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TakeOver Results: Velveteen Dream vs. EC3



Following a tremendous opening contest for the NXT Tag Team Championships tonight at TakeOver: Brooklyn IV, next up was a match about respect and ego as The Velveteen Dream went one-on-one with EC3.

The Velveteen Dream looked to do what he does best early with mind games, unfortunately for him, EC3 wasn’t having any of it. ‘The Top One Percent’ utilized his power advantage early on and really began dominating the charismatic Velveteen Dream. The fight would go to the outside and this is where The Dream would turn the tables, spiking EC3 on the ramp with a twisting DDT.

Velveteen would begin hitting EC3 with every bit of offense in his arsenal, then became a little too arrogant and dumped a bottle of water on him, which seemed to wake up ‘The Top One Percent’ instead of insult him. A shot to the throat by The Dream managed to stop the onslaught briefly, but when he went upstairs for the Purple Rainmaker, instead he was tossed to the canvas and planted by a powerbomb that almost finished it.

EC3 would set Velveteen up for the Top One Percenter on the apron, but The Dream would slip away and come right back with a superkick. Giving EC3 a piece of his own medicine, a Dream Valley Driver on the apron, followed by an apron Purple Rainmaker finally gave Velveteen the victory.


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