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Mitchell’s Lucha Underground Results & Report! (9/19/18)



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Lucha Underground Season 4, “The Hunted”

The Lucha Underground Champion is cornered by both death and the hunter! Both Mil Muertes AND King Cuerno challenge Pentagon Dark in a Triple Threat!


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  • Fenix VS Aerostar; Fenix wins.
  • Gift of the Gods Championship: El Dragon Azteca Jr. VS Marty “The Moth” Martinez; Martinez wins and becomes the new Gift of the Gods Champion.
  • Lucha Underground Championship Triple Threat: Pentagon Dark VS Mil Muertes VS King Cuerno; Pentagon wins and retains the Lucha Underground Championship.
  • Lucha Underground Championship Gift of the Gods Cash-in: Pentagon Dark VS Marty “The Moth” Martinez; Martinez wins and becomes the new Lucha Underground Championship.


Fenix VS Aerostar!

The Immortal Firebird has been anything but his old self since returning from the dead this time. He turned on his friends in Drago and his opponent tonight, and even his love in Melissa Santos. The luchador of time and space already rescued one of his friends when he freed Drago from the Reptile Tribe. Can he save Fenix from this darkness that has come over him? Or is Fenix too far gone already?

The bell rings and Fenix steps to Aero. Aero is taken aback, but then he doesn’t seem to take Fenix seriously. Fenix suddenly roars and boots Aero right in the face! Aero still rolls Fenix up, TWO! Aero runs but Fenix pushes him back, only for Aero to dropkick him down. Fenix staggers into a corner, and Aero runs in for a rope walking code breaker! Fenix stays up, so Aero runs back in. Aero misses and gets Fenix’s springboard calf kick. Fenix rolls Aero than hits the rolling cutter! Fans like the action as Fenix sluggishly covers. ONE because Fenix lets up to then ground and pound instead. Fans duel, but many are disliking this darker Fenix. Fenix grows enraged but Aero sunset flips to cover, TWO!

Things speed up and Aerostar tilt-o-whirls, then again, and again, to headscissor Fenix out of the ring! Aero builds speed to FLY! Direct hit! Believers fire up, but Fenix sits up like a deadman. Aero goes to put Fenix in the ring but Fenix hops up onto the apron. Fenix cartwheels over Aero, then powers him into railing! Aero writhes while the referee checks on him. Fenix lurks by the announce desk and passes by Melissa. He shoots her a death glare before continuing on, building up speed to dropkick Aerostar from behind! Fenix then drags Aero up and in, to slingshot moonsault, and then double jump senton! Cover, TWO! Aero survives, but Fenix is not amused. Believers are thunderous for Aero as Fenix is foaming at the mouth.

Fenix kicks Aero sharply in the back, and fans are in shock. Fenix drags Aero up, but Aero makes it into a destroyer! Aero hurries to the apron, springboards for a DDT! Cover, TWO! Aero fires himself up but Fenix is right up on his feet! Aero boots and boots and boots, but Fenix just takes it in stride. He even eggs Aero on. Aero gives a fourth booth but Fenix is up. A fifth booth, then a sunset flip powerbomb! TWO! The Believers know “This is Awesome!” as they both run at each other. Fenix powers Aero to the top rope and chops him sharply. Fenix climbs up to join Aero, for a dropkick flip, and another chop! Then a muscle buster, spin-out driver! Cover, Fenix wins!

Winner: Fenix, by pinfall

But that isn’t enough for the darkness, he rains down rights on Aero. Melissa pleads with Fenix to stop, but that only gets his attention. He stares her down. She knows this isn’t the real him. She tries to get through to him, she wants him to get help and be her Fenix. Fenix seems to struggle with himself, but he ends up rushing her! Melissa stands her ground and wants him to fight this darkness. Fenix grabs hold of her again but El Dragon Azteca Jr. comes in. Melissa keeps the peace, but Azteca protects Melissa. Fenix turns, but then he tackles Azteca into the apron! And CHOPS him! Then, calf kick! And then, the same spin-out “Black Fire Driver” to the floor! Dark Fenix leaves with Believers thoroughly against him now. Azteca still has a match tonight, will he even be able to compete?!


Gift of the Gods Championship: El Dragon Azteca Jr. VS Marty “The Moth” Martinez!

The Heir to the Eagle Tribe vows to make it all the way to Ultima Lucha Quatro, and has been undefeated in his three defenses. However, with what Fenix just did to him, does he even have enough to stand up? On top of that, his opponent is the “Creepy Bastard”, who returns from having his arm broken by Pentagon Dark during Aztec Warfare.

Antonio Cueto comes out and sees the unfortunate circumstances. Azteca has made him a Believer. Antonio thought Azteca would retain all the way to UL4. Azteca is in no condition to defend tonight, so Antonio will have to say it’s a forfeit. The title will be handed over to Marty. No, that’s not fair! Azteca forces himself to stand, because he would rather lose the match as a fighter. In that case, the match is on! Melissa is reluctant, but she has to introduce the match. Is this courageous or foolish on the part of Azteca?

The belt is raised and we begin! Azteca staggers into a boot from Marty! Marty isn’t his usual mood of manic joy, he is determined to hurt Azteca. He throws Azteca then throws furious hammer fists from both directions! The referee pulls Marty off but Marty comes back to stomp Azteca. Marty throws haymakers, then whips Azteca to ropes. Azteca counters the pop-up into an arm-drag. Azteca kicks and kicks, then enziguri! He runs but into the wheelbarrow and toss into a corner. Marty throws forearms into Azteca’s back, then wrenches the neck. Marty even goes after the mask! Azteca resists, so Marty bounces his head off buckles a few times. Marty then drags Azteca out for a backbreaker! Cover, TWO!

Fans rally for Azteca but Marty climbs up the ropes. Azteca gets up and shoves Marty all the way down! Marty hits the ground, but Azteca isn’t letting up. He slingshot huricanranas Marty down! Azteca takes aim from inside the ring, builds speed and FLIES over the post! Believers chant “Lucha! Lucha!” to honor both competitors and the sport. Azteca puts Marty in the ring, then climbs up top. Azteca leaps for the crossbody! Cover, TWO! Marty grins as he survives. Azteca clubs away but Marty shoves. Azteca comes back for a tilt-o-whirl DDT! Cover, TWO!! That was so close!

Believers actually duel as Azteca climbs on Marty for a sleeper. Marty slips out to put Azteca on his shoulders. Marty spins Azteca but then blocks Azteca’s huricanrana. He lifts Azteca back up but Azteca slips out. Marty kicks low then goes for the double underhook. Butterfly Driver! Cover, Marty wins!!

Winner: Marty “The Moth” Martinez, by pinfall; NEW Gift of the Gods Champion

The dream has come to an end! The Eagle falls while the Moth flies away with the gold. Melissa is not happy about this, as are most of the Believers. Marty shouts at the ref to bring him the belt, then demands he put it on the new champion. The referee obliges, and now Marty has a shot for the Lucha Underground Championship when he wants it. Will Azteca ever have a chance to get that title back? Or will Marty cash it in before then?


“It’s time.”

The White Rabbit himself meets with Paul London, the last of his followers. The Mad Hatter was waiting for what felt like a month. The White Rabbit says time is a flat circle. But he wants London to reassure him he has a reason to be here other than to complain. London defends that he’s done good. Mala Suerte and Saltador failed and were sacrificed, all to prove his “undying loyalty” to the White Rabbit. White Rabbit doesn’t care. London has missing tribe members. Doesn’t matter, because he has an idea. He and El Bunny, his little friend in the cage, have been getting “a little stir crazy” down the Rabbit Hole. If London would be so kind, perhaps he could show them the way to The Temple. London would love that! Then lead on. “With pleasure!”


Lucha Underground Championship Triple Threat: Pentagon Dark VS Mil Muertes VS King Cuerno!

The Breaker of Bones has done just that during his reign as THE champion of Lucha Underground. However, he’s made enemies along the way because of it. The Man of 1000 Deaths still owes him for past encounters, while the King of Hunters simply wants to take down the biggest prey possible. For the first time in the Temple, the title is on the line in a triple threat! Who will be the first man to prove themselves better than two and take the title home with them?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and Believers sing “Ole~ ole ole ole~, Cero~, Miedo~!” The bell rings and Muertes rushes both opponents. Pentagon SUPERKICKS and Cuerno running knee strikes, but Muertes stays standing. Muertes runs Pentagon over with a lariat, then hits Cuerno with one. Muertes puts Pentagon in a corner for the close-range clotheslines. Cuerno stops him but just gets added to the corner! Muertes hits nine on Cuerno then rocks him with a haymakers. He headbutts Pentagon, then throws Cuerno across the ring. Muertes uppercuts Pentagon, but runs into Cuerno’s boot! Pentagon SUPERKICKS Muertes again, then DOUBLE SUPERKICK! Muertes falls but starts to stir, so both Pentagon and Cuerno dropkick him out!

There is an uneasy alliance between these two, but they seem united against death. Cuerno builds speed, but then Pentagon kicks him down! So much for the alliance. Pentagon builds speed to FLY onto Muertes! Believers fire up with Pentagon as he puts Muertes up against a post. Pentagon swings but misses, his hand chops steel! Cuerno takes aim and DIVES on Pentagon! The Hell’s Arrow hits its target, but then so does the Devil’s Trident spear! Muertes stands tall and then runs Pentagon over with another lariat. He tears Pentagon’s mask! Believers boo the disrespect, but then have to clear out when Pentagon reverses the whip. Muertes stops himself from crashing into chairs, but Pentagon runs in. Muertes hip tosses Pentagon up into the upper deck!

Fans lose their minds while Muertes drags Cuerno up and into the ring. He whips Cuerno but Cuerno goes up and over to boot Muertes back. Cuerno tilt-o-whirl backbreakers Muertes! Cuerno runs but into the powerslam! Cover but Pentagon returns just in time! Pentagon glares wild eyed at Muertes and the two grind foreheads. Pentagon throws hands but Muertes stays standing. Fans chant while Pentagon chops and whips Muertes. Muertes reverses but misses in the corner, only getting post. Pentagon enziguris, runs, but into the choke grip! He breaks free and runs again, to slingblade fast! Then another slingblade! Pentagon heads to the top rope, and shouts “CERO! MIEDO!” Double stomps! Cover, TWO!

Cuerno returns as he climbs up top, and flying sunset flips. Pentagon rolls through but gets a stiff knee strike. Cuerno drags Pentagon into a fireman’s carry, for a Samoan Driver. Cover, but Muertes clobbers Cuerno! Muertes drags Cuerno up for the Choke Slam! But before Muertes can cover, Pentagon gets him with a backstabber! Pentagon stalks Cuerno, kicks him and clubs him, but he has to give Muertes another backstabber first. Pentagon returns to Cuerno, prepares the package, and hits the driver! Cover, Pentagon wins!

Winner: Pentagon Dark, by pinfall; still Lucha Underground Champion

The anti-hero does it again! He continues to successfully defend his title, even against two opponents at once. But wait, Marty Martinez returns and attacks! The newly minted GotG Champion clobbers the defending LU Champion! Marty clearly wants to challenge for THE title, but he has to give Antonio fair warning. He picks up the Lucha Underground title, to clobber Pentagon with it! Believers boo and jeer as Marty keeps stomping and clubbing Pentagon down. Then, Butterfly Driver! But he doesn’t look done, Marty curb stomps Pentagon down!

Antonio returns, and says that Dario insisted the GotG cash-in was used with a week’s notice. However, Marty made a “very convincing argument” as to why that’s stupid. Therefore, Antonio makes the GotG Championship cash-in an INSTANT cash-in! Does that mean Marty wants to cash-in now?! YES!! Then we have another Lucha Underground Championship match, right now!!

Lucha Underground Championship Gift of the Gods Cash-in!

The bell rings, Marty covers Pentagon, the referee counts, TWO!! It’s not that easy, Marty! Marty throws furious hammer fists but the fans rally up for Pentagon. Marty tries another cover, TWO! The shirt comes back off and Marty stomps away on Pentagon. He drags Pentagon up for haymakers, then ties the back of the mask to the middle rope! Pentagon is vulnerable to all of Marty’s fists and stomps. Believers boo and jeer even as Marty unties Pentagon. Cover, TWO!! Pentagon will not die like this! Marty keeps stomping and the fans are thunderous. The Believers again sing “Ole~ ole ole ole~, Cero~, Miedo~!” but Marty keeps on Pentagon in a corner.

Marty hoists Pentagon up top then climbs up to join him. Pentagon chops and chops and chops back! One more chop and Marty falls back. FLYING DESTROYER!! Marty rolls out but wait, who is that slithering in? She lurks behind Pentagon, and turns him around to kick him in the balls! She shrieks as she gives HIM a destroyer! The mystery woman slithers away, Marty returns to take advantage! He flaps his wings, and steals the Package Driver! Cover, Marty WINS!!

Winner: Marty “The Moth” Martinez, by pinfall; NEW Lucha Underground Champion

In one night, Marty has gone from returning talent to new Gift of the Gods to new Lucha Underground Champion! He is truly the first of his kind, but give assists to Muertes and Cuerno in the Triple Threat and then to this newcomer to the Temple. Speaking of, she presents Marty with his title, and they seem to be more than just friends. Will the Moth reign supreme thanks to this massive screw-job? Or will both Azteca and Pentagon have their revenge soon enough?



My Thoughts:

What a surprising episode! And it was all so masterfully threaded together so that each story affected the other. Fenix VS Aerostar was just part of the story for the resurrected immortal, and as I figured, Azteca stepped in when Fenix threatened to hurt Melissa. This costs Azteca dearly as he gets beat up and then forced to face Marty. I thought when Marty negotiated “something extra” with Antonio, it would involve Melissa, but clearly Marty has a new girl who is equally as crazy. Marty wins his match with a wounded Azteca to then wait for whoever won the Triple Threat to be vulnerable.

It’s great booking for Pentagon to be the first luchador in LU to win a Triple Threat, but it also makes sense he would be the first victim of the now Money in the Bank style Gift of the Gods Championship cash in. Pentagon would be overpowered if he also overcame a screw-job, so he had to lose here. Plus it’s great heat on Marty for being the first one to cash-in like this. We’ll obviously learn who his new girlfriend is next week, and I’d expect at least a mixed tag of Marty and his girl against Pentagon and Azteca so that both Faces get a shot at revenge. They can even tie in Azteca’s story by having Fenix cost them this match to then branch off for Azteca VS Fenix.

My Score: 8.8/10

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