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Mitchell’s WWE Mae Young Classic 2 Results & Report! (9/19/18)



WWE MYC 2018

Witness the WWE return of Kaitlyn as she goes power for power against the pretty powerhouse in Kavita Devi! Plus, the MYC returns of Mia Yim and Toni Storm!



  • Kaitlyn VS Kavita Devi; Kaitlyn wins and advances.
  • Toni Storm VS Jinny; Storm wins and advances.
  • Karen Q VS Xia Li; Li wins and advances.
  • Mia Yim VS Allysin Kay; Yim wins and advances.


The Mae Young Classic 2018 Tournament’s first round is almost over!

Eight of the best women from around the world have advanced, sending eight others home with defeat. Who will be the next four in and the next four out?


Kaitlyn VS Kavita Devi!

The former Diva’s Champion is back in the WWE, but went through quite a lot while she was away. She is ready for her second chance, and has much more confidence than before. Meanwhile, the powerhouse from India was a big part of NXT’s involvement at Wrestlemania 34 and the Women’s Battle Royal. She lost early in the inaugural MYC against Dakota Kai, but she comes back truly stronger than before. This is as much a match of might as it is determination, who will make the most of their time in the second Mae Young Classic?

Kaitlyn goes to shake hands but Kavita refuses. The bell rings and Kavita hushes the “Welcome Back!” chants as she ties up and throws Kaitlyn down. Kaitlyn gets up and they tie up again. They go around and end up in a corner, but then on the ropes. Kaitlyn backs off but Kavita gets a headlock. Kaitlyn powers her way out to hit a big sliding lariat! And then a leg drop! And another! Kaitlyn drops a third leg, then covers, TWO! Kavita checks her jaw but Kaitlyn is on her. Kavita powers out to a backbreaker and urenage! Cover, TWO! Kavita drags Kaitlyn up and whips, back elbows, covers, TWO! Kavita grows frustrated but she scoop slams Kaitlyn. Cover, TWO!

Kavita runs and kicks Kaitlyn in the back. Fans rally for Kaitlyn but Kavita puts her in an armlock and partial headscissor. Kaitlyn feeds off the rally and pries her way out. Kavita keeps on the arm, but Kaitlyn arm-drags out. Kavita comes back with a fireman’s carry but Kaitlyn fights out. Kaitlyn pushes Kavita away, then dodges to fire forearms. Kavita stays standing but Kaitlyn runs her over with the big shoulder tackle! Kaitlyn whips and back elbows, then scoops and slams Kavita. She dropkicks Kavita down and Kavita gets to a corner. Fans fire up and Kaitlyn runs in for the cannonball! “You still got it!” Kaitlyn aims and SPEARS Kavita! Cover, Kaitlyn wins!

Winner: Kaitlyn, by pinfall; advances to the second round

The return is on! Is Kaitlyn the Cinderella story of the tournament?


Toni Storm VS Jinny!

The NXT UK Division is being represented here as a semi-finalist from the previous tournament meets a new entry. Kairi Sane weathered the Storm and would win the finals, but the Storm has returned. Toni won’t let herself or her fans down this time, and vows to bring her attitude and her love of fighting to make the MYC #ToniTime. Meanwhile, Jinny is the fabulous Fashionista of West London, but she is fierce as anyone. She “literally will go to any length to win the match.” From her looks to her dress, that’s what makes Jinny a stand-out. Who will take a major step in establishing themselves in both the UK and US branches of the WWE?

Toni offers the handshake but Jinny slaps it away. The bell rings and Toni easily has the fans on her side. They tie up and fans chant “Aussie Aussie Aussie! Oi oi oi!” as the two break. They go again, and Toni gets Jinny up against ropes. Toni backs off but Jinny shoves. Toni shoves and Jinny falls! Jinny keeps her cool as she circles with Toni again. They tie up and Jinny arm-drags but they stay locked up. Jinny puts Toni in a corner, but backs off at 4. She dares Toni to come back and Toni does. They tie up again, and Jinny gets a headlock. Fans start dueling now as Toni pries her way out of Jinny’s hold. Toni wrenches to a wristlock, but Jinny works against it. Toni wrenches harder, but Jinny spins and forearms. But Toni comes back with palm strikes and a big boot!

Fans fire up as Toni runs in for a knee in the corner. Toni storms back but Jinny uses ropes for shelter. Jinny catches Toni into a buckle shot, cover, TWO! Jinny throws big hands then stomps. She drags Toni up by her hair and snapmare Toni to kick the spine. Cover, TWO! Toni gets to ropes but Jinny grinds her foot into her. Jinny backs off at 4 to then stomp Toni to a corner. She drags Toni up and snap suplexes. Float over cover, TWO! Jinny wraps Toni up in an armlock and chinbar. Fans rally up and Toni feeds off the energy to fight her way up. Toni fights back, but Jinny rocks her with a right! Jinny whips but Toni reverses, only to run into the Japanese arm-drag! Toni hits buckles and Jinny covers, TWO!

Jinny grows frustrated but puts Toni back in the armlock and chinbar. Fans rally and Toni powers up again to arm-drag Jinny off. Toni judo throws and rolls to a crucifix, TWO! Jinny rocks Toni with another right! She whips but Toni reverses, only for Jinny to slide under and roll Toni forward! Jinny puts Toni in a seated surfboard! Fans rally as Toni endures the rocking of the boat. Toni wiggles but Jinny keeps pulling back. Fans duel as Toni pries an arm free! Jinny kicks with her heel but Toni drags herself to ropes! Toni is freed but then Jinny hammers away on the neck and shoulders.

Jinny gets in Toni’s face saying, “This ISN’T Toni Time, you stupid girl!” She SLAPS Toni, then bumps her off buckles. Jinny whips corner to corner but runs into Toni’s boot. Toni goes up and over to then waistlock and German Suplex! Jinny ends up in the corner, Toni hip attack! Then, double underhook, Storm Zero! Cover, Toni wins!

Winner: Toni Storm, by pinfall; advances to the second round

Toni’s form of the Tiger Bomb takes care of things! Her return to the MYC is working her way, will she take the entire thing by storm?


Karen Q VS Xia Li!

The Queen of Queens makes her WWE debut in the second year of this prestigious tournament. She is honored to be part of the Women’s (R)Evolution, and plans to use her intelligence as well as her gymnastics skills to prove she can do “pretty much everything.” China’s first female NXT recruit returns to the MYC with her own blend of wrestling and kung-fu to show everyone Chinese culture. “I’m spicy, and you will feel the heat.” Which woman moves on to leave their mark on the Mae Young Classic?

This time the handshake is honored, and the two bow out of martial arts respect. And yes, that means we’re getting full on kung-fu! Karen takes the initiative with fast palms, but Xia is ready to deflect them all. Xia kicks back but Karen dodges. Karen kicks but Xia catches one to sweep the other. Karen kips up, and Xia applauds. They both bow again, and then Karen SLAPS Xia! So much for respect. Xia is mad now, and Karen regrets what she did. Karen backs off to a corner as Xia unleashes her spicy rage! The referee backs Xia off, but that only leaves Xia open to Karen’s boot! Karen is crafty as she grounds and pounds Xia. Then she mocks the martial arts bow. She drags Xia up to bump her off buckles, then goes corner to corner to handspring forearm smash!

Karen keeps moving for a back elbow, then a running boot! Xia is dazed, and Karen throws her with an exploder! High stack cover, TWO! Karen keeps her cool, and goes for the legs. She brings Xia around and wants a Boston Crab. Xia resists and throws Karen but Karen cartwheels through to kick Xia down. Karen drags Xia up for a suplex, but Xia lands out of it. Xia runs but into the full nelson and slam! Cover, TWO! Karen grows frustrated but she sits Xia up for a cravat. Fans rally for Xia and she fights back. Karen wrenches harder but Xia hits harder. Xia ducks to kick Karen, then kick her again. Xia keeps kicking, then double palm strikes and straight kicks! Karen ducks a roundhouse but gets a heel! Cover, TWO!

Xia grows frustrated now, but she keeps her cool, too. She brings Karen up but Karen jawbreakers. Karen fireman’s carry and Samoan drops. Karen goes to the top rope, takes aim, and frog splashes! It flops! Xia runs, for the spinning ax kick! Cover, Xia wins!

Winner: Xia Li, by pinfall; advances to the second round

The heat was too much and it burned Karen up. Karen admits defeat and shows respect with a genuine bow and even a hug. Xia moves on in her second go, can she go all the way to the end? Or is the Virtuosa going to be in her way in the second round?


Mia Yim VS Allysin Kay!

A long time rivalry comes to the WWE. The Blasian Baddie from Cali had taekwondo last year, but now she’s redesigned her entire style. There’s no more Ms. Nice Yim, she’s out for blood. Those she has yet to face are missing out. The Savage beauty, the AK, “pinkies up.” The Big D will come outta nowhere, so have your head on a swivel. Mia and Allysin have gone back and forth, and Mia once broke Allysin’s nose. Will The Savage return the favor and spoil Mia’s MYC return? Or will the Frenemy World Tour 2018 bring Mia all the way to the top?

There is no love lost in this match-up, there is no handshake. The bell rings and the two circle. They tie up and go around the ropes. Allysin pushes back and fans like it already. The brawl breaks out out of nowhere! Mia gets hers, but so does Allysin. Mia gets back on top but Allysin gets another turn. But Allysin gets caught in an armbar! She gets the ropebreak, and Mia lets her go, to then come back with body shots. Mia whips, Allysin reverses but Mia goes Spider-Woman. Allysin runs in but Mia dodges and lets Allysin tumble out. Mia then kicks from the apron, and it’s good! She puts Allysin back in, covers but Allysin resists. Mia hammers away then covers, ONE. Mia deadlift Germans but Allysin stomps Mia’s feet. Allysin whips then goes perpendicular to POUNCE! Mia rolls out but Allysin pursues.

Allysin bounces Mia off the apron then chops her on the chest. The ring count reaches 5 as they keep chopping, but Allysin puts Mia in at 7. Mia kicks her away, to then DIVE! They tumble to the ramp and Mia gets up first. Allysin crawls away but Mia pursues. Mia goes to chop but hits the post! Allysin goes after that bad hand, then flapjacks Mia off the apron. The count climbs but they’re in at 9. Cover, TWO! Allysin keeps on Mia as she puts her in a corner for a mudhole stomp. She stops at 4, to then choke Mia at the ropes. Pinkies out as she fish hooks Mia’s cheek. Fans duel as Allysin kicks Mia while she’s down. Allysin chokes Mia with her own blue hair, then scoops Mia for the Fall Away Slam. She sits Mia up to neck wrench.

Fans rally up and Mia feeds off the energy. Mia fights out and catches Allysin to an armbar! Allysin rolls up but can’t get a cover, so she deadlift spinebusters! Both women are down, but Allysin crawls to a cover. ONE, and Allysin grows frustrated. Allysin toys with Mia, but Mia grabs the leg! Mia gets a kneebar but Allysin gets another ropebreak. Allysin swings but Mia ducks to Pele. Allyin blocks it but her kick is also blocked. They get forehead to forehead and start shoving. Then they start throwing forearms, until Allysin slaps Mia. Mia slaps Allysin and knees her back. Allysin returns with a boot on the rebound! Both women are down again but the fans like what they see.

Allysin sits up first but Mia follows. Mia runs and dropkicks Allysin, but keeps going. She dropkicks Allysin again, and again. Mia goes up and leaps for a missile dropkick! Cover, TWO! Mia fires up as she brings Allysin back. Double underhook and the package lift, but Allysin fights out to back drop. Allysin has Mia in her own bomb, and slips her back around for a Gory Special, but Mia sunset flip powerbombs! Cover, TWO!! Mia can’t believe she didn’t end Allysin. But fans know “This is Awesome!” Mia staggers but brings Allysin back up to chop. She wrenches the arm but Allysin denies Sole Food, to run and hit the Big D! But Mia rolls away as Allysin covers, TWO!

Allysin is furious and she argues with the ref. Mia stands, ducks the kick but Allysin ducks hers. Double roundhouses take them both out! Both women are down again, but slowly stirring as fans rally up. They slowly stand at 5, but Mia is climbing up. Allysin sees her and stops her with a forearm. Allysin climbs up to join Mia, but Mia fights her off. Mia adjusts, but Allysin runs over. Mia grabs the arm, for SUPER Sole Food! Cover, Mia wins!

Winner: Mia Yim, by pinfall; wins and advances

Mia made Allysin eat da feet, and now the Blasian Baddie moves on. That hand is hurting, though, and she’s up against Kaitlyn on top of it. Will Mia be able to recover in time for round two?



My Thoughts:

A pretty solid night of competition for the third night of MYC 2018. Kaitlyn and Toni Storm have rather quick matches, but naturally these two with their respective returns to the WWE spotlight were going to win. Kaitlyn looks as strong as ever, and who knows, she might just make a main roster return to SmackDown to bolster their Women’s Division on the road to Evolution. Toni Storm herself will surely go far in this tournament, but we already know in real time that [Highlight for spoilers] she wins the NXT UK Women’s Championship, but immediately has to vacate because of injury. Toni is young so she has a long career ahead of her, she’ll surely be a big name to the WWE Universe soon enough.

The second two matches were longer and by default better. Karen VS Xia Li was great, the fan reaction to seeing the kung-fu battle was great. Karen Q has a lot more exposure in ROH and it was great to see her Heel persona there is pretty much what it was right here. And given her involvement in ROH, it makes sense she loses, and it’s great that she puts over Xia Li. Xia has been waiting for an opportunity ever since singing with WWE via NXT, I hope this tournament gives her that. Then Mia VS Allysin, it’s great that they brought the back story with them. Whether both women sign with NXT this time around or continue in the indies, that’s fine, but both women deserve more attention in the pro-wrestling fandom, and I’m sure the MYC has given them that.

My Score: 8.5/10

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