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WWE SummerSlam Results: Intercontinental Championship



WWE SummerSlam Rollins vs Ziggler

WWE kicked off the live PPV broadcast with a Dean Ambrose entrance, complete with Shield vest over his usual “Lunatic Fringe” gear. That, obviously, means Seth Rollins challenging Dolph Ziggler for the WWE Intercontinental Championship was our first macth!

Oddly enough, Drew McIntyre upstaged Dolph Ziggler in their entrance, showing you where those two are headed in the future.

An early staredown between McIntyre and Ambrose sold their potential involvement, but the match was controlled by the champion early on.

WWE Summerslam 2018
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It’s SummerSlam, and obviously Seth wasn’t go down without a fight, and fight is exactly what The Kingslayer did!

Before picking up the win, Seth Rollins hit an inverted superplex, a move I can’t say I recall seeing in WWE before. In the end, Dean Ambrose prevented Drew McIntyre from getting involved, Seth beat Dolph Ziggler to the superkick, and a Curb Stomp spelled out the end of Ziggler’s reign as Intercontinental Champion.

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