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CMLL 85th Anniversary Show: Review & Results



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Hair vs Hair: Volador Jr and Matt Taven vs Rush and Barbaro Cavernario

Rush gets a special entrance with them playing Black Skinhead by Kanye West live, except some random dude is performing. All the ring girls have bull masks on, dancing to the song. It then devolves into a different more hard rock song for Volador Jr. Volador Jr is in a symbiote spider-man outside. Him and Rush are brawling while Taven and Cavernario make their entrances. They’re all brawling on the outside. Rush throws Matt Taven into the crowd. Cavernario has Volador on the ramp and hit a big dive off the stage. Rush hit a suplex on Taven on the ramp way.

They finally make their way back into the ring. Well they were never really in the ring to start. Volador and Taven hit huge dives to the outside after they disposed Rush and Cavernario to the outside. Volador springs Taven to attack Cavernario but Cavernario hits a drop kick first for the pin. Rush then hits Taven with a drop kick in the corner while he’s down for the first fall. First Fall: Rush pins Volador with a drop kick to the corner while down.

Matt Taven is being doubled in the corner to start the second fall. Rush and Cavernario have the advantage to start so far. While Taven and Volador are down Rush and Cavernario posture to the crowd. Volador hits handspring elbows to change the momentum. Volador hits a hurricanrana on Cavernario and Taven hits a frog splash for the pin. Volador then does a back stabber to Rush for the second fall. Second Fall: Volador Jr pins Rush with a back stabber.

Taven and Rush start the third fall. Taven hits some big moves and play to the crowd but he gets booed. He hits a lionsault on Rush but postures to the crowd instead of going for the pin. Volador is now in there with Cavernario. Volador hits a hurricanrana to the outside on Cavernario. Taven and Rush exchange big moves in the ring. Taven hits a flying forearm for a two count. Cavernario hits a big drop kick on Taven which brings Volador in. Cavernario hits him with a crucifix power bomb to the turnbuckle. Cavernario hits his arm behind the back fisherman suplex for a close two count.

Cavernario goes for a sit out razor’s edge which is countered into a frankensteiner pinning combo, and Rush gets in there fast to break it up. Volador hits a big super kick on Rush and Cavernario breaks up the pin. Rush back body drops Volador to the outside and then hits a big over the top dive on him while Cavernario hit a big middle rope dive on Taven. They boo every time Matt Taven does anything. Taven hits a moonsault to the outside on Rush. Cavernario slide under Volador to the outside but as he does that Volador hits an Asai Moonsault. As they get back in the ring, Volador hits a hurricanrana on Cavernario. Taven hits a frog splash on Rush and they both go for the pin. A very close two count.

Cavernario hits his splash on Volador and Rush hits his corner drop kick on Taven for a very close two count. They bring Taven to the outside now. Cavernario, hits a big splash to the outside, leaving Rush in the ring with Volador. Eventually Rush Taen and Cavernario find themselves in the front row and Volador hits a big dive into the crowd. Taven goes for a big dive but Rush and Cavernario avoid and he hits Volador.

Taven gets back in the ring with Cavernario, and Cavernario chokes him out. Volador then hits a canadian destroyer on Cavernario for a pin. Now it’s up to Volador and Rush for the official pin fall. Rush goes for his corner drop kick but Volador hits a spear, and then a back stabber. Taven goes to kick Rush but hits Volador, Rush then hits a Jay Driver on Volador for the victory. Third Fall: Rush pins Volador with a Jay Driver.

Taven kicks Volador after the match. As if it were a planned turn. Which would be stupid, why would he intentionally lose to lose his hair. Taven starts running away to the back now so he doesn’t get shaved. Volador chases him and beats him up and brings him back to the ring. Taven tried to pretend he turned on him to get out of it. Taven is yelling as his hair gets cut.

Volador puts his hair in a ponytail to cut the ponytail. Those scissors are having a tough time cutting his thick hair. After a struggle they get it off and he presents it to Cavernario. Rush is throwing the hair into the crowd now. Now the full head shaving process is happening.

Winners: Rush and Barbaro Cavernario


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