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Chairshot Classics

Chairshot Classics: WCW Beach Blast ’92 – WCW Beats The Heat!

In The Arena: Johnny B. Badd returns to the entry way to re-introduce Missy Hyatt and Madusa, allowing the fans to react to round #2 of the bikini competition. Fans at home can cast votes using the WCW hotline phone number.

Match #6 – Special Referee Ole Anderson: The Dangerous Alliance (WCW World Television Champion ‘Stunning’ Steve Austin, ‘Beautiful’ Bobby Eaton & Arn Anderson) w/Paul E. Dangerously & Madusa vs. ‘The Natural’ Dustin Rhodes, Barry Windham & Nikita Koloff
Windham and Austin kick the match off. Collar and elbow and Windham is off to a quick start with a hip toss and a hammerlock. Austin rolls out of it, but Windham takes him over with a fireman’s carry. Windham can’t keep on him as Austin kicks him in the gut and clubs him with a forearm. Big right hand and Austin goes for the second rope. Windham catches him with a Japanese arm drag , grabs a wrist lock and tags in Rhodes. He picks up the wrist but Austin rakes the eyes.

They hit the ropes, shoulder tackle by Austin and Rhodes lands a drop kick on the comeback. Standing drop kick by the Natural followed by an armbar take down. He’s close to his corner and is able to tag in Eaton. Collar and elbow, side headlock by Rhodes, they run the ropes, first shot is landed by Rhodes but Eaton gets a high knee off the ropes. They spin around reversing an Irish whip, Rhodes wins that battle but Eaton moves and catches him in a roll up for a two count. Eaton tags in The Enforcer. He talks to Koloff and Rhodes makes the tag. Anderson cowers away. Snapmare and a knee from Arn, he heads for the top rope and the referee reminds him of the new rule.

Collar and elbow, Arn with position on the ropes and he drives his shoulder into Koloff’s gut. They hit the ropes, Koloff can’t pull double A over with a victory roll, but instead he clotheslines him over the top rope. Dangerously is furious on the outside, demanding a disqualification. Beautiful Bobby is tagged back in. He and Koloff tie up, Eaton hammers away on Koloff, the Russian reverses the whip to the ropes and catches his opponent in a bear hug. Ole tries to fend off both Austin and Anderson, but The Enforcer is able to break the hold with a kick to the knee. Double team whip to the ropes, Koloff ducks a clothesline, boots Anderson in the face and lifts Eaton for an atomic drop.

Austin rushes in and he’s given a scoop slam. The Alliance rolls outside to regroup. They slowly make their way back up and Anderson is tagged back in. Collar and elbow and Koloff makes a tag to Windham. Big right to Anderson’s face followed by a scoop slam. Anderson fights from his knees, Windham reverses the Irish whip, Anderson gets his boot up but it’s caught. He’s lifted for an atomic drop, Anderson falls backwards and clocks heads with his opponent. Anderson’s up first, The Alliance distracts Ole while Arn heads for the top rope. Windham hops up and catches him, but Anderson gets his thumb in the eye. Anderson adjusts down to the 2nd turnbuckle and comes off the rope with a forearm. Irish whip and a high impact collision in the corner.

They exchange shots, Anderson charges and Windham gets his knee up. Irish whip by Windham and he catches The Enforcer in a sleeper hold. It’s quickly reversed with a belly to back suplex. Windham is up first and a tag is made to Rhodes. The entire Alliance charges the ring and Rhodes takes care of them one by one. He fights off a triple team in his opponents’ corner, but finally Anderson bashes his head into Eaton’s – both men go down. Austin is tagged in and he stomps a whole in Rhodes. The TV champ lays him across the middle rope and Ole backs him off. Arn takes a couple cheap shots while he’s distracted. Austin drives his head into the turnbuckle and he makes the tag to Anderson.

Double A stomps away. Snapmare reversed into a backslide by Rhodes and it’s broken, tag is made to Eaton. Single leg take down and Rhodes is dragged to the ring post. The ref corrals him back to the ring, standing clothesline by Beautiful Bobby. Eaton grabs an arm bar and sits down for leverage. Slow to a vertical base, Rhodes tries to fight his way out of it but a tag is made to Austin. The Natural fights with rights, they hit the ropes, the TV champ ducks a clothesline and lands a flying clothesline. Ole counts to two before a kick out. Anderson is back in now, he picks up Rhodes who blocks a left and strikes with bionic elbows. He goes for the tag but Anderson stops him with a drop toe hold. Eaton is tagged in, armbar take down and he stays right on the mat to work the shoulder.

Rhodes is up as Eaton tries to hold a hammerlock. Irish whip to the ropes and Rhodes misses a crossbody. Arn takes a cheapshot and Ole lectures him. Austin is in, he sets up for a suplex, reversed into a victory roll for two. Austin with a shot to the midsection and the turnbuckle. Arn is back in with a deep arm bar. Rhodes back to his feet with rights and an elbow, he smashes The Enforcer’s head into the Beautiful Bobby’s. Austin is in first and he prevents the tag, he lands the stun gun on Rhodes but Dustin falls toward his corner and tags in Windham. Barry cleans house with hip tosses.He lands a back body drop on Austin, and hits a flying Anderson in the gut.

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All 6 men are in the ring going at it. Windham sets up Austin on the rope, he lands the superplex and goes for the pin. Arn Anderson comes off the top rope to break it up, and this time Ole sees it. He calls for the bell, the Dangerous Alliance has been eliminated.
Winners: ‘The Natural’ Dustin Rhodes, Barry Windham & Nikita Koloff (Disqualification)

  • EA’s Take: Solid bout, I thought the rivalry between these two groupings were over, but if you combine the participants of this match with the Iron Man match, Sting and Zbyszko are the only two WarGames participants who didn’t square off. ‘Beautiful Bobby’ was a good sport, being used as a headbutt weapon multiple times. I continue to wonder what the payoff will be as the babyfaces win yet again – although not by pinfall or submission, so there’s probably another encounter coming.

In The Arena: Eric Bischoff is standing by with Ricky ‘The Dragon’ Steamboat. He not only met the challenge, but he beat the challenge tonight. Bischoff acknowledges his exhaustion, and his probable excitement in going for the United States Championship. Steamboat thanks the fans and his family, and he overcame all the negativity that Rude threw at him. He says it was the hardest wrestling match of his career, he feels on top of the world. The Dangerous Alliance cannot hide from him, and he’s going to take the belt off the US Champ, take it to the bank. Paul E. Dangerously appears from the side of the screen. As the CEO of The Dangerous Alliance and Rude’s best friend, Steamboat put on a hell of performance, but he has had his last shot at the championship. Dangerously screams in Steamboat’s face when Cactus Jack comes in from behind to pull The Dragon off the stage. The two brawl on the floor as referees and security attempt to break it up.

In The Arena: Jesse Ventura is on the stage saying he should have been the host of the bikini contest and calls out Johnny B. Badd. Badd has a cowboy get-up, there’s a new sheriff in WCW and he’s a Badd man. Ventura thinks Badd has been biased and questions if he even likes girls, Johnny says he’s just jealous. They reintroduce Madusa and Missy Hyatt for the final round. Hyatt doesn’t come out and claims from behind the curtain that her bikini was stolen. She steals Ventura’s scarves and wraps them into a bikini. Missy Hyatt is declared the winner. Madusa shoves and slaps Badd behind the curtain, he returns with her bikini top.

Match #7 for the WCW World Tag Team Championships: WCW World Tag Team Champions The Steiner Brothers (Rick & Scott) vs. Terry ‘Bam Bam’ Gordy & ‘Dr. Death’ Steve Williams
Gordy and Scott to start the action. Collar and elbow tie up and a break. Another tie up, waistlock takedown by Gordy, reversed into a roll up by Scott. Some mat wrestling and Gordy gets to the ropes. Single leg takedown by Scott, rolls him into a half nelson. Gordy rolls and crawls to the ropes. They cautiously regroup, lock up and Steiner is fired into the corner. Collar and elbow, they hit the ropes and collide. They exchange slaps across the face and Scott mauls him with a double leg take down.

They have a rough brawl and the ref calls for a break in the ropes. Things settle down and Gordy makes the tag. They grapple, and it’s broken on the rope. More grappling, some mat work as they exchange positions. Williams forces Steiner into the corner and hits some quick knees. Irish whip to the corner and Steiner gets his boot up. Williams quickly retaliates, Steiner ducks a clothesline, Scott can’t get the German suplex as Williams holds the ropes and lands an elbow. Irish whip to the opposite corner, Williams goes for a football tackle, Scott leaps over and turns it into a victory roll for two. Side headlock takeover by Steiner and he holds the headlock.

Dr. Death gets vertical and a tag is made to Rick. The two former Varsity Club partners tie up, Rick misses a hip toss. They grapple, Rick can’t get that hip toss, Dr. Death backs into the corner and a break is made. Collar and elbow, Rick grabs a waistlock and lands the patented belly to belly suplex. Williams rolls out of the ring and checks in with Gordy. Collar and elbow, quick strikes and a scoop slam by Williams, followed by two football tackles. He goes for a third but runs into a Steinerline. Rick with a lateral press and doc kicks out. Gordy is tagged in, Irish whip and Rick moves away from the elbow. He tries a German suplex, Gordy holds the ropes, Rick is distracted by the referee and Bam Bam lifts him for a belly to back suplex.

Side headlock by Gordy and its his turn to get a belly to back. Tag is made to Williams and Rick is dumped to the entrance ramp. Shoulder block through the ropes knocks The Dog Faced Gremlin on his back. Back to the apron, Rick fights back, leaps over with a sunset flip. Dr. Death holds on to the ropes but Scott clocks him with a forearm and The Steiners get two. Tag is made to Gordy and he works Steiner into a half crab. Steiner uses his strength to roll his opponent over with the legs laced, Dr Death takes a cheap shot to put Gordy back in control. Gordy with a spinning toe hold, Rick is able to kick him in the face.

The older brother lands another belly to belly suplex and Scott is tagged in. He comes in hot with a waistlock takedown. He ties up Gordy’s legs, but Gordy is holding Scott’s legs as well. Scott has positioning but Gordy is moving up. Front facelock by Scott, but it’s too close to the corner. Dr Death is tagged in and he mauls the younger Steiner. Scott meets the turnbuckle, Williams tries on the other side but Scott puts the brakes on and strikes back. Steiner tries a belly to belly but it’s blocked. Snapmare by Williams into a reverse chinlock. Tag is made to Gordy who sends Steiner for the ride. Scott ducks a clothesline and comes back with a crossbody.

Gordy rakes the eyes and the two exchange rights. Scott is caught in the wrong corner and he’s double teamed. Williams takes a cheap shot on Steiner’s knee and Bam Bam takes advantage with a submission on that leg. Gordy relinquishes the hold, lands a huge clothesline and gets two. Tag is made to Williams and he doesn’t give up on that leg. Scott breaks the hold with a kick to the face, but Dr. Death comes right back with a double axe handle. Forearm from Williams followed by an Irish whip. He misses the elbow, Scott fights back but he’s cut down at the knee again. Double team and illegal entry by Gordy.

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Rick Steiner breaks up the pin. Snap suplex by Gordy and he can’t get three. Bam Bam relentless, tying up the legs again, he tags Williams back in. Right hands by Dr. Death, Scott fights from his knees, he gets up to his feet but is immediately taken back to the mat with a double leg take down. Williams spins him over into a seated half crab. The fans are getting behind The Steiners as Williams demands the ref to “ask him”. Williams slams the leg into the canvass and Gordy is tagged back in. More abuse on Scott’s left leg. Scott reaches and crawls for his brother, Gordy pulls him back and tags Williams back in. He lifts the legs putting the shoulders on the mat, Scott lifts his shoulder but is spun into a full crab. Scott tries walking on his hands to the corner, and he finally makes it.

Rick blindsides Dr. Death to break the hold and fights off both challengers. Sends Williams for the ride and a modified powerslam. He hits a bulldog from the 2nd rope and then knocks Gordy off the apron. The Steiners go for a double team bulldog, but Gordy rushes to knock Scott off the turnbuckle. Dr. Death hits a distracted Rick with a big clothesline. Gordy heads to the 2nd turnbuckle, Williams lifts Rick onto Bam Bam’s shoulders from a front facelock and Steiner receives a big slam on the canvass. Gordy tries a cover but Randy Anderson tells him he is not the legal mat. Williams goes for the cover, the delay allows Rick to kick out. He tries again, same result. Tag is made to Gordy who enters with a dropkick and Dog Face kicks out again.

Knee to the face from Gordy as Scott is finally back to the apron. Williams is tagged back in, he and Gordy send Steiner for the ride and a double shoulder tackle. Rick kicks out once again. Back breaker by Williams and Rick kicks out once more. Tag back to Gordy who hits a clubbing forearm and kicks Steiner in the head. Rick is lifted for a belly to back suplex, the challengers still cannot get a pin. Dr. Death is tagged back in, Rick tries to fight out of the corner but he’s stomped to the mat. Uppercut by Williams who then grabs a front face lock. Anderson drop checks the arm, but Rick’s up to his feet. He breaks the hold with elbows and hits the ropes, but he runs right into Doc’s knee. Gut wrench suplex by Williams, Rick still won’t give.

Front facelock by Williams and he gets leverage. Clubbing forearms by Dr. Death, they both are up to their feet and exchange right hands. Irish whip by Dr Death, he lifts Rick and rams him upside down into the turnbuckle. He tries on the other side, Rick fights out of it and shoves him in and catches him with a Steinerline. Both men are down, Gordy is tagged in first. Irish whip, followed in with a clothesline. He tries another one, and Rick bounces off to deliver another desperation Steinerline. Rick crawls to the corner, Gordy holds his leg but the Dog Faced Gremlin gets there.

Scott sends Gordy for the ride and a backbody drop. Dr. Death charges the ring and receives the same. Scoop slam for both of Steiner’s opponents, followed by clotheslines that set them up on opposite ropes. 15 seconds left in the time limit and Scott grabs a double underhook. He lifts Gordy up and lands the powerbomb. He calls for the Frankensteiner and he lands it, but the time has run out before a pin can be made – We have a draw.
Winners: Time Limit Draw

  • EA’s Take: Here we have four bonafide collegiate wrestlers, so you knew it was going to have an amateur feel. They showcased a well worked match on the mat, but of course incorporated professional move-sets to get the crowd going. You can tell how popular The Steiner Brothers are when the tag team championship match is the main event, but I really don’t feel like it should have been and I seriously dislike ending your pay-per-view with a time limit draw. It makes no sense to me.

EA’s Finisher: Overall a much better showing than the last PPV. There were only 7 matches, but they were longer and more meaningful. The tag team match and the Iron Man match combined for an hour of the action and they were definitely the two best matches on the card. The bikini contest was a little corny, but what can you expect from a WCW beach-themed PPV in the early 90’s? You can tell the show was alright when you realize after the fact that neither the World, US or Television titles were on the line tonight. Perhaps they should have been though for this precursor event to Bash At The Beach.

Top Three To Watch
1 – Ricky Steamboat vs. Rick Rude
2 – The Steiner Brothers vs. Terry Gordy & Steve Williams
3 – Sting vs. Cactus Jack

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