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CMLL 85th Anniversary Show: Review & Results



CMLL Coverage

Trios Championship: Ultimo Guerrero, Gran Guerrero, and Euforia vs (Champions) Ciber the Main Man, The Chirs, and Scharly Rock Star

Gran Guerrero starts the match with Scharly Rock Star. They perform some chain wrestling to get a feel for each other. Based off previous matches I expect this to be a brawl eventually. The Chris and Euforia get in there and they continue more of the same. Exchanging holds and submission moves with the occasional pinning combination. Ultimo Guerrero and Ciber finally get in the ring, but they get Ultimo in the corner to beat on him. Ciber hits a choke slam on Ultimo Guerrero for the first fall. First Fall: Ciber the Main Man pins Ultimo Guerrero with a choke slam.

They start with Gran Guerrero but he gets disposed of quick and Euforia almost gets the fall with a roll up on Ciber but he starts to get beat down after. After they’re done with that it’s time to team up on Ultimo. Ultimo eventually avoids an attack which leads to the team of Los Guerrero’s and Euforia to make a come back. Ultimo and Ciber brawl in the crowd, while the other four remain in the ring. Euforia gets The Chris in a rear naked choke and Gran Guerrero hits a sit out death valley driver then submits Scharly rock star with some elaborate stretch. Second Fall: Gran Guerrero submits Scharly Rock Star with a stretch.

Third fall begins with Euforia and Gran dual pressing Scharly Rock Star off the top rope. Gran Guerrero gets the better of the Chris, which leads Ciber to come in and take him out. This brings in Ultio Guerrero who hits a turnbuckle attack on Ciber. They set up for a triple team attack on the ramp where Ultimo Guerrero launches Gran while Euforia holds him up. The Chris and Scharly then hit big dives on Gran Guerrero and Euforia and then Ciber gets Ultimo Guerrero in a pin with his feet on the ropes for the third and final fall. Third Fall: Ciber the Main Man pins Ultimo Guerrero with his feet on the ropes.

Kind of an anti-climatic finish. Ultimo Guerrero hits the ref with a lariat after the match ends, and he is waving no to the crowd afterwards to let them know it wasn’t a clean win. Los Guerrero’s is discussing it with the commission at ring side, Fantasma is there talking to them. The result will stand to the dismay of Los Guerrero’s and the crowd.

Winners: Ciber the Main Man, The Chris, and Scharly Rock Star.

Caristico, El Hijo Del LA Park, and LA Park vs Pentagon Jr, King Fenix, and Diamante Azul

LA Park comes out to a huge reaction, wearing a predator mask over his actual mask. If you were wondering, Fenix didn’t come out with the AAA Mega Championship. Not that anyone expected him to. Pentagon is jawing to Park during introductions. Whole building is chanting Cero Miedo once Pentagon hits the pose. Match starts with Hijo Del Park and Fenix. They exchange some acrobatic spots, Fenix obviously much more smooth. Pentagon and Caristico then come in and they all brawl to the outside except for Park and Azul.

Match has already broken down into exchanging spots. We’re gonna have a fast paced match here. Pentagon and Caristico are in the ring now. Penta hits him with a big slap to the chest. Caristico hits a huge DDT bringing Penta to the outside and then he hits a middle rope dive. Park and Azul are now in the ring. Fenix and El Hijo exchange spots, El Hijo hits a sit out piledriver and Park hits the spear on Azul for the first fall. First Fall: LA Park pins Diamante Azul with a spear.

Caristico brawls with Penta on the outside as does El hijo and Fenix. Park and Azul are in the ring but Azul quickly gets disposed of. El Hijo tied Penta’s mask to the rope and Park hit him with his belt. El Hijo brings Fenix in the ring to be double teamed. Park suplexes Azul on the steps. Pentagon starts to make a come back hitting sling blades. Fenix hits a springboard double cutter on El Hijo and Caristico.

Then Fenix hurricanrana’s Pentagon on them both to the outside. They botched it first and the crowd booed. They recovered nicely when they hit it. Park and Azul are brawling in the ring, and they exchange german suplexes. Azul then gets him in a camel clutch for the second fall. Second Fall: Diamante Azul submits LA Park with a camel clutch.

Azul and Caristico start the third and final fall out. Azul hits him with back to back springboard monkey flips. Park gets back in there and suplexes Azul into the corner. Penta then runs at park who places him on the turnbuckle. Park feigns a hurricanrana from the top but Penta reverses it and super kicks him then hits the double stomp in the corner. El hijo breaks up the pin with Park’s belt. El Hijo hits a canadian destroyer and goes for the pin but Fenix breaks it up. Fenix hits a big hurricanrana on El hijo off the top rope.

Caristico hits a spinning DDT on Fenix but Azul breaks up the pin. Caristico hits a hurricanrana on Azul then hits a middle rope dive. El Hijo hits a big spanish fly on Fenix and Park hits a power slam on Penta for a close 2 count. Fenix and Penta start to gain momentum, Fenix hits a double stomp to El Hijos back. Park gets Penta to the outside then hits a huge middle rope dive.

El Hijo dives on Fenix into the crowd. Azul hits a big dive on Park. Caristico hits a hurricanrana on Fenix, and El hijo reverses penta’s package piledriver for a 2 count. Penta then hits the package Piledriver with the double stomp from Fenix on Caristico, and then Fenix hits the Fenix driver on El hijo for the win. Thrid Fall: King Fenix pins El Hijo del LA Park with a fenix driver.

Both teams are posturing to the crowd afterwards. Moreso the winning team. Fenix and Penta are taking pictures with the fans.

Winners: Diamante Azul, King Fenix, Pentagon Jr

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