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Joe’s Weekly CMLL Review & Results (9/9/2018)



CMLL Coverage

CMLL Tuesday Arena Mexico Show

Sangre Imperial and Sonic vs Camorra, and Apocalipsis

Imperial and Camorra lock up to start the show off. We have the typical pattern of exchanging holds, feeling each other out. Some good ol’ freestyle wrestling. Tags are made to Sonic and Apocalipsis and they increase the pace a bit, while still feeling each other out. Imperial gets back in with Camorra, and imperial goes for a dive but gets intercepted by Apocalipsis which brings Sonic back in. Sonic quickly gets taken out with a submission and Apocalipsis gets Imperial with a cloverleaf. Apocalipsis submits. First Fall: Sangre Impreial with a Texas Cloverleaf.

Second fall starts with Camorra and Imperial. Camorra quickly disposes him to the outside leaving Sonic open to being double teamed. Once they knock Sonic out, Imperial comes back in to try his hand. The numbers prove too much. Now it’s time for Sonic to try again. Sonic and Imperial finally start to make a come back. Sonic hits a hurricanrana on Apocalipsis sending him to the outside. Then they hit a double team splash on Camorra, where Imperial basically slammed Sonic onto him. They repeat that to pin Apocalipsis. Very sloppy the second time around. Second Fall: Imperial pins Apocalipsis with a splash with help from Sonic.

Just like the first two falls, Imperial and Camorra start out. Imperial feigns a dive to the outside and poses, then tags Sonic in, to square with Apocalipsis. Sonic attempts to go for a dive but he’s cut off by Camorra. This leaves Apocalipsis in there with Imperial, and Apocalipsis just kicks Imperial in the nuts in front of the ref for the DQ. Third Fall: Imperial wins by DQ when Apocalipsis hit him with a low blow.

Winners: Sangre Imperial and Sonic.

Electrico, Star Jr, and Astral vs Akuma, Espanto Jr, and Espiritu Negro

Negro starts with Astral and they begin by feeling each other out with some mat wrestling here in CMLL. Espanto and Electrico get in there and continue the trend of mat wrestling. Espanto bites Electrico’s finger and the ref just doesn’t see it I guess. Electrico hits a head scissors on Espanto to the outside, then feigns a dive. Star Jr and Akuma are in next exchanging chops. Akuma hits a drop kick on him and a brawl breaks out. Espanto throws Astral into the barricade. Negro hits a back drop then Espanto hits him with an elbow on Astral for the pin. First Fall: Espanto pins Astral with a back drop by Negro, then an elbow.

Second fall begins and each team is going back and forth having the advantage. Electrico hits a big elbow drop on Espanto for a pin, then Astral submits Negro with the rings of saturn. Second Fall: Astral submits Negro with the rings of saturn.

Espanto and Star Jr start the third fall. Starts hits a back stomp into a leg drop in one motion. Akuma and Electrico are next, but it soon breaks out into a brawl. High spots are exchanged and Star Jr hits a head scissors into a pin on Akuma for the victory. Third Fall: Star Jr pins Akuma with a head scissor pinning combination.

Winners: Electrico, Star Jr, and Astral

Marcela, Lluvia, Princesa Sugehit vs Amapola, La Comandante, La Metalica

Metalica and Lluvia start the match out. They exchange some moves before Comandante comes in. She hits a big splash on Lluvia bringing in Sugehit, whom WWE fans are familiar with. She hits some arm drags which brings Amapola in. Marcela comes in to relieve Sugehit but she gets hit with a big spear. She makes a come back bringing in Metalica, who she hits a sunset flip on. It breaks out into a brawl. Marcela eventually gets a roll up pin on Metalica. First Fall: Marcela hits a victory roll on Metalica.

Second Fall starts and Sugehit is being triple teamed. She gets hit with a hard chop by Comandante. Lluvia gets teamed on next. Comandante and Metalica hold her in place while Amapola hits a drop kick. The same is done on Carmela except Comandante hits a double axe handle to the mid section. Comandante gets Lluvia with a boston crab for the fall. Second Fall: Comandante submits Lluvia with the Boston crab.

Third fall starts with Sugehit getting triple teamed. Then Marcela as Sugehit gets taken out. Lluvia tries her hand after Marcela gets hit with a lariat. Eventually they all start to brawl, and they keep exchanging big moves. Marcela hits a flipping senton off the apron onto Metalica, while Sugehit gets Amapola with a straight arm bar. Third Fall: Princesa Sugehit submits Amapola with an arm bar.

Winners: Marcela, Lluvia, and Princesa Sugehit

(Lightning Round) Rey Cometa vs Tiger

They start out fast paced, Cometa hits a spinning head scissors but soon after Tiger back drops him over the top and then hits a big rotating dive. They get back in the ring until Cometa disposes Tiger to the outside and then he hits a big rotating dive of his own. Cometa goes for a hurricanrana but it’s reversed into a power bomb. Cometa hits a standing spanish fly for a two count. Cometa hits another spanish fly from the top but it’s kicked out of. They fight to the apron and Rey walks up the big stage and hits a big dive. They exchange corner clotheslines when they get back in the ring. Tiger hits a big power bomb that’s kicked out of. Tiger hits a back stabber for the victory. Tiger pins Rey Cometa with a back stabber.

Winner: Tiger

Angel de Oro, Niebla Rojo, Guerrero Maya vs Shocker, Rey Bucanero, and El Felino

Angel de Oro and Felino start out the match up They lock up and exchange arm drags, then chops. They quickly move to the outside leaving, Guerrero Maya in the ring with Shocker. They’re already just brawling in this match. Felino attacking Guerrero Maya in the corner. Shocker and Bucanero hit de Oro with a press slam off the top and Felino puts him in a submission for the first fall. First Fall: Felino Submits Angel de Oro

We start this fall with Bucanero working over Maya. Maya starts to make a come back and hits everyone with a tilt-a-whirl back breaker. De Oro and Niebla Rojo then get Bucanero and Felino in submissions for the second fall. Second Fall: Niebla Rojo submits El Felino with a modified boston crab.

Bucanero starts with Maya but he wants De Oro instead, so Oro comes in. Oro starts to run wild hitting big moves on everyone, then he feigns a dive on Shocker and poses to the crowd. Maya comes in after and runs wild as well, concluding with a feigned dive and pose. Now it’s time for Niebla to show what he can do. Shocker and Niebla start exchanging chops to each others chest. El Felino now hits tilt-a-whirl back breakers on everyone, then Rey Bucanero hits a flap jack on Angel de Oro for the win. Third Fall: Rey Bucanero pins Angel de Oro with a flapjack.

Winners: Shocker, Rey Bucanero, and El Felino

Volador Jr, Diamante Azul, and El Valiente vs Ultimo Guerrero, Cavernario, and Gran Guerrero

We start the next CMLL match brawling, because why not? After his teammates get taken out, Volador Jr gets triple teamed. Next is Diamante Azul who gets hit with a triple team attack. Leap frog splash by Gran Guerrero with Ultimo’s help. Cavernario hits Volador with a modified fisherman suplex, and then a running middle rope splash for the pin. First Fall: Cavernario pins Volador with a running middle rope splash.

They start the second fall with much of the same, triple teaming. Diamante Azul finally dodges Cavernario and hits a double lariat on the Guerrero’s. Volador then hits a big dive and Diamante Azul pins Ultimo Guerrero with a press slam, but El Valiente submits Gran Guerrero with the tequila sunrise for the official fall. Second Fall: El Valiente submits Gran Guerrero with the Tequila Sunrise.

Third fall starts with Volador and Cavernario having a face off. Cavernario leaves the ring bringing in El Valiente and Ultimo Guerrero. Valiente is running wild but every time Cavernario comes in Volador intercepts him which leads to Cavernario leaving. Diamante Azul hits three consecutive tilt-a-whirl back breakers on Gran Guerrero. Volador and Cavernario finally square off. Volador gets the better of him, hitting a hurricanrana to the outside. Then El Valiente and Diamante Azul hit big dives. Volador and Cavernario are left in the ring. Volador drop kicks the ref when the refs back is turn then plays on the floor like Cavernario hit him with a low blow. The ref gets fooled and raises Volador’s hand. Third Fall: Volador tricks ref into a DQ finish.

Cavernario is challenging him one on one. They will face each other one on one presumably before the anniversary show. Probably not on Friday’s show because the matches are booked already.

Winners: Volador Jr, Diamante Azul, and El Valiente

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