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WWE News: Update On Aleister Black’s Surgery & Timetable For Return



As it was noted earlier, WWE NXT Super star Aleister Black suffered an unspecified injury last Saturday night at an NXT Live Event in Las Vegas (check out results here) while being crotched on the top turnbuckle, putting his status for TakeOver: Brooklyn on August 18th in serious doubt. While the extent of the injury had yet to be revealed, it was noted that Black has undergone surgery for the ailment and no timetable for a recovery had been provided (read about that here).

Today, ProWrestlingSheet is reporting that Black underwent surgery for a torn groin, adding that the typical recovery time for such a procedure is three weeks or more. With TakeOver just 15 days away from today, that makes it very likely he will not be able to compete.

EA’s Take: I don’t know where in the world ProWrestlingSheet got “three weeks or more” from, but I can tell you it’s definitely going to be “more”. A relatively minor groin injury that doesn’t require surgery is usually around a three week recovery time. With this obviously being serious enough that surgery was required and being a torn groin, the recovery time jumps way up to roughly three months. Let’s just put it this way, gentlemen…imagine a doctor cutting up your crotch area, sewing your groin muscle back together and then going for a jog roughly two weeks later. Just let that sink in. Now, we’re saying this same thing is going to happen to Aleister and he’s going to remarkably be able to compete in a wrestling match instead of a jog. See what I’m getting at here? I put his chances at slim-to-none. No reason to rush this guy back at all.


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