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WWE News: Update On Matt Hardy’s Recent Tweets, If He’s Retiring



WWE Woken Matt Hardy

WWE Monday Night RAW Superstar Matt Hardy has been the subject of much talk over the past week after a couple of tweets posted over the past week (check that out here). Hardy would reveal that he is suffering from a health issue, as his pelvic bone has begun to fuse with his back due to a maneuver Matt has performed for many years, the Event Omega (or in Matt’s case, top rope leg drop).

Matt’s first tweet had led many fans to believe that he would be retiring, a belief that was only fueled by his comments regarding his health. It appears as if people jumped the gun however, as Dave Meltzer has reported at F4WOnline that people began jumping to conclusions over Hardy’s social media posts.

According to Meltzer, Hardy is not retiring, but was just simply that he will not be performing forever. It’s also being said that while Matt is in pain, it’s something he will work through (as we saw him do at all RAW Live Events over the weekend. Additionally, Hardy will taking on some new forms of rehabilitation in an effort to quell his pain and help prolong his in-ring career.

EA’s Take: If I can piggyback off of  Meltzer a little bit, people absolutely took their own interpretation of Matt’s original tweet and ran with it. I never believed he was retiring because for one, I use my head. So, why don’t you #UseYourHead? See what I did there? Anyhow, I still think if the pain was bad enough then Matt should walk away, but if he can work through it then why not? As long as he’s still enjoying what he’s doing, who am I to tell him what he can and can’t do, regardless of my own opinion? I still don’t foresee him wrestling too many more years either way, even before this came up.


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