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Mitchell’s WWE 205 Live Results & Report! (9/26/18)



205 Live = Cruiserweight Division

Two Cruiserweight grudge matches in one night! Will Noam Dar finally show up Lio Rush? Can Mustafa Ali get revenge on Hideo Itami for sidelining him?



  • Noam Dar VS Lio Rush; Rush wins.
  • THE Brian Kendrick w/ Drew Gulak & Jack Gallagher VS ???; Kendrick wins.
  • Mustafa Ali VS Hideo Itami; Double Count-Out.


Drake Maverick recaps recent events.

The Cruiserweight Championship was on the line, and Cedric Alexander was pushed to his limits by Drew Gulak. In the end, the Lumbar Check won it for the Soul of 205 Live, but that title will be on the line again in Melbourne, Australia. Maverick promises to be there to mediate the face-to-face encounter between champion and challenger tonight.

Meanwhile, the Scottish Supernova and the Man of the Hour finally face off. The 23 year old piece of gold talks big but wins big, will his undefeated streak continue? Or will Noam Dar down Lio Rush in no time flat? Plus, the Heart of 205 Live still lives despite what Hideo Itami did to him in their last match. Itami demands respect while showing no mercy, but will Mustafa Ali get revenge now that he’s 100%?


Noam Dar VS Lio Rush!

Two of the youngest and brightest stars in the Cruiserweight Division have had their war of words, but now it’s time to settle this in the ring. Will the Supernova rise to true stardom in the Division? Or will the 23 year old piece of gold’s value be what rises instead?

The Man of the Hour definitely doesn’t respect Dar as he sucker punches his opponent upon entering the ring! Dar runs at Lio but the referee keeps Dar back. The bell rings and then Lio leads Dar on a chase. Lio jumps up, over, in and then to the side. He slides but Dar keeps going. Dar fakes Lio out to then sweep the leg! Lio can’t run without both legs, but Dar also goes after the ribs with those knees. Dar snapmares Lio so that the legs go into the rope, and fans fire up with the Supernova. He drags Lio up for a snapmare into buckles, and Lio writhes. Dar drags Lio up to then back suplex toss Lio! Cover, TWO! Dar keeps his cool and sits Lio up. He traps Lio’s arms and puppets his mouth, saying “Help, Mommy! Help!”

The ref reprimands Dar so Dar crucifix pins Lio, TWO! Lio bails out of the ring. Dar pursues, and manages to stop himself from being put into steps. Lio kicks but Dar catches him between the ropes, so Lio SLAPS Dar, then handspring kicks Dar down! Lio runs and boots from the apron, then springboard Asai moonsaults Dar down! The fans like what they see as Lio puts Dar in the ring. Cover, TWO, and Lio grows frustrated. Lio stomps Dar down while talking trash. He stands Dar up for chops, but Dar hits back with forearms. Lio scoops and slams, then covers, TWO. Lio keeps his cool, then kicks Dar in the back. Dar writhes and Lio puts on a rear bearhug. Dar endures while fans rally up. Lio rolls to a bridging cover, TWO.

They stand up and Dar fights out of the hold. Lio ducks and then kicks Dar’s bad leg! Dar’s leg that took him out of action is still his biggest weakness, and Lio knows it. Lio strikes Dar and puts him in a corner for mudhole stomps. Fans duel while Lio toys with Dar. Lio snapmares but Dar sits up to catch the kick! Dar trips Lio up, then rocks him with that left forearm. Lio staggers but whips Dar. Dar reverses then dodges, Lio leap sinto ropes! Both men are down, gasping for air. The referee checks on them both but they’re okay. Fans rally up as Dar puts out his pinkies. Dar aims at Lio as Lio sits up. Dar throat chops, headbutts and European Uppercuts! Lio gets to a corner, and Dar runs in corner to corner for the forearm smash! Dar Northern Lights Suplexes, covers, TWO!

The Supernova can’t believe it, but this isn’t done yet. Fans rally up as Dar takes aim from a corner. Dar aims, runs, but Lio jumps the sweep to school boy. Dar slips through and catches the kick for an ankle lock! Lio endures and shouts in pain while Dar twists and pulls. He rolls and throws Dar off, but then Dar dodges. Lio goes up, Dar goes under, and then Dar catches Lio for a Northern Lights into buckles! Cover, TWO!! Dar is running out of ideas, he thought he had it. Lio flounders while Dar stands again. Fans rally up one more time, and Dar puts pinkies out again. Dar aims, runs, but Lio dodges. Lio goes to slap but Dar slaps him instead! Dar throws hands and kicks in a corner, not slowing down.

The referee backs him off, but fans like the aggression. Lio mule kicks the bad leg out, then back heel kicks Dar in the face! Lio drags himself up top, Final Hour frog splash! Cover, Lio wins!

Winner: Lio Rush, by pinfall

The Man of the Hour is still the Undefeated Piece of Gold! Lio continues to back up words with actions, can he climb his way all the way to the top of the Cruiserweight Division?


Drake Maverick mediates the Cruiserweight Championship face-to-face.

As promised, the 205 Live General Manager sits with Cedric Alexander and Buddy Murphy because of Super Show Down’s Cruiserweight Championship match on October 6th. The last time these two battled for the belt was an instant classic. This rematch is highly anticipated, especially because of Alexander’s undefeated streak in the year 2018. Murphy has matched Alexander in both physical and technical ability. Now Murphy has home field advantage, and this surely be Alexander’s toughest challenge to date. What does the champion think of all this? Alexander has only one thought: to win. Maverick took care of comparing them, but Alexander won their previous match because of pride. When it comes to the title and this Division, Alexander has more pride than anyone.

Pride? Alexander keeps bringing up pride but he also had every advantage possible. They were practically in Alexander’s backyard and Mama was in the crowd but Murphy was still moments away from winning. That sounds like an excuse to Alexander. The Juggernaut won’t have any excuses at Super Show Down. Murphy says he won’t need excuses because he’ll beat the hell out of Cedric and bring the Age of Alexander crashing down around him to become the NEW Cruiserweight Champion. Murphy leaves peacefully, but who will leave Super Show Down having won a war?


THE Brian Kendrick w/ Drew Gulak & Jack Gallagher VS ???

The Man with a Plan makes his return after being sidelined by the Stamina Monster. Kendrick is no stranger to situations like that, but now he’s hoping to also remind himself what it’s like to win. The bell rings and he boots his opponent right in the face! Captain’s Hook on, his opponent taps, Kendrick wins!!

Winner: THE Brian Kendrick, by pinfall

That has to be a record, both in 205 Live and in the WWE as a whole. The Man with a Plan successfully wins in his return, and he’s now joined by his fellow Ungentle Men. They celebrate with applause and handshakes, then Gulak immediately boots down the poor sap who just tapped! The referee tries to get Gulak to stop before he gets started, but he won’t! Gulak back suplexes the poor man, taking his frustrations over losing another title match out on him. Gulak throws body shots then a boot wash before setting the man in green and black on the ropes. Then Gulak goes to the apron, for a stiff kick across the face!

The referee checks on the man but Gulak isn’t done with him. Kendrick talks Gulak out of further beating the man up, and tosses him aside like trash. Gulak raises Kendrick’s hand in victory, and this Ungentlemanly Alliance continues to bring a cruel winter to the hottest hour of WWE. Will these three refocus and find a new path to the top of the Division?


Mustafa Ali speaks.

The Beacon of Light knows Einstein’s definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result. But he keeps facing Itami again and again, and it has ended the exact same way. Maybe Ali is insane, but he’s got people looking to him to stop Itami’s mean streak. Call Ali insane, because he’ll call it being a light in the darkness. Will Ali’s light shine brightest tonight? Or will Itami break the Heart of 205 Live all over again?


TJP speaks.

The Cruiser-Great is wearing a lucha libre mask! Many think TJP has no respect for the lucha culture because of how he yanked Lince Dorado’s mask off just so he could win. But those same people probably didn’t know TJP made a name for himself in Mexico wrestling with a mask on. He knows the passion, tradition and respect of Lucha Libre. But at the same time, you may not know that TJP didn’t care about it all then, and doesn’t care about it now. There is no tradition wearing a Halloween mask, but there is a tradition in tapping people out. TJP will start that tradition next week, against Kalisto. TJP may have cero respeto, but will he have muchos remordimientos after facing the Lucha Dragon?


Mustafa Ali VS Hideo Itami!

Finally, the Beacon of Light gets a chance at revenge on the Innovator of the GTS! Ali wore himself out last time and Itami took advantage, but now Ali is 100%. Will 100% be enough to shut Itami down once and for all?

The bell rings and the two circle. Itami baits Ali in but then uses the ropes for shelter. Ali is already annoyed at Itami not taking him seriously. They circle again, but Itami bails out. Itami soaks up the heat while taking his time returning. Ali works to keep his cool, but then Itami continues to taunt him by faking his reentry. Itami leads Ali on a chase, but then swipes at him on the return. Ali dodges and drags Itami out to chop him on the apron! Itami winces while he walks around the corner, but Ali pursues. Ali wants Itami to try and be tough now. He chops Itami again as the count reaches 4. Itami gets in the ring but Ali follows.

Ali jumps up and over Itami to then cartwheel past the kick! Ali speeds things up and flapjack dropkicks Itami down to then handspring back up. There’s no rust on Ali as he throws forearms on Itami. Ali whips but Itami reverses. Ali comes back to headscissor Itami. He blocks Itami’s kick and says “I’ve been waiting for this!” as he windmill kicks Itami down! Cover, ONE! Itami bails out but Ali keeps his cool. Ali drags Itami up on the apron but Itami trips him up. Itami goes after the legs and swings Ali sideways, Ali’s head hits the post! Itami demands respect while not showing it to Ali, as always. He yanks Ali all the way out to drop him on the floor. Itami drags Ali up for kicks against the apron, and Ali falls again.

The ref counts but Itami keeps on Ali as the count passes 5. Itami bumps Ali off the apron while putting him in. Cover, TWO, but Itami sits Ali up for a kick to the spine. Ali writhes while Itami soaks up the heat. Denver doesn’t seem to mind his ice cold ways as Itami sits Ali up for a neck wrench. Fans rally up for Ali, though, and Ali feeds off their energy. Ali fights out with body shots but Itami knees low. Itami whips but Ali tilt-o-whirls to a school boy then spins to a crucifix, TWO! Itami hits the kitchen sink knee! Cover, TWO! Itami stomps Ali and drops knees. He pulls down the knee pad, to jump over and scuff Ali’s face.

Itami stalks Ali and kicks him in the chest. Ali stands to chop Itami, but Itami kicks back. Ali chops again, then throws forearms. He whips but Itami reverses. Ali kicks Itami but Itami mule kicks back. Itami back suplexes but Ali slips out, only to get a DDT! Cover, TWO! Itami grows frustrated with Ali, covers again, TWO. Itami drags Ali up for another neck wrench. Fans rally again and Ali endures as Itami wrenches the other way. Ali stands but Itami throws him down. Itami again soaks up heat, before going after the legs for a full Boston Crab! Itami sits down on it deep already, then shifts to a Half Crab. Ali endures while Itami pulls back.

Fans rally but Itami stomps Ali’s head to keep him down. Ali drags himself towards ropes either way, but Itami pulls him away again. Itami stands on Ali’s head while pulling on the leg! Ali finds another gear and drags himself, to the ropebreak! Itami lets go, but he simply grimaces as he kicks Ali right out of the ring! Itami goes out to fetch Ail but Ali crawls around the corner. Ali stands but Itami is on him, throwing him into the ringside stage hand! Ali and the stage hand topple over, but Itami kicks away on Ali against barriers. Itami grins smugly as he demands more respect. The referee warns Itami but Itami doesn’t care. Itami brings Ali up, and snap suplexes him on the floor! Ali writhes while Itami leaves him for dead on the outside.

The ring count passes 5 while Itami believes he’s already won. Ali gets in at 8, and that frustrates Itami. Itami drags Ali up, fireman’s carry, but Ali fights out fast! Ali rolls Itami, TWO, but Ali slips out to roundhouse from the apron! Ali slingshots in, jumping X-factor! Then, from the second rope, Ali aims and hits a flying sunset flip! But he doesn’t cover, he makes it a deadlift sit-out powerbomb! Cover, TWO!! Itami narrowly survives, and Ali can’t believe it. Ali sits up while Itami drags himself to ropes. Ali grits his teeth but Itami yanks him to the apron. Itami runs over but is dumped out completely! Ali aims, slingshots, runs and FLIES! He takes Itami out with the somersault plancha! Fans chant “205! 205!” for this amazing action.

Both men slowly stir while the ref counts again. Ali is up at 5 and brings Itami in at 7. Ali climbs up to the very top, but Itami rolls all the way away. Itami bails out from the far side, but Ali just hops down and pursues. Ali walks over but into a back elbow. He blocks the steel steps bump, though, and then uses them for a springboard, only for Itami to boot Ali out of the air! Itami drags Ali up and in, covers, TWO! The Heart of 205 Live is still beating, but Itami is ready to continuing giving him a beating. Itami sits Ali in a corner and goes corner to corner, but Ali dodges the hesitation dropkick! Itami kicks buckles, Ali comes in, and hits the flying DDT! Cover, TWO!!

Ali still can’t believe it, but he has one more move left. He climbs up top, but Itami trips him up! Ali ends up stuck on the top, and Itami climbs up to join him. Itami has Ali, for the SUPER Falcon Arrow!! Cover, TWO!? Now Itami can’t believe it! Itami grits his teeth as he stomps and kicks Ali around the ring. He even toys with Ali a bit as he hoists Ali up top again. Itami climbs up with Ali one more time, and wants something from the very top. Ali knows, and he fights back with body shots. Ali then shoves Itami while jumping, for a special splash! Cover, TWO!!

Fans fire up while Ali climbs again. Ali aims, but Itami escapes to the apron again. So Ali goes after Itami with ferocity as he rains haymaker after haymaker down! The referee pulls Ali away, but then Ali adjusts his flight plan. Ali aims, 450 onto the apron!! Both men are wipe out while fans lose their minds! The referee counts and passes 5 but Itami hasn’t moved. Ali writhes, drags himself up, but it’s not enough. The count reaches 10!

Double Count-Out

Ali’s revenge is only half successful as this match comes to a draw! Drake Maverick hurries out to ringside to call for medics. Itami and Ali are both worse for wear, will this war between them ever end?



My Thoughts:

A solid episode right here for 205 Live. Opening with Lio VS Dar was great, I really liked this for their first match ever. Lio wins to keep his streak going, but I wouldn’t mind seeing a rematch. Lio might be doing double duty as Lashley’s Manager of the Hour, but him getting to the title in the near future would really help both men because then Lio can say “If it works for me, it’ll work for you!” or something like that. Lashley & Lio being singles champions together would be great, and can be used to hook main roster viewers into watching 205 Live. Meanwhile, Dar is just fine because he still has that WWE United Kingdom Championship title match in his back pocket. Then we can come back in a few months and have a Cruiserweight VS UK Champion VS Champion situation.

Kendrick surely did break the record for fastest squash match, but I also like that we’re getting more of that #NoTitleNoPeace campaign Gulak and crew started. I hope this brings them back around to that still unofficial Cruiserweight Tag Team Division. And speaking of, TJP does give a nice twist on why he’s against Lucha House Party, but I don’t know if he needs a tag team partner. In kayfabe, I’m not even sure he could get one because of his ego. But TJP VS Kalisto is still going to be a great match for both guys while they’re technically in a holding pattern. The face-to-face segment backstage was pretty good. Alexander has a decent promo but Murphy has a great one. Their match is going to be great, and no offense to Alexander but I’m hoping Murphy wins in Melbourne for the hometown hero pop alone.

Ali VS Itami was stellar as always, and I really liked that Denver, tired as they were from a great SmackDown, still had the energy to put into this match. I’m really surprised by that double count out finish, but I also like it because it keeps both guys strong. Their blow-off definitely has to be a No Disqualification or some such match, like most blow-offs are in 205 Live. Ali and Itami are both great talents, so I say again, the winner of this feud could easily move on to challenge whoever comes out of Super Show Down as champion. Itami VS Murphy, Itami VS Alexander, Ali VS Murphy, Ali VS Alexander, you can’t go wrong with any of those.

My Score: 8.5/10

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