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WWE News: Reasoning Behind Matt Hardy’s Recent Cryptic Tweets Revealed



Matt Hardy

Given the nature of his on-screen character, WWE Superstar Matt Hardy’s rash of unusual tweets over the past couple of weeks haven’t necessarily been anything surprising, as the man behind the Woken Universe has kept fans on their toes by posting about his career. Many have taken those Twitter posts to mean that Matt is retiring from the ring, especially after it was revealed that he’s suffering from some ailments due to years of punishing his body as his pelvis has begun to fuse with his lower back (read about that here).

While Matt later revealed that he will be trying some new forms of rehabilitation in an effort to extend his time in the ring (check that out here), it’s now looking like his days between the ropes are much more up in the air than he’s let on after tweeting out a “farewell” to his tag team partner Bray Wyatt:

According to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Hardy will now be taking some time off to heal up and try to rehab his ailment, at which time a decision on his return to the ring will be made and whether or not he needs a lighter schedule. Additionally, it’s being said there’s been some discussion of Matt shadowing some of WWE’s backstage producers with the chances of him taking one of those roles in the future.


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