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ALL IN Results: MJF vs. Matt Cross



Matt Cross ALL IN

ALL IN kicked off with a run down of the card, and then our opening match between Maxwell Jacob Friedman and “M-Dogg” Matt Cross. MJF refused to dive early when Cross was on the outside, but Cross didn’t pass up the same opportunity when MJF was in the same position.

Matt Cross connected with the Sasuke Special, much to the delight of the crowd. Don Callis insisted on calling MJF “M Jeff” throughout the match, but that didn’t take away from the action.

MJF would trap Matt Cross in an cross-leg armbar, and then connect with a rope-assisted pendulum piledriver, which only scored a two count (I mean…it IS an indy show).

Late in the match, Matt Cross would hit a Diamond Cutter on MJF, followed by a shooting-star press for the pinfall victory to open the show on a happy note.

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