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Joe’s AAA on Twitch TV Tapings 9/2/18, Review & Results



Texano Jr, Rey Escorpion vs Jack Evans, Teddy Hart vs Drago, Areostar vs Maximo, Mamba

Originally supposed to be Juventud and Jack Evans vs Areostar and Drago, they clearly changed it to a four way tag match. Get your fingers ready Joe, this is gonna be one hell of an action packed match. We start the match with Maximo and Texano. Maximo grinds on Texano when Texano gets his back for a grapple hold. He takes him down, and Maximo does it again. Then do some mat wrestling but Texano isn’t a fan of Maximo and Mamba’s homo erotic antics, so he tags in Escorpion.

Now we get Drago in with Teddy Hart. This is a normal four way tag match, for now. Aerostar knocks Jack Evans off the apron then hits a big dive on Hart. Jack Evans comes back in to go at it with Aerostar. The match breaks down and Texano and Escorpion attack Aerostar, which leads Mamba and Maximo to come in. Now we are getting a chaotic tag match. Mamba and Maximo hit big dives on Texano and Escorpion. Now Hart and Evans go two on two in the ring with Aerostar and Drago. Aerostar hits a big dive on Evans, then Hart hits him with a back stabber.

Mamba gets in the ring, then starts to twerk. Aerostar gears up for a huge dive where he goes flying into the crowd. Drago hits a canadian destroyer on Teddy Hart, but his foots on the rope. Hart then hits his powerbomb back stabber but Texano breaks it up. Escorpion launches Teddy Hart into Maximo. Maximo kisses him, Texano knocks Maximo out of the ring, Escorpion hits Hart with his finisher, followed by Texano. Texano pins Teddy Hart with a fireman’s carry neckbreaker.

Maximo and Mamba attack Texano and Escorpion after the match but to no avail. Maximo is busted open. They then whip him with the rope.

Winners: Texano and Rey Escorpion

Dr Wagner Jr, La Parka, and Murder Clown vs Jeff Jarrett, Taurus, and Killer Kross

Dr Wagner comes out dressed exactly like La Parka. Jeff Jarrett grabs the mic to start and tries to get a USA chant going. Jeff Jarrett called Dr Wagner grandpa. He’s two years older than Jeff. Taurus is there instead of Brian Cage. Jeff starts the match with Murder Clown. Taurus comes in after Jeff sneakily distracts Murder Clown. Murder Clown is working a smaller style against Taurus until Taurus counters him to the outside. La Parka comes in and they go at it for a bit, but nothing major happens. They tease Killer Kross and Murder Clown but Jeff comes in instead.

The crowd wants Dr. Wagner in. Wagner finally comes in but Killer Kross attacks him from behind, now Jarrett is beating on Wagner. He throws Wagner into the crowd, as Kross and Parka fight on the outside leaving Taurus and Murder Clown in the ring. Jarrett, is clearly blading Wagner and then hides it in his knee pad as if he didn’t clearly do it. Wagner is bleeding badly, as Kross gets him in a choke hold while Jeff has the figure four. They’re triple teaming Wagner as he’s bleeding all over the place. Wagner starts to make a come back, dragon screw leg whipping, Kross and Jeff. Wagner bites Jeff, and I’m not sure if Jeff is bleeding or if Wagner’s blood is all over him.

Taurus breaks it up, then Parka attacks him and dives to the outside. Kross and Murder Clown go back and forth, knocking Kross to the outside, then Clown hits a dive over the top. Now it’s a bloody Wagner and Jeff going at it in the ring, exchanging strikes. Wagner hits the Wagner driver but Kross distracts the ref. Jeff then kicks Wagner in the balls twice, then Jeff goes from the stroke, but Wagner takes it like a russian leg sweep. So Jeff picks him up and does it again, and they get it right. Jeff Jarrett pins Dr. Wagner with the stroke.

They continue to beat them up afterwards. Kross hits the Saito suplex after on Murder Clown. Jeff then takes his blade out again and swipes it across Wagner’s forehead. Wagner’s whole face is dark red with blood. Parka and Clown are helping Wagner, and there’s a stetcher but Jeff grabs it and hits them all from behind.

Winners: Jeff Jarrett, Taurus, and Killer Kross

Psycho Clown vs LA Park vs Hijo Del Fantasma

They still have Hijo Del Fantasma’s graphic with his mask. Maybe after this show that’ll change. He’s going with a new look now, no long the purple tights. LA Park is back in his black and silver outfit, as opposed to what he wore for CMLL Friday and Expo Lucha last night. Busy schedule for an old man, three straight days. Park takes some selfies with people in the crowd, what a guy. Psycho Clown comes out last. I believe LA Park threw around the idea of mask vs mask vs Psycho Clown but it went nowhere.

Fantasma and Clown are double teaming Park, to the crowd’s dismay. They’re behind LA Park in this one. Clown hits Park with a huge unprotected chair shot to the head. They set up a chair between LA Park’s legs and then hit that chair with another chair. Psycho brings out a broom stick next and breaks it over Park’s back. Clown hits a basement drop kick from the top to Park’s butt with the help of Fantasma. Psycho keeps playing to the crowd but isn’t getting a reaction.

Finally Park breaks away and kicks Fantasma to the outside and then hits a dive on him, followed by Psycho hitting a dive on him. A while later, Park and Psycho are in the ring together and exchanging chops. Park hits his spear on Psycho Clown out of nowhere, but Fantasma is there to make sure there is no pin.

Fantasma hits a huge TKO on Park and goes for the pin. Clown breaks it up by hitting him with a belt, the crowd boos. Park hits a powerbomb on Fantasma but Clown breaks up the pin. Park removes Clown’s mask and goes for a pin but Fantasma turns him around and kicks him in the nuts for the pin. Fantasma pins LA Park with an illegal shot to the nuts.

Texano and Rey Escorpion come out after to beat both men up. Fantasma with the help of his stable mates then remove LA Park’s mask. Some revenge for Fantasma.

Winner: El Hijo Del Fantasma.

As of writing this, is reporting that Rey Mysterio and WWE are working on a 3 year deal.

There is no significant news out of Expo Lucha. It was basically a lucha show case, with all the major companies. The highlight is Rey Mysterio, Pentagon, and Fenix beating Juventud Guerrera, Pscicosis, and Super Crazy.

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