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CMLL Arena Mexico Tuesday Show

Bengala and Sonic vs. Inquisidor and Yago

Yago had a very interesting entrance. Reminded me of Su Yung in Impact except with kids. I mean, not undead brides but with the zombie look. We start with Sonic and Inquisidor. They wrestle for a while before the tags are made to Bengala and Yago. Yago has quite the colorful outfit. Bengala looks like he’s ripping off the tiger mask mask. Nonetheless both Bengala and Sonic get each opponent in a pinning combination for the first fall. First Fall, Sonic pins Inquisidor with a pinning combination.

They’re promoting LIJ showing up for the Friday show after every fall for every match. So it’s not only WWE that continuously hammers things into your head. Second fall starts with Bengala and Yago. Soon into the second fall Yago gets sonic in a submission for the official second fall. Second Fall: Yago submits Sonic.

Third fall starts with Inquisidor and Yago getting heat on Sonic. Sonic and Bengala start to make a come back. Yago and Inquisidor fight back a bit until Bengala gets Inquisidor in a pinning combination for the third fall. Third Fall: Bengala pins Inquisidor with a pinning combination.

Winners: Bengala and Sonic

Sanely, Mistique, La Maligna vs. Amapola, Tiffany, and La Metalica

We have a women’s match so no female dancers. The women are pushing each other during the introductions. We start with Metalica and Maligna. Tiffany gets in and Maligna go after it and Tiffany hits a big spear that they replay. Sanely and Amapola are in next. They pick up the pace a bit. Mistique was limping bad for a spot, and she fell outside the ring. You can see the doctors are out there with a stretcher. Sanley pins Metalica and Maligna pins Tiffany. First Fall, Maligna pins Tiffany. Just a normal pin

Second fall, starts and they show how Mistique got hurt. She landed awkwardly on her leg. Watching a lot of basketball in my life it might be a torn ACL, but obviously I’m not a doctor. Sanely starts with La Metalica in the ring now, and obviously it’s a 2 on 3 match. Eventually it breaks down and Sanely gets triple teamed. Metalica hits a tiger driver on Maligna for a pin but the official fall is Tiffany submitting Sanely with a scorpion death lock. Second Fall: Tiffany submits Sanely with a scorpion death lock.

Third fall begins again with Maligna getting triple teamed. All three hit senton splashes on her. Now it’s time to triple team Sanely. Eventually Amapola pins Sanely with a face buster. Third Fall: Amapola pins Sanely with a face buster.

Blue Panther Jr, El Audaz, and Black Panther vs. Virus, Okumura, and Kawato-San

Blue Panther starts with Okumura for the first fall. Very quickly in this match chaos breaks out, with Audaz hitting an asai moonsault and black panther hitting a middle rope dive. And then Virus just submits Blue Panther jr for the first fall. First fall: Virus submits Blue Panther Jr.

Second fall starts with them getting heat on Black Panther. It devolves into chaos and everyone is in the ring doing moves and spots to each other. Blue Panther hits a choke slam on Kawato-San for the pin. Second Fall: Blue Panther Jr pins Kawato-san with a choke slam.

Third fall starts with Blue Panther, black panther, and Audaz triple teaming everyone on the other team one at a time starting with Kawato, then Okumura, and then Virus. Again, chaos is breaking out, I don’t think we’ll see anymore formal tags. Blue Panther hits a powerslam on Okumuro and to break up the pin Virus just slaps him on the ass. Kawato and Audaz have a tremendous back and forth. New Japan will be happy whenever he hurts. Blue Panther hits a dive to the outside on Okumura, then Black Panther disposes Kawato to the outside. El Audaz then hits a spring board moonsault but completely came up short. Black Panther then gets the pin on Virus with a double stomp to the face. Third Fall: Black Panther pins Virus with a double stomp to the face.

Winners: Blue Panther Jr, El Audaz, and Black Panther

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