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Mitchell’s WWE NXT Results & Report! (9/5/18)



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The Pirate Princess proved to the Queen of Spades that she had killer instinct! How will Kairi Sane’s journey change now that she’s NXT Women’s Champion?



  • Kassius Ohno VS Kona Reeves; Ohno wins.
  • The Forgotten Sons VS The Street Profits; The Forgotten Sons win.
  • Kairi Sane VS Trish Adora; Kairi wins.
  • Johnny Gargano VS Velveteen Dream; Dream wins.


Kassius Ohno VS Kona Reeves!

The Knockout Artist has been sharpening a new edge to his style, all in hopes of finally carving a path to a title. Meanwhile, the haughty Hawaiian wants to show everyone why he is the Finest superstar in NXT, as well as getting a title shot of his own. Will Ohno just give Kona the Finest Knockout instead?

The bell rings and fans are on Ohno’s side. Ohno circles and ties up with Kona and gets the cravat. Kona powers Ohno to a corner, but shoves out of the break. Ohno backs Kona down with a glare, then they tie up again. Kona gets a waistlock and pushes Ohno. Kona poses, but gets a rocking right hand! Ohno drags Kona up by his chin to put him down and drop a knee! Kona flounders to a corner but hits back with an elbow. Kona hops up and hits the Finest ax handle! Cover, TWO! Kona drags Ohno up and fireman’s carry, but Ohno slips out for the roaring elbow! Cover, Ohno wins!

Winner: Kassius Ohno, by pinfall

That wasn’t just the Finest Knockout, that was the fastest knockout! Ohno then speaks. “When I came back to NXT, there was so much buzz.” Until there wasn’t. Ohno became an afterthought. He tears himself up thinking about it, but he gets it: there’s always going to be someone new and fresh. To the next buzz worthy guy, Ohno will be right here to meet you. Ohno will “welcome” you, and knock you to the back of the line! The Knockout Artist wants to be the buzzkill gatekeeper of NXT. Will he block the way for everyone else’s success until he gets his own?


WWE and NXT unite with the V Foundation to again fund the Connor’s Cure.

Join the fight against pediatric cancer today by buying Connor’s Cure merchandise. From the Tuminator, the Destroyer, Super Jimmy and Super Messiah, these kids and many more need us to be their tag partners in the fight against this disease.


The Forgotten Sons VS The Street Profits!

Wesley Blake and Steve Cutler, along with Jackson Ryker, feel NXT has left them abandoned, hence their team names. But now they unite under the banner #DoUntoOthers and look to take the Tag Team Division over. Will Angelo Dawkins & Montez Ford ruin their debut? Or will Blake & Cutter turn their #CurseOfGreatness into just a curse?

The bell rings and Blake, a former NXT Tag Team Champion, starts with Ford. Blake barrels Ford to a takedown then an armlock. Ford bridges up to his feet and arm-drags Blake off. Tag to Dawkins while whipping. Blake reverses but ends up in a game of leap frog. Cutler tags in and now both Sons rush both Profits, only to both get dropkicks! The Sons regroup with Ryker, and Ford has a sip. Ford fires up and FLIES onto both Blake and Cutler! Fans fire up with him as he puts Cutler back in for Dawkins. Cover, ONE, but Dawkins keeps on Cutler with an armlock. Cutler stands but Dawkins wrenches and yanks the arm. Dawkins hammerlocks and puts Cutler in the corner. Tag to Ford and another arm-drag to an armlock. Ryker glares as Ford wrenches Cutler’s arm in the keylock.

Cutler gets up but Ford wrenches and wrenches. Cutler pries his way out and clubs Ford on the chest. Ford holds on so Cutler keeps clubbing. Cutler scoops but Ford standing switches. Cutler switches back while Blake tags in for a HUGE lariat! Blake talks trash, saying the forgotten are forgotten no more! He stomps and drops ax handles to then walk all over Ford. Blake springboard Vader Bombs Ford! Cover, TWO, so tag to Cutler. The Sons criss-cross Ford to a neckbreaker and cover, TWO. Cutler keeps on Ford while fans chant “Cut! Ler sucks!” Cutler keeps Ford down in a chinlock, so fans shift to rallying. Ford stands but Cutler gives him another neckbreaker. Cover, TWO, but Cutler tags to Blake. Cutler drags Ford to the apron for Blake’s leg drop! Cover, TWO!

Blake tags back to Cutler, and The Sons mug Ford. Fans rally for Ford while Cutler chokes him at the ropes. Cover, TWO, but Cutler keeps Ford down with a chinlock stretch. Fans rally up again, and Ford feeds off the energy. Cutler turns Ford again, but Ford backslides! TWO, and Ford reaches for Dawkins! Cutler keeps Ford down and tags Blake, but FOrd dodges them both! Hot tag to Dawkins! Dawkins rallies on Blake and dropkicks Cutler. Dawkins powers Blake to a corner for body shots! He dodges Cutler to rock him with a right! Dawkins scoops and snake eyes Blake to a bulldog! Dawkins stirs it up for the spinning splash!

Tag to Ford, but Cutler drags Dawkins out to put him into steps! Ford Penalty Kicks Cutler, slingshots in, and swings around to DDT Blake! But who are those two in masks taking Ford’s cup!? Ford catches on and yanks the mask off, to reveal Shane Thorne! The Mighty get away with the black Solo cup, and Ryker gets away with a cheap shot clothesline! The referee was busy with Blake, but Ryker feeds Ford to him. Blake tags Cutler, then dragon sleepers Ford while Cutler clubs up. Inverted DDT stomp! Cover, the Forgotten Sons win!

Winners: The Forgotten Sons, Cutler pinning

The mean Marine is bloodied, but he’s the winner. Will Cutler, Blake and Ryker run roughshod over the NXT Tag Team Division now that they’re on TV?


William Regal interrogates Heavy Machinery.

Tucker Knight & Otis Dozovic were first on the scene when Aleister Black was attacked. Dozer sees this is what it’s like under the bright lights. But he’s getting hot. Is it hot in here? Otis needs water. Otis chugs it down, but he confesses! He broke the toilet in the bathroom. Coffee makes it a battle royal in his belly. Things start shaking and moving and when things start shaking and moving, he can’t stop it from coming!

That’s not what this is about, Otis, relax. Breathe. Regal needs to tell them that their footage has been very helpful in this investigation. Is there anything they saw that wasn’t on the video? Just Ciampa in the bushes. But other than that, he knows what they know. Regal thanks them for the time, and Heavy Machinery feel good about getting that off their chest. Will Regal be able to find the superstar who ambushed Aleister?


Exclusive footage from after NXT went off the air last week.

Pete Dunne and Ricochet teamed together to go against the Undisputed Era, but there was a major miscommunication thanks to how Kyle O’Reilly saved Adam Cole and Roderick Strong. They argued it out after, comparing their title reigns and NXT runs on top of their in-ring abilities. Dunne wants Ricochet’s title but Ricochet wants Dunne’s, too. Regal makes a HUGE Champion VS Champion, winner takes all match for two weeks from now! The Bruiserweight VS the One and Only, will one of them be a DUAL champion?


The War Raiders warn the Undisputed Era.

Cole, O’Reilly and Strong can run all they want, but the war will keep coming. The Era of the Undisputed is about to end. When will Rowe & Hanson get their hands on the NXT Tag Team Champions and those titles?


Kairi Sane VS Trish Adora!

The Pirate Princess presents the golden booty she claimed at TakeOver: Brooklyn 4, the NXT Women’s Championship itself! Kairi has the belt and a handful of “doubloons” as she heads to the ring. She shares her coins with the fans, but that belt is all hers. Will Kairi continue to conquer, even against this NXT newcomer?

The bell rings and Kairi circles with the Army vet and graduate of the Dudley Boys wrestling school. Kairi gets a waistlock, and holds on as Adora works to pry her way out. Adora reaches down to trip Kairi up but Kairi avoids the stomp. Kairi catches a kick and trips Adora up to hit her ax kick. Kairi runs, and hits the blockbuster! She keeps going for another blockbuster! Kairi rolls Adora up, TWO, but Kairi holds on for a stretch muffler! Adora gets a ropebreak, and Kairi lets go at 2. Kairi hears the fans as she springboards for double stomps. Cover, TWO!

Kairi likes the toughness of Adora, but Adora reverses the whip to rock the champ with a right. Adora lifts Kairi but Kairi gets loose to backhand Adora down! Kairi fires up and marches the plank. Adora is in the corner and Kairi runs in, Sliding D! Fans fire up with Kairi as she climbs up high. Kairi takes aim, and anchors aweigh, InSane Elbow! Cover, Kairi wins!

Winner: Kairi Sane, by pinfall

The current champion rolls on, but the former champion appears! Shayna Baszler dumps the treasure chest down, and tells Kairi to enjoy her fantasy while she can. “Because reality is gonna hit that ship like a cannonball after I enact my rematch clause.” But that’s later. The Queen of Spades figures that for tonight, “let’s see if this pirate can swim.” Shayna and Kairi brawl! Shayna fires off kicks and then a clubbing clothesline! She takes off the jacket and paces around Kairi. Kairi stands up and stares Shayna down. Fans are on Kairi’s side, and Kairi fires back with haymakers! Kairi has Shayna on the ropes, then rocks her with a back hand! And the Interceptor Spear! Shayna retreats, but this is far from over. When and where will the Queen call for her rematch? Will Kairi continue to keep her at bay?


Tommaso Ciampa speaks.

The NXT Champion addresses the “elephant in the room.” Why is it that he has not been in front of the audience since TakeOver: Brooklyn? Because he has no #1 contender. With Aleister Black out and Johnny Gargano at the back of the line, the Psycho Killer is truly the Last Man Standing in the main event picture as the “greatest sports entertainer of all time.”

And the truth behind why he’d rather film this on his time, is because he is sick and tired of hearing the opinions. He is not the voice of the voiceless or someone who leads mindless sheep. Ciampa is a wolf at the top of this food chain. He realized that the entire world listens to every word he has to say, but he also knows there are those out there that truly hear him. “Follow the lead of Tommaso Ciampa. Follow the lead of your NXT Champion.” Will the Blackheart really gain true followers? Or is he just leading lambs to a slaughter?


William Regal interrogates Lars Sullivan.

The Leviathan admits the NXT GM is absolutely right, that he was back the very night Aleister Black was attacked. Lars is medically cleared to compete, and had the motive to get revenge on Aleister for that broken jaw. Why was Lars in the area that night? Lars’ purpose was in fact to go after Aleister Black. He owed him “a visit”, but then someone else go to him first. All he saw after that was the Undisputed Era driving away and Regal running over. Lars would’ve taken credit for the hit. Just ask EC3.

EC3 is still on the suspect list, but he’s not medically cleared. However, the other victim is. Lars will face Raul Mendoza next week, and hopefully his path of destruction stays in the ring. Lars promises it will. Oh the irony! If Lars didn’t do it, then who did? And will Mendoza survive a second mauling at the hands of the Mile High Monster?


Johnny Gargano VS Velveteen Dream!

Johnny Wrestling has fallen to new lows while the Patrick Clark Experience has risen to new heights. Dream rubbed that in Gargano’s face last week, but only because he didn’t realize Gargano was still okay to go in the ring. Whether rising or falling, which man will move forward after tonight?

Dream mocks Gargano with a “Johnny FAILURE” t-shirt, and even a “Who Am I?” armband to taunt Gargano’s crisis of confidence. But it’s not like Gargano needs reasons to be riled up for this match. The two men throw their shirts at each other, then the bell rings, and they tie up. Dream gets a waistlock to headlock to hammerlock to takeover. Dream poses and taunts Gargano, then shoves him. Gargano rocks Dream with a left forearm! Gargano dares Dream to come back and sprawls to a facelock. Dream rolls around but Gargano keeps hold. Dream reaches back with legs and gets a ropebreak. Gargano lets go at 4 while fans duel.

Gargano drags Dream up but Dream puts on a headlock. They go to a corner and Gargano sees Dream going up and over, to rock him with another forearm! Gargano stomps a mudhole into Dream to show he’s not a failure. He comes back but Dream takes down and goes after legs. Gargano powers out a couple times and sends Dream out. Gargano rocks him with a baseball slide dropkick, then bounces Dream off the apron. Dream goes around the corner but Gargano follows to chop him against barriers. Gargano wants to know where the arrogance went as he chops Dream again! He puts Dream in but Dream hotshots Gargano on the ropes! Fans keep dueling while Gargano gets to a corner. Dream runs over and kicks Gargano down. Dream rains rights and stomps on Gargano, grinding his boot into Gargano’s chin.

Gargano drags himself up but Dream throws forearms into his back. Dream backs off to then put Gargano in another corner. Dream keeps on Gargano with forearms, then chokes him on the ropes. The ref counts and Dream stops at 4, but Gargano turns it around to chop away! Gargano whips but Dream reverses and Gargano hits buckles and tumbles! Dream gives Gargano a neckbreaker, then covers. TWO, but Dream keeps his cool. Dream stomps Gargano to a corner, then stands on him at the ropes. The ref counts and Dream stops at 4 to stalk Gargano again. Dream climbs up to pose, then swings in for a bronco buster on Gargano’s back! Gargano has his eyes locked on the Johnny Freakin’ Wrestling sign, even as Dream throws him down by his hair.

Dream circles Gargano, and boots him down. High stack cover, TWO, so Dream goes to a grinding chinlock. Fans rally up and Gargano powers out of the hold. Dream kicks him and puts him in a sleeper hold now, and Gargano fades fast. Fans rally again and Gargano gets a second wind. Gargano stands and opwers Dream into buckles. Dream clubs him but Gargano fires back with haymakers. They brawl in the corner, Dream boots Gargano down, then hops up. Dream leaps, but the ax handle is caught. Dream fights out to prepare the sidewinder, but Gargano spins through to make it an elbow drop DDT! Fans rally once more and Gargano stands up. Dream staggers into a boot, then Gargano hops up for a flying headscissors! Gargano enziguris Dream right out of the ring, then slingshots. Dream gets in and runs, into the slingshot spear! Cover, TWO!

Gargano grits his teeth as he brings Dream up. He chops Dream against ropes, then whips. Dream tumbles out and hits a swift jab. Gargano goes outside while Dream goes up, SUPERKICK! Dream tumbles to the floor, but the apron cannonball wipes him out! The referee checks on both men but they’re both okay. Gargano stands while Dream drags himself up. Gargano puts Dream in at 4, then returns at 6. Fans duel whiel Dream gets to a corner. Gargano runs in for a forearm smash. He whips but Dream reverses. Gargano goes up and over, school boy kick misses, Dream hits a Famouser! Cover, TWO! Fans fire up as both men slowly stir.

Gargano gets to a corner but Dream walks over. Gargano elbows Dream away, then hops up, for another try. Dream counters and wants a submission, but instead rolls through to a fireman’s carry. Gargano sunset flips, TWO, Dream sits on it. TWO, and Gargano buzzsaws, only to run into a boot. He comes back with a discus lariat! Cover, TWO!! Dream crawls to a cover, TWO!! Both men are exhausted but the fans know “This is Awesome!” Gargano drags himself back to a corner but Dream pursues. Gargano climbs but Dream anchors his leg. They’re both on the apron and start brawling. They give haymakers back and forth, then Dream kicks low. Gargano forearms but gets another boot.

Dream lifts Gargano, but Gargano fights the Death Valley off. Gargano wants a powerbomb but his leg gives out! The very leg he hurt when he tried to finish Ciampa. Dream adds on by shoving Gargano into steel steps, knee first! Gargano writhes in pain but Dream shows no mercy. Dream puts Gargano in, Sidewinder!! Cover, TWO!? Gargano’s superhuman heart is still very much part of him! Fans love it as they give a standing ovation of “NXT! NXT!” Dream yanks the leg and drops a knee on that knee! Fans duel while Dream exposes the knee to hit it directly. He even wrenches it at the ropes. The referee backs Dream off, but the damage is done.

Dream drags Gargano up, but Gargano swing kicks him away! Dream SUPERKICKS back! Then with Gargano on the apron, Dream climbs up, for Purple Rain Maker! But Gargano gets away and Dream hits only apron! Gargano DIVES!! Fans are thunderous as Gargano drags Dream into a GargaNO Escape on the outside! Dream taps and flails but it doesn’t matter, this has to end in the ring! Gargano doesn’t care, he just wants to torture Dream! The ring count gets his attention, and he gets in at 7. Gargano leaves Dream out, but Dream gets in at 9.5!

Gargano seethes as he drags Dream back up. He has Dream between the ropes, and drags him out, just like Ciampa would! Dream knows this and resists, so Gargano instead ties him up in the ropes to SUPERKICK! Gargano drags Dream out from the apron now, but the referee tells him not to do this. Fans are divided, they want to see Gargano win but this might be too much. Gargano puts Dream back in and apologizes to his fan in the front row. Gargano goes back in, but Dream just keeps calling him “Johnny Failure!” Fans fire up, the knee pad comes down, but Gargano rusn into the Dream Valley! Cover, DREAM WINS!!

Winner: Velveteen Dream, by pinfall

Gargano lost sight of who he was, and because of that, he loses the match! Dream gets the last laugh, but does this really make Johnny a failure? Fans duel “Johnny Failure!” “Johnny Wrestling!” while Gargano sits and contemplates it. Gargano sees his fan in the front row cry yet proudly hold up the sign for his hero. Gargano leaves, but not up the ramp. Fans cheer for him, but Gargano doesn’t go back. What must Gargano do to get back to his old self again?



My Thoughts:

What a great episode! There was a lot going on and it all went swiftly and smoothly. There was little time wasted getting to a match, and Ohno made little time wasted of Kona Reeves. I am glad this is where Ohno is taking his own character, and I would love if this means he goes right after Keith Lee and/or Matt Riddle, as those two are the newest and most exciting signings to NXT. Those matches, Ohno VS Lee and Ohno VS Riddle, are also great matches that could already lead Lee or Riddle to title contention. And speaking of, I’m so glad we’re already getting title VS title of Ricochet VS Dunne. That match is going to be great but I feel like maybe something has to happen to keep either man from getting the other’s gold. Perhaps Adam Cole interferes because he wants his rematch.

I like that the Forbidden Sons didn’t waste any TV time with jobber teams, and that it ended up tying into the story between Street Profits and The Mighty. The NXT Tag Team Division still needs to grow stronger outside of the title scene, so this is a great way to strengthen the mid-card. The interrogation promos were great, and hit some classic crime drama tropes, like the mistaken confession and the “I would’ve killed him if someone else already hadn’t” confession. Ciampa’s promo was great for how cryptic that ending was. Is he suggesting he’ll have allies soon? Did Aleister’s attack do it for him? There are still lots of suspects, so I hope NXT gets really wild with who attacked Aleister.

Kairi wins quick but Adora impresses on her strength. With the Mae Young Classic (airings) starting tonight, there are going to be a lot of new faces at Full Sail, and any number of them could stick around in the Women’s Division. Shayna wants her shot at the title, there will be a second MYC winner who will be a great choice for contender, this is going to be great. Dream VS Gargano was also great, with so many story references between them and what they both did at TakeOver: Brooklyn 4. Gargano’s internal conflict was never more clear than here, with the fan (plant or otherwise) up front with the sign. Dream gets the better of Gargano, just like Gargano’s anger did against Ciampa, and now he’s even more conflicted, I’m really excited for what’s next.

My Score: 8.5/10

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