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ALL IN Results: Chicago Street Fight (Janella vs. Page)



Janella vs Page ALL IN Results

Following the emotional roller-coaster of Cody’s title win, Joey Janella entered (with the true hottest woman in wrestling, Penelope Ford) for the Chicago Street Fight. Hangman Adam Page would enter next, representing the Bullet Club.

A big boot from Page jump started the action, which was taken outside early. Both men returned to the ring, Page with a chair in hand.

A Cracker Barrel would get involved (the catered the show, you know), much to everyone’s delight. It would eventually become a springboard for the “Bad Boy” to take the action into the crowd. The action on the outside included an amazing Buckshot Lariat using the guardrail for an assist as opposed to the ropes.

Joey Janella also had plenty of fight in him, hitting a running Death Valley Driver.

The Bad Girl, Penelope Ford, saw plenty of action and it led to Janella nailing an embow on Page through a table (our third table spot of the night). Adam Page attempted to launch Joey Janella into a table from the ramp, but started to drop him right before the toss and the Bad Boy took a nasty spill between the steps and the table.

Adam Page would eventually land the Rite Of Passage off of the ladder, through a table on Joey Janella to score the win. this match can be described in two ways: a great Penelope Ford showcase, and way too much being done.

After the match, Joey Ryan would appear, complete with walking dicks (you read that right), and eventually get the better of Adam Page with the Dick Flip and Blow Pop Superkick.

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