rope crossbody to the outside before depositing Baszler back inside.

Kairi up top once again for the Insane Elbow that only found a 2 count, so instead she attempted The Anchor looking for a tap out that was quickly countered into the Kirabuta Clutch. While the champion thought she had the match won, ‘The Pirate Princess’ found the bottom rope to force the break, but then got caught in a heel hook on the damaged leg. The challenger once again was able to escape, finally planting Shayna with an Alabama Slam and looking for the Insane Elbow once again. While Baszler got the knees up and slapped on the Kirabuta Clutch again, Kairi flipped the momentum to stack the champion up into a pinning predicament to steal the victory and the title.


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