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Joe’s Weekly CMLL Review & Results (9/9/2018)



CMLL Coverage

CMLL is back with their weekly show, which means Joe is here to review it!

CMLL Monday Arena Puebla Show

Arkalis, Tigre Rojo Jr, and Black Tiger vs Rey Apocalipsis, Police Man, and Toro Bill Jr

It’s our CMLL opener, and Police Man and Arkalis start off and they start with some mat wrestling, exchanging holds. Black Tiger and Apocalipsis come in and they exchange holds and do some chain wrestling. Tigre Rojo gets in there with Toro Bill and they start to pick up the pace. Arkalis and Black Tiger pin Police man and Rey Apocalipsis with hurricanranas. First Fall: Arkalis pins Rey Apocalipsis with a hurricanrana.

Police Man and Black Tiger start off the second fall. They exchange a few chops to the chest, and then continue a fast pace. Black Tiger feigns a dive to the outside. This brings Apocalipsis and Arkalis in. The same happens with Arkalis feigning a dive, but then he hits a hurricanrana to the outside, this brings in Tigre Rojo and Toro Bill. Chaos breaks out with all of them in the ring. Arkalis starts to get double teamed. He’s hit with a fireman’s carry, then a splash from the top by Police Man for the second fall. Second Fall: Police Man pins Arkalis with a top rope splash.

Tigre Rojo and Apocalipsis start out, but shortly after Arkalis starts to get double teamed. They’re all in the ring now doing spots. They all hit dives from the top. Black Tiger hit a splash, Arkalis hit a leg drop, and Tigre Rojo hit a 450 on Toro Bill for the win. Third Fall: Tigre Rojo pins Toro Bill with a 450.

Winners: Arkalis, Tigre Rojo Jr, and Black Tiger

El Audaz, Fuego, and Stigma vs Virus, Distrubio, and Cancerbero

Stigma starts out with Disturbio, and they don’t do much but end up on the outside leading to El Audaz and Cancerbero to come in and do some mat wrestling. Virus and Fuego make their way in to increase the tempo of this match. Quickly the match breaks down and they’re all brawling. Audaz and Virus on the ramp, and now they’re triple teaming Stigma. They triple team El Audaz. Virus hit a spine buster on him, Cancerbero hit a splash, and then Disturbio hit him with a chop to the inner thigh for the win. First Fall: Disturbio pins El Audaz with a chop to the inner thigh.

Second fall starts with Fuego getting triple teamed. Disturbio was trying to unmask him. Now El Audaz is getting triple teamed, Fuego tries to stop it but the ref won’t let him. Weird time to enforce the rules. Stigma comes in to make the save. Fuego comes in too, and rolls up Disturbio for the fall. Second Fall: Fuego rolls up Disturbio for the second fall.

Fuego starts with Disturbio for the third fall, but he disposes of him bringing in Cancerbero who he disposes of to the outside, then Virus who he does the same to. Fuego poses then tags in Stigma. Stigma gets the better of Disturbio, leading to El Audaz squaring off with Virus. Audaz hits a nice arm drag from the apron, and then hits a dive. Fuego then hits a middle rope dive on Cancerbero and after that Stigma hits a top rope dive on Virus. El Audaz then hit a cross armbar on Virus for the win. Third Fall: El Audaz submits Virus with a cross armbar.

Winners: El Audaz, Fuego, Stigma

Kraneo, Volcano, and Stuka Jr. vs Mephisto, Luciferno, and Ephesto

Luciferno starts with Stuka. Like with the previous matches the first two to start exchange holds and do some mat wrestling. Stuka made the tag twice and the ref acts like he doesn’t see it. He was clearly looking at the second one, but it doesn’t matter because all participants brawl momentarily. Volcano finally gets in to relieve Stuka. Volcano hits a powerslam on Ephesto for the first fall. First Fall: Volcano hits a powerslam on Ephesto for the pin.

Second fall begins with Stuka and Luciferno again. Volcano comes in and starts running through the other team. He feigns a dive and then poses. He’s a rather large man so that would be a big dive. We’re back to Luciferno and Stuka and it quickly pours to the outside. Stuka does a tilt-a-whirl back breaker to all of them. Kraneo and Luciferno exchange chops in the ring, until Kraneo gets double teamed. Mephisto hits a sentom splash in the corner on Kraneo for the pin. Second Fall: Mephisto pins Kraneo with a senton in the corner.

The third fall in this CMLL match, like the first two, start with Stuka vs Luciferno. They start to triple team Volcano who I just have to point out how ridiculous he looks. He’s so fat that he has tape around his outfit keeping everything in place. This is the debut match for Volcano. Stuka hits a dive to the outside to take out Ephesto and Luciferno, and Volcano hits a spring board flop on Mephisto for the win. Third Fall: Volcano pins Mephisto with a spring board flop.

I have no better name for the move.

Winners: Kraneo, Volcano, and Stuka Jr

Mistico Rush vs Gran Guerrero, Ultimo Guerrero vs Cuatrero, Sanson vs Flyer, Volador Jr

I’m not sure what I just watched. All four were wrestling and then Mistico and Gran Guerrero went over the top and it was soon over. I surmise a battle royal and the two that weren’t eliminated their team goes last, and face the victors of this first tag match.

Now Gran Guerrero and Ultimo Guerrero are out to face Volador and Flyer in a tag match. So they start the match like a normal tag match, and as it goes on they exchange spots. They trade near falls until Los Guerrero’s catch them in a double submission for the win.

Now it’s Rush and Mistico vs Sanson and Cuatrero. The winner of this match faces the winner of the previous. At first I thought it was a gauntlet match but it’s a little different. A battle royal to see which teams go first. Then the winning teams face each other. A Quadrangular of Couples is the direct translation. Sanson and Cuatrero have the upper hand on Rush and Mistico. Double teaming one while the other is down. Both teams are brawling in the crowd now. Rush lifts a whole row of seats and hits Sanson with it. Rush and Mistico are now having the advantage by double teaming Sanson. Mistico hits a hurricanrana off the top on Sanson for the victory.

Out come Gran Guerrero and Ultimo Guerrero quickly to get the advantage on Rush and Mistico. Ultimo Guerrero and Rush brawl in the crowd to start and once Rush is taken out they double team Mistico. Rush comes back in and the tide starts to change. Rush goes for Ultimo Guerrero and Mistico starts untying Gran Guerrero’s mask. Mistico hits a big dive to the outside leaving Rush and Ultimo Guerrero in the ring. Rush throws the ref down and kicks Ultimo Guerrero in the nuts. Ref Dqs Rush. Final Fall: Los Guerrero’s win by DQ.

Rush chases the ref after the match, ref is running away.

Winners: Ultimo Guerrero and Gran Guerrero.

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