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Joe’s CMLL Results & Review (9/17/2018)



CMLL Coverage

CMLL Arena Mexico Tuesday

Hijo Del Signo and Metalico vs Sonic and Arkalis

Sonic and Signo start the match off with some mat wrestling. Sonic picks up the pace on him and tries to get him into pinning combinations. Signo has a counter for it. They each go for tags bringing in Metalico and Arkalis. Metalico tries to work over his neck but Arkalis avoids damage. It’s funny the wrap lucha libre gets sometimes when they’re the only brand of wrestling that actually does amateur based wrestling in their matches. Arkalis hits an arm drag on Metalico bringing him to the outside, Signo then tries to intercept him going for a dive. He fails, and as Metalico grabs Sonic, Sonic moves out of the way for Signo’s attack, then Arkalis hits a drop kick to Signo while he’s stuck in the ropes for the pin. Metalico gets in and Arkalis hits him with a fireman’s carry, then Sonic hits a swanton bomb for the pin. First Fall: Sonic pins Metalico with a swanton bomb.

Signo and Arkalis start out in the second fall, and Arkalis hits a big arm drag bringing him to the outside and then he feigns a dive. Sonic enters with Metalico Sonic hits a flying head scissors and then he too feigns a dive. Signo comes in and capitalizes, hitting Arkalis with a spine buster and submitting him. Metalico gets in and hits a death valley driver on Sonic, then goes for a pinning combination. Second Fall: Metalico pins Sonic after a death valley driver into pinning combination.

To start the third round Metalico and Signo have the advantage. Metalico disposes of Sonic fairly quick and this leads to Arkalis getting double teamed. Sonic makes his way back in and Metalico and Arkalis find themselves outside where Arkalis hits a hurricanrana. Sonic and Signo battle in the ring for a bit. Metalico finds his way back in with Arkalis, and his him with a spinebuster, then an indian death lock variant which the ref counts as a pin. Third Fall: Metalico pins Arkalis with an indian death lock.

Winners: El Hijo Del Signo and Metalico

Princesa Sugehit, Lluvia, and La Jarochita vs Amapola, Tiffany, and Reyna Isis

La Jarochita starts with Reyna Isis and they start out with a fast pace to begin the match. Jarochita hits a hurricanrana, tilt-a-Whirl back breaker, and another hurricanrana to get the advantage on Isis. Tiffany then works of Jarochita breaking in Lluvia. She takes her shirt off to the applaud of the crowd. Tiffany lowers the zipper on her outfit to let everyone know she has boobs too. Lluvia gets her to tag in Amapola which eventually brings in Sugehit. A few moments later it divulges into everyone being in the ring. Lluvia and Jarochita get Tiffany and Isis in a double leg stretch while Sugehit gets Amapola in a modified abdominal stretch for the first fall. First Fall: Princesa Sugehit submits Amapola with a modified abdominal stretch.

Sugehit starts the second fall with Tiffany. She starts by pulling her hair but then Tiffany starts to work her over. It doesn’t last long, however, as everyone again enters the ring. Tiffany hits a drop kick on Jarochita as the other two held her up. Tiffany has Lluvia in the ring while her teammates are down. Sugehit comes to relieve her but she gets caught in an elaborate submission by Amapola. She crosses her arms then stretches her neck. Second Fall: Amapola submits Sugehit with a crossed arms stretch.

Third fall starts with Tiffany throwing Jarochita by her hair. This brings in Lluvia who gets triple teamed. Tiffany hits her with a big leg drop which then she rolls to the outside bringing in Sugehit. She gets triple teamed as well. Jarochita and Lluvia come to her relief finally breaking up the triple team attack. Jarochita whips Isis into the ring post. Tiffany is brought into the ring and gets triple teamed. Isis gets hit with a double basement drop kick by Lluvia and Jarochita. Sugehit goes for a asai moonsault on Amapola but gets her footing mixed up and botched the spot. In the ring, Tiffany hit Lluvia with a face buster, and Isis hits Jarochita with a fisherman suplex for the win. Third Fall: Reyna Isis pins La Jarochita with a fisherman suplex.

Winners: Amapola, Tiffany, and Reyna Isis

Microman, El Gallito, and Angel vs Chamuel, Perico Zakarias, and Mije

Mije starts with Angel and they’re actually starting with some pretty decent mat wrestling. Angel is wrestling in sandals which is something. Chamuel and Microman get the tag shortly after. Chamuel is no joke two times the size of Microman. Microman hits a nice flying head scissors take over, and they posture and Chamuel tags in Perico. This brings in Gallito. Chamuel very quickly interferes kicking everyone in the technicos corner. Microman gets doubled in the ring while Perico and Gallito brawl in the crowd. Chamuel hits a swanton bomb on Angel, then Perico hits a tiger face buster on Microman for the fall. First Fall: Perico Zakarias pins Microman with a tiger face buster.

Microman counters a triple team attack to start and immediately after Angel and Gallito roll up Chamuel and Perico for the second fall. Second Fall: Angel rolls up Chamuel for the second fall.

Gallito and Perico are brawling near the announce table area to start the third round. Finally everyone gets back to their corners and Gallito is in there with Chamuel. They exchange chops in the middle of the ring. Angel and Mije come in but not much really happens. A pose down, so Microman and Perico come in. Microman does a few one arm push ups and then they pose. Perico gets microman on his shoulders and then does some squats. Chamuel comes in and microman hits him with a frankensteiner. He then hits a… dive off the apron on Perico. Angel then picks up Mije for a spinning gorilla press slam for the win. Third Fall: Angel hits Mije with a spinning gorilla press slam for the win.

Winners: Microman, El Gallito, and Angel

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