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WWE News: SmackDown Tag Title Match Now Set For SummerSlam



Bludgeon Brothers

After the last two weeks of matches, the finals of the tournament to crown number one contenders for The Bludgeon Brothers’ SmackDown Tag Team Titles was set for SmackDown Live tonight as The New Day’s Big E and Kofi Kingston met The Bar in the main event.

Early on, The New Day’s antics seemed to frustrate The Bar, but Cesaro and Sheamus were able to isolate Kofi Kingston and utilize their strength advantage to control a vast majority of the match. The wily veteran Kingston would finally make his way to his corner to tag out, leaving Big E to come in on fire and clean house. Big E sized Sheamus up and made a tag looking for the Midnight Hour, the match began to break down into a brawl with action both in and out of the squared circle. Kofi would be left laying on the floor, meanwhile things inside the ring would settle down with Sheamus and Cesaro putting the punishment to Big E.

Big E was able to survive the two-on-one assault long enough for Kofi to recuperate and find his way back to the apron, allowing Kingston to get a hot tag. Just when it seemed he had the match won, Sheamus would run interference and make the save. The Bar would again use double team tactics to get the advantage, but The New Day would return the favor and both teams nearly had the victory before last second saves. In the end, The New Day finally scored with the Midnight Hour to earn their shot at SummerSlam.


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