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Mitchell’s WWE 205 Live Results & Report! (9/4/18)



205 Live = Cruiserweight Division

Cedric Alexander knows Drew Gulak wants his Cruiserweight Championship, but keeps avoiding actual confrontation. Will Alexander get Gulak to man up tonight?



  • Gran Metalik VS Tony Nese w/ Buddy Murphy; Metalik wins.
  • Noam Dar VS Brian Kelly; Dar wins.
  • Cedric Alexander VS TJP; Alexander wins.


Gran Metalik VS Tony Nese!

The feud of speed versus strength continues as The King of the Ropes goes 1v1 against the Premier Athlete. The Cruiserweight Juggernaut defeated the Lucha Dragon last week, can Metalik even things against Nese here tonight? Or will the Body Guys gain ground two weeks in a row?

Nese is interviewed backstage before the match, but Nese is not in the mood. He’s literally having a match in 30 seconds. Murphy takes the interview for Nese, and he himself has a whirlwind week. Murphy beat Kalisto and now he’ll get a Cruiserweight Championship match in his hometown of Melbourne, Australia, as part of Super Show Down. The Aussie Aggressor was an easy choice, because he’s Melbourne’s biggest star, the most dominant star on 205 Live, and was “this close” to defeating Cedric Alexander for the title the last time they fought. But now things will be in Murphy’s backyard, and so he’ll have thousands upon thousands of people cheering for him when he becomes the new Cruiserweight Champion. But for tonight, he knows Nese will take care of business.

Given the continued ringside ruckus that happens between these two teams, including last week, Nese and Metalik are alone in the ring. The bell rings, and Metalik circles with Nese. The two tie up, Metalik gets a waistlock. Nese standing switches and gets a headlock. Metalik powers out but Nese runs him over with a shoulder. Nese runs and things speed up. Metalik arm-drags but Nese arm-drags back, and their dropkicks cancel out. They both handspring, and fans like the stalemate. Nese kicks but Metalik reverses to a waistlock. Nese elbows out but Metalik chops him back! Metalik whips Nese but Nese reverses. Metalik goes up and over but Nese does, too, then handsprings to mule kick, knee lift and leg sweep!

Nese springboards but lands on his feet when Metalik dodges. Metalik handsprings but Nese dodges the rebound. Metalik handsprings again to arm-drag Nese! Fans fire up for this lucha exhibition as Metalik arm-drags Nese out of the ring. Detroit echoes “Lucha! Lucha!” and Metalik eggs Nese on. Nese comes back but gets a dropkick. Metalik builds speed, slides out but Nese avoids. Nese alley-oops Metalik up, catches the kick and sweeps Metalik onto the apron! Nese climbs up to join Metalik and prepares a bomb! Metalik holds on for dear life, and gets out to SUPERKICK Nese. Metalik leaps, but his huricanrana is countered into a swing into barriers! The referee tells Nese to bring this back inside, so Nese puts Metalik in. Cover, ONE, but Nese stomps Metalik out.

Nese stalks Metalik to a corner and drags him up. Metalik fights back with body shots and haymakers, but NEse shoves him. Metalik boots Nese and grabs Nese for a DDT. Nese blocks into a Northern Lights, cover, TWO! Nese stomps Metalik more, then flexes just to show off. Fans boo while Nese drags Metalik up. Metalik fights back again, but Nese throat chops. Nese whips Metalik corner to corner, but Metalik stops himself to elbow Nese away. Metalik hops up, moonsaults but Nese catches him! Nese spins Metalik, but gets a DDT counter! Both men are down but stirring as fans “Lucha! Lucha!” for Metalik. Metalik stands in a corner and then runs for the Sling-Dog! He keeps going, walking the ropes to missile dropkick Nese! Cover, TWO!

Metalik drags Nese up for a fireman’s carry but Nese slips out. Metalik swings around to a sunset flip! TWO but Metalik chops Nese again. Nese reverses the whip but Metalik handsprings, only to get the heel kick! Both men are down again, and Metalik gets to the apron. Fans build to a rally as Nese drags Metalik up by his hair and mask. Nese suplexes but Metalik slips out. Nese boots and ends up on the apron, but Metalik meets him at the corner with a kick! Metalik backs off to run back in, for a SUPER Huricanrana! He sends Nese to the floor but ends up crashing, too! Fans build to a rally as both men slowly stir. Metalik gets up onto the apron first, but Nese pursues. Nese grabs a foot but gets a mule kick. Metalik climbs up, for a SUPER Moonsault, that gets Nese’s boots!!

The referee checks on both men but they’re okay to continue. Fans fire up as Nese staggers to his feet. Nese is in the ring, Metalik follows and gets in at 7. Nese is on Metalik but Metalik fights back. Metalik chops but Nese sweeps the legs! Nese runs, to FLY! The Premier Athlete puts Metalik in the ring then climbs up high, for a 450!! Cover, TWO!! Nese can’t believe that Metalik survives. He stands up as Metalik drags himself up. Nese throws Metalik into the post! Metalik sits down and Nese brushes off the knee. Nese runs, but into a SUPERKICK! Metalik fireman’s carry, spins, Metalik Driver! Cover, TWO!? Metalik’s best standing move, and Nese survives!

Metalik gets himself to a corner and drags himself to the top rope. Nese rolls over and SHORYUKENS Metalik! Nese climbs up now, chops Metalik so sharply, but then Metalik fights back. They stand up but Metalik crotches Nese on the ropes! To then SUPER STEINER! Metalik gets back up as fans fire up, for a tightrope walking ELBOW! Cover, MEtalik wins!

Winner: Gran Metalik, by pinfall

Lucha libre ties the singles series with the powerhouses, and Lucha House Party appears to celebrate with their amigo! They even have candy from Penelope Pinata! Will they continue to taste sweet, sweet victory against Nese & Murphy? Or will the Body Guys give them some bitter defeat in the coming weeks?


Drake Maverick speaks with a referee.

The GM of 205 Live doesn’t know what Cedric Alexander has planned for tonight, but make sure everyone is ready. And if something crazy does happen, Maverick will take care of it. The ref heads out and in walks Mustafa Ali. Ali was kinda hoping Maverick would still be in his Authors of Pain gear from last night’s Raw, but oh well. Maverick’s Monday nights are of no concern to Ali, but what is of concern is this show. Ali confronted Hideo Itami before being cleared to compete. But Ali couldn’t just stand by and watch that! Plus, he’s fine! That’s what Ali said before his previous match with Itami, and look what happened.

Maverick appreciates Ali wants to end Itami’s violence, but Ali will not step into the ring again until Maverick says so. Ali leaves, not happy with the boss’ orders. Will he listen to Maverick? Or will his heart get the better of him again?


Noam Dar VS Brian Kelly!

The Scottish Supernova has been red hot since returning. He won the unofficial series of three against TJP, and is still waiting for a chance at the WWE United Kingdom Championship as he earned back in June. But before he can get going here, Lio Rush appears! The Man of the Hour, sporting a new hairdo, heads to the ring to watch the former youngest Cruiserweight in the WWE from commentary. Will the 23 Year Old Piece of Gold be too much of a distraction for Dar?

The bell rings and Dar circles with Kelly. They tie up and Dar gets an arm wrench. Dar gets a headlock while Lio wants to know why he wasn’t booked for Summerslam weekend. Kelly powers out of the headlock but Dar runs him over with a shoulder. Things speed up but Dar holds ropes to then duck and table-top Kelly. Dar whips but Kelly leaps, only to miss the crossbody. Dar bobs ‘n’ weaves then snapmares Kelly into the ropes. Kelly bails out to the apron but he hotshots Dar back. Kelly gets back in and rains rights on Dar. He backs off at the ref’s count but shouts “I came to win!” Kelly drops an elbow on Dar, then puts on an armlock.

Dar gets up and fights out of the hold. Dar runs into a back elbow and Kelly hops up onto the ropes, but Dar sweeps the legs. Lio admits he’s a little impressed by Dar, so he wanted to see things in person. Dar fires off on Kelly, then runs in at the corner for a back elbow. He throws Kelly with a Northern Lights, then stares down Lio. Lio figures Dar is a fan of his. Dar sweeps Kelly’s legs, then puts pinkies out as he takes aim. Dar hits the Nova Rolla! Cover, Dar wins!

Winner: Noam Dar, by pinfall

The Supernova continues to stare down the Man of the Hour. Lio sees Dar is a winner, but he’s not undefeated like Lio. Lio stands on the announce desk to “applaud” Dar but Dar gives the bear claws back. When will these two young, fast and rising stars meet in the ring?


Drake Maverick finds Cedric Alexander backstage.

The GM knows Alexander and Drew Gulak have history, and normally Maverick wouldn’t allow his show to go this way. But out of respect to the champion, he will let Alexander go out there. Alexander needs to keep it professional, because if it escalates, Maverick will intervene. Alexander says “You’re the man, boss.” What will the Soul of 205 Live have to say to the Philly Fury?


Cedric Alexander heads to the ring!

The Age of Alexander has been undefeated in the year 2018, and has been champion for almost five months now. However, between Buddy Murphy in five weeks and Drew Gulak causing trouble in the name of a title match, the champion has a lot going on right now. Alexander says he’s a man of very few words, so he’ll keep this short and sweet. If Gulak has any sense of integrity, he’ll come down to the ring so Alexander can finish what Gulak started. Alexander waits, taunting the submission specialist, but if that’s how it is– Wait, TJP comes out?

The inaugural (New Era) Cruiserweight Champion responds to Alexander by saying it’s not surprising Gulak isn’t out here, he’s too much of an opportunist. But TJP is impatient, so he’s not waiting anymore for that title. Cute side plates, but here’s a history lesson: the center plate was made for TJP. TJP will happily put Alexander on his next trading card, where the picture will be Alexander “on the mat, tapping out to me”, putting TJP in line for a title match. Alexander doesn’t mind, he’s itching for a fight. TJP enters the ring but Drake Maverick appears! The GM did say he’d intervene if things escalated. He’s the person who makes the matches, after all. Now he’s going against his GM code, but he’s also a shameless promoter. He likes what he sees, so it’ll be Cedric Alexander VS TJP, right now!

Cedric Alexander VS TJP!

We have the Soul of 205 Live, the FilAm Flash, and a referee, so the match begins! Alexander and TJP circle and tie up. TJP gets a waistlock then shifts to a cravat. He shifts to an arm wrench but Alexander rolls and handsprings through to wring TJP to the mat. He has TJP down but TJP springs up. Alexander reels TJP into a headlock but TJP powers out. Alexander runs him over with a shoulder but TJP kips up, only for Alexander to throw him down again. Things speed up now, but TJP counters Alexander to a waistlock. Alexander runs and handsprings to hit the Neuralizer! TJP bails out but Alexander takes aim. Alexander builds speed as fans fire up, to DIVE! He hits TJP down but lands on his feet.

Alexander gives high-fives to the front row before picking TJP up. He ram TJP into the LED, then refreshes the count. Alexander chops TJP, then puts him back on the apron. Alexander joins TJP but TJP hits back, to DDT Alexander on the apron! TJP catches his breath while Alexander shakes out the cobwebs. TJP brings Alexander up and in at 5, then drags Alexander up to slingshot and spin around to an Octopus Stretch! Alexander pries his way out, to a Stretch Muffler! TJP crawls and rolls to a cover, TWO! Alexander somersaults and handsprings to a headscissor and dropkick! TJP rolls out again but Alexander pursues.

Alexander rocks TJP with a European Uppercut, then puts him back in. TJP rolls all the way to the opposite apron. Alexander counters his shoulder with a knee, but then TJP kicks out Alexander’s legs! TJP ties Alexander up in the ropes for another Octopus Stretch! The referee counts but TJP lets go at 4. TJP stalks Alexander and stomps him down. He hammerlocks Alexander’s arm and throws him into buckles. TJP puts the arm in the ropes and pulls, putting his boot in Alexander’s chin. Alexander fights back with swfit chops, but TJP boots the bad arm. TJP runs but Alexander dropkicks the legs out! TJP hits buckles and then Alexander gives him a knee in the corner! Alexander aims, and step-in springboards for the tornado complete shot! Cover, TWO! Alexander keeps his cool while getting his arm moving.

TJP gets to a corner but Alexander has fans firing up. Alexander runs but into a roundhouse! TJP runs but into the scoop, to turn it into a victory roll! TWO, but TJP has Alexander’s arms. TJP hammerlocks one and YANKS on the other! Alexander writhes and shouts in pain, but he refuses to quit. TJP drags Alexander up to suplex for uno amigo. He spins around and back suplexes for dos amigos! Cover, TWO, so TJP keeps on that bad arm with a modified armbar. Alexander resists but TJP still gets the other arm and bends them both. Fans rally up again as Alexander endures. Alexander powers up and fights back, but TJP elbows him to a corner. TJP whips but Alexander reverses. TJP springboards for forearms! He kips up to show off, but runs into Alexander’s boot. Alexander springboards for the flying lariat!

But it was double-edged after what TJP has done to him. Alexander can’t cover, so both he and TJP are down. Fans rally up again and Alexander feeds off it. Alexander stands but TJP follows. TJP runs in, but Alexander kicks him away. Alexander boots TJP down, then starts to rally with lariats .He spins TJP around for the stiff back elbow, then suplexes into a gutbuster! Cover, TWO!! Alexander is shocked, but he then grits his teeth as he prepares his true finisher. He lifts but those bad arms give out. TJP goes to run, but Alexander reels him in, only for TJP to counter into a guillotine! Then he shifts it to a hoverboard wristlock! Alexander stays standing, and powers out to a Michinoku Driver! Cover, TWO!! Alexander is again shocked, but the fans are loving this.

TJP is down, so Alexander goes back to a corner. Alexander aims as TJP stands, springboard lariat CAUGHT into a Fujiwara! Alexander reaches, rolls, but TJP makes it a Kneebar! The champ endures, and manages a ropebreak! TJP lets go, but he has Alexander hurting in the corner. TJP walks over and toys with Alexander, but that only angers Alexander. Alexander gives a forearm, but TJP fires off kicks. Alexander hits back, catches a kick, but gets caught into an armbreaker! He makes it a cover, TWO! TJP scoops but alexander slips out, half-nelson into LUMBAR CHECK! Cover, Alexander wins!

Winner: Cedric Alexander, by pinfall

But now that the match is over, Drew Gulak finally appears. He tells Alexander, “Congratulations, another ground breaking performance”! But what was that earlier? Finishing what they started? Well Gulak’s in his practical ring gear, and after careful consideration, Gulak accepts Alexander’s challenge. Gulak heads to the ring and Alexander is ready, but as usual, Jack Gallagher does Gulak’s dirty work. Alexander fights Gallagher off but Gulak pounces! Gulak drags Alexander into the GuLOCK! Alexander flails as he’s stuck in the dragon sleeper and body scissors, but Gulak lets go as Maverick and other referees rush in. Maverick reprimands Gallagher and Gulak again, but Gulak has accomplished his mission. Will Gulak get a shot at Alexander before Super Show Down? Or is he just making it that much easier for Buddy Murphy?



My Thoughts:

A pretty solid episode right here. I was surprised to see there was no opening with Drake Maverick giving a rundown of tonight, but after it’s all over, it makes sense as to why he didn’t: he would’ve given us some spoilers! Anyway, Metalik VS Nese was great, it even got this considerably smaller and tired crowd going. That’s what I actually appreciated about tonight’s crowd. They were the ones who stuck around because they wanted to see more good wrestling, and were invested into what they got. Metalik wins but will have a match with Buddy Murphy next week, that should be great, too. I still need Cruiserweight Tag Team Championships resulting from this feud, though.

I like that they’ve already set up Lio Rush VS Noam Dar for the coming weeks. Dar wins against the resurrected red trunks jobber from last night’s Authors of Pain squash, but his matches with Lio will be great. It doesn’t really matter who comes out the winner of this feud, but I wouldn’t mind seeing that winner move up to get a Cruiserweight Championship match for it. I’m also waiting to see Dar VS WWE UK Champion, who I assume will still be Pete Dunne by that time. Dar being a crossover star is great for him and both shows, it shows HHH being in charge will bring more fluidity between such brands.

Giving us TJP VS Alexander was a great surprise, and they did great in all of that. I like that, with Alexander still being undefeated this year and having a lot coming at him for the Fall, any match could completely change things for him. TJP looked close, and Murphy could be even closer in October. But I’m betting, especially after Gulak taking advantage of Alexander again tonight, there will be something for at least Hell in a Cell week, like a title match on the Tuesday before or after the PPV. It would be insane and actually smart if Gulak wins to take Alexander’s title and 2018 win streak to then be the one to go against Murphy in Melbourne. In fact, escalate things and make that match triple threat because Alexander wants his rematch.

My Score: 8/10

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