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Chairshot Classics: WCW Monday Nitro Episode 15



WCW Monday Nitro

Another big episode of WCW Nitro is on tap from December 11th at the Independence Arena in Charlotte, NC. Sting is slated to team with Hulk Hogan to face off against Ric Flair and Arn Anderson, but Bischoff, McMichael and Heenan speculate about the Stinger and Hulkster being able to coexist.

Eddie Guerrero vs JL

Guerrero jumps in control early, hitting a tilt a whirl backbreaker and slingshot senton. Eric Bischoff says that Eddie is part of the “World Cup of Wrestling” at Starrcade and that the Japanese might think he’s “a piece of cake-well rice cake.” That does not age well. JL comes back with a head scissor takedown but Eddie comes back with a top rope lucha arm drag. JL hits a dropkick to Guerrero to send him outside the ring and follows it up with a cannonball from the apron. Eddie counters a roll up attempt with one of his own to garner the pinfall. This was a good match but the crowd didn’t seem sure on how to react for most of it.

Winner: Eddie Guerrero via pinfall

Mean Gene Okerlund is on the ramp with Jimmy Hart and Lex Luger. Luger talks about how he’s had the upper hand on Randy Savage and he will take that belt from him. He acknowledges the other competitors but says that Sting and him are friends, but may the best man win. Luger stumbled and got lost here a few times, it was somewhat comical.


Disco Inferno vs “Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff

Disco jumps Paul to start the match and stays in  control with all sorts of strikes. Wonderful comes back with strikes of his own followed by a standing elbow drop after some mocking dance moves. Disco takes a rough looking belly to back suplex, landed high on his back. That ends the match, as Mr. Wonderful picks up the pinfall win. Scary spot and abrupt finish make me nervous about that ending.

Winner: Paul Orndorff via pinfall

Mean Gene is joined by Ric Flair, Arn Anderson and Brian Pillman on the ramp. Brian talks about how great it is to be a horseman, and how Hogan threw it all away because he couldn’t hang with the rest of the Horsemen. Pillman runs down the American Males, Dungeon of Doom and Paul Orndorff before Ric Flair starts talking but Paul Orndorff comes out to confront Pillman. Pillman slaps Paul and a brawl ensures between Orndorff and the horsemen. They beat down Mr. Wonderful and hit a spike piledriver on the concrete. After the commercial break, we see Orndorff being put on a stretcher with a neck brace.


Lex Luger vs Hacksaw Jim Duggan

Hacksaw in control early with his strikes. We leave the match to see Orndorff being carted out on a stretcher. Back in the match, Duggan hits a hip toss, clothesline and a pair of elbow drops. Again we cut away to see Orndorff being loaded into an ambulance. Back at the match, Jimmy Hart is up on the apron holding the 2×4. Duggan is distracted, and Luger pushes him into the 2×4 and locks on the torture rack. Duggan submits shortly after to eat the loss.

Winner: Lex Luger via submission

Mean Gene is talking with Randy Savage about his upcoming schedule. Savage isn’t thinking about Starrcade or the matches there. He’s thinking about next week’s match with The Giant. Macho Man is confident and says he’s walking out with the belt.


Ric Flair and Arn Anderson vs Hulk Hogan and Sting

Anderson and Sting start us off, leaving the big 2 on the apron for hot tags. Arn is in control early with some slick moves and a fireman’s carry. Sting comes back with a big military press slam and Anderson says he wants Hogan. Sting obliges, and Flair is tagged in. Flair’s chops and forearms are no sold by Hogan before giving Flair a back body drop. Flair back in control with a poke of the eyes and start the frequent tags with Arn Anderson. Hogan fights back and tags in Sting who drops Flair with a military press slam and dropkick before eating a knee to the midsection. Flair hits a reverse atomic drop and tags in Arn. Arn hits Sting with a big DDT. Luger and Jimmy Hart come out, Hart distracts the ref while Luger puts Hogan in the torture rack. Flair and Arn are tearing Sting apart while Hogan has been left laying thanks to Lex Luger. Flair and Anderson are working over the knee of Sting, but Sting tries to come back against Arn but Flair tags in and chop blocks Sting. Ric  locks in the figure 4 on Sting but Sting fights back and tags in Hogan but the ref was distracted by Anderson. The ref doesn’t allow it and Sting has his knee worked over more. Sting comes back and throws Flair off the top rope but can’t make the tag to Hogan. Anderson is tagged in and Sting hits a big face buster but gets Hogan tagged in. Anderson hits a spine buster but Hulk no sells it and comes back with the three punches, big boot and leg drop for the victory. Pillman, Jimmy Hart and Luger come down and beat down Hulk and Sting but Macho Man comes down. Sting hits Savage and Hulk tries to stay between them.

Winners: Hogan and Sting via pinfall

Mean Gene talks to the three faces, they all confront Sting about his relationship with Luger. Sting says he’s on their side, Savage wants them all to chill out and stick together. They all agree and are focused on the matches ahead. After the break, Bischoff, Mongo and Heenan discuss the fallout, including the possibility of The Giant being the WCW Champion after next week. Heenan thinks The Giant is guaranteed to win next week. Mongo is concerned that Hogan, Sting and Savage don’t have their heads together but the Horsemen and Dungeon of Doom all do.

That’s another episode down! Stories are building and taking shape as we approach Starrcade 1995 and it will be interesting to see how they pan out as the face of World Championship Wrestling is going to drastically change in the next calendar year.

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Chairshot Classics

Chairshot Classics: WCW Monday Nitro Episode 19 (1/8/96)



WCW Monday Nitro

From the North Charleston Coliseum, in Charleston, South Carolina, comes WCW Monday Nitro! Set up from the last episode, we have Hulk Hogan teaming with Randy Savage to take on Ric Flair and Arn Anderson. The other advertised matches are very intriguing as Lord Steven Regal battles Eddie Guerrero and Sting faces Diamond Dallas Page. A solid sounding lineup, especially those under card matches. Let’s see how it plays out!

Chris Benoit vs Alex Wright

Wright comes out to a sizable reaction, he definitely was a fan favorite. Benoit jumps him quickly and hits a solid snap suplex and back elbow. Wright tries to come back but takes a beautiful bridging northern lights suplex for a near fall. Benoit throws Wright outside and distracts the referee while Pillman at ringside chokes Alex for a bit. Wright sends Benoit over the top rope and Heenan asks if that’s a DQ? Was that still illegal at this point? Alex hits Chris with a big cross body from the top rope to the outside. Wright sinks in a deep boston crab before transitioning into an STF before Benoit gets out. Pillman trips Wright, but Wright launches himself over the top to drop him. Coming back into the ring, Benoit gets the upper hand with knees to the midsection. Benoit hooks and drops a dragon suplex with a bridge to pick up the pinfall. Fun little match here, lots of fun back and forth action.

Winner: Chris Benoit via pinfall

Lord Steven Regal vs Eddie Guerrero

Great chain wrestling to start this matchup, they go back and forth, trading holds and counters. Eddie counters a double arm suplex with an arm drag before a nearfall exchange is ended when Regal pokes Guerrero’s eyes. Regal takes control with a big European uppercut and several more strikes before hitting a nice reverse suplex, a move that is very underutilized in my opinion. Eddie reverses a pinning attempt for a nearfall before eating a big back elbow from Regal. Regal is in control with strikes and out of nowhere, Eddie drops Regal with a backslide and picks up the shocking win. This was a very fun match, but I would have liked something twice as long.

Winner: Eddie Guerrero

Mean Gene is on the ramp with Sting and Lex Luger. Sting asks Lex about Starrcade why he pulled Sting down before he could get back into the ring, costing Sting a chance at the title. Lex claimed he got hurt and was reaching for help and asked Sting to give him a chance at redemption as a tag team against the Blue Bloods at Clash of the Champions. Sting agrees and it is set.

Sting vs Diamond Dallas Page

DDP gets Sting with the cigar in the eye to start the match and gains the upper hand. Sting counters with a double axe handle, a dropkick that sends DDP out of the ring followed by a cross body over the top rope. Strange spot where Sting goes for a leapfrog and initially it looked like Sting came up too early, but he sold like a low blow. No DQ, but DDP is in control with a belly to back suplex and swinging neckbreaker. DDP grounds Sting with a rear chin lock and plants his feet on the ropes but denies it to referee, Nick Patrick. Sting tries to counter out with a top wrist lock but DDP gets a handful of hair to drag him back down to the mat. Sting fights out with a facebuster and some big strikes before hitting a reverse atomic drop and big dropkick to send DDP into the corner. Sting hits the Stinger Splash but can’t get the Scorpion Death Lock in. DDP hits another neckbreaker and a thumb to the eyes out of a pinfall attempt. Sting counters a kick and locks on the Scorpion Death Lock and DDP taps out. This was another fun match with two great guys in the ring.

Winner: Sting via submission

Ric Flair and Arn Anderson vs Randy Savage and Hulk Hogan

Flair and Hogan start us off, and Hogan gets his hits in, a big boot, some clotheslines and bodyslams to both Flair and Anderson. Arn is tagged in and in comes Savage as well. Anderson tries to suplex Savage out of the ring, but Savage counters it, sending him to the outside with a big boot from Hogan. Savage hits a double axe handle from the top rope to the outside of the ring and one to the inside. Arn tags in Flair who tries to go to the top rope, but Hogan sends him off the top. Hogan and Savage lock on figure 4 leg locks but the Horsemen get out. Anderson sends Savage outside and into the guardrail before feeding him back in to Flair. Flair hits a big belly to back suplex and tags in Anderson. Flair is back in and hits a shin breaker and attempts the figure 4, but Savage rolls him up a couple of times for near falls. Flair comes back with a couple of vicious sounding chops. Savage gets the hot tag to Hogan and he’s in on fire. Back body drops, and clotheslines with a double clothesline to send them both outside. Anderson back and and hits a big spinebuster, but Hogan no sells it, Hulks up, big boot, leg drop, pinfall. Pillman and Benoit come down and fights with the Dungeon of Doom. The Giant comes in and gives chokelsams to both Hogan and Savage. Hogan barely got up in the air for it, looked kinda sad. The show goes off the air after that exchange.

Winner: Hogan and Savage via pinfall

So, we had a pretty fun show here with some good matches. Stories are still being made clear as we work towards Clash of the Champions. It’ll be interesting to see how the next few months play out as we are going to get into some intriguing angles.

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Chairshot Classics

Chairshot Classics: WCW Monday Nitro Episode 18 (1/1/1996)



WCW Monday Nitro

Happy New Year folks….in 1996. We are a matter of days removed from Starrcade 1995 which saw Ric Flair defeat Lex Luger and Sting for a shot at the WCW Heavyweight Championship. It also saw Flair defeat Randy Savage for said title, new year, new champion. This episode is promoted with Hulk Hogan stepping in the ring against Ric Flair(advertised as a battle for the ages) as well as Randy Savage taking on Arn Anderson while the show is said to feature Lord Steven Regal and The Four Horsemen(which is funny because we know 2 of them are already in the ring). January 1st, 1996 saw WCW Nitro from The Omni in Atlanta, GA. Let’s see what happened!

Arn Anderson vs Randy Savage

This match was requested by Savage based on the events of Starrcade. Savage felt his title had been stolen due to Arn Anderson’s interference. Anderson starts the match before Randy can even remove his jacket. Savage tosses Anderson out of the ring and takes control. Savage hits a top rope double axe handle for a near fall and maintains his control. Anderson rakes the eyes and starts working on Savage’s arm with a single arm DDT and wraps it around a ring rope. They spill to the outside and Savage puts Anderson head first into the barricade but Arn gets back on track in the ring, continuously working over that injured arm. Savage comes back for a moment but Anderson counters with a feint punch and hits a DDT for a near fall with Randy in the ropes. Savage pushes Anderson into the ref and Anderson immediately goes for brass knuckles. Savage grabs them and hits Anderson with them and shoves them back in Arn’s trunks and scores the pinfall win. Brian Pillman and Chris Benoit hit the ring and argue with the ref, but to no avail.

Winner: Randy Savage via pinfall

Chris Benoit vs Lord Steven Regal

Now this, this is a match that is chock full of potential and is right up my alley I hope. Regal goes for a headbutt, but that only incenses Benoit who takes brief control until Lord Regal grabs another neck crank hold. Benoit hits a nice german suplex and Regal lands high, looked a little scary. Benoit was in control until Regal works his technical magic and transitions into a butterfly suplex for a near fall. Benoit fights back and hits Regal with an electric chair drop before missing a big diving headbutt attempt. Interesting, considering the future implications. Regal goes for a piledriver, Benoit flips through and hits one of his own but misses a dive over the top rope. Regal rolls Chris in the ring and gets the pinfall win.

Winner: Lord Steven Regal via pinfall

Mean Gene in the ring with Pillman, Anderson and Benoit. Pillman berates both Benoit and Anderson for losing their previous matches. Anderson comes after Pillman for starting more wars than are necessary. Kevin Sullivan and The Zodiac come down by the ring but The Giant and Jimmy Hart stop them.

Super Assassins vs Sting and Lex Luger

Sgt. Craig Pittman is at commentary trying to gain a manager in Steve McMichael. Mongo declines but tells him to follow his Marine Corps training. In the match(which was double screened), we see the Assassins in control over Sting. Double shoulder tackle from the Assassins gets a near fall as they partake in quick tags to keep a fresh man in the ring. Sting does get the tag to Luger, but the ref didn’t see it so doesn’t allow it. A suplex/cross body combo yields another near fall as Luger loses his mind on the apron. Sting eats a big powerbomb but avoids a top rope splash. Luger finally gets in the ring and goes to work on an Assassin, locking in the torture rack as Sting puts the scorpion death lock on the other, yielding a submission.

Winner: Sting and Lex Luger via submission

Mean Gene is on the entrance ramp talking with Jimmy Hart and The Giant. Hart is running down Hogan, talking about switching his clients is part of his plan. The Giant talks down Hogan after what Hulk did to him in December with a chair.

WCW Heavyweight Championship
Ric Flair (c) vs Hulk Hogan

New champion Flair has a bandage on his forehead, I wonder if he’ll get bloody. As usual, the match starts with Hogan power moves, like a big shoulder block, a big shove out of a tie-up, standard fare for the Hulkster. Flair gains control with some big chops, Hulk no sells the last few but eats a back elbow before tossing Flair off the top rope(has he ever hit whatever he goes for?). Hulk sends Flair over the top rope but Flair pokes Hogan in the eyes before tossing him into the barricade. Hulk bounces off and clotheslines Ric, sends him over the turnbuckle and hits a clothesline on the apron. Back in the ring, Flair gets a cheap chop block on Hogan’s knee, going to work on the left leg and knee. Flair locks on the figure four with Hogan stuck in the middle of the ring, but Hulk rolls over and reverses the pressure. Jimmy Hart comes down and starts distracting the ref while Flair kicks Hogan in the back of the leg to regain control. Ric Flair hits a big stalling suplex, not sure I’ve ever seen him throw that. Ric gets a near fall and Hogan Hulks up. Big boot and a leg drop, but Hart distracts the ref as Arn Anderson hits Hogan with the brass knuckles. Hogan kicks out, and shows the ref the brass knuckles, so the ref DQ’s Flair??? Not sure he saw the actual act but ok. The Horsemen come down as does the Dungeon of Doom, and The Giant tries to hit Hulk with a wooden stool. Randy Savage comes in out of nowhere to make the save as the heels powder out.

Winner: Hulk Hogan via DQ-no title change

Mean Gene is talking in the ring with Hogan and Savage. Hulk comments on how Savage’s business and his business seem to intersect. Hogan challenges Flair and Anderson to take him and Savage on next week. Savage hints at a secret weapon but Hogan tells him not to share too much. Hogan continues to berate the Four Horsemen to end the show.

An interesting show. Some good matches, which could have been great. This whole Horsemen/Dungeon of Doom vs Hogan and now Savage is so convoluted and confusing, but it takes up 50% of the air time of the show. It’s somewhat annoying considering the talent on the undercard of the WCW at this time. Now, once the show moves to 2 hours, that will improve. Until then, we will deal! See you next week!!

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Chairshot Classics

Chairshot Classics: WCW Monday Nitro Episode 17



WCW Monday Nitro


Monday, December 25th, 1995. Merry Christmas…er…in 1995. Nitro came to us from the Richmond Civic Center in Augusta, Georgia as the go home show for Starrcade 1995. This episode was advertised to feature Sting versus Big Bubba. Dean Malenko is in action against Mr. JL in what should be a great match. The big draw for this show is Ric Flair battling WCW World Heavyweight Champion, Randy Savage. Let’s see what happens!

Lex Luger vs Scotty Riggs

No entrance for Riggs here, that’s never a good sign! Luger has Jimmy Hart at ringside making all sorts of noise. Luger is in control early with strikes and power moves, but Riggs comes back with a pair of dropkicks, sending Lex to the outside. Riggs starts working over Luger’s left arm with a couple of arm ringers and arm drags. Riggs  misses a dropkick but scores a running crossbody for a near fall. Luger reverses a suplex with one of his own, leaving Riggs draped over the top rope before clotheslining him off the apron. A big vertical suplex brings Riggs back in the ring the hard way but he starts to come back with a back body drop and an inside cradle for a 2 count. Luger dodges a top rope dropkick and hits a big powerslam before locking on the Torture Rack for the submission victory. This was an alright match, nothing to write home about though.

Winner: Lex Luger via pinfall

Mean Gene is on the ramp with Sting asking about the situation with Lex Luger. Sting says that Luger is a friend and he’s trying to bring him back but he doesn’t hold Ric Flair in the same regard. He’s ready to lock on the Scorpion Death Lock and never let it go. Sting also warns the contingent from New Japan that at Starrcade, they will be on WCW’s turf.

Sting vs Big Bubba

Big Bubba is in control early, using big power moves and strikes. Sting battles back and hits a facebuster that forces Big Bubba to roll out of the ring. Sting gives chase and hits another facebuster, this time outside the ring. Bubba comes back in the ring and rakes Stinger’s eyes to gain the upper hand before a big splash into the corner. Sting goes up to the top, but Bubba pokes him in the eyes and goes to toss him off the turnbuckle, but Sting counters it with a roll up for the pin victory. This was a bit of a plodding match that just didn’t seem to flow well.

Winner: Sting via pinfall

Mean Gene is on the ramp with Jimmy Hart and Lex Luger. Luger says there is nothing between him and Sting besides their friendship. Luger says he is the uncrowned champion. Jimmy Hart starts talking but Sgt. Craig Pittman comes out and asks Hart if he’ll manage him. Hart has him to take off his shirt and that’s why he won’t manage Pittman.

Dean Malenko vs Mr. JL

Malenko is in control early and hits an amazing snap capture suplex and seemlessly floats over for the near fall. Mr. JL comes back with a flying headscissors and a running cannonball from the apron. JL brings Malenko back into the ring with a suplex but Malenko counters a monkey flip. JL hits a nice sitout powerbomb for a near fall. Malenko appears to return the favor but turns it into a hot shot across the top rope. Both climb to the top rope, but Malenko brings JL down into a gut buster from the second rope. JL looks like he may have injured his arm, and Malenko locks in what commentary calls the “Malenko Leg Lock” and gets the victory. This match was fast paced and a lot of fun to watch. Both of these guys are absolute studs in the ring and deserve every accolade they get.

Winner: Dean Malenko via submission

Mean Gene is on the ramp again, this time with Ric Flair. Flair is interrupted by Jimmy Hart who apologizes for Kevin Sullivan interrupting him last week but says he owes Ric Flair one for saving his life. Jimmy asks if he can be at ringside for Flair tonight and Ric agrees to have him.

Ric Flair vs Randy Savage – WCW World Heavyweight Championship

This is a dream match for me, can’t wait for this one! Ric is in control early, poking the eyes but gets his knee wrapped around the ring post by Savage. Randy locks in a figure four leglock of his own but Ric makes it to the ropes. Ric hits an atomic drop and looks for a figure four, but gets rolled up by Savage for a near fall. Ric sends Savage to the outside and distracts the ref while Jimmy Hart kicks Randy repeatedly. Flair hangs Savage up over the top rope and then brings him back in the ring and hits a big back elbow. Savage starts a comeback with a big clothesline and a backslide for a near fall. Savage has Flair in the corner, and behind the ref’s back.

Flair hits Savage below the belt and hits a big vertical suplex. Savage starts coming back, but misses a top rope double axe handle to the outside. Savage puts Ric in the sleeper hold, but Flair counters out with a shin breaker. Randy is having a hard time standing after that attack and Flair goes to work on the leg. Flair locks in the figure four leglock and uses the ropes for leverage but Randy gets to the ropes himself to break the hold. Flair goes to the top rope and in typical fashion, he gets tossed from the top rope. Randy looks to be mounting a comeback but again Flair goes to the eyes and locks on the sleeper hold. Savage counters it and counters a piledriver attempt. Luger comes into the ring and attacks Savage to cause the disqualification. Sting comes out as well and is working over Flair while Savage sends Luger out of the ring. Sting and Savage come face to face and trade some shoves as the show goes off the air.

Winner: Ric Flair via DQ

So, there’s our build to Starrcade! This was an episode of good matches and subpar segments between. Too many of WCW’s top talent have the 1980’s style of promos. Yell into the mic and threaten to beat someone up. It will be interesting to watch how that develops over the next year or so.

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