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Ultimo Guerrero, Euforia, Gran Guerrero vs. Ciber the Main Man, The Chris, and Scharly Rock Star

As you would figure with a match with these six. They’re immediately brawling to start. But the crowd is absolutely into it so no need for a 5 star classic. They do a triple team attack on Ultimo Guerrero on the ramp way. The crowd has a less than favorable chant for this group of outsiders. They are spending time trying to unmask Gran Guerrero and Euforia. Ultimo Guerrero starts to make a come back, Gran Guerrero brings in a kendo stick and him and Euforia hit The Chris and Scharly with it for the DQ. First Fall: Gran Guerrero Dqs himself attacking the Scharly with a kendo stick.

Second fall, starts with Los Guerrero’s arguing with the ref about how it shouldn’t be a DQ. Los Guerrero’s then bring their argument to the outside, presumably to a CMLL official, not a ref, but then they’re attacked. Scharly is attacking Gran in the ring, while the others are on the outside. They’re triple teaming Euforia in the ring now, that Ultimo and Gran have been taken out for the moment. Now we are back to all six of them brawling on the outside. I’d like to make a note about how well I think CMLL’s ring and arena are presented. Even when there is brawling in the crowd, you can see it from wherever you’re sitting unlike in WWE or New Japan. Back in the ring, and Ultimo Guerrero is being triple teamed. Ciber pins Ultimo Guerrero win a choke slam. Second Fall: Ciber the Main Man pins Ultimo Guerrero with a choke slam.

Matt Taven vs Cavernario

They start with some basic mat wrestling. Taven hits a big dive, and then goes for a top rope move, which he misses. Cavernario then gets him in some kind of neck stretch for the submission. First Fall: Cavernario submits Matt Taven with a neck stretch.

Rush and Volador are ring side for their respective partners. Second fall starts with Cavernario still getting the heat on Taven. Rush distracts the ref, and Volador tries to stop it, but the ref tells him to leave, and Rush and Cavernario double team Taven. Taven is finally starting to build momentum to make a come back. He hits a lionsault for the pin. Second Fall: Matt Taven pins Cavernario with a lionsault.

Third Fall. The crowd isn’t as into this match yet as they should be considering it’s one half of the anniversary show. The first two falls were relatively short, so I expect the third to be longer. Third fall starts with Taven getting more of the offense in at first. Cavernario hits a cool looking suplex with Taven’s arm tied behind his back. Cavernario hits a spring board vader bomb for a close 2 count. Matt Taven goes for a move but gets thrown to the outside. Cavernario then hits a dive. He poses on top of the announce table. Now the fans are getting into it a little bit.

They bring the action back in the ring only for it to go back to the outside. Taven hits a big dive, but not to the same reaction as Cavernario’s. Cavernario gets Taven in the neck stretch again but Taven gets the ropes to break it up. Cavernario goes for a swanton bomb but misses. Taven then hits a frog splash on him but only gets a two count. The ref is distracted and Rush goes to underhook Taven but Volador super kicks him to the outside and then hits a dive. Taven then hits Cavernario with a kick to the nuts, for the victory. Third Fall: Taven wins with a shot to the nuts without the ref looking.

The crowd seems to be split on him winning.

Winner: Matt Taven

Rush, Naito, and Bushi vs. LA Park, Volador Jr, Diamante Azul

An interesting note, LA Park’s son usually gets booked for every show he’s on. Not this one. They show a video of all of Los Ingobernables reuniting. LA Park sure took his sweet time coming to the ring, donning the red outfit variety this time. All of Los Ingobernables comes out together. To the shock of nobody this match starts in a brawl. Rush smacks the hell out of Park with his own belt. Naito is in the ring working on Diamante Azul. Park and Azul are down, so Volador is being triple teamed. Volador hits a basement drop kick on Rush which drops him to the outside and then hits a dive. Park does a roll up combo on Naito for the pin, then Azul hits Bushi with a press slam driver for the pin. First Fall: Diamante Azul pins Bushi with a sit out press slam.

The announcers called it a Michinoku driver, but it certainly wasn’t. They’re continuing to brawl in between falls. Park attacks Evil even though he isn’t in the match. Rush and Volador Jr are in the ring together. I noticed it seems they’re trying to keep Rush and Park as separated as they can in this match. They’re brawling on the ramp way. Park attacked Naito with his belt. Park asks someone in the crowd for their drink, and they pour it on Bushi, and then Park hits him with the belt. They are now triple teaming Rush. Park hits him with the belt twice, and then he passes it to Volador. It gets back to Volador and Rush in the ring, but Rush leaves then ring to taunt some more.

Now it’s Diamante Azul in their with Naito. He rips Naito shirt, and then they exchange strikes back and forth. He hits a drop kick on Naito leading him to the outside. LA Park and Rush have a face off then Volador asks Park to let him handle it. The crowd gives him a chorus of boos. They still want that match, can’t blame them. Volador then does a few high spots before he gets caught and triple teamed. Rush hits a running attack on Volador Jr for the pin. Bushi then pins a downed LA Park and Naito makes the pin. The ref doesn’t look pleased. Second Fall: Rush pins Volador Jr with a running attack in the corner.

Third fall starts and the crowd is definitely into this match. Naito and Rush attack the little midget that’s out here for whatever reason. There is once again, chaos as they’re all brawling. Once again triple teaming Volador while Evil attacks Park on the outside. Everyone is brawling outside while Volador and Rush go at it in the ring. So far CMLL is telling the story they want in this match… I spoke too soon. Park comes into the ring with the camera wires to hit Rush once. The crowd goes crazy for that spot because it’s a call back to the first match they had a few months ago where Park beat the crap out of him with the wire.

Rush rolls to the outside, and then Volador hits him with a big dive. So far the biggest reactions in this match have been anything Park and Rush related. Bushi is in there with Park now. He keeps egging on Bushi to attack him. Park keeps slapping Bushi. Park does his famous dance that WCW fans will remember. Bushi then goes for a dive off the top and Park catches him and then does the dance again. He puts him in the ropes and does a Randy Orton like DDT.

Rush comes in to break up the pin, then Volador intercepts Rush. Crowd boos. Park hits Bushi with a spear, Naito then hits Park, Azul then hits Naito. Naito and Bushi go to the outside and Park and Azul both hit big dives. Volador has Rush dead to rights, and then Evil comes in to interefere. This disqualifies Los Ingobernables. Third Fall: Volador Jr wins by DQ from Evil.

They keep brawling after until the rest of Los Ingobernables comes out. Rush hits Volador with the camera wires. Naito is beating on Park on the outside. Naito and Rush both hit the tranquilo pose. Park gets back in the ring and Azul comes in and they all start brawling again. Rush has the mic now. He said Volador is humiliated with his family. Him and Park are related.

An audience member throws a drink at Rush. He’s now introducing the Japanese members to the crowd. Then he moves on to El Terrible then La Bestia del Ring. Crowd is booing. He finally moves on to himself, El Toro Blanco, The White Bull, Rush. So we didn’t get any Park or Rush potentially promo antics. Park behaved himself.

Winners: Diamante Azul, LA Park, and Volador Jr.

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