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Mitchell’s WWE NXT Results & Report! (9/19/18)

NXT pits two great champions against each other, the winner takes all! Will Ricochet or Pete Dunne become DUAL North American & United Kingdom Champion?!



  • Dakota Kai and Deonna Purrazzo VS Lacey Evans and Aliyah; Evans & Aliyah win.
  • Jaxson Ryker w/ The Forgotten Sons VS Humberto Carrillo; Ryker wins.
  • Champion VS Champion, Winner Takes All: NXT North American Champion, Ricochet VS WWE United Kingdom Champion, Pete Dunne; No Contest, both men retain their titles.


Dakota Kai and Deonna Purrazzo VS Lacey Evans and Aliyah!

Captain Kick gets the Virtuosa as an ally against the condescending combination of the Model Soldier and the Cat’s Meow! Can Dakota & Deonna down Lacey & Aliyah to prove that being a lady isn’t all it’s cracked up to be?

The teams sort out and it’s Lacey starting against Deonna. Deonna gets “Woop Woop!” chants as she ties up with Lacey. Deonna gets the wristlock but Lacey reverses, only for Deonna to spin and drop toehold to a headlock. Lacey powers up but is caught in the headlock takedown. Lacey pries her way out and gets the headscissors. Deonna works her way around and headstands out. She takes a bow and fans cheer. Lacey isn’t as impressed, but she misses into a waistlock. She counters with a headlock takeover but Deonna gets the headscissors. Now Lacey headstands but Denona pushes her down. Lacey tries from the side and she just kicks Deonna in the chest. Tag to Aliyah, and they double wrench and kick Deonna. Fans duel as Aliyah snapmares and kicks Deonna in the back.

Aliyah mocks Dakota as she kicks Deonna more. She brings Deonna up but Deonna cuonters to a takedown and then she kicks Aliyah back. Tag to Dakota who kicks Aliyah down! Cover, ONE! Dakota tags back to Deonna and hands Aliyah’s arm off to the Virtuosa. Deonna works over the arm but Aliyah pulls her back by her hair. Tag to Lacey and Lacey headlocks. Deonna spins out to elbow but Lacey kicks back. Lacey whips but Deonna gets through the tilt-o-whirl to go after the Fujiwara! Lacey resists with power, then shoves out. Aliyah distracts and Lacey pounces with forearm shots! Lacey drags Deonna up by her hair, then tags Aliyah. Fans rally for Deonna while Lacey walks all over her. Aliyah brings Deonna up to fire off forearms of her own! She shouts then tags to Lacey.

Aliyah pulls Deonna’s hair back, but stops at 4, for Lacey to hit the swinging bronco buster! Lacey covers, TWO! Lacey tags Aliyah and Aliyah steps on Deonna. Fans rally while Aliyah covers, ONE. Aliyah puts a top lock on Deonna, but fans keep rallying. Deonna powers up and Dakota is chomping at the bit. Deonna powers her way over, but Aliyah kicks at Dakota. Aliyah powers Deonna back to her corner while the referee keeps Dakota back. Aliyah and Lacey double wrench and kick Deonna again, then Aliyah stomps Deonna down. Cover, TWO as Dakota comes in to break! Lacey tags in and she mugs Deonna with Aliyah. Lacey drops a knee on the bad arm, then covers, TWO! She keeps on Deonna as she tags back to Aliyah. Aliyah kicks Deonna down then chokes her against the ropes. Lacey “cleans” Deonna’s face with her handkerchief.

Aliyah snapmares Deonna into a top lock clutch. Fans rally up again and Deonna powers up. Deonna arm-drags Aliyah away and Dakota swipes at her now. Deonna slips under, shoves Aliyah away, hot tag to Dakota! Dakota fires off forearms then the scorpion kick, to then hit a bicycle boot. She goes around the world and then side to side for consecutive boot washes! Cover, but Lacey breaks it. Lacey also stomps Dakota out extra. Aliyah drags Dakota up but Dakota slips out. Lacey tags in as Dakota rolls Aliyah, Woman’s Right!! Cover, Lacey & Aliyah win!

Winners: Lacey Evans & Aliyah, Evans pinning

The Lady of NXT stands tall with her new friend, having fought like ladies. Will one or both women make their way up to the NXT Women’s Championship in the near future?

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NXT Media interviews Velveteen Dream.

He got a big win at TakeOver: Brooklyn 4, but has will he carry his momentum? Well the “show-stealing” superstar is already carrying that momentum, such as with his win over the “golden boy”, “Johnny Failure.” In regards to the Aleister Black attack, Dream has cleared his name, but does he have a suspect in mind? They ask Dream questions, yet that is one of them? “Get a clue.” The Dream


The Street Profits get some night games in.

A fan comes up and wants to ask them some quick questions. They were playing some street ball, but who won? Angelo Dawkins & Montez Ford laugh, because obviously you know who won. Alright, then what about their chains being snagged by The Mighty? Why were they so worried about those? Those chains weren’t “just chains”. They represent their culture, and are the declaration to the world that no matter what, you can’t stop the Profits. Great questions, really, though. The Street Profits head out, but will they get revenge on Shane Thorne & Nick Miller for disrespecting them?


Footage of a backstage interview with Bianca Belair after last week’s episode.

The EST and the Loony Lass had a double count out draw in their match, but the fighting kept going. By the end, it was Nikki Cross with a crazy Cross-body that tackled Bianca and several refs. What happened? Well Nikki took it to a level Bianca wasn’t expected. But Bianca won’t back down, she’s gonna show up and show out, she’s still “Un-De-Fea-Ted.” Enough said, but what will happen when these two get their rematch?


Jaxson Ryker VS Humberto Carrillo!

Steve Cutler and Wesley Blake were victorious in their NXT TV return, thanks to both The Mighty and their ringside back-up, but that was a win nonetheless. Can the Gunner of this trio get himself a win to keep all of the Forgotten Sons undefeated? Or will the young multi-generational star surprise us all?

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The bell rings and Ryker circles with Carrillo. They tie up and Ryker throws the young Carrillo to the ropes. Carrillo comes back but gets thrown down! Then powered to a corner! Ryker unleashes punches and stomps but backs off at 4. He waits for Carrillo to stand, drags him back up, and clobbers him back down. He grinds Carrillo’s face into the mat, then backs off again. Ryker toys with Carrillo and puts on a vicious chinlock. He thrashes Carrillo around, but Carrillo powers his way up. Ryker rocks him with a knee, then toys with him on the mat. Ryker drags Carrillo up, whips him to a corner hard, but walks into a boot. Rykder rushes in but Carrillo gets out. Carrillo roundhouses and springboards, but into double ax handles! Ryker lifts Carrillo, rebound powerbomb! Cover, Ryker wins!

Winner: Jaxson Ryker, by pinfall

Mission accomplished for the former Marine. Ryker wrecked Carrillo, who will be next for him and his crew to run right through?


William Regal interrogates Candice LeRae.

Mrs. Wrestling confirms Kairi Sane’s story in regards to Kassius Ohno. He was with them, and none of them did it. What else can she tell them? But she checks off the list: cowardly attack; disregard of authority; trying to ruin someone’s life. Who does that remind them of? She of course means Tommaso Ciampa, but Regal questioned Ciampa last week. There is no evidence that he was the one. But with the state of mind that Johnny Gargano is in, does his own wife know what he was up to at the time?

Candice notes that Mr. & Mrs. Wrestling have been doing their best to keep work and home separate. But, the night that TakeOver: Brooklyn 4 was announced as a triple threat, they were apart while he was cleaning up in the locker room. She didn’t see him again until they drove home together. Regal thanks Candice for her time and says they’ll let her know if they need more from her. Is Candice’s testimony shooting down any alibi Gargano might have, even if she doesn’t mean to?


“Who is Keith Lee?”

What is Limitless? Limitless is following the words of Dusty Rhodes. Limitless is coming back after failure after failure after failure. It is proving that his drive, his ability and his future is limitless. NXT, prepare to #BaskinHisGlory.

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Champion VS Champion, Winner Takes All:

NXT North American Champion, Ricochet VS WWE United Kingdom Champion, Pete Dunne!

A miscommunication during their tag team match with the Undisputed Era escalated the tension between the One and Only King of Flight and the Bruiserweight. They both did agree on one thing, though: they both wanted the belt the other man had. Both men are the second-ever champions to the belts they hold, but Dunne’s had his title for much longer. Will that matter when Ricochet does things no one else can? Or will his reign meet a Bitter End before it’s barely begun?

The introductions are made, both belts are raised and we begin this first-for-NXT main event! Fans duel without slowing down as the two men stare down. They circle and tie up, and Dunne gets a headlock takeover. Ricochet headscissors, Dunne pops out and there’s a role reversal. Dunne shows he can kip-up, too, and the two men stare down again. Ricochet and Dunne circle again, and fans compromise as they chant for ‘Both These Guys!” Ricochet gets a wristlock and a standing armbar, then back to the wristlock. Dunne and Ricochet struggle for control, and Dunne reverses. Dunne stands on Ricochet’s foot to trap it, then shoves him over. He goes after Ricochet’s arm but Ricochet rolls. Dunne gets him back down and traps the wrist inside his elbow. He then bends it even more and jams the fingers into the mat!

Ricochet gets up but Dunne has a finger hold. Dunne lifts and throws Ricochet to then grapevine snap the arm. He keeps torturing the elbow and wrist, but Ricochet gets up to reverse the hold. Ricochet has Dunne in a standing grapevine of both an arm and a leg, and then chinbars. Dunne resists, and Ricochet can’t put as much pressure as he can because of the damage Dunne has done. Ricochet shifts and goes for the toehold. He has a standing knee wrench, then drops another toehold. Ricochet ties the legs up for a modified deathlock! Dunne turns it over and turns it around on Ricochet. Figure four leg and then shift an armbar. He digs in his knuckles but Ricochet slips through to hammerlock Dunne. Ricochet uses an armlock recliner to cover, ONE. Dunne gets a takedown, then his own Indian Deathlock!

Fans applaud this amazing exchange. They continue to duel while Ricochet works his way out. But Dunne is on those legs again, and has Ricochet in a modified Queen Angelito. Dunne tortures each arm as he brings them back, for a modified surfboard! Ricochet pops out to a cover, ONE! Dunne has Ricochet trapped on the mat and grinds in his forearms. He gives Ricochet a hammerlock chinlock while fans duel red hot as ever. Dunne wants Rings of Saturn but Ricochet slips out, stands up and clubs Dunne’s arm. Ricochet drops a knee, but Dunne gets to ropes. Ricochet lets Dunne go but gets a BIG forearm smash! Dunne grins as he gets the better of Ricochet here. He stands on Ricochet’s hand and brings him up, but Ricochet fights back.

Ricochet chops Dunne, forearms, chops again, but Dunne gives him a kick. He chops again, then whips, but Dunne reverses. Ricochet slides off Dunne’s back, ducks under then handsprings and dropkicks! Dunne bails out but Ricochet builds speed to DIVE! This time Ricochet did mean to hit Dunne! Ricochet drags Dunne up and in, fans continue to duel, but Dunne runs. Ricochet dodges, handsprings, but Dunne blocks it! Dunne takes the foot and twists it for a toehold. Then he kicks out the arm! Fans reach a fever pitch as Dunne stalks Ricochet to a corner. Dunne kicks Ricochet while he’s down, then drags him into a hammerlock. Dunne ties Ricochet up, one arm trapped within his own leg for a modified Half Crab. Then he shifts to go after that arm itself, and bends a finger as far back as he wants it to go! Two fingers now!

Dunne twists the hand around, then the elbow and shoulder. Fans hope they “Fight Forever!” at this rate, as Dunne stomps Ricochet’s head! Ricochet rolls to a corner for safety, but Dunne doesn’t care. Dunne drags Ricochet up by his ear and jabs an elbow in. Dunne kicks Ricochet’s bad arm, but Ricochet comes back with a forearm! Ricochet gives another, even as Dunne kicks him. Dunne dodges the next, hammerlocks an arm, and stomps! Ricochet avoids it, but doesn’t avoid the slap. Dunne runs, but into the rolling thunder lariat! Both men are down but the fans are loving this. Dunne rolls to a corner while Ricochet gets himself fired up. Ricochet runs in for an uppercut, then a roaring elbow, then puts Dunne into buckles for the tiger feint kick! Springboard uppercut! Cover, TWO! Ricochet keeps his cool, he and Dunne are far from over.

Fans duel more as Ricochet fireman’s carry. Dunne slips out and lets Ricochet fall, but Ricochet avoids the kick. Dune goes up and over to then enziguri Ricochet! X-Plex but Ricochet lands on his feet, to shooting star! Cover, TWO!! “This is Awesome!” and “Fight Forever!” are the two chants fans can agree on. Ricochet hurries up top, aims, but Dunne gets over. Ricochet leaps over and pushes Dunne away. Only to roll into the armbar! Dunne adds finger torture, too! Ricochet makes it a cover, TWO! The Penalty Kick misses, but so does the standing moonsault! Dunne stomps away on Ricochet’s hand! Dunne grabs Ricochet but gets a knee! Ricochet drags himself up, springboards again, but into a forearm!! Dunne keeps going, X-Plex slam! Cover, TWO!? Ricochet shocks everyone as he survives!

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Dunne snarls at Ricochet as he stands up again. He drags Ricochet up again, wanting to end this. Pumphandle, but Ricochet slips out to German Suplex! Dunne lands on his feet to Penalty Kick Ricochet! Then he runs, but into an enziguri! Dunne ends up outside again, and Ricochet builds speed again. Ricochet adjusts as Dunne evades, to then SUPER MOONSUALT! Dunne evades and Ricochet lands on his feet, to get a forearm! And an apron X-Plex! Then, pumphandle, but Ricochet slips out to REVERS-RANA! Cover, TWO!!? Just as Mauro says, “What in the Hell are Ricochet and Pete Dunne made of!?” The fans are loving it either way, and continue to chant “This is Awesome!” “Fight Forever!”

The two men fight on the mat, but then Dunne grabs both hands. Dunne stands on both hands, to STOMP both hands! Buzzsaw kick but Ricochet boots, Dunne enziguris again. Ricochet rolls but into a lariat! Dunne runs, but Ricochet ducks and handsprings, tornado DDT! Cover, TWO!?!? No one can believe what’s going on, but fans chant for “NXT! NXT!” Ricochet grits his teeth and refocuses himself while Dunne rolls to a corner. This puts him in a drop zone and Ricochet goes up again. Dunne sees him up there, and follows after. Ricochet intercepts and now they’re fighting up top. Dunne goes after the hand, but Ricochet uses his good one to fight back with body shots. Ricochet adjusts, for a SUPER STEINER!! Ax kick, to complete shot! Cover, TWO?!?! How?! Fans don’t care how, they give this a standing ovation.

The chant sounds more like “Bruiser-chet” now, but the One and Only isn’t done with Dunne yet. He positions Dunne, springboards into a TRIANGLE! Dunne squeezes as hard as he can while keeping himself up. Ricochet pushes himself around, shifts his weight and covers. ONE, but Ricochet shows his strength with a deadlift powerbomb! But Ricochet’s fingers are snapped! Then a Kimura wristlock!! Ricochet screams and shouts as he endures, but then powers his way back to a facelock. He deadlift suplexes for a brainbuster! Both men are down from exhaustion, and the fans are still chanting. A 10 count begins, and reaches 5 before either man stirs. Fans continue to duel, and both men lock eyes. Neither backs down, and they start brawling. But oh no, here come the Undisputed Era! They attack and ruin this match!

No Contest; both men retain their titles

It seems Adam Cole and crew go back on their words, the result DOES matter to them. They won’t let either man have the glory of being the first ever dual champion in NXT as they stomp them out. But here come the War Raiders! Hanson & Rowe run off the cowardly Tag Team Champions, and give chase! Fans still applaud the amazing performance they were seeing from both North American and United Kingdom Champions. Both Dunne and Ricochet stand, their belts in hand. This hasn’t been settled, will we get a rematch with a proper conclusion?



My Thoughts:

What a great NXT. It wasn’t as stacked as it usually is, but this was still really great. The women’s tag match to open was great, and I’m surprised the Heels won. I suppose this will extend the story, but a women’s tag story is rather curious. Is NXT thinking of preempting the main roster by being the first brand to have women’s tag titles? Then the string of interview promos was still good. I like that Dream is rubbing in his win over Gargano, and that the Profits tell “the fan” (who I’m sure was actually Ford’s real life wife Bianca Belair) the importance of their chains, which makes their grudge with The Mighty even more personal. And Bianca’s own interview was great, she’s not afraid of Nikki, yet. And of course Ryker would win, but nice to see a new face in NXT (formerly Ultimo Ninja).

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I liked this week’s interrogation promo. Naturally, Candice assumes Ciampa is the culprit, like many have. But at the same time, they aimed us back towards Gargano. I didn’t want Gargano to be the guy, because it was one of the more obvious options. But at the same time, they’re looking to turn Gargano’s character slowly. NXT always seems to do right by story, so maybe they’ll make it worth having things go this route. Then that main event was insane! So many great moves, false finishes and Full Sail was eating it up. I was hoping they’d find a way to give us a draw some other way than the Undisputed Era attacking, because Adam Cole should have wanted to defeat one man for both belts. Seems he’s willing to just get his North American title back.

My Score: 8.7/10


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