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CMLL 85th Anniversary Show: Review & Results



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CMLL 85th Anniversary Show

Mercela, Princesa Sugehit, and La Jarochita vs Dalys, Reyna Isis, and La Metalica

We start this match with Marcela and Isis in the ring. They go back and forth for a bit until the tag is made to Jarochita dn Metalica. The ladies are getting a feel for each other. Jarochita and Metalica pick up the pace a bit, as Jarochita knocks her out of the ring Sugehit comes in with Dalys and they bump chests. Sugehit hits a nice head scissors then a tornado DDT. Sugehit gets Dalys in a standing ki lock for the first fall. First Fall: Princesa Sugehit submits Dalys with a standing ki lock

Isis and Mercela are back in there for the second fall to start. Mercela hits a sit out front suplex. She goes for a dive but is intercepted, which brings in Jarochita. She gets double teamed and then taken out. Sugehit then gets hit with a triple team attack taking her out. Mercela is back in getting triple teamed and then she’s hit with a swanton bomb by Metalica for a pin. Reyna Isis hits a vader bomb on Jorachita for the fall. Second Fall: Reyna Isis pins Jarochita with a vader bomb.

Third fall starts with Sugehit getting triple teamed. Dalys hits her with an attack in the corner, and then they take out Mercela. Jarochita attempts a come back but is stopped. Their triple team tactics are starting to back fire as Sugehit ducks under their attacks. Sugehit hits a a tornado DDT on the outside on Dalys. Jarochita gets Metalica in an indian deathlock and Mercela gets Isis in a stretch for the submission and win. Third Fall: Mercela submits Reyna Isis with a stretcher.

Winners: Mercela, Princesa Sugehit, and La Jarochita

Angel de Oro, Niebla Rojo, and El Audaz vs Negro Casas, Mephisto, and El Felino

The crowd is going ballistic for Negro Casas. He’s in there with Angel de Oro and they do some mat wrestling to start. They have a stale mate and in comes Audaz and Mephisto. Audaz hits an arm drag from the ramp into the ring and then hits a big corkscrew dive. Roja and de Oro get Negro and Felino in submission holds for the first fall. First Fall: Angel de Oro submits El Felino with a boston crab.

Negro Casas starts the second fall with Niebla Rojo. They exchange heavy chops to each other. Rojo gets the best of Negro bringing in El Felino. He hurricanrana’s Felino to the outside bringing in Mephisto. De Oro gets the tag in and he starts to run wild. His run concludes by feigning a dive to the outside. This brings Audaz in he gets his momentum stopped by going for a top rope frankensteiner but getting it countered into a power bomb by El Felino for the pin. Mephisto then flapjacks Rojo off the top onto de Oro for the second fall. Second Fall: Mephisto pins Angel de Oro with a flapjack on Niebla Rojo on top of him.

Third fall starts with El Audaz getting double teamed by Felino and Mephisto. The match breaks down shortly after and Rojo and Oro, hit big middle rope dives to the outside. El Audaz hits a big spinning dive to the outside. Rojo gets a pin on Felino with what was supposed to be a submission but I think the ref messed up. Negro comes in and runs wild and attacks Angel de Oro to the outside, while El Audaz gets Mephisto with an arm bar for the win. Third Fall: El Audaz beats Mephisto with an arm bar for the win.

Funny how that team is the babyface. You’re not gonna get these people to boo Negro Casas.

Winners: Angel de Oro, Niebla Rojo, and El Audaz

Mistico, Atlantis, and Soberano vs Sanson, Cuatrero, Forastero

Atlantis starts the match with Cuatrero and they exchange moves. Atlantis gets the best of him and this brings in Soberano and Forastero. They too, exchange moves and submission holds and they counter each other and pose into a face off. Mistico then comes in and quickly there is brawling on the outside. Soberano is being triple teamed in the ring. Forastero submits Mistico, and then Atlantis comes in and Sanson holds him in position for a springboard leg drop by Cuatrero for the pin. First Fall: Cuatrero pins Atlantis with a springboard leg drop.

The second fall starts with everyone brawling to the outside. As it breaks down, Atlantis is being triple teamed inside the ring. After they dispose of Atlantis with double axe handles while being held up by Cuatero, Mistico comes in and gets hit with a triple baseball slide to the corner. Soberano is next to get his beating. Forastero hits a big swanton bomb on Soberano.

Atlantis is back in to get beat down, and as they set up a triple team attack Mistico hits a hurricanrana on Forastero to change the tide. Soberano then hits on on Sanson to the outside, and Mistico the hits a dive on him. Atlantis hits a tilt-a-whirl slam on Forastero for the pin, and then Soberano gets Cuatrero for a stretch submission. Second Fall: Soberano submits Cuatrero with a stretch.

The third fall begins with Atlantis and Sanson in the ring, but Sanson tags out bringing in Forastero. Atlantis hits arm drags and hip tosses on all of them, then hits tilt-a-whirl back breakers on all of them. Mistico and Soberano then hit dives to the outside while Atlantis goes for a hurricanrana on Sanson but gets reversed into a pinning combination which he kicks out of. Atlantis gets Sanson in a torture rack but it gets broken up.

Soberano goes for a hurricanrana but he slips on the ropes and does a cutter instead. Fans heavily boo. He doesn’t usually botch. Soberano makes up for it by hitting a rotating dive on Cuatrero. Then Forastero hits a dive of his own. Mistico and Sanson are now dueling it out in the ring. Mistico goes for a hurricanrana off the top but Sanson reverses it into a slam off the top. Sort of like a TKO set up but doing a sidewalk slam. Third Fall: Sanson pins Mistico with a modified top rope Slam.

Winners: Sanson, Cuatrero, and Forastero.

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