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WWE News: Brock Lesnar’s WWE Status, Rumor Killer On This Week’s RAW



Brock Lesnar

With SummerSlam now in the books and the belief that now-former Universal Champion Brock Lesnar is officially done with the WWE, some news surrounding his future has come out today.

PWInsider reports that the talk backstage within WWE is that Lesnar is in fact finished with the company for now, as he focuses on his return to the UFC early next year. However, that does not mean ‘The Beast Incarnate’ will not be back inside a WWE ring in the future as it’s being said that “the door is open”.

Additionally, Lesnar had been advertised for this week’s edition of Monday Night RAW, but of course did not appear. While there have been many stories out regarding why Brock wasn’t there, PWInsider also reports that despite being advertised, Lesnar was never actually scheduled for RAW which is why he flew back home immediately following SummerSlam. Another story that’s been floating around is that Triple H’s RAW promo was originally intended to be a segment for Lesnar and Paul Heyman, however that was also never the case. According to one source who spoke to PWI, if there were plans for a promo regarding Brock, than the company would have simply used Heyman in that spot since he was of course in town for RAW.


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