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Chairshot Classics: WCW Monday Nitro Episode 16



WCW Monday Nitro

As we are nearing Starrcade 1995, story lines look to intensify and become more evident. Hulk Hogan looks to remove the Dungeon of Doom from WCW. In this episode, we have been told that The Giant will face Macho Man Randy Savage in the main event. Will Savage make it to Starrcade? Let’s find out!

December 18th, 1995 brought us Nitro from the Richmond County Civic Center in Augusta, Georgia. The usual suspects of Bischoff, Heenan and McMichael are on commentary and interrupted by Madusa showing up with the WWF Women’s Championship belt which she drops into a trash can and stakes her claim in WCW. This has always been portrayed as a huge ordeal, and I agree that it certainly caused giant waves in the business. The fact of the matter is that Madusa was not comfortable with her lines or delivery. It created a somewhat awkward exchange. Interesting to see it play out though as it was originally broadcast.

Mongo McMichael comments about how he’s sick of people rushing up to commentary, so he found a way to prevent that and introduces us to the Chicago Bears’ William “Refrigerator” Perry as some sort of bodyguard.


Ric Flair vs Eddie Guerrero

On paper, this match looks PHENOMENAL and is one that I was not aware of. The two circle a bit and take in the hot crowd and Flair does a bit of taunting. Eddie is chain wrestling and escaping Flair’s holds like an absolute champ, he definitely is being portrayed as the quicker of the two. Flair rolls outside and circles the ring to gain some space before coming back in and going to work on Guerrero with strikes. Flair eats two dropkicks but dodges the third. Eddie comes back with a big tornado DDT and springboard head scissors for a near fall. Eddie goes up top, but Flair bumps the ropes and Guerrero falls to the outside. Ric takes it to Eddie outside before rolling him in the ring, attacking an apparently injured knee and locks on the figure four leglock. Ric uses the ropes for extra leverage and the ref doesn’t see and Eddie eventually passes out and ref counts the three for a pinfall. Good match, but it feels like it could have been so much more.

Winner: Ric Flair via pinfall

Mean Gene is in the ring with Flair and Arn Anderson. Anderson addresses how the horsemen took out Paul Orndorff from the previous week. Flair goes to cut a promo but Kevin Sullivan and Jimmy Hart interrupt. Sullivan warns the horsemen that Pillman’s disdain for the Dungeon of Doom can cause trouble for them. Anderson tells Sullivan that the Dungeon of Doom may not like what they find if they come looking for Pillman.

Bischoff, Mongo and Heenan discuss the interview. Sullivan had said that there are no allegences in WCW and Bischoff wonders if that applies to Luger and Sting. Sgt. Pittman joins the commentary team and asks Bobby Heenan to manage him. Heenan says he is no longer managing talent and Pittman says he needs help soon or he will stop taking prisoners. Definitely not super intimidating.


Lex Luger vs Marcus Alexander Bagwell

Bagwell is in control early with a monkey flip and a couple of big dropkicks that send Luger outside. After gathering himself, Luger comes back in the ring and slows down the pace, taking advantage with strikes. Bagwell comes back with strikes of his own and a big back body drop. Luger counters a splash with his knees and hits a powerslam before putting Bagwell in the Torture Rack. Bagwell quickly submits to end the match. This was a lackluster match.

Winner: Lex Luger via submission

Mean Gene talks with Luger and Jimmy Hart on the ramp. Hart calls Luger the uncrowned champion, Luger claims that if it hadn’t been for Hogan, he’d be champion via pinfall. Lex on promo was so cringeworthy.


Earl Robert Eaton vs Sting

Earl Robert Eaton? Interesting gimmick for Bobby I suppose. Eaton works a headlock but Sting fights out and works over the left arm with an arm wringer. Eaton battles back with some strikes and a choke across the ropes. Sting fights back with a hip toss but eats a back breaker. Sting dodges a splash from the top rope and hits a stinger splash before locking in the Scorpion Death Lock to gain a submission victory. Bobby Heenan says Bobby Eaton and then refers to him as The Earl a few times quickly, covering his tracks.

Winner: Sting via submission

Mean Gene is in the ring with Sting, talking about Starrcade and Lex Luger. Sting is focused on becoming a six time world champion, despite Lex Luger being in the match at Starrcade.


The Giant vs Randy Savage-WCW World Heavyweight Championship

The Giant goes for ax handle strikes but Savage dodges them and jumps up to lock on a sleeper hold. Giant tosses Savage off, but Savage tries a bodyslam to no avail. Giant is in control with strikes and a big bodyslam of his own. The Giant locks in a bearhug as we go to commercial, but coming back we see The Giant bodyslamming Savage again before going for a chokeslam. Savage counters it with fingers in Giant’s eyes. Two clotheslines have no effect and Savage is caught in a back breaker by The Giant. A blatant standing choke and toss by The Giant sends Savage rolling outside the ring and The Giant comes after him to military press Savage back over the top rope into the ring. The Giant goes for a top rope splash and Savage moves and hits his elbow drop. Savage goes for a pin, but The Giant kicks out and hits a standing dropkick. Savage rolls outside, and The Giant follows him to peel up the protective padding, exposing concrete. The Giant goes for a suplex, but Savage grabs the rope to counter it. The Giant hits Savage with a chokeslam in the ring and hits a leg drop and goes for the pin. Hogan rushes down with a chair and clears the ring for Savage. Hogan is hitting everyone with the chair and Mongo and Perry come down to stop him.

Winner: The Giant via disqualification-Savage retains belt

Mean Gene is talking to Hogan and Savage in the ring about the situation. The Giant comes out, Kevin Sullivan and Pittman holding him back. Hogan goes wild with the chair, clearing them all out. Hogan says he is owed a title shot from Savage. Randy Savage says he has a match next week on Nitro with Flair for the belt, but then he has to get passed Starrcade too. After that, Savage says that he accepts the challenge of the Hulkster. The crowd is very receptive of this and Hogan threatens Mongo and Perry if they get in Hogan’s way again. Mongo says he was just trying to stop Hogan from getting in further trouble and Heenan says Mongo should mind his own business.

A decent episode here. Some stories were furthered, but there are lots of questions still heading into the go home show next week. Join me again as we see what Christmas brings WCW’s way!

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