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Chris’ IMPACT! Results & Coverage (9/27/2018)



IMPACT Wrestling Results & Report


IMPACT! from Mexico week two, as we get The LAX vs The Desi Hit Squad, Brian Cage vs Jake Crist, Tessa Blanchard putting the Knockout’s Title on the line against Faby Apache and Allie & Keira Hogan take on Su Yung & The Undead Maid of Honor!! Plus, Scarlett Bordeaux has a HUGE announcement TONIGHT!!


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  • Knockout’s Title: Tess Blanchard(c) d. Faby Apache – pin fall, Buzzsaw DDT
  • Brian Cage d. Jake Crist – pin fall, Drill Claw
  • LAX d. The Desi Hit Squad – pin fall, Santana pins Singh, Street Sweeper
  • Keira Hogan & Allie d. Su Yung & The Undead Maid of Honor – pin fall, Hogan pins Yung, fisherman’s neck breaker
  • Moose & Killer Kross d. Eddie Edwards & Johnny Impact – pin fall, Moose pinned Edwards, Spear



Obligatory recap video of last week starts us off.

Match One: Knockout’s Title: Tessa Blanchard(c) vs Faby Apache

Faby comes out sans head dress, but with her AAA Reina de Reinas Title.

Dropkick to the knees and a kick to the head to start for Faby. Foot choke in the corner and Tessa then reverses her in. Faby uses the hair to pull Tessa down then goes into a backslide for one.

Forearms from Tessa, and a straight kick from Faby for the knock down. Faby goes for a powerbomb, reverses, then Faby hits a hurricanrana for two.

Faby reverses the Buzzsaw DDT and they fight on the apron. Back in, a clubbing blow to the back gets one for Tessa. A pair of short arm clothesline’s and a Saito suplex by Tessa has her in full control. Faby fuggta back, off the ropes, uses a body scissor into a reverse figure four! Rope break by Tessa.

They Battle in a corner, then Faby hits a sit out chicken wing face buster for 2 and 3/4!!!!

Faby sets Tessa on the top turnbuckle. Tessa fights back and knocks Faby down. Tessa hits a Magnum from the top for just two!!!

Faby goes for a clothesline, Tessa reverses into a Buzzsaw DDT for the 1-2-3!!

Your winner, and STILL champion: Tessa Blanchard (pin fall)

Tessa has a mic and says she has run through the entire division and the best in Mexico, making her the best wrestler, the best athlete in professional wrestling. Taya Valkyrie then shows up on the video board, saying Tessa can’t say she’s the best because she hasn’t wrestled Taya. She challenges Tessa for the title at Bound For Glory!!

**commercial break**

We come back to Eddie Edwards and Alisha backstage. After some yelling and calling Eddie stupid, Johnny Impact joins them, saying he’s got Eddie’s back. Alisha then tells Eddie to just listen to Impact tonight.

Pre taped segment with oVe. Callihan claims everything sells out because of them in marquee matches. He says tonight, Jake gets an opportunity against Brian Cage. Jake seems worried, but Sami says he’s got it.

**commercial break**

We now see Eli Drake walking around Mexico City. Eli says next week he will challenge all the luchadors in the ring.

Match Two: Jake Crist (w/ Dave Crist & Sami Callihan) vs Brian Cage 

Jake charges but Cage carries him to a corner and begins the corner lariats. Jake escapes off the ropes into a back body drop. Cage then knocks Dave off the apron. Cage then goes to charge Jake in the corner but Sami pulls Jake out of the way and Cage crashes shoulder first into the ring post and falls to the floor.

Sami slams Cage into the guard rail, and follows it up with a tornado DDT. Jake throws Cage back in the ring and starts working over his left arm. Wrist lock DDT by Jake. Jake looks for a hurricanrana, Cage deadlifts him into a powerbomb onto his knee!!! A huge clothesline follows, then two knees and a 6-1-9!!! Cage goes up top, and hits a elbow drop for two!!

Cage catches Jake trying to float over and hits a sit out Alabama slam for two. Jake with a series of kicks for two. Jake goes up top, but Cage meets him with an enziguri and climbs up as well. Jake hits a cutter from the second rope for one!! Now Cage looks pissed. Drill Claw on Jake for the 1-2-3!!!

Your winner: Brian Cage (pin fall)

Sami and Dave jump in and take down Cage. The lights go out and Dave disappears. On the video board, we see Fenix and Pentagon Jr beating a tied up Dave. Cage back to his feet and he clothesline’s SAmi and Jake. He then hits a summersault plancha OVER THE TOP onto both me on the floor!!!!

**commercial break**

Backstage interview with Austin Aries, Killer Kross and Moose. Kross threatens to make Johnny Impact into Johnny Neckbrace tonight!

GWN Flashback Moment of the week is Bound For Glory 2006, AJ Styles & Christopher Daniels vs LAX

Backstage with Joe Hendry and Grado, they’re celebrating Joe’s new song when Katarina walks up. She says this whole thing is a classic case of wires crossed, and she has a gift for him tonight. She brings out Murder Clown as he will face Joe next week!!

**commercial break**

Rolando Martinez is outside with Scarlett Bordeaux for her big announcement. Scarlett issues a global talent search, and one lucky person will get her attention 24/7

Gama Singh is in the ring to introduce The Desi Hit Squad as their match is next!

Match three: The Desi Hit Squad (w/ Gama Singh) vs LAX (w/ Konnan)

Santana starts against Rohit Raju. Lots of running the ropes, reversals, Ortiz tags in, Santana flips over and they hits a double side suplex. Ortiz hits a splash for two.

Gursinder Singh pulls Ortiz down, and Raju hits a basement dropkick. Ortiz gets rolled back in, Raju covers for two and then tags in Singh. Lots of attacks in the corner, Raju tags back in, covers for two.

Snap suplex into a float over by Raju for two. Back in the corner, tags in Singh. Ortiz reverses both corner charges, but Singh takes him down. Santana finally tags in a hits a cross vista nd lots of chops. Runs the ropes for an arm drag, then a springboard roll and a dropkick. Santana then dives onto Raju on the outside. Double team moves from LAX, then a spinebuster by Ortiz. Santana then hits a moonsault off Ortiz onto Singh, but Raju shoves Ortiz into the cover to break up the pin at 2.

Raju fight both LAX members, then they hits a sweep/lung blower combo on Santana for two. Singh hits a powerbomb on Santana, but Ortiz shoves Raju into the pin to break it up at 2. Ortiz hits a Death Valley Driver on Singh in the corner. Santana then springboards off Ortiz into Singh in the corner. Ortiz then lifts Singh up, Santana comes off the top turnbuckle with The Street Sweeper for the 1-2-3!

Your winner: LAX (pin fall)

King shows up on the video screen congratulating LAX. Says his win last week was a preview for BFG. King pulls out an old picture of Konnan, tears it up, and then pulls out Konnan’s old mask. He says Konnan leaches off everyone, and he then sets Konnan’s old mask on fire!!!

**commercial break**

We now see Fallah Bahh reading a bed time story to KM in a neckbrace. KM thanks Bahh but says there’s something bigger. Bahh needs to get revenge, for both of them.

Tessa Blanchard back stage, saying Taya is brave to talk from thousands of miles away. She tells Taya that is a match against her at BFG is what she wants, she’s got it!!

Match Four: Keira Hogan & Allie vs Su Yung & The Undead Maid of Honor 

**commercial break**

Allie and Su start off. Allie with strikes, as Su laughs them off. Maid tags in, Strikes away at Allie. Maid misses a clothesline, but Allie hits one and covers for two.

Allie tags in Keira, as they both hit the Maid with clotheslines. Keira misses a kick, but Allie hits a senton. Keira covers for two.

The Maid hits a springboard cross body for two. Maid charges the corner but Keira gets a boot up. Keira then hits a hurricanrana out of the corner and covers for two.

Keira tags in Allie and they double whip her to the corner. Clothesline by Allie and then a dropkick by Keira. Sliding line by Allie, but Su kicks her and Su and the Maid stomp away. Double team neck breaker and The Maid covers Allie for two. The Maid hits a figure four German suplex for two and tags in Su.

Allie tries to fight out of the corner, hits a lung blower on Su and both women are down. Allie almost made a tag, but The Maid pulled Keira down. Palm strike by Su gets a two count. Double clothesline and both women are down again.

Keira tags in and a series of clothesline’s and a snapmare take down Su. Keira then charges corner to corner with a splash, hip attack and a dropkick. Another drop kick gets two. The Maid comes in for Su, but gets double team kicks from Keira and Allie. Su comes in with the glove on, gets a superkick from Allie. Keira then hits a swinging fisherman’s neckbreaker for the 1-2-3

Your winners: Keira Hogan & Allie (pin fall)

**commercial break**

Matt Sydal is meditating outside with Rich Swann covers his third eye. He says he’s sick of the games, and he wants Matt next week, in the ring!!

Match Five: Johnny Impact & Eddie Edwards vs Killer Kross & Moose (w/ Austin Aries)

Kross and Eddie start us off. Moose tags in. Moose tags out. Impact tags himself in against Kross. Standing switches and chain holds. Impact with a dropkick and Kross tags in Moose. Edwards tags in and Moose tags in Kross. Edwards takes Kross to his corner, tags in Impact. Kross hits three big suplexes and drags Impact to his corner.

**commercial break**

Moose has Impact in the corner and chops away. Belly to back is reversed, both men make tags. Kross hits a spinebuster on Eddie and Moose tags in. Moose mounts Eddie in the corner and tries to rip out his eyes. Eddie reverses, but Moose hits a dropkick and tags in Kross.

Kross with an airplane spin into a cloverleaf, but Eddie makes it to the ropes. Eddie reverses the suplex attempts and then hits one of his own. Eddie tags Impact leg lariat takes Kross down, a kick to the face gets two. Sliding German suplex and Impact goes up top. No one home for Starship Pain, and both men hit a clothesline. Moose and Eddie tag in. Eddie hits a hurricanrana off the top, but Kross breaks up the pin at two. Kross hits a belly to belly throw before brawling outside with Impact.

Edwards hits an enziguri, Impact with an Impact kick, and then Eddie hits a Blue Thunder Bomb on Moose for two. All four men fighting and are down. Aries is up and he has his title in hand, looking for Impact. Johnny knocks down Aries and takes the belt. Kross hits a Doomsday Saito Suplex on Impact.

As the referee is clearing the belt, Eddie enters with his kendo stick and nails Kross with it. Moose then hits Eddie with a spear for the 1-2-3!

Your winners: Moose & Killer Kross (pin fall)

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