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Chris’s IMPACT Wrestling Results & Report (9/6/18)



IMPACT Wrestling Results & Report


Join Chris Pinheiro for tonight’s edition of IMPACT Wrestling!


  • Petey Williams defeated Rich Swann – pinfall, Canadian Destroyer
  • The Desi Hit Squad defeated Joe Hendry & Grado – Gursinder Singh pins Grado, Sky High
  • Eli Drake defeated Stone Rockwell – pinfall, Gravy Train
  • Knockout’s Championship: Tessa Blanchard(c) defeated Su Yung – pin fall, Buzzsaw
  • oVe & Sami Callihan defeated Ace Austin, Zachary Wentz & Trey Miguel – Callihan pins Austin, Doomsday Device Cutter

Play By Play

Video package recapping ReDefined last well starts us off tonight. Many questions will be answered TONIGHT!

Match One: Rich Swann vs Petey Williams

After their entrances, Matt Sydal’s music hits and he comes out to join the commentary team.

Swann starts by dancing, and Sydal says he has a third eye, and It’s begging to be opened.

Petey with a quick school boy for one, Swann laughs it off and they have a handshake. Standing switches, then Swann runs the ropes, does the flip over a downed Williams then a dropkick for one. Arm ringer, and a big right hand from Swann. Petey with a drop toe hold into the ropes and a dropkick to Swann’s back. Petey sets Swann on the top rope and the cut away to the commentary table (for the third time this match). Swann hits a German throw from the Tree of Whoa, and they cut away again. Snapmare, and a kick to Petey’s back, cover for one, into an arm bar. Hits a rolling slam, pops off, and into a rolling thunder splash that gets two.

Goes for it again, but gets dumped to the floor. Petey then hits a ropes into a hurricanrana on the floor. Tosses Swann in, hits a slingshot Codebreaker. Looks for the Destoryer, reverses, DVD attempt by Swann, reversed into a flatliner by Williams. Petey calls for the Canadian Destroyer. Reversed Swann into a school boy, kick to the face, misses in the corner, kick to the back by Petey, goes for a throw and Swann lands on his feet and delivers a crescent kick to the face. Snapmare out, into a springboard cutter, cover for two. Petey rolls him up into a Sharpshooter, Swann makes the ropes.

Cut away to the table again…

Jawbreaker by Swann and they exchange hands. Off the ropes and Swann hits a tilt-a-whirl hurricanrana. Goes for it again and it’s reversed into a pop up powerbomb. Tilt-a-whirl by Petey then into a side Russian leg sweep and a cover for two. Swann hits a standing shooting star press for two, literally right after kicking out. Scoop bomb by Swann gets two. Cuts away to the table again…

Swann to the top, then thinks better of it. Kicks Petey on the outside, cartwheels down to the floor and hits another crescent kick to Petey’s face. Swann hits a 450 splash off the apron, cuts back to the table and now Sydal is leaving. Swann goes to the top as Sydal tells him to “finish him” from the ramp. Swann misses the Phoenix Splash and Petey hits the Canadian Destroyer for the 1-2-3!!

Your winner: Petey Williams (pin fall)

After the match, Sydal talks to the camera.

We see Austin Aries, Killer Kross and Moose arriving, and we go to commercial.

**commercial  break**

Backstage we see Matt Sydal and Rich Swann. Sydal says Swann is suffering because he’s attached to material things. Swann doesn’t give a damn about enlightenment, tells him to stay the hell away from him

Back to the table, Matthews says we will find out why Moose did what he did last week tonight, and goes down the rest of the evening.

Match Two: The Desi Hit Squad [Rohit Raji & Gursinder Singh] (w/ Gama Singh) vs Joe Hendry & Grado (w/ Katarina)

Hendry has a new song called “Plutonic Love” explaining how he’s in love with Katarina, but only as a friend.

Hit Squad attacks immediately, wiping out Hendry and Grado. Grado then turns the table, and tags in Hendry. Double team dance and elbow for two. Reversal into the ropes, Hendry gets a sunset flip for two, then a roll up for two. Arm drag throw for two. Hendry reverses a sleeper intona standing suplex on Rohit Raju for two.

Grado tagged in and hit a diving headbutt. Rohit with a right, then a kick, and a zig zag for two. Rohit hammers away and tags in Gursinder Singh. Grado fights back and is hit with a leg sweep lung blower for two. Punches and kicks in the corner, and Rohit tags back in. Moves to another corner, more punches. Misses a corner charge and Grado tags Joe. Clothesline’s and a running knee, Singh off the top, crossbody is caught before Rohit attacks from behind. Hendry catches a cross body from him and Singh attacks. Hendry then picks up BOTH members and hits a fall away slam. Tags in Grado, corner splash, straps come down. Misses a corner senton, Hendry pulled off the apron, Rohit with a running knee, Singh with a sky high on Grado for the 1-2-3

Your winners: The Desi Hit Squad (pin fall)

After the match, Katarina gets a mic and berates Grado for always losing. Calls him clumsy and an embarrassment and says she has a surprise, she doesn’t love him. Says she’s in love with his best friend Joe, and kisses Hendry in the ring. Joe then asks “what part of plutonic love don’t you understand?” Also says he’s not angry with Katarina, he’s just disappointed, calls her the embarrassment and she slaps the heck out of him and walks up the ramp alone. Hendry then comforts Grado.

**commercial break**

Recap of what just happened as we join Grado and Hendry backstage. Hendry said he had no clue, but he should have seen the signs. They apologize to each other and hug it out before going for ice cream

Chris Jericho cruise plug

Time for the GWN Flashback Moment of the Week – Bully Ray vs Jeff Hardy in a cage

They hype Mediacon 2018, IMPACT vs The UK, This Sunday on Twitch!!!

video package for Su Yung vs Tessa Blanchard, and Su has a casket with Tessa’s name on it.

**commercial break**

Eli Drake comes out and rambles, says he has an opportunity for anyone who’s looking for adventure. Out comes Stone Rockwell in his full Indiana Jones look. They ramble some more. Rockwell states his last adventure was on a train, Drake says he has a ticket for the Gravy Train, calls for a referee and we have a match. This segment took over five minutes, and almost nothing was said.

Match Three: Eli Drake vs Stone Rockwell

Eli attacks from behind, hits the Gravy Train for the 1-2-3

Your winner: Eli Drake (pin fall)

Eli talks little more smack on a mic before walking to the back.

Video package for the Bound For Glory television tapings in New York October 15 and 16

Fenix and Pentagon Jr. talk about how they’re brothers, offers to team up with Brian Cage against oVe and Callihan if he really wants to hurt them.

**commercial break**

Backstage with Aries and crew when Alisha Edwards barges in yelling at Moose. Line of the night here as Aries tries to butt in and she tells him “you shut up and eat your damn banana!” Before slapping Moose. Aries calms the situation, says she needs to separate business and personal feeling, says they’ll leave so she can calm down.

Match four, Knockout’s Championship Match: Su Yung vs Tessa Blanchard(c)

Josh wonders where the Bridesmaids and the coffin that has Tessa’s name on it are.

School boy by Tessa for one, and she backs off. Go behind and a switch, Tessa off the ropes, Su looks for the Panic Switch, Tessa escapes and hits a drop kick to the back of her head. Su puts on the bloody glove but Tessa rolls out before the claw can be applied. Tessa back in and she stomps away before driving Tessa into the corner, snapmare her out of it, then into a ground submission hold. Tessa escapes into a leg lock. Su fights out, then gets the claw before Tessa rains down punches, and into a surfboard. Tessa’s shoulders were down for a one count before she released the hold. Into a corner, Tessa pulls her out into a pair of clothesline and a Saito Suplex. Dropkick gets two.

Tessa wips Su corner to corner before eating a boot. DDT off the top rope only gets two. Tessa rolls out of the ring and gets a chair.  Referee tries to take it, she tells him she does what she wants.  When she tries to renter, she’s met with a dropkick, Su follows to the floor. Su sits Tessa in the chair, then removes her dress and cannonballs onto Tessa on the chair!

Su tosses Tessa back in, covers for two. Boot chokes Tessa in the corner, then leg chokes her on the middle rope. Su brings Tessa to the top rope, she fights back and hits a top rope cutter!! Both women down!! Crawls into a cover for two and a half!!

**commercial break**

We’re back and Tessa is punching away at Su, charges with a corner clothesline, and they trade forearms and chops. Palm strikes from Su, who spiderdcrawls up the turnbuckles and smashes Tessa’s face into the top buckle. Goes for the Panic Switch, Tessa reverses into the Buzzsaw for the 1-2-3!!

Your winner and STILL Knockout’s Champion: Tessa Blanchard (pin fall)

Tessa then taunts Su before Su’s music hits and the Undead Bridesmaids come out with the coffin. Tessa holds up the title as the Bridesmaids open the coffin on the ramp. Su attacks Tessa from behind and hits the Panic Switch. Su drags Tessa on the ramp and throws her into the coffin and closes the lid. Allie and Keira Hogan come out and double super kick Su and then pull Tessa out of the coffin. Tessa screams she doesn’t need their help and taunts them with the title.

Video package of IMPACT! going to Mexico for television on September 13 and 14

Video package of oVe and the Lucha Brothers/Brian Cage story. Part way through, it cuts to the Karate Kid, back to the package, then back to the Karate Kid commercial… odd

**commercial break**

We see King now, who knocks on a door, enters to see Konnan sitting in front of a table with three men sitting behind it. The men refuse to shake King’s hand and tell him to sit down. The Commission has called them together because the violence has gone too far. Konnan accuses King of not adhering to the code. King says they’re stabbing him in the back, and he makes the most money for them. He did what had to be done and this is Konnan’s fault for having the kid around. The Commission calls for a cease fire between the two groups until October 14 in New York City. A six-man Tag Team Match at Bound For Glory will finish the war once and for all!!!

Matthews and Callis hype what’s coming up next week:

Kongo Kong vs Brian Cage, LAX in action, and The Lucha Brothers vs The Cult Of Lee!!

Match Five: Zachary Wentz, Ace Austin & Trey Miguel vs. oVe [Jake Crist & Dave Crist] & Sami Callihan

Austin has a trench coat and staff, looks like someone dressed as Gambit for Halloween…

oVe yells their own name at the crowd, to which they all reply “sucks”

**commercial break**

We’re back and Callihan kicks Wentz in the face and oVe does a double dive over the corner onto the other two. Callihan goes for a powerbomb, Wentz escapes, ducks a clothesline, front flip springboard into a high knee. Wentz then does off the back of Callihan and dives onto oVe on the floor. Miguel then fakes a dive and hits Jake Crist with a hurricanrana on the floor. Austin is then stopped by Dave Crist who gets a crescent kick to the face for his troubles. Austin hits Dave with a blockbuster over the top rope onto everyone on the floor!!!

Wentz on the apron hits an enziguri on Callihan in the ring. Callihan answers with a pump kick and a lariat. Tag to Jake, they throw Wentz across the ring. Miguel in and eats a superkick, and another, and drops him in the rope. Dave then spikes him, Austin runs in, gets the same from Dave. Boots for everyone in the corner from Austin, then a huge springboard kick to Jake and a corner clothesline to Sami. Sami caught him, oVe both kick him in the head and Sami hits a twisting DDT. Dave puts Austin on his shoulders, Callihan puts Jake on his. Jake then hits a cutter off Dave’s shoulders!!! Callihan then puts a knee on Austin’s chest for the 1-2-3!

Your winners: oVe & Sami Callihan (pin fall)

oVe didn’t learn their lesson before as they yell “O-V-E” to the crowd again, and again are answered with “SUCKS”

Callihan then picks up Austin and hits him with a stuff piledriver and Dave brings him a mic. He says without a shadow of a doubt they’re the best trio walking the earth today. More O V E SUCKS call and response. Says feud with Pentagon and Fenix will never end. Wants to make it interesting, and if Cage wants to stick his nose in their business they will never, ever forget.

**commercial break**

Austin Aries’ music hits and out he comes with Killer Kross and Moose. Time for an explination. Fans are chainting “douche” in the old Moose chant fashion.

Aries says people want to know why, hands the mic to Moose. “You sold out” chant. Moose starts by saying Eddie has everyone fooled and he’s a fraud and selfish and Moose will expose him. Says he was there for Eddie every time, but where was Eddie when Moose was out with his concussion? Added only Kross and Aries checked on him, saying he can only be the best if he stops catering to all the idiots. He then thanks Aries for being the greatest man who ever lived. Aries then thanks Moose for listening to reason, and says Eddie failed because he was selfish. Aries says everything has changed and no one is taking the title from around his waste.

Johnny Impact comes out and says he can’t say that and expect no one to come out. Aries then states, “and here you are… nobody!” Aries says he looks the part, but Aries IS the part. Impact then announces at Bound For Glory, it will be Aries vs Impact for the IMPACT World Title. Aries then sends everyone away and says let’s go now. Impact won’t fall for it, then plugs his movie. Aries restates the challenge for tonight, Impact then challenges Aries onto the ramp, or he can stay in the ring and prove he’s not a man.

Aries charges and they fight on the ramp. Johnny holds his own until the numbers advantage becomes too much. Kross and Aries lock in their double submission while Moose fends off security. Aries gets two chairs, gives one to Moose, who places his on Johnny’s head. Aries then she’s his chair into that one to take out Impact and the heels stand tall in the ring again as we close the show!

Thats all for IMPACT! Wrestling this week, GOOD NIGHT FOLKS!!!

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