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All In News: How Did The All In: Zero Hour Do In The Ratings?



Briscoes vs SoCal Uncensored ALL IN

The wrestling world is still buzzing after the much talked about All In event this past Saturday from the Sears Centre in Chicago, Illinois. While we know that the venue sold out tickets in roughly thirty minutes, it has remained to be seen how the show did with its pay-per-view buys and viewership.

Today, we got a little bit of information regarding those who watched at least a portion of the show, more specifically the All In: Zero Hour pre-show on WGN America. Due to the holiday on Monday, ratings from this past weekend and into this week have all been delayed, however Saturday’s numbers are now in.

All In: Zero Hour, which featured The Briscoes vs. So Cal Uncensored and the Over Budget Battle Royal, plus hype for the All In pay-per-view, came in with a .196 rating (196,000 viewers) while also garnering a .08 in the key 18-34 demographic. The .08 was also good enough to rank the program at number 85 in the Cable Top 150 Rankings for that demographic.

EA’s Take: All things considered, I’d say this is a pretty decent number. You have to take into account that this was merely a pre-show, even though it did involve in-ring action. Plus, WGN America isn’t exactly what I’d call a “heavy hitter” cable station or really one that most folks would deem a “destination channel”. On top of that, College Football season was in full swing and it was a Saturday night. If you were to compare what All In: Zero Hour did to say, IMPACT Wrestling, it’s just under the most recent episode which drew 225,000 viewers. Not bad at all, boys.


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