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Impact Coverage

Chris’ IMPACT! Wrestling vs. The UK Results & Report (9/9/18)




Join Chris Pinheiro for this morning’s edition of IMPACT Wrestling vs. The UK on!


  • Rich Swann defeated Trevor Lee and Matt Sydal – pinfall on Lee, roll up
  • Adam “Flex” Maxted & Robbie X defeat Jake McCluskey & Lucas Steel – pinfall Robbie X pinned Jake McCluskey, standing shooting star press
  • Su Yung defeated “Stunning” Lana Austin – pinfall, Panic Switch
  • Impact World Tag Team Titles: LAX(c) defeated Jody Fleisch & Jonny Storm – pinfall, Street Sweeper
  • Joe Hendry defeated Eli Drake – pinfall, roll up
  • Eddie Edwards & Justin Sysum defeated Moose & Nathan Cruz – pinfall, Cruz pinned Cruz after a 450 Splash
  • Barbed Wire Bat Death Match: Sami Callihan defeated Jimmy Havoc – pinfall, piledriver on thumbtacks

Play By Play

Welcome to IMPACT! Wrestling vs The UK, live from MediaCon 2018 and only on!

Sonjay Dutt and Andy Boy Simmons are on commentary from Manchester, England, and they run down the card to start.

Both men joke that they’re more of a color commentator, and theres audio and video issues to start, hopefully nothing that keeps happening throughout the show.

Match One, X-Division Triple Threat Match: Trevor Lee vs. Rich Swann vs. Matt Sydal

I’m going to keep up with this the best I can, but it’s going to get crazy!! On top of the fast action, Twitch keeps playing ads about every minute, so I hope that doesn’t interfere too much (but it will)

Smoke has filled the arena from Sydal’s entrance, making for an interesting visual with the lighting…

All three men jaw with each other to start. Swann starts dancing, Sydal starts with kicks to everyone. Swann of Sedan’s back and hits a hurricanrana on Lee. Dropkick to Sydal sends him to the outside. Corner punches from Swann to Sydal, big right to Lee knocks him off the apron, Sydal rolls Swann up for 2. Snapmare to a kick from Sydal to Swann, pin for 2 and a Twitch ad…

Sydal with a submission on Swann, hits a vertical suplex on Lee as well, and then Lee breaks up the submission. Lee pins Swann for 2. Hard buckle whip and Lee pins Swann for 2. Lee in full control of Swann, stomping his fingers and short forearms to the back. Sedan goes for a tilt a whirl, Swann reverses into a head scissor take down. Swann hits a flipping topei con hilo to both men on the floor.

Sydal goes under the ring and hits Swann with a chair in view of nobody. Back in and Lee hits a back breaker on Sydal for 2. Punch and kick exchange, and Sydal takes control with a head kick. Sydal hits a spinning neck breaker on Lee but the pin was broken up but Swann. Swann with a rana on Sydal, then an enziguri to Lee in the corner. Followed by one on the top rope, and a hurricanrana off the top gets a 2 count. Sedan in and throws Swann to the floor. Lee drops Sydal into the turnbuckle.

Lee with a big slam on Sydal, Swann then hits a super kick, rolls him up and a Twitch ad plays… really bad timing there!!

Apparently, that roll up got the 1-2-3. Nice of Twitch to let the pinfall play…

Your Winner: Rich Swann

Swann then flips off the crowd after the win and taunts them all on his way out to cheers

Video package for Bound For Glory plays.

Match Two: Lucas Steel & Jake McCluskey vs. Robbie X & Adam “Flex” Maxted

Twitch ad ends and we are brought into the action. Robbie X and Steel start it off (at least what I saw). Collar and Elbow, Steel pushes X into the corner and beals him out. X tags in Maxted. Corner punches from Maxted, Steel misses the clothesline, two flying shoulder tackles and Steel is still on his feet. Maxed with a shoulder tackle off the top finally knocks him down, Steel tags in Jake. Maxed tags in X, runs back and forth, spring board cutter caught, then a step up rana by X. Knee to Jake in the corner, X over the top and a dropkick. X tags in Maxted, delayed suplex to Jake.

X back in, double team on Jake with a arm drag take over. X with a hand spring double boots to Steel, and Maxted launches Robbie X over the top rope onto their opponents. X rolls Jake back in, kick to Steel, second one is caught and X eats the ring apron. McCluskey then dropkicks Maxted to the floor. Another drop kick in the ring as Steel handles X on the outside. Jake stomps away at X then tags in Steel.

Steel chokes X on the floor, big right hand, slams X into the corner. Big slam on X and Steel is in full control. In the corner, Steel tags Jake, Robbie tries to fight out, cannot make the tag. Steel hits flatliner and Jake with a  basement drop kick for two. McCluskey whips X across, charges in and eats an elbow. Comes back with a kick and a sliding German suplex. Jake springboards back in and hits a dropkick off the second rope as we go to another Twitch ad….

X with a jawbreaker, still can’t make the tag. Enziguri to Steel, X finally take Maxted. Big splash in the corner, floats over and a drop kick to both opponents. Spine buster on Jake, springboard drop kick on Steel. Cover on Steel broken up by Jake. Jake puts Maxted in the corner, tags himself in.

Big duplex sees Maxted land on his feet and X joins him. X Factor by Jake on Robbie X gets 2. Jake pulls X to the corner and goes up top moonsault eats boots, X hits a death valley driver and a shining wizard before Steel hits X with a Pop Up Jones. Maxed in and exchanging punches with Steel, followed by a press slam. Steel goes for a power bomb, Maxted floats out. Maxed hits blockbuster off the second rope.

X with kicks to McCluskey, handspring cutter met by a super kick in mid air. McCluskey gives X to Steel, goes for a powebomb, rants out, Maxted with a springboard sligblade on Steel, X with a springboard cutter to Jake, a standing shooting star and pins McCluskey for the 1-2-3!

Great match, not much selling, but they were quick, big moves were big and powerful, and all four guys looked really good.

Your winners: Adam “Flex” Maxted & Robbie X

GWN App video package

Match Three: “Stunning” Lana Austin vs. Su Yung

Crowd 100% behind the hometown girl, Lana Austin. Su screams to start and Lana backs off into the corner. Lana goes for a roll up for 2, backslide for 2 again. Big European uppercut and a butt attack before Twitch shows another commercial….

Austin is now in the corner, hits a cross body for 2, Yung retreats to the outside. Basement drop kick by Austin, and now they fight to the outside. Chops and forearms against the guardrail, referee not even counting them out…

Su reverses a whip and Austin runs into the guardrail. Young then scares off the referee before hitting a duplex on the floor. Austin laded head first on Su with this move, but Yung then rolls her back in the ring.

Cover only gets one. Lana fights back, Su throws her down. Snapmares Austin across the ring, then back again. Young chokes Austin in the corner then sets Lana on the top rope, hanging her down in the tree of whoa. Rapid dire kicks to the back, Su runs corner to corner, Lana pulls up, Su hits a hanging neck breaker from the top rope and Austin rolls to the floor.

Su grabs a chair, and again scares the referee away. Sets up the chair and slams Lana’s face into it before sitting her on the chair and hitting a palm strike. Su rolls in to break up the count, takes off the dress, and hits a rolling dive onto Austin on the chair from the apron.

Su rolls Austin back in and covers her for 2. Su kicks away at her left thigh, then tries for a submission but is kicked off. Clotheslines from Austin and a knee to the gut as we go back to commercial… (these are getting annoying)

We come back and both women are down. On their knees, both women start exchanging hands. Su is the first to be knocked down. Su goes off the ropes, Lana hits two kicks and a headbutt called The Manchester Kiss. Goes for the Killswitch, Su gets outs, and she hits a rolling elbow for two. Su spider crawls up the turnbuckles and slams Austin into the second buckle for two.

Su now puts on the bloody glove. Lana with another huge headbutt. DDT reversed, Panic Switch reversed, Austin hits a DDT and Su rolls to the floor. Su then throws the chair in and as the referee was distracted, Su spits the mist into Lana’s eyes! Panic Switch hits and 1-2-3

Your winner: Su Yung (pin fall)

Another good back and forth match, both women looked strong, both women did really well

Su then walks up the ramp with the chair and Austin’s face is covered in mist.

Video package for Bound For Glory weekend plays. The Tag Team Championship match is up next!

Match four, IMPACT World Tag Team Championship: Jody Fleisch & Jonny Storm vs. LAX [Santana & Ortiz](c)

Storm and Fleish extend their hands, LAX shake and then attack from behind. Chops against the ropes to Storm, now a double team irish whip, he floats out and Fleish hits a spear. Storm hits a springboard Total Elimination. Flesh fakes a dive, Storm does a twisting con hilo to the outside on LAX.

Fleisch with a snap make, tags in Storm, double drop kick gets two on Santana. Springboard Lolita, then Storm walks the ropes into a lucha arm drag, followed by a rana, tag to Fleisch. Santana floats over, heads to the corner, Ortiz tags himself in, and a big arm drag controls Storm. Single leg trip, Ortiz runs the ropes, rolls Fleisch, off the ropes, Fleisch cartwheels outs, moonsault lands on his feel, enziguri by Ortiz, then a reverse rana by Fleisch.

Clothesline by Ortiz, and Fleisch rolls outside. LAX both off the ropes, topeis on both sides take out both men on the floor. Santana throw Fleish back into the ring, chokes him in the middle of the ring. Neck breaker gets a two count, second pin also gets two. Santana tags in, double stomp off the top.Snap duplex by Ortiz gets two, followed by a snap mare into a headlock.

Fleisch fights out, off the ropes, eats a back elbow from Santana, Ortiz tags in. Dropkick connects and a shimmy from Ortiz. LAX hits a double team power bomb, Santana locks Fleisch in a Boston crab. Santana tags in Ortiz who puts Fleisch on the top rope. Fleisch shoves him off, goes for a shooting star press, lands on his feet, and then hits a Spanish Fly on Santana. Ortiz knocks Storm off the apron, isolating Fleisch. Double team whip, and Fleisch hits a double sunset codebreaker on LAX. That was sloppy. Storm tagged in, hits a cross body on both. Hurricanrana on Ortiz for two, moves so Santana hits Ortiz, and Fleisch hits a shooting star for two.

Ortiz hits a thumb to the eye and tags in Santana. LAX hits double back drop and Santana goes for a moonsault of Ortiz’s back, Fleisch gets the knees up. Fleisch hits a moonsault off the top rope to LAX on the floor!!! The first sainted fecal matter chat breaks out followed by a this is awesome!!

Jonny sets Santana on top, hits a Spanish Fly, then a Jody hits standing shooting star for two. Jonny Storm then throws Fleish off the top rope into a moonsault on Santana who kicks out at two!!! Santana fighting off both men, hits a double enzeguri. Flesh goes for a reverse rana, Santana walks to the ropes, Fleish turns it into a tarantula, then everyone adds into the submission, but their in the ropes and have to break. Flesh hits a super kick on Ortiz.

Dropkicks for everyone and everyone is down. This is awesome chant again. Springboard DDT by Fleisch is blocked, but then hits a slam on Santana. Storm then leaps into a powerbomb by Storm onto Santana called The British Airways for two. Santana springboards off Ortiz and hits a sexton on Fleisch in the corner. Street Sweeper hit by LAX for the 1-2-3

Your winners and STILL World Tag Team Champions: LAX (pin fall)

Storm brings the belts into the ring and looks to be trying to steal them. Storm and Fleisch then put the belts around the waists of LAX, who then get on one knee and extend their hands. Fleisch and Storm shake and then raise the hands of LAX

Chris Jericho cruise video package

Match five: Eli Drake vs Joe Hendry

Eli with the mic before Hendry comes out. Welcomes everyone to the Church of E-Li-Drake. Eli has the fans in the palm of his hands, they’re cheering him and booing Hendry. Says Hendry has a first class ticket on the Gravy Train, and THAT is just a fact of life.

Henry comes out, also with a mic. Henry begs for cheers, and they boo him some more. Henry said after he arrived, Eli’s catch phrase changed from “Dummy…Yeah” to “I don’t want Joe Hendry to make any more videos about me”

Henry said people want to hear a song from JOE HEN-DRY to which people boo again. He begins singing anyway, about Eli becoming Hendry’s bitch.

Drake goes for a clothesline and the action is underway. Shoulder tackle knocks down Drake, running the ropes and a knee from Hendry takes him down again. Eli pulls Joe out, and is then slammed in to the apron. Big chop, Eli then slams Joe into the guardrail. Referee again being lenient and Eli rolls Hendry in. misses the elbow. Henry same Sli into the second buckle, then Eli with a shoulder tackle in the corner. Henry misses a Stinger Splash and Eli hits a neckbreaker.

Stomps and punches by Eli before he chokes Joe on the second rope, then dumps him to the outside. Eli follows him with a double axe handle to the back. Henry with a right and a chop before Eli rakes the eyes. Elbowby Eli on the apron the Hendry as the referee finally starts to count. Back in Eli hits another elbow and stands over Joe.

Swinging neck breaker gets a two. Eli mugs for the camera, but gets caught with upercuts by Hendry. Eli floats out of the supplies into a neck breaker and gets two.

Two quick slams by Eli and he hits a leaping elbow for 2. Into a headlock. Fans chant for Joe to tap. Eli with a huge clothesline then punches as Joe attempts to stand back up.  back elbow and a neck breaker from Hendry, floats over in the corner and hits a DDT on Drake for 2.

Henry picks the ankle and locks in the Ankle Lock in the middle of the ring. Eli rolls out ad Hendry eats the buckle. Henry hits fallaway slam but again gets two. Eli hits a jaw breaker, goes for a Gravy Train, reversed by Hendry into a roll up for the 1-2-3

Your winner: Joe Hendry (pin fall)

Bound For Glory video package

Match six: Nathan Cruz & Moose vs. Justin Sysum & Eddie Edwards

Moose has new entrance music, a rap song with no more “Moose” chant.

Edwards puts his kendo stick in the corner and then applies chapstick for some reason…

Moose goes to start  so Edwards tags in  and Moose retreats. Eddie and Crus will officially start. Chain wrestling to start. Eddie goes to kick Moose again, who backs off. Eddie chant. Headlock by Cruz, shoved off and hits a shoulder block. Eddie hits an overhead belly to belly and makes snow angels in the ring. Tags in Sysum. System hits a springboard cross body off the second rope for two. Moose tags himself in.

Sysum dodges, but then gets thrown into the corner. floats over, goes for the cross body and Moose catches him. Lands on his feet and hits a tilt a whirl head scissor. Dropkick after Moose kips up knocks him back down. Eddie gets tagged in, Moose takes off and tags out.

Eddie gets whipped across, Moose gabs his ankles, and Cruz hits a high knee to take over. Eddie whipped into the buckle and Moose tags in, choking Eddie in the corner. Mounted punches, then he bites Eddie. Moose digs his hand into his trunks and goes to chop Eddie who ducks and hits chops. Moose hits a big drop kick and tags out. Cruz and Moose work him over in the corner as Sysum tries to help.

Sysum snaps Eddie down and locks on a headlock. Fans chant Eddie again. Eddie bites him to escape, tags in Sysum, Cruz tags Moose. System hits an uppercut, and gets whipped into the corner. Sunning clothesline by Sysum, Moose escapes after, Sysum floats over and hits an exploder duplex. Cruz comes in and gets tossed out. Moose whips Sysum toward his corner and Cruz hits a clothesline from the apron. Double team work on Sysum now in the corner, Cruz hits a big back suplex for two.

Cruz with  hard whip to the corner on Sysum and tags in Moose. Huge chop by Moose. Eddie on the apron has his kendo stick. Moose whips Sysum to a corner, but eats a boot when he charges. Dropkicks Sysum off the top rope to the floor, and goes out after him, then throws Sysum back in, only for Sysum to hit a piscatto over the top to the floor. Cruz prevents the tag, then Moose pulls Edwards off the apron. Cruz and Moose double team Sysum in the ring. Cruz legal again, and Sysum is in the bad corner. Trying to fight out, Cruz catches the feet and slams him down for two.

Eddie ripped a turnbuckle pad off, as Moose looks for a suplex, Blocked three times by Sysum before Moose hits a chop. Sysum suplexes Moose, Cruz cuts off the tag. Sysum evades and tags in Eddie. Back elbows all around, followed by chops. Eddie then hits a topi suicida on Moose that takes out the guardrail!!!

Back inside, Eddie hits a gordbuster and hits a big double chop on Cruz for two. Eddie charges Crus in the corner and eats a gordbuster. Cruz then picks him up, Eddie floats behind and eats an elbow. Crus charges Eddie, cuts off by Sysum with a spear!! Eddie hits a Tiger Driver and Moose pulls the referee out of the ring, breaking up the pin.

Moose hits the Go To Hell out of the corner, Cruz follows with a diving headbutt for just 2!! Moose tagged back in, talking trash to Eddie. Eddie has lost it and feels no pain from Moose’s punches. Eddie tears his shirt, begging for a chop. They exchange chops, Moose removes his glove, but eats a big chop from Eddie, Superkick, and another, followed by a headbutt from Moose. Eddie hits a Blue Thunder Bomb on Moose, but cannot make the cover!!

Both men tag their partners, and its a slugfest. Cruz eats buckle, Sysum follows with a clothesline, then an exploder duplex. Calls for the 450 Splash and Moose takes him down. Boston Knee Party takes down Moose and goes and gets the kendo stick. Eddie brings the stick in, the referee is distracted by Sysum. Moose moves out of the ring and Eddie hits Cruz with the stick. 450 Splash from Sysum for the 1-2-3

Your winners: Eddie Edwards & Justin Sysum (pin fall)

Chris Jericho Cruise video package

Blund For Glory video package

Neither of these have audio, we head the announcers agreeing to get some water, then we hear the ring announcer telling the audience that this can get bloody and violent, and if anyone is going to get offended, it would be best to leave now.

Match seven, Barbed Wire Bat Death Match: Jimmy Havoc vs Sami Callihan

The fans explode for Jimmy Havoc when he emerges from the back.

Loud reaction for Sami as well, but mixed cheers and boos. Fans chant O-V-E with Sami.

In this match, the bat is sitting on the top of the ramp, first man to get it can do whatever he wants with it. There are also other weapons in the corners of the ring, including bags of mystery stuff.

Stare down to start. Jimmy’s Gonna Kill You chant. Jimmy flips off Sami, then a big slap. Tilt a whirl head scissor take over by Havoc, then Sami dumps him on the apron, gets clotheslined down. Sami goes for a baseball slide, no one home, Havoc hits a basement drop kick and gets a staple gun. He staple guns Sami’s throat. Now a staple gun to the butt. Sami gets the gun and throws it, Havoc then slams him into the barricade. Sami gets revenge and controls Havoc. Spits on his hand and chops the post.

Sami ducks a chop, Jimmy stops, slaps the back of his head and pokes the eyes. Havoc hits Sami with a chair over the head. Havoc runs around the ring, stops at Sami and thumbs his eyes when he uncovers. Another chairshot and Jimmy throws a chair at Sami. Sami gets a drink from a fan and eats a slap from Sami, who begins throwing chairs at Havoc.

On the apron, Samie picks up Havoc who hits him with a chop. They exchange standing front kicks, Havoc then goes for a piedriver, reversed, and Sami grabs the eyes. Sami then hits a piledriver on Havoc on the ring apron!

Sami shoves the referee and spits on him. Throws Havoc back in the ring, followed by a chair. Now Sami has the staple gun and he goes for Havoc’s face. Knee to Havoc’c gutHavoc goes for a sunset flip and Sami reverses by stapling Havoc’s head.

Sami gets a bag and pulls out a magazine which he staples to Havoc’s shoulder blade. Havoc is bleeding. Staples another magazine to the other shoulder. Another page to the chest. Another bag stapled to his face. Havoc is calling for Sami to bring it. Sami rips the pages off of Havoc. Havoc rips the pages off his face, but gets kicked in the balls.

Sami pulls out a drill bit and starts hitting Havoc in the head with it. Sami then drives the bit into Havoc’s open wound. Sami now starts heading for the bat and gets it with no opposition and brings it back to the ring. Havoc flips Sami off agin, and grabs Sami’s finger. Havoc uses the paper to give Sami a paper cut in-between his fingers and under his arm. Havoc then gives him a paper cut in the mouth. Havoc then grabs Sami’s tongue and gives him another paper cut. Havoc the gets a lemon and starts squirting juice into Sami’s open paper cuts. No, you didn’t read that wrong. A lemon.

Sami grabs the bat and hits Jimmy in the gut, then rakes the right arm with it, drawing blood. Sami grabs the lemons, and squeezes the juice into the cuts on Havoc’s arm. Havoc then grabs the staple gun and staples the cuts closed. Havoc sets a chair up in the center of the ring, picks Sami up on his shoulders, and plants him on the top turnbuckle. Sami fights back, shoving Havoc off. European uppercut by Havoc and he hits a Death Valley Driver onto the chair, and a pump kick gets two.

Sami flips off Havoc, who hits a second DVD onto the chairs for two again! Havoc grabs a bag and dumps thumbtacks onto the chair. The he takes the barbed wire off the bat, and wraps it around his left arm. Sami reverses a rip cord clothesline and knocks Havoc onto the thumbtack chair three times. Havoc, with the barbed wire wrapped hand grabs Sami’s testicles.

Havoc rakes the face of Sami with the wire, then eats a drop toe hold onto the chair with the thumbtacks. Sami dumps them off the chair and throws it out. Sami begins to take off Havoc’s shoes and socks, picks up Havoc, goes to set him on the tacks, Havoc rolls him up for two. Right hand from Havoc, rip cord blocked, then hits a rip cord clothesline out of the corner, onto the thumbtacks for two. Havoc goes for a top rope stomp, but lands, bare feet first onto the thumbtacks. Second saintly fecal matter chant tonight. Sami then hits a piledriver onto the thumbtacks for the 1-2-3

Your winner: Sami Callihan

Sami leaves Havoc alone in the ring, who gets a major ovation from this crowd, who grabs a beer from a fan as he limps back to the locker room.


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Andrew’s IMPACT Over Drive Results & Match Ratings: 11.18.2022

First time ever Mickie James vs Taylor Wilde, Kaz challenges for the World Championship and Masha will try to get her streak of destruction back on track by taking the Knockouts Title at Over Drive!



Tonight’s card has the potential to be something special. The only match I’m conflicted about is the Last Knockout Standing match since that seems like the only one that can go either way. I’m also very firmly on Team Kaz, but I’m aware he’ll probably lose. Plus Trey is most likely winning since they invest a lot of screen time on him even though he sucks, and I guess they have to push someone…and they never want it to be Taurus for some reason. So match predictions:

  1. Tables Match: Bully Ray wins because he needs to keep up the “is he a scum bag or not” gimmick for the main event
  2. Knockouts Tags: Death Dollz need to win because I’m just over the Tasha and Savannah pairing.
  3. Last Rodeo: Mickie wins because they won’t have Taylor Wilde retire her.
  4. X Division: Trey will win because Scott D’Amore loves to annoy me.
  5. Tag Titles: Heath & Rhino will retain because its a good story and the fans still dig them.
  6. Last Knockouts Standing: Masha wins just to shake up the division since they’re starting to have the same issue they had with Deonna and Taya’s extended reigns where most of the credible threats have lost.
  7. World Championship: My heart says Kaz, but my head says Josh…so I’m gonna go with Kaz purely for TNA loyalty. 



  • Tables Match: Bully Ray vs Moose: Bully wins via Spear through Table – ** 3/4
  • Knockouts Tag Team Titles: Death Dollz (Taya & JesSICKa w/Rosemary) vs Tasha Steelz & Savannah Evans: Dollz retain via SICKISHI Driver – **
  • Last Rodeo: Mickie James vs Taylor Wilde: Mickie wins via Mick-DT – *** 1/2
  • World Tag Team Championship: Heath & Rhino (c) vs The Major Players (Matt Cardona & Brian Myers): Rhino retains via Gore – **
  • X Division Tournament Finals for Vacant Championship: Black Taurus vs Trey Miguel: Trey wins via Lightning Spiral – ** 3/4 – TITLE CHANGE!!
  • Last Knockout Standing: Knockouts World Championship: Masha Slamovich vs Jordynne Grace (c): Grace wins via Muscle Buster through a Door – **** 1/2
  • Impact World Heavyweight Championship: Josh Alexander (c) vs Frankie Kazarian: Josh wins via C4 Spike – ****



Tables Match: Bully Ray vs Moose

After a little stare down and jawing, Moose starts the same way he ended IMPACT yesterday with a Low Blow, into a Lights Out…then Moose powders to brag and grab a few tables. Bully stops Moose from ending the match immediately, they brawl to the outside, Moose tries to put Bully through the time keeper’s table, but Bully counters. So a little standing Wazzup from Bully and a get the tables moment pops the crowd before Moose is the one to put the brakes on Bully.

Moose counters an attempted Uranage through a table with a big Bicycle Kick. Bully’s rocked, gets into the corner, Go To Hell is attempted but Bully blocks so Moose hits the Okada Drop Kick and tries an Avalanche Move, but Bully counters with an Avalanche Sitout Powerbomb. They both get to one knee and start throwing bombs.

Rolling Elbow attempt from Moose, Bully Bomb counter, but Moose counters, runs up the corner, Moonsault but Bully catches him with the Cutter. Bully charges, Moose dodges and Bully goes through the table. Moose thinks he won but the referee has to explain that opponents need to be put through tables, not just go through them. Solid enough moment to get across Moose’s inexperience in the style of match.

Moose sets up another table, Irish Whip attempt, Moose stops his momentum but Bully follows with a Spear and Moose goes through the table.

Bully winning basically because of veteran experience makes sense and also helps his “turned over a new leaf” concept that he’s trying to get across.  Serviceable enough opening match.

Knockouts Tag Team Titles: Death Dollz (Taya & JesSICKa w/Rosemary) vs Tasha Steelz & Savannah Evans

JesSICKa is an amusing enough gimmick and it keeps Rosemary a little fresh, so I’m hoping the champs retain. I like Tasha’s charisma and gimmick, but watching her wrestle should be a military method of torture. I’m just waiting for Savannah to turn on Tasha.

Tasha gets eaten alive by Taya, so Death Dollz tag and do a little assisted fun before JesSICKa throws Tasha into her corner wanting Savannah. There are some questionable exchanges during this Hosette fight, Jess gets the advantage, Taya gets tagged in and we see a tandem move where they do a Tandem Hip Attack onto the downed opponent’s head. So for all of the booty enthusiasts around the world, the move should be called a Concussion in Heaven.

The heels do end up isolating Taya for a bit, Jess takes the hot tag with her Dusty Rhodes influenced offense. Knocks them both on their asses and hits a Low Crossbody on both women for a near fall. SICKISHI Driver and the Death Dollz retain.

Good now have Savannah turn on Tasha and we’re good. 

Last Rodeo: Mickie James vs Taylor Wilde

Collar and Elbow tie up, but neither relents, they take one another down, roll and get back up, not letting go for a bit and then Taylor finally manages an Arm Wringer, but Mickie fights through into a Top Wrist lock, Hammerlock counter, another Wrist Lock, this is an old school chain wrestling start and its been cool to see Mickie proving her wrestling ability over the last year or so. The float overs, cartwheel overs, its very World of Sport to begin with and its not what I was expecting, in a good way.

They hit a stalemate punctuated with dueling dropkicks and show their appreciation for one another as we now know things will start to pick up a little. Both trade Headscissor counters, then go into a few forearms being traded as well. Mickie breaks some of Taylor’s offense by throwing her out through the ropes. Mickie tries to open the ropes for her to get back in, but Taylor takes it as an insult, so Taylor grabs her and starts throwing her back first into the apron.

Taylor stays on the offensive, Package Vertical Suplex into the Liger style Surfboard Stretch. Taylor has to break it since it’s also a pinfall, then Mickie lands a few moves before Taylor counters. Keeping her down Taylor even throws in a Flashing Elbow. I wasn’t expecting World of Sport followed by a few classic Puro legends moments as well. Speaking of Puro, fighting spirit time and the ladies are getting more and more aggressive. Taylor has the advantage, whips her to the ropes, Thesz Press to give Mickie some life!

Mick-DT attempt, countered, Death Valley, nope Mickie slips but Taylor drops into a Double Legged Cradle, a little Cradle Locomotion before they get up, Mickie catches Taylor with the Flapjack and heads for the Avalanche Thesz Press – but Taylor cuts her off. Hard strikes and a kick to the face give Taylor all the advantage. Mickie counters the Superplex, tries the Avalanche Thesz and missed, single leg Dropkick, Wilde Ride for 2 – as Taylor rolls right into the Camel Clutch.

Mickie counters, there’s a few questionable attempts, Mick Kick gets blocked, more counters, but Mickie grabs her and Mick-DT!

Deonna’s music hits after the match and comes out with a mission. After Chelsea packed her bags and went home, her best friend obviously has revenge on her mind. Deonna declares her place in the Rodeo, but no time is set.

World Tag Team Championship: Heath & Rhino (c) vs The Major Players (Matt Cardona & Brian Myers)

Major Players have early control and there’s not a lot to mention until Heath and Rhino decide to introduce the Players to the 69 Special (Myers fell into a Tree of Woe, Cardona gets his feet grabbed and pulled towards the post/Myers face). If you’ve got a better name for that, have fun, but the match is just very basic aside from that one comedy spot.

Heath is getting isolated and worked over for a long time, until Myers puts the boot on the top buckle, Cardona tries to throw him in but Heath counters. Potential tag for Rhino, but Myers gets a tag and cuts him off. A small flash of a Roll-Up from Heath since Myers is being cocky, but Heath isn’t hitting any real offense, just opportunistic spots. Finally a few dodges and a Flapjack give a hope spot for a tag, but Cardona rips Rhino off the apron, so still no tag.

MCMG walks out with chairs since The Major Players invited them earlier in the show after MCMG beat the BC Juniors for number 1 contender. The Guns little moments talking are more engaging the the formulaic WWE style of tag match. Cardona tells the Guns to watch this, Reboot attempt, but Heath drops him out of the ring. Simultaneous tags but Rhino is fresher and definitely the hot tag. Myers gets thrown around until Cardona distracts and Myers hits a Flatliner to slow down Rhino.

Tandem Edgecution, Cardona tries to grab one of the Guns chairs, but Sabin snatches it back. The Players get annoyed and distracted, so Myers falls prey to a GORE.

X Division Tournament Finals for Vacant Championship: Black Taurus vs Trey Miguel

We see a lot of typical Trey garbage and somehow it makes Black Taurus’ moments look worse too. Trey over sells with ridiculous facials, Taurus hits a huge Avalanche Gorilla Press and goes for a pin instead of securing things with a finisher, and its at that point that I stopped caring.

Trey kicks out, fires up, hits a lame step over DragonRana onto the outside. Then Taurus tries to send him back in, Tiger Feint counter, Taurus catches him in a Powerbomb position and instead of bouncing his head off the apron first, he just takes too much time to Bomb him into the post.

Meteora doesn’t finish the match for Trey, but here we see what the announcers were alluding to with pointing out “Spider-Trey” was using more Venom and Carnage inspired colors, since he pulls out a spray paint can, tosses the cap which distracts the ref like a dog chasing a ball (which looks moronic) and he sprays Taurus’ face, hits Lightning Spiral and wins via heel turn that no one cares about because Trey is straight garbage.

Last Knockout Standing: Knockouts World Championship: Masha Slamovich vs Jordynne Grace (c)

Masha heads to get weapons early, but Jodrynne counters the chairshot attempt, starts working over Masha’s leg, delayed Suplex onto the floor. Jordynne tries for a Piledriver, but Masha blocks and locks in a Stretch Muffler, also deciding that working on legs in a match where you have to stand, is a good strategy. Masha drives Jordynne into the ring post and starts to light her up 3 Ninjas style with kicks.

An attempts Sambo style Knee Strike is dodged by Jordynne and Masha is down for a few clutching her knee. Much of the offense is slow and deliberate from both women, but strikes seem stiff and to be working the story in nicely. Jordynne gets fired up, snap Suplex into the ropes has Masha’s leg bounce and wrap around the ropes causing more issues. Jordynne is stalking Masha and really focusing hard on the left knee.

As Masha drags herself up Jordynne fills the ring with chairs and Dragon Screws Masha back down to the mat right as she gets up. Masha has been eating a lot of offense but finally manages a few strikes, a belaored high kick, goes for an Air Raid Crash but can’t hold it and Jordynne takes a pot shot at the left knee. Some struggling, and Jordynne muscles Masha through, lifts her up and slams her through two upright chairs but Masha barely beats the count. Jordyne rips off a cross bar from the broken chair and hits the injured knee of Masha before setting up more chair oriented fun.

Knee Breaker attempt but Masha is staying defiant. Short arm wrist control takes Jordynne by surprise and Air Raid Crash into a different chair, but Masha finally has a real opening. Sole Butt from Masha, Snap Suplex and then Masha heads to the outside for a trash can of more toys and finds a mailbox under the ring. Back and forth strikes, as Masha is definitely worse for wear, but Jordynne is finally showing moments of damage until she fires and Vader Hammers Masha into tomorrow. Kudo Driver from Jordynne into a Trash Can.

Masha barely manages to get back to her feet, Jordynne throws her into the corner, works her over and tries for the Muscle Buster. Masha fights out but Jordynne comes back with a vengeance. Moscow Sunrise from Masha and Jordynne is rocked. Masha tries to kick her while she’s down but Jordynne catches the kick, fires up and starts beating on Masha. Figure Four from Jordynne just to weaken the knee. But Masha turns it around and we get that classic turn around the Figure Four spot until they roll out to apron since there are no rope breaks. Masha slips off the apron first and Jordynne grabs the rope to apply more pressure before Masha finds her way out and the count almost works but Masha stands up at 9.

Grace Driver attempt, but Masha drives her into the apron a few times, Reverse Piledriver from Masha as both women are down.  Masha finds a door under the ring next and props it on a trash can for some intended spot. Now we also find a toilet seat. Masha chokes and drags Jordynne with the toilet seat, and wants to steal the Grace Driver and put Jordynne through the door, but Jordynne counters. Muscle Buster from the steps, through the door. Masha can’t get back up and Jordynne retains!

Impact World Heavyweight Championship: Josh Alexander (c) vs Frankie Kazarian

A small delay and then Frankie charges, collar and elbow until they fall out of the ring and then both rush back in. Josh tries to wrestle Kaz down, but Kaz actually gets the best of some Headlock positions. Josh tries for an Ankle Lock, but Kaz finds an interesting way to counter it back into a Chicken Wing causing Josh to find the ropes.

Both Josh and Frankie take different arm submissions against one another. Josh aims for a Top Wristlock and Kaz had a Key Lock working for a bit until Josh fires up and rocks Kaz with a kick and a few back elbows from the non-worked over arm. After starting frenetic, both men have slowed down the pace with a few strikes, deliberate submissions and Back Breakers. Josh catches the attempted Up and Over from Kaz into the Angle influenced locomotion German Suplexes.

Kaz eats two, tosses Josh out, Josh tries to get back in and falls victim to the Guillotine Leg Drop. Diving Headscissors into a Lariat from Kaz has Josh reeling while the crowd gets hype for The Coolness. Slingshot Leg Drop from Frankie for 2. The crowd sounds to be more in Kaz’s corner, which I mean…I kind of am too. Kaz softens up Josh with a few punches and then a Fisherman’s Suplex Hold for 2.

Back and forths with Kaz keeping most of the control, Josh tries to charge and Kaz uses the Overhead Release Belly to Belly into the corner. Josh is trying to keep him at bay with chops but Kaz refuses to stop. C4 Spike out of nowhere attempt, Kaz blocks, Josh doesn’t let go and Butterfly Suplex. Kaz tries to run Josh into the ropes for a Suplex or Roll, but Josh shakes it off, pushes Kaz into the ropes and goes for the Hat Trick Germans, and decides to add on making it a 10 spot of German Suplexes.

Josh composes himself after the adrenaline rush, tries the C4, Kaz blocks, then fires for a Chicken Wing as Josh grabs the ropes. Kaz goes for the Flying Forearm, Josh ducks and the ref gets knocked down. Josh tries to charge, Kaz dodges, Slingshot DDT onto the apron, and it looks rough. Kaz goes for the title belt as Josh’s wife and son are right there, Kaz seems conflicted, and puts the belt down. Chicken Wing attempt gets the Ankle Lock counter, but rams into the corner, submissions attempts, back and forth strikes, Kaz lands a Rolling Forearm and then a Tomikaze for the near fall!

A few near misses, Josh rocks Kaz and hits the Torture Rack Bomb for 2. Victory Roll from Josh, 1-2- CHICKEN WING COUNTER! The crowd is chanting “tap”. Josh manages to pry the fingers apart, rolls into an the Ankle Lock and Kaz gets to the ropes. T-Bone Suplex from Josh out of frustration. Josh goes for a Superplex, Kaz tries to slip it, but it gets sloppy and just looks dumb. They don’t miss too much of a beat, Kaz hits Back to the Future for 2, Josh tries a Styles Clash also for two, Headscissors attempt but Josh counters it with the Okada style turning Piledriver also for 2.

Kaz powders, Josh follows, and Josh tries to drag him in, but Kaz clings onto the bottom rope to recover. Josh throws him in eventually and needs a second to collect himself, Kaz slingshots him and hits the cutter for another near fall. Kaz keeps hitting shots knocking out Josh’s mouth guard, knocking off his headgear, but Kaz rolls forward with the ankle pick and puts on his own Ankle Lock. Josh manages to counter and lock in his own Ankle Lock. Kaz barely makes it to the rope, but it looks almost as good as over.

Last ditch fire for Kaz, Sole Butt, combination attack, Styles Clash for 2! Kaz sets up for the Flux Capcitor…but Josh fights and tries to counter but Kaz fights it off and tosses off Josh. Diving Guillotine Leg Drop from Kaz for 2, into the Chicken Wing immediately. Josh fights it off, even turns it into a pin but Kaz doesn’t break it. Josh has to counter it again and we get a few counters left and right before Kaz’s Shotgun Dropkick sends Josh into the corner. A bunch of counters and Josh bridges up to stop a few cradle attempts and Josh finally hits the C4 Spike to retain.

Zip tying Josh and grabbing his wife from the crowd after saying “Why would you ever trust me” is profound and old school since Babyfaces are usually kinda dumb. Josh breaks the zip tie so Bully improvises and it’s actually really good work telling Josh to not move of he’ll Piledriver her on the concrete and to hand him the title. It’s actually…beautiful heel work. The way he keeps Josh still by threatening his wife, and getting over the fact Josh is the babyface since he makes sure that everyone knows Josh’s actions are to protect his wife cause he loves his wife. 

Overall Score: 7.5/10

The highs were super high, but there was a lot of mediocre to lame stuff as well. Plus, for as good as the main event was, too many mistakes really took away from things. Jordynne and Masha really stole the night. Bully setting his date for Hard to Kill, calling his shot and shaking hands…just to blindside Josh a few minutes later proves to us who he is. Technically Bully did what he said, with looking him in the eyes, shaking his hand and telling him like a man.

I was not a fan of Bully coming back, and how he’s been acting…but holy shit that final segment was great. Even though there are only 3 matches worth watching (Last Rodeo, Last Knockout Standing and World Championship), that final segment made everything better. I really wanted to have a few smarmy things to say since this wasn’t a fantastic show…but damn Bully Ray has me grinning from ear to ear with how well he worked heel in that segment. Trey still sucks, I don’t care if he turned heel, I have more dislike for him than I did young Will Ospreay. Trey is everything wrong with the current generation of wrestling embodied in one person.

STILL THAT ENDING SEGMENT THO! Decent show made better with how it signed off. Damn…damn, damn. And I guess 5-2…even though I wasn’t really expecting Kaz to win, isn’t a terrible guessing record either.


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Andrew’s IMPACT Results & Match Ratings: 11.17.2022

Black Taurus vs PJ Black for the last X Division Finals spot! Death Machine’s Double Jeopardy between Eric Young and Sami Callihan! IMPACT gets bloody before Over Drive!



Over Drive go home show! Who will be the one to meet Trey Miguel in the X Divison Tournament Finals? Which psycho reigns supreme between Eric Young and Sami Callihan? Also Tommy Dreamer has a hardcore match that will probably be the same as every match he’s done for the last like 5 or 6 years (decent but generally forgettable).

Let’s see if there’s any last second shake ups before the ImpactPlus event!


  • X Division Tournament: Black Taurus vs PJ Black: Taurus wins via Destination Hellhole – ***
  • Motor City Machine Guns vs  Ace Austin & Chris Bey vs Aussie Open vs Shera & Raj Singh: Bullet Club wins via Finesse’d & Folded – *** 1/4
  • Tasha Steelz w/Savannah Evans vs Taya Valkyrie w/Rosemary: Taya wins via Counter Pinfall – **
  • Old School Rulz Match: Tommy Dreamer vs Steve Maclin: Maclin wins via KIA on Chair – ** 3/4
  • Laredo Kid vs Rich Swann: Swann wins via 450 – ***
  • Death Machine’s Double Jeopardy Match: Eric Young vs Sami Callihan: Sami wins via Cactus Driver ’97 – *** 1/2


Crazzy Steve opens the show with a different look and announcing in Black Taurus for his X Division tournament match. 

X Division Tournament: Black Taurus vs PJ Black

A few decent counter attacks from both before Darewolf manages the delayed Monkey Flip to give him a small advantage. Taurus fights back, tries to connect with Tope con Hilo, but PJ dodges and lands his own Tornillo. PJ then walks up the ramp, runs down, rolls through the Powerbomb position into a Double Stomp. Count Out is started but Taurus is back in by 6.

Darewolf attempts to keep on the offense, but Taurus hits a Back Elbow combo and back to back Slingblades for a near fall. Pop-Up Samoan Drop…but PJ kicks out. Pop-Up Powerbomb attempt, but a counter of a Meteora. PJ hits a Double Stomp from the sky, but Taurus kicks out. They fight in the corner, Taurus thinks he has the advantage, heads to the top but PJ counters with a Spanish Fly. Quick trade and Double Lariat rest spot.

Combination kicks from PJ, hits a Jumping Sole Butt, goes to the ropes and Taurus counters with a Headbutt. Destination Hellhole and Taurus pulls a win out of nowhere.

Taurus needs to win the damn title. No more Trey Miguel. Stop trying to make him a thing…he’s not a thing. 

Motor City Machine Guns vs  Ace Austin & Chris Bey vs Aussie Open vs Shera & Raj Singh

Wow the garbage job section of the Desi Hit Squad is all they’ve got left as a fourth? At least the other three teams are worth the attention.

Fletcher and Ace Austin start and it’s a slower yet very Junior style early tie ups, Arm Drags and control spots. Nothing crazy until Ace tags in Bey and we get some fluid tandem attacks. Raj tags himself in and I guess this is how we’re supposed to care about their legitimacy when they try to take a few shortcuts and make quick tags between Shera to try and keep control.

After the commercial, Ace counters as Raj wipes out Bey so Ace dives over to Sabin to tag out of the match and get a breather. MCMG tandem offense takes out Ace, Bey tries to fly in but they catch him and lay him out. Ray eats some High Speed Dirt, but Davis tags himself in for Aussie Open to take out Shera and we get some MCMG vs Aussie action.

Sabin gets shoved into the corner, Ace tags himself in and the Bullet Club boys try to take out Aussie Open but Davis powers through attempted offense and Aussies keep momentum. Assisted Diving Cutter from Fletcher onto Bey gets a 2, but Aussies are in clear control. Corealis attempt, but Bey counters with a Headscissors, Ace helps out, dive spot set and Bey dives into the pile of humans as they count a Two Sweet over the top rope as a tag. Finesse’d & Folded for the Bullet Club win.

Tasha Steelz w/Savannah Evans vs Taya Valkyrie w/Rosemary

Well early on Tasha is getting…woman-handled, and it makes so much sense. Taya is bigger than Tasha, and a much better wrestler, so I’m fully in the corner of La Wera Loca. A miss into the corner, leads to Tasha hitting a Codebreaker and starting to string some things together, but it’s short lived thankfully.

O-kurrr attempt, blocked, Blackout blocked, Road to Valhalla is attempted to get countered into a roll-up, but Taya just sits down and leans back into the pinfall as Taya wins. Brawl happens, JesSICKa’s music hits, she comes out with a beer helmet and a Shot Queen sash, as she cleans house.

Old School Rulz Match: Tommy Dreamer vs Steve Maclin

Maclin starts hot with a Scoop Slam, some early offense, but misses on the Rope Run Elbow Drop and then Dreamer starts rocking Maclin. Lariat to the outside, some shenanigans, Tommy hits him with a drink from the fans, tries to expose the floor for a Piledriver; but Maclin counters. Beats on Tommy a little, Elbow Drop from the apron and everything is coming up Maclin for now.

Taking too much time grabbing weapons, Maclin gets cut off by a Dreamer boot, eats a Flip Flop and Fly seating Maclin into a chair and then hitting a Crossbody on the seated Maclin. Maclin is on the chair, Tommy goes for the Elbow drop and it looks like he slipped a little and also eats all chair. Maclin lights him up with a Kendo Stick, Tommy taunts, dodges and grabs a hold hitting the White Russian Leg Sweep. A few traded shots but Dreamer hits another Kendo shot, goes to get a trash can and throws it in and bounces it off Maclin’s face.

Dreamer goes into the can, finds a water bottle, takes a swig and also finds a styrofoam food container and hits Maclin with some fried rice. A few more shots, Cutter from Dreamer and its only a 2. Tommy gets the tables and asks for help from Mr. Impact (a fan in the crowd) to get the table in. Spicolli Driver attempt through the table, Maclin countered, KIA into the chair and Maclin wins!

Bully Ray makes the save for Tommy when Maclin tries to add more offense. Moose comes in for some cheap shots on Bully and we get Moose and Maclin together again. They try to double team Bully through a table, but Josh Alexander makes the save for Bully, German Suplexes Maclin and Moose for a staredown spot with Bully…who has the title in his hands. Bully points at Maclin, Double Chokeslam through the table on Maclin. 

Josh grabs the trophy, Bully grabs the title…and then exchange items with a small questionable moment from Bully. 

Laredo Kid vs Rich Swann

Bell rings and Laredo dives for a Lariat but Swann dodges. Thankfully this is more of a Lucha opening with strikes and big spots instead of everyone doing the slow burn chain wrestling Japanese Junior start.

Back to Back Corkscrew Moonsaults from Laredo onto Rich, he goes for a top rope Moonsault but Rich counters with his feet. Rich hits the Neckbreaker into his Jump Over Step Back Kick. Middle Rope 450 misses from Rich, German Suplex from Laredo, a little Eddie Guerrero to signal the Frog Splash…for 2.

Laredo flips, Swann rolls through the corner attack, Laredo tries to keep on the attack, eats a Spin Kick for his trouble. Swann rocks him, Middle Rope 450 and Swann wins!

Death Machine’s Double Jeopardy Match: Eric Young vs Sami Callihan

Sami’s music hits and Kon, Angels and Deaner attack Sami right away. They bust him open before the bell even rings, so as per his own rules, Sami is already in Jeopardy to lose the match.

Commercial break hits, they charge at each other since Sami won’t let the ambush stop him. EY hits a modified Death Valley Buster, Sami rolls to the outside to avoid a pinfall loss, and EY continues his attack on the outside. A Sami chant seems to distract EY a little and allow Sami to hit a few heavy strikes to try and start making some space for himself.

EY tries the Suplex on the outside, fights and reverses it. Sami grabs an 8×10 from his trash can of goodies and gives EY a papercut on the tongue. EY tries to slow Sami down again with a Back Body Drop onto the apron. Now he’s laying in a few strikes to a prone Sami, and Sami will have to absorb the offense and fire back up. Sami slowly pulls himself up as EY keeps hitting him, taunting EY, and the punishment continues. Dueling Eye Gouges, but Sami adds a bite to the top of the head and lands a Death Valley Driver onto Eric Young.

Blood is flowing from EY as soon as we see him post DVD. Now both men are in jeopardy of losing. Commercial again, EY is eating Vader Hammers against the ropes, another face bite, and EY powders. Sami grabs him and pulls his face against a ring post. EY fights back and then pulls Sami back into the post, Sami replies in kind. So they’re just trading pulling one another into the post.

Piledriver attempt on the floor from EY, but Sami counters it with the Back Body Drop. Sami throws a Snow Shovel from out of the trash can, and then tosses the can in. EY hits Sami with a trash can lid, and Sami’s weapons are being used against him. Spinning Toe Hold by EY. Sami fights through and turns it into a Figure Four for himself. So that’s good references to classic hardcore wrestlers and classic moves.

They both charge at each other on all fours and trade headbutts. Then slowly stand and just throw haymakers, then more stereo headbutts, followed by a charging Double Coconut. That gets the crowd to start chanting “This is Awesome”, and its definitely been something to see. Sami send EY into the ropes, EY hits the brake, Piledriver onto Callihan, and Sami kicks out at 2. EY mocks Sami with the Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down, Sami counters with a Ding Dong Claw. Cactus Driver ’97, but EY kicks out. Furious lid shots, Cactus Driver ’97 number 2…and Sami wins!

Overall Score: 7.5/10

The show ends with the other 3 VBD members just standing over EY’s bloody and beaten body, staring. They didn’t pull the trigger on taking EY out, but it seems like a foreboding message. Which isn’t something VBD needs. They just added 2 mooks, and if Deaner is the brains of a stable, you might as well just throw in the towel or assume its a J.O.B. Squad. I’ll also say I usual dislike when there are multiple similar gimmick matches on a card, but the Old School match was more bingo hall ECW; while the Double Jeopardy match felt more like a Death Match. So even though both were hardcore matches, they did feel significantly different.

All that being said, it wasn’t a bad Go Home, but the fact that Shera and Raj get any screen time trying to be portrayed a legit team is sad. Someone offer Rohit a contract again, cause Raj ain’t it. And it goes without really saying, but I’ll say it anyway, Black Taurus better win tomorrow! I am beyond sick of Trey, his promos are awful, hits matches are flashy garbage, and he’s about as enjoyable as a Root Canal and Colonoscopy 2 for 1 coupon. If Hunter doesn’t get Wentz back in WWE…IMPACT should really get him back. Bring back a Rascal with talent, please.

Anyway, I’m gonna be watching Over Drive tomorrow if for no other reason than Josh Alexander vs Frankie Kazarian. Even though I’m pretty sure The Coolness will lose…it should be a hell of a match.

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