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ALL IN Results: NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship Match



In the fourth match of the evening, Cody Rhodes (accompanied by Brandi Rhodes, Tommy Dreamer, Diamond Dallas Page, Glacier, Pharaoh the dog, and his brother-in-law) challenge Nick Aldis (wit his own entourage that included Jeff Jarrett, Tim Storm, Shawn Daivari, and more). ROH’s Bobby Cruise handled the introductions for this match and Earl Hebner was the referee.

Cody started the match off hot, and the crowd was equally hot for the action early on. While it’s often a cliche, this match truly had a big match feel.

After a dive from the top, Cody was deemed unable to continue, leading to the entrance of Diamond Dallas Page to check on Cody. Shawn Daivari would eventually enter and take exception, quickly eating a Diamond Cutter for his actions. Cody Rhodes would finally come up, bloodied, and the match would continue.

Cody Rhodes would eventually come back on Nick Aldis, locking in the figure-four to a great pop from the crowd.

Brandi Rhodes would get involved and taken out by Aldis, leading to a chorus of boos from the crowd. Cody eventually countered a sunset-flip attempt into a pinfall to capture the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship. The match itself was full of old school glory, done very well, and as The Chairshot’s Andrew Balaz puts it, was a love letter to Dusty Rhodes.

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