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Joe’s CMLL Results & Review (9/17/2018)



CMLL Coverage

Ultimo Guerrero, Gran Guerrero, and Euforia vs Ciber the Main Man, The Chris, and Scharly Rockstar

Los Guerreros attacked the Klan during their entrance and a brawl breaks out immediately. They get Gran Guerrero and Euforia out of there and start triple teaming Ultimo Guerrero. They start to brawl outside and eventually the Chris and Gran Guerrero start to fight in the ring. Ultimo and Euforia make there way in and hit drop kicks on Ciber and Scharly while they lay on the apron. The Chris hits Gran Guerrero with a kendo stick and gets DQ’d. First Fall: The Chris gets DQ’d hitting Gran Guerrero with a kendo stick.

The second round starts with with Los Guerreros on the run again. Gran Guerrero then Euforia get taken out and they triple team on Ultimo. Euforia and Gran make their way back in and kick the Chris and Scharly out of the ring and then Euforia hits a middle rope dive and then Gran hits an over the top rope dive. Ultimo Guerrero hits Ciber with a knee attack in the corner then school boys him. Second Fall: Ultimo Guerrero pins Ciber with a school boy.

Ultimo Guerrero challenges them for the trios titles again afterwards.

Winners: Ultimo Guerrero, Gran Guerrero, and Euforia

(Lightning Round) Mistico vs Negro Casas

Negro Casas and Mistico start to brawl on the ramp before Negro makes it to the ring. For some really odd reason CMLL has a timer and a graphic saying Match Relampago on the screen at all times during the match. A timer in the corner would be just fine, this is kinda distracting. Mistico hits a hurricanrana to the outside and then hits an over the top flip dive. They start to fight on the apron before they can make their way into the ring. Negro knocks Mistico off the apron and hits him with a fly senton where he lands on him.

When they get back in the ring Mistico hits him with a superplex for a close two count. Negro gets Mistico on the top rope and attempts a Frankensteiner but Mistico slips out and hits him with a super kick. He hits him with a running attack in the corner for a two count. Negro now gets him in the corner and hits a running drop kick for a close two count. Mistico hits a fireman’s carry slam on Negro and goes for a moonsault and then misses, Negro runs at him and Mistico kicks his legs out from under him then they exchange pinning combinations, and Negro wins that battle but for a 2 count.

Negro then gets his back and starts to undo his mask and while he does that he hits him in the back of the head. Eventually he ties Misitco’s mask to the ropes. As Negro runs at him Mistico removes his own mask while kicking Negro below the belt. The ref doesn’t know what to do but awards the match to Mistico assuming Negro took his mask off. For some reason the ref wasn’t looking at them when it happened. Terrible refereeing. Mistico wins via trickery.

Winner: Mistico

Atlantis, King Fenix, and Diamante Azul vs Rush, Cavernario, and El Terrible

Fenix and Cavernario start out the first fall working a fast mat wrestling based pace. Fenix is one step ahead of Cavernario and he goes for a dive and Rush intercepts him with a drop kick. Azul comes in to attack Rush but this leads to everyone entering the ring. They brawl for a bit, and then Diamante Azul hits a german suplex on Cavernario for a pin and Fenix hits a splash and then a cutter on El Terrible for the first fall. First Fall: Fenix pins El Terrible with a cutter.

In between the break they promote the talent that will be there for the Grand Prix. Fenix starts the second fall with El Terrible who wants him to chop him. He isn’t selling Fenix’s chops, then he takes his jersey off and Fenix’s chops still don’t phase him. He gets Fenix in the corner and the rest of Ingobernables come to stomp him. Fenix eventually gets the advantage over El Terrible and then hits a hurricanrana on Cavernario while he’s entering the ring and after that Rush tries his hand but Fenix gets the better of him and then feigns a dive.

Diamante Azul gets in there with Terrible next. Azul hits an arm drag and then super kick to dispose of him. Cavernario comes in next and slaps him a bit but then Azul press slams him and holds him there with one hand. Rush runs at Azul and he hits 3 consecutive tilt-a-Whirl back breakers on Rush. Now he tags in Atlantis and it’s Atlantis vs Terrible. Comandante holds Atlantis for a double team attack but he ducks and Terrible drop kicks her.

Then they all come to attack Atlantis but he hits them with tilt-a-Whirl slams. Atlantis wants Rush to get in but he gets attacked from behind, Fenix tries to make the save but the numbers are too much for him. Cavernario fights Fenix up around the stage area. Rush and Terrible hit Atlantis with corner attacks and then double basement drop kicks for the pin. Terrible then gets Fenix in a swing and Rush hits a basement drop kick. Diamante Azul pulls him out so he can’t be pinned too. Second Fall: El Terrible pins Atlantis after a double basement drop kick.

Third fall starts with Cavernario and Azul. Cavernario quickly hits his splash on him taking him out for the time being. They quickly dispose of Fenix and get Atlantis, which Rush hits with a belt across the back. Azul tries to help but gets hit with a shotgun drop kick off the top rope. Atlantis tries to fight back but he can’t, however Azul hits a dive from the ramp which brings Fenix in who then hits a big rotating dive on Cavernario to the outside. Diamante Azul goes for a senton of the ramp to Cavernario but he moves and hits Fenix with it instead. Atlantis gets a pinning combination on Atlantis but Rush hits a basement drop kick reversing the pin allowing Terrible to pin Atlantis. Third Fall: El Terrible pins Atlantis with a pinning combination after Rush drop kicked him.

Winners: Rush, Cavernario, and El Terrible

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