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Joe’s CMLL Results & Review (9/17/2018)



CMLL Coverage

CMLL Arena Mexico Friday Show

Magnus and Star Jr vs Espanto Jr and Akuma

The match begins with Espanto and Magnus doing some chain wrestling to start. Espanto complains to the ref about something. They each have counters for each others holds. They fight to a stale mate bringing in Star Jr and Akuma. They dramatically increase the pace as Star does a few kip ups to get out of Akuma’s arm holds. They exchange face locks which they both break out of. Star hits a head scissors bringing Akuma to the outside, and then hits a pose.

He tags in Magnus and Espanto comes in. He gets the advantage on Magnus. When Star tries to make a come back, he gets stopped by Espanto leaving Magnus alone. Espanto Jr hits a hurricanrana off the top on him and Akuma hits a diving headbutt for the pin. He hits Star Jr when he comes back with a canadian destroyer, and then Espanto hits a splash off the top for the fall. First Fall: Espanto Jr pins Magnus with a top rope splash.

Second fall starts with Espanto trying to take the mask off of Magnus. Akuma does a swing on Star jr and then Espanto hits him with a basement drop kick. They get back to working over Magnus afterwards. They are in complete control as a hurt Star Jr makes his way back in the ring. Espanto tries to unmask him too but Star falls to the outside. Magnus finally starts to gain some momentum by hitting a running attack on Espanto in the corner, which helps Star to hit a double stomp leap up leg drop on Akuma for the second fall. Second Fall: Star Jr hit a double stomp to the back, leap up leg drop on Akuma.

Star begins the third fall with Espanto. He hits a few big moves on him and then plays to the crowd. He puts Espanto in a submission which causes him to roll to the outside. Akuma comes in to try and take advantage of Star, but Magnus comes in to help, eventually hitting him with a spanish fly for the win. Third Fall: Magnus hits a spanish fly on Akuma for the victory.

Winners: Magnus and Star Jr

Blue Panther Jr, Fuego, and Black Panther vs Virus, Okumura, and Kawato San

Fuego starts out with Virus. They tie up and exchange some arm locks until they’re on the ground wrestling for better position. They each tag in Kawato San and Black Panther and they continue the trend of wrestling on the mat trying to find better more advantageous positions. Black Panther gets the advantage which leads to Okumura and Blue Panther Jr coming in where the pace quicks.

After a few sequences Blue Panther goes to take his shirt off but is cut off and kicked to the outside. This brings in Black Panther and he runs wild on the opposing team, and Fuego comes in and continues the trend. Once Blue Panther is back in the ring he hits tilt-a-Whirl slams on each of them. Black Panther hits a frog splash on Okumura for the pin fall. First Fall: Black Panther pins Okumura with a frog splash.

Fuego starts with Kawato at a break neck pace. Fuego gets the advantage which brings in Virus. He hits a head scissor on him bringing in Okumura. Okumura looks to have stopped Fuego but he didn’t as Fuego hits an arm drag and tilt-a-Whirl back breaker. Fuego tags in Black Panther who hits a hurricanrana on Virus bringing him to the outside. He hits one on Okumura as well and then feigns a dive. Blue Panther tags in to take on Virus. They exchange chops in the middle of the ring. Virus hits a basement drop kick on Blue Panther and tags in Kawato who does a few moves and keeps the train moving by tagging in Okumura. Kawato hits a stomp from the top and then Virus gets Blue Panther in a pinning combination for the fall. Second Fall: Virus pins Blue Panther Jr with a pinning combination.

The third round starts with Okumura working on Fuego in his teams corner. The midget that is with them hits a dive to his groin from the top. This brings in Blue Panther Jr but he fast gets triple teamed as both his teammates are taken out. It starts to break down into chaos with all six in the ring exchanging spots. Black Panther does an inverted 619 on Okumura. Blue Panther hits a super kick on Okumura making him fall out of the ring, followed by a clothesline to Kawato san. He hits a sunset flip on Virus and Fuego helps by hitting a drop kick on him. Black Panther hits a dive on Okumura to the outside, while in the ring Fuego gets Virus in a pinning combination. Blue Panther Jr gets Kawato in a torture rack, he drops him when he feels he’s out and then pins him for the win. Third Fall: Blue Panther Jr pins Kawato San with a torture rack.

Winners: Blue Panther Jr, Fuego, and Black Panther

Stuka, Triton, and Esfinge vs Sanson, Cautrero, and Rey Bucanero

Rey Bucanero starts with Stuka Jr and Bucanero gets him on the ground and Stuka eventually counters his way out. This brings in Sanson and Triton. Triton and Sanson go back and forth too. Stuka gets involved helping Triton hit a top rope drop kick, and then Triton hits a dive. He doesn’t hit it too well and gets beat on on the outside. Esfinge goes for a dive too and gets caught and disposed of. In the ring Sanson and Cautrero hit a double team move and Bucanero hit a senton on Stuka for the fall. First Fall: Rey Bucanero pins Stuka with a senton.

They start the second round doubling Esfinge. Sanson holds him in place and Bucanero hits a whisper in the wind. Now it’s time to triple team Triton. Cuatrero and Sanson hit double basement drop kicks on him in the corner. Stuka makes a come back and then Triton and Esfinge go for dives while Stuka hits a moonsault to the outside. Triton holds Sanson in place for Stuka’s splash and Esfinge pins him. Second Fall: Stuka hits a splash from the top and Esfinge pins Sanson.

Stuka starts with Bucanero and hits a hurricanrana quickly on him disposing him, then he hits a suplex on Sanson on top of Cuatrero. Triton then comes in to square off with Sanson. Triton hit a springboard hurricanrana on Sanson then feigns a dive and hits a pose. Esfinge gets in there with Cuatrero but hits a moonsault dive on Sanson, and then Cuatrero hits a middle rope dive. Stuka gets in there and does a moonsault to the outside. Bucanero tries to attempt one by Triton. They fight a bit on the top rope and Bucanero hits a suplex off the top to the outside on everyone.

After they get back in the ring a six man tower of doom spot is done followed by a 6 man suplex. Sanson hits a blue thunderbomb on Esfinge for a pin, and then Cuatrero hits a springboard elbow drop on Triton for the win. Third Fall: Cuatrero hits a springboard elbow drop on Triton.

Winners: Sanson, Cuatrero, and Rey Bucanero

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