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WWE News: Paul Heyman’s On-Screen Status With WWE Moving Forward



Paul Heyman

Now that Brock Lesnar is no longer the WWE Universal Champion and focuses on his return to the UFC for a possible fight in early 2019 (read about that here), many fans have wondered what this means for the future of Lesnar’s on-screen advocate, Paul Heyman.

According to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, there have been discussions within WWE of continuing to give Heyman an on-screen role despite Lesnar’s departure. There’s been some speculation that Heyman could take on a “new client” with some thinking Ronda Rousey would make the most sense. Additionally, it’s being said there was some talk of pairing the two together prior to Brock signing his last WWE deal. However, it looks as if that will not be in the cards with Ronda being a babyface, plus should the Stephanie McMahon-Rousey angles continue, Heyman would not exactly fit into that.

It’s been quite some time since we last saw Paul Heyman working on WWE television with any Superstar other than ‘The Beast Incarnate’, last playing a role alongside CM Punk back in 2013. Heyman also previously took on Cesaro and Curtis Axel as “clients” in 2014, however both alliances were short-lived and did not work out the way that WWE had hoped.


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