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Mitchell’s WWE SmackDown Live Results & Report! (9/11/18)



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SmackDown is packed just days from Hell in a Cell: The Bar VS Rusev Day, Jeff Hardy VS Nakamura, Charlotte Flair VS Sonya Deville, and Brie Bella VS Maryse!



  • Jeff Hardy VS Shinsuke Nakamura; Hardy wins, by disqualification.
  • Charlotte Flair VS Sonya Deville w/ Mandy Rose; Flair wins.
  • SmackDown Tag Team Championship #1 Contenders Match: Rusev Day VS The Bar; Rusev Day wins and will face The New Day for the titles at Hell in a Cell.
  • Andrade “Cien” Almas w/ Zelina Vega VS R-Truth w/ Carmella; Almas wins.
  • Brie Bella w/ Daniel Bryan VS Maryse w/ The Miz; Bella wins, by disqualification.


WWE and SmackDown toll the bell 11 times to remember the tragedy of 9/11.

Never forget.


Jeff Hardy VS Shinsuke Nakamura!

The Charismatic Enigma may have the Viper to worry about at Hell in a Cell in the Cell, but he wants to wrap things up with The King of Strong Style first. Can Hardy make the United States Champion OBSOLETE this close to Sunday? Or will Hardy get a #Knee2Face as a parting gift before Randy Orton drags Hardy to Hell?

Before the match, Hardy speaks to Lafayette, Louisiana. “Demons are all around us. Tempting us, taunting us, tearing us apart at times.” Hardy has dealt with demons and has overcome them all, standing before us a better man. Demons will always come around, but you have to face them head on. Hardy does that this Sunday against his “most venomous demon”. They will fight in the sinister paradise that is the Cell.

Hardy knows Orton wants to inflict pain and torment, but Orton doesn’t know what it’s like to fight someone who has fought back through their own personal Hell. Orton forgets that Hardy is a daredevil! Hardy is #ImmuneToFear, and has prepared for such a moment. He vows to unleash a lifetime of torment, pain and suffering upon Orton until he’s classified as OBSOLETE. But tonight, Hardy cleanses himself of another demon in Nakamura. Then Hardy will go straight to Hell one way or another! “Enjoy the show!” Nakamura makes his entrance, and we begin!

Fans rally already as Hardy circles with Nakamura. Nakamura slides out of the ring, wanting to get in some last preparations. He slowly returns, wanting Hardy to stay back. Hardy lets Nakamura enter, and they circle again. Hardy kicks low then gives Nakamura a jawbreaker! Nakamura rolls out but gets a wrecking ball dropkick, then double ax handles off the apron. Hardy whips Nakamura into barriers, then runs all the way over for a LEAPING splash! They collide with each other, and then the barrier. Both men are down while we go to break.

SmackDown returns and Nakamura has Hardy in a chinlock. Nakamura grinds Hardy to the mat but fans rally up. Nakamura shifts to a bearhug, but Hardy resists the shift to a full nelson. Hardy fights out and clubs Nakamura down. Hardy drags Nakamura up to a corner and bumps him off buckles. He throws hands then bumps Nakamura off another corner’s buckles. Then another, and then the fourth for the full set. Hardy goes around another lap, but Nakamura stops the second jawbreaker with a knee! Nakamura fires off strikes, then kicks Hardy down. Nakamura circles Hardy, then brings him up in a cravat. He twists and pulls on the neck, but Hardy fights back as fans continue to chant. Nakamura shifts to a facelock and pulls harder.

Hardy rallies the fans more, and feeds off their energy. He fights back again, but Nakamura knees low. Nakamura drives in more knees and has Hardy down. He kicks Hardy as he sits up, but Hrady catches one! Hardy kicks back and throws more hands. Hardy whips but Nakamura reverses into a knee and the spin kick! Nakamura runs in at Hardy, but gets a slingblade! Both men are down again, but Hardy drags himself away. Hardy stands and drags Nakamura back up, but Nakamura knees out of the suplex! Nakamura aims, runs, but gets a back elbow. Hardy up, Whisper in the Wind! But he can’t cover because of those ribs! Both men are down and the referee starts a 10 count. Hardy stands at 4, then climbs up top. Nakamura stops him with a kick! Then the Top Shelf Knee!

Hardy tumbles down but Nakamura blasts him off with the Dynamic Dropkick! Hardy is down and out whiel we go picture in picture. Nakamura drags Hardy back up and around to throw him into barriers! Nakamura drags Hardy back up to throw him in the ring. Hardy winces while Nakamura takes his time returning. Nakamura kicks and stomps Hardy, toying with him whiel still doing serious damage to those ribs. Cover, TWO! Nakamura keeps his cool, and sits Hardy up for a seated abdominal stretch. Hardy endures, but Nakamura throws in swift elbows! He also adds knees, then covers, TWO. Nakamuar is more annoyed than anything as he brings Hardy back up. He kicks but Hardy catches it! Haryd kicks back and goes for the Twist! Nakamura gets him down into an armbar!

Hardy clasps his hands together to avoid the hold, but Nakamura just changes that to a triangle! Hardy uses power to get Nakamura up and kick his face! Nakamura lets go, but runs into a throat chop! Cover, ONE! Hardy hurries to add on with a splash, cover, TWO! Hardy is frustrated and his ribs are in pain, only making it worse. The referee starts another 10 count but Hardy forces himself to stand. We return to single picture as Hardy hits back with haymakers. Nakamura reverses the whip but Hardy counters. Hardy hits the atomic drop, takedown and leg splitting leg drop. Dropkick added, cover, TWO! Hardy isn’t deterred, he says “DELETE! DELETE!” But he misses in the corner, only to get Nakamura’s kick and BAD Vibrations! Nakamura backs off at the count of 4, but then gives Hardy a sliding knee into the post!

The referee backs Nakamura off whiel checking on Hardy, but Nakamura just fires up. Nakamura runs, but into a school boy! ONE, but Hardy ducks all the kicks to hit the Twist of Fate!! Nakamura down, Hardy throws off the shirt and climbs up! Hardy aims, but Orton attacks!

Winner: Jeff Hardy, by disqualification

The Viper didn’t use his RKO but that was still outta nowhere. Hardy wins, but now his prize is Orton adding on by banging Hardy’s head against steel steps! Orton won’t wait for Sunday, he wants to erase Hardy now. Orton grabs a chair and brings it over. He stalks his prey, then SMACKS Hardy on the back! Then he jabs it into those bad ribs, before another SMACK! Orton embraces all the heat from the fans while he hears those voices in his head. He waits for Hardy to stand up again, but Hardy denies the RKO! Hardy wants teh Twist but is denied, so he gets the chair! Hardy SMACKS, SMACKS, SMACKS and SMACKS! Orton is reeling but Hardy still smacks him. Orton flounders, and into the Twist of Fate!

But Hardy isn’t done there! He climbs up top, SWANTON BOMB! Hardy didn’t get it on Nakamura but he gets it on Orton here. Orton is gasping as he retreats, and the Enigma stands tall. Will Hardy avoid being erased by the bitter bite of The Viper? Or will he make Orton OBSOLETE once and for all?


Backstage interview with The Miz & Maryse.

But Miz wants Kayla to give them the proper respect. Maryse is in the spotlight, so this is the interview with Maryse and Miz. They will face Daniel Bryan & Brie Bella in mixed tag action this Sunday, but tonight’s main event will see the singles return of Maryse, something we haven’t seen in roughly 7 years. Is she ready? Are you kidding? It took Bryan three years to return to the ring, but it took Maryse five months after giving birth to return. She’s ready. Maryse vows to make Miz proud, and show little Monroe Sky how great mommy is when she punches Brie in the face.

Miz adds on by saying that there’s a reason these two are called the hardest hitting couple in WWE today. Do you know what Bryan & Brie are called?  The Yes Couple? Is it? No, they’re the “Sure Couple”. As in they say, “Sure, I’ll settle for them.” Their marriage was one of convenience. But they aren’t very convenient, Bryan needs his wife to pay the bills and fight his battles. And if Bryan tries something, Maryse will slap the taste out of his mouth. “And that will be… AWESOME!” Will the It Couple make tonight’s main event must-see? Or will we see Maryse get shown up by #BrieMode?


AJ Styles was in the arena alone earlier today.

The Phenomenal One admits Samoa Joe knows his weakness is his temper. And Styles loses his temper quickest when it comes to his family. Joe brought both Styles’ wife and daughter into this. Joe thinks he has the advantage. Maybe he does. But after almost 20 years of friendship, Styles knows things about Joe. Joe has his own family. The difference is, Styles would never mess with Joe’s family. Styles has integrity, which is a strength. Joe’s strength is running his mouth and intimidating, as well as being a piece of… garbage. But all of Joe’s strength will become his weakness. When the bell rings, no one has the upper-hand on AJ Styles.

At Hell in a Cell, the talk stops, the intimidation ends, and Joe will get a reminder of what happens when someone talks about Styles’ family. Styles gave Joe a taste last week, and in five days, Joe will see how Phenomenal Styles really is. SmackDown is still the House that AJ Styles Built! “And it’s not for rent. And it damn sure isn’t for sale.”


Backstage interview with Charlotte Flair.

She has a huge match with Becky Lynch at Hell in a Cell, but why is she having a match here tonight? Because she thrives on competition. Charlotte is competitive, but not Becky. Becky complains about Charlotte holding everyone back, yet Charlotte is insecure? Becky gets her opportunity, and if there’s one person Charlotte is willing to bet on, it’s herself. Charlotte will show that it’s easier to talk the talk than to walk the walk. She sure hopes Becky is watching this.

Charlotte Flair VS Sonya Deville w/ Mandy Rose!

The Queen wanted this match, but will she regret giving the Gladiator Gal a chance to shine this close to PPV Sunday?

The bell rings and the two circle. Charlotte avoids Sonya lunging in a couple times, but can’t get away the third time. She counters with a facelock but Sonya gets a facelock back. They trade and roll around, but Charlotte gets a takedown to a headlock. Fans “WOO~!” for Charlotte but Sonya throws her off the hold. They circle again and now Sonya gets the takedown and jackknife. TWO as Charlotte bridges out and goes for a backslide. Sonya counters and bends Charlotte back with a neckbreaker. Sonya kicks away on Charlotte in a corner, then snapmares Charlotte to the center. She hits a stiff sliding knee, covers, TWO! Sonya stalks Charlotte and brings her up, but Charlotte small packages. TWO, and Sonya knees low.

Sonya keeps on Charlotte with a whip but Charlotte reverses. Sonya sunset flips but Charlotte counters with the Flair knee drop! Charlotte runs but Mandy swipes at her! Sonya capitalizes with a strong forearm, but Charlotte boots her back! Charlotte recovers while Sonya flounders, we go to break.

SmackDown returns and Sonya has Charlotte in a standing abdominal stretch. Sonya hammers away on CHarlotte’s ribs, but fans rally up for Charlotte. CHarlotte slips out but gets shoulders and a shove. Charlotte suneset flips but Sonya silps out, so Charlotte gives her a big back suplex! Both women slowly stand, and it’s Sonya who hits first with forearms. Charlotte chops with those Flair chops, and backs Sonya down to a corner. She chops and chops, but then Sonya dodges. SOnya swings but gets the backbreaker and STO! Charlotte holds herself up, then slowly climbs up top. She MOONSAULTS, but gets knees! Spinebuster added, cover, TWO! Sonya can’t believe it! She drags Charlotte up again, and throws muay thai knees. She whips but Charlotte reverses, only for Sonya to reverse it back to a triangle!

Charlotte holds on, and then deadlifts Sony up! Rebound of the ropes then the sit-out! Cover, TWO!! Somehow Sonya survives, but now Charlotte has the Figure Four! Charlotte bridges, Figure Eight! Sonya taps, Charlotte wins!

Winner: Charlotte Flair, by submission

The Queen made Sonya tap out tonight, but it took so much to get there. Will Charlotte be good to go for Hell in a Cell against the Relent-Lass Lynch? Or is this finally Becky’s time to take back the spotlight?

Wait, someone from the stands attacks! It’s Becky in disguise!! The Straight Fire comes for Charlotte with a kick at the ramp! Becky stalks Charlotte, and puts her in the Disarm-Her! Fans are divided as Becky pulls Charlotte’s arm all the way back. Referees appear and get Becky to back off, but the message has been sent. “It’s been two years too long”, but will it only be five days more before she’s champion again?


Samoa Joe has a message for everyone.

“Gather ’round, everyone, and quiet down. I’m going to read you a bedtime story.” Joe has just the tale, but don’t worry, it has a happy ending. It’s called, “Night Night, AJ – by Samoa Joe.” There once was a man who lived in a house, that he built for his kids and his house. Styles defended against one and against all, and felt 10 feet tall. His head in the clouds, high above all, he forgot his own family, not even a call. Until a man appeared, the Submission Machine. Joe heard of the “house of broken promises and lies.” The child was frightened, the wife distraught, and hoped and prayed that a lesson would be taught. Things were terrible, horribly bad, but the Warrior had a solution by becoming their new dad.

The arrogant fool drew battle lines, but to emerge victorious, it wouldn’t take much. Just a snatch and a drag, and a Coquina Clutch. Styles’ ego is no more, he was a fool asleep on the floor. A new champion stands as the man of the house, while that 10 foot tall man is small as a mouse. The hero conquered the day, good night to Wendy, Annie, and especially AJ. Joe says this is “The End” of their story, but will Styles make sure the ending is rewritten at Hell in a Cell?


Backstage interview with Becky Lynch.

But she doesn’t care about questions. She promised to break Charlotte’s arm, and she still will, after taking the title back. Becky has never been this ruthless. Is this what she needs to finally become champion again?


SmackDown Tag Team Championship #1 Contenders Match: Rusev Day VS The Bar!

The New Day were the team to finally stop the Bludgeon Brothers and take those belts away, but it took a No Disqualification match to do it. It also took Harper & Rowan out of action for a time, so in the meantime, the champions need contenders. That’s where the contenders tournament came in, pitting six teams in two separate triple threats to then determine finalists! Will the Bulgarian Brute & Drama King overcome the Swiss Cyborg & Celtic Gladiator? Or will Rusev Day fail to be better than the team that doesn’t just set the bar, but ARE the Bar?!

Speakng of the New Day, “ya bois” have their own announce desk again! They’re getting word that “Kramer Kingsman” is getting word with The Bar backstage. And somehow someway, Kramer is backstage watching The Bar finish preparations. The Bar in their natural habitat, but will they be like bad milk and spoil things for Rusev & English? Back to you, Kofi! Wow, what a great professional he is. Shenanigans aside, both teams make their entrance. English sings says they’ll steal the spotlight, win the fight and earn the right to take on the champs. Everybody watch as The Bar gives way, so that the titles will be won on… RUSEV DAAAAAAY~! With that, both teams are in the ring, and we begin!

SmackDown shifts to picture in picture as Cesaro starts with English. They tie up and go aruond, but English bails out before he can be isolated. English gets back in and ties up with Cesaro. English gets a headlock but Cesaro reverses to his own. They go to ropes and Engilsh powers out, but Cesaro runs him over. Cesaro runs but things speed up, English arm-drags Cesaro overhead! He puts Cesoar int he corner and tags in Rusev! Rusev whips ENglish in for the back elbow, then English feeds Cesaro tot he lariat. Cover, TWO! Rusev keeps on Cesaro with haymakers, then shoulders in the corner. He wrenches but Cesaro knees and clubs him back. Tag to Sheamus and Sheamus kicks Rusev. Sheamus suplexes but Rusev resists. Rusev cuonters and gets Sheamus up and over! Cover, TWO, but Rusev drops elbows.

Rusev grabs Sheamus in a facelock, and we return to single picture. Sheamus powers Rusev back to ropes, and they separate. Rusev senses Cesaro lurking and hits him first, only to get run over by Sheamus. Cover, ONE, but Sheamus keeps on Rusev with an arm wrench. Tag to Cesaro as New Day comments on the action. Cesaro gives a European Uppercut and a scoop slam. He wraps Rusv in a chinlock, and the New Day cannot predict who faces them. Fans rally up for “Rusev Day!” as Rusev stands up. Cesaro tags to Sheamus and hands the headlock off. Sheamus grinds Rusev but Rusev stays standing. Rusev arm-drags Sheamus off, and boots Sheamus away. English tags in, climbs up and leaps! Crossbody connects, and he fires off hands.

Sheamus reverses the whip but gets a mule kick. English runs for the swinging neckbreaker! English swings on Cesaro and manages to slip out of the saido suplex. HE dumps Sheamus otu then dumps Cesaro out. Rusev comes in and helps English FLY! English wipes out The Bar and feeds Sheamus in. English puts Sheamus in, falling DDT! Cover, TWO! The New Day enjoy what they see while Sheamus rolls out. English pursues and puts him back inside, but Cesaro goes after him. Rusev backs Cesaro off but Sheamus knees English down! English rolls back out, Sheamus tags Cesaro, and Cesaro gives English a BIG EuroUpper. Cesaro then throws pancakes around before putting English back in.

Cesaro gives English more EuroUppers, then tag Sheamus. They give him double mudhole stomps, then Sheamus clobbers with a clothesline. Cover, TWO! Tag back to Cesaro, and they mug English. Cesaro wrap on a chinlock, but fans rally up for Rusev Day while we go to break.

SmackDown returns and Sheamus has English in the Canadian torture rack. English fights out and jawbreakers Sheamus away. Sheamus runs back in but only gets post! English crawls for his corner but Rusev is still down. Cesaro checks on Sheamus but Rusev returns! Fans fire up as Sheamus tags Cesaro, but English tags Rusev! Rusev rallies on Cesaro, and hits a big shoulder. Rusev keeps moving for the leaping spin kick! THe Bulgarian Lion roars as he stalks the Swiss Cyborg. Rusev stomps and aims, but misses the Machka kick. Cesaro runs but into a pop-up knee and roundhouse! Cover, TWO! But Rusev is not deterred, he is only determined. The New Day see that determination, and respect the “CRUSH!” Accolade is on! Cesaro endures, but Sheamus slips in to clobber Rusev. Sheamus is pushed back out, but Rusev runs into a EuroUpper!

Tag to Sheamus, and they double DDT! Cover, TWO!! Sheamus can’t believe it but Lafayette is fired up for Rusev. Sheamus puts Rusev in his corner but Rusev fights ought! He bounces Ceasro off the post and rolls Sheamus up, TWO! Sheamus hits a tilt-o-whirl slam! Cover, TWO! The Bar cannot believe the resilience of Rusev, but Lana and teh fans keep cheering him on. Sheamus calls for his own kick, and he watches Rusev slowly stir. Sheamus runs at Rusev, but English intercepts to take the Brogue! Rusev MACHKA KICK! Cover, Rusev Day wins!!

Winners: Team Rusev Day, Rusev pinning; #1 contenders to the SmackDown Tag Team Championships

Even The New Day celebrate this one! This is a great Rusev Day for Rusev Day, but this is only the beginning. Can Hell in a Cell Sunday be an even greater Rusev Day when they bring home the gold? Or will the titles stay with the Five-Time champions?


Andrade “Cien” Almas w/ Zelina Vega VS R-Truth w/ Carmella!

El Idolo & La Muneca have been on a short downtrend while the newly created #FABULOUSTruth have been on the rise already! Will Truth show Almas #WhatsUp just a week before the Mixed Match Challenge begins again? Or will Truth only be #CienKnees?

SmackDown returns as Almas & Vega make their entrance. Fans echo “What’s Up?!” with Truth as the bell rings. Truth and Almas circle, but Almas kicks and chops Truth to a corner. Truth fires back but Almas stops that quick. Almas runs but into the headscissors! Truth rocks Almas with a haymaker, then whips corner to corner. Almas reverses but Truth goes up and over to handspring. Almas handsprings to PELE Truth! Cover, TWO! Almas stomps Truth then throws forearms. Vega wants Almas to finish Truth, but Truth fights back. Almas rocks Truth with a knee, then wraps on a facelock. Carmella rallies fans and Truth resists the suplex. Truth blocks then counters to gordbuster Almas down!

Vega tells Almas to shake it off quick, but Carmella coaches Truth up. Truth throws hands on Almas, then splits to hit teh calf kick! Fans fire up with Truth as he does mroe splits. Truth runs corner to corner for the splash! He kicks low, then runs, but Almas dodges the scissor kick. Truth shoves Almas, but he and Vega double Tranquilo. Carmella comes around to change that as she drags Vega to the floor! Almas doesn’t like that, but he manages to standing switch and roll up. Almas has hold of the pants, and Almas wins!

Winner: Andrade “Cien” Almas, by pinfall

Carmella was trying to help, but she couldn’t have expected Almas to cheat like that. El Idolo gets away with the win, but will he be reaching new heights if that’s what ti ta


Backstage interview with Asuka.

The Empress of Tomorrow helped Naomi out against The IIconics. Why? Naomi pops in to thank Asuka, and also wants to know why. Well the IIconics are so mean, and their accents make it hard to understand them. But they’re also fun to hit. Naomi likes Asuka’s attitude, and the glow. Go? No, glow. Oh! Yes, glow! Asuka loves teriyaki. Teriyaki? Wanna get some? Sure! This pair is eccentric to say the least, but will they be able to keep the future from being IIconic?


Brie Bella w/ Daniel Bryan VS Maryse w/ The Miz!

Bryan VS Miz was “Eight Years in the Making”, but so was this! Maryse returns to action after so long, but will she be ready for #BriMode?

The bell rings and Brie circles with Maryse. These former Diva’s Champions circle, but then Maryse ducks out the second Brie rushes her. Miz has Brie stay back while Maryse just grins and laughs. Miz applauds his wife and gives her a quick pep talk. Maryse returns to the ring, then circles with Brie. Brie rushes Maryse again but Maryse uses the ropes for shelter. Brie grows annoyed but Maryse tosses her hair. Maryse ducks out again, but Brie got really close that time. The It Couple talk, but Brie calls Maryse out as a coward. Maryse is angry now, but not so much that she won’t duck back out when Brie goes after her.

Miz talks back. “You think we’re cowards?!” Lafayette says “YES! YES!” Miz says Brie doesn’t even deserve to be in the same ring as Maryse! Maryse is the two times Diva’s Champ and one of the longest reigning champs ever! Five months after giving birth and Maryse is back in the ring, but neither Brie nor this city deserves her! He is calling this main event match off. The It Couple plan to wait until Hell in a Cell and start walking. But Bryan and Brie decide to give chase! Brie gets Maryse from behind by her hair! And she brings her all the way back to bump her off the apron! Twice! Three times! Four times, and then into the ring. Brie has the fans fired up, but Miz distracts. Bryan runs Miz off, but Maryse SUPERKICKS! Cover, TWO!

Miz and Maryse keep their cool, and they mock the “YES! YES!” chants. Maryse prepares her “hardest punch”, but Bryan rallies the fans for Brie. Maryse gets caught into Brie’s Yes Lock! But Miz drags Brie right out!

Winner: Brie Bella, by disqualification

But Bryan just goes after Miz! He unleashes on Miz against he barriers, and then into the ring! Brie gets back up but Bryan is thrown out onto her! Bryan realizes what happens and checks on Brie. Brie is hurting, and Bryan calls for medics to check on her. However, Miz goes after Bryan and throws him into steel steps! Then Maryse stomps away on Brie! Maryse bumps Brie off the apron in return for earlier, even as the referee orders her to stop. Maryse has Brie in the ring, but Brie Thezs Presses!

Miz gets in but Brie scares him with a glare. But this is so Maryse can snatch hair. But Brie slips out of the DDT. Bryan returns and goes after Miz more! He fires off the YES KICKS! Bryan vows to punch Miz out, but Miz turns around, to get a punch from Brie first! Then Bryan clotheslines Miz out! The YES Couple are in control, but will things go their way at Hell in a Cell? Or will they get to punch the It Couple in their smug faces to settle this once and for all?



My Thoughts:

SmackDown did much better than Raw, again. For one, they’re not bogging themselves down with build outside of Hell in a Cell, but they also didn’t give us more review than new action. Hardy VS Nakamura was a great opening match, and of course Orton appears to screw the match. But it was also great that Hardy stands tall in the fight after. We can all just feel Hardy jumping off the Cell for the Super Swanton he’s always wanted, but I can’t be sure he wins. It’d be odd for Orton’s mission to erase the heroes of the WWE Universe to fail the first time out. Though, just look at Bray Wyatt’s entire main roster run…

Charlotte VS Sonya was really good, Sonya looks strong even in losing. Becky’s surprise attack was so great, she’s really embracing this Heel Not Heel turn and fans are eating it up. This match is going to be great, but it’s so hard to call. Becky winning would be great, because the iron is hot and fans would go nuts. At the same time, winning at Hell in a Cell could end up making Becky only a transitional champion given Super Show Down and Evolution coming up next. At the same time, delaying Becky becoming champ again runs the risk of things cooling off, so I’d just pull the trigger now and figure things out. Speaking of, WWE needs to figure Asuka and Naomi out. Asuka shouldn’t be dragged into some kind of tag team story, she should be at Evolution in a singles title match.

Styles and Joe have really great promos going into their match, but especially Joe’s storybook. It is a shame we’re only getting one Cell match per brand because Styles VS Joe already has a build worthy of one. Of course, this feud could easily be used for the next few PPV’s, so let’s just hope the action in this match is already levels higher than the Styles VS Nakamura series. Speaking of Nakamura, he needs a challenger some time soon, so maybe some kind of Open Challenge and anyone from R-Truth to Tye Dillinger to even Almas for just some great wrestling. Almas and Truth have a decent match, but it’s a shame Almas won with a cheat. Though, that does help keep Truth strong, he deserves to have something again.

Rusev also deserves something, so he and English getting the contenders spot is great. I would love if they surprised us by having Rusev Day win at Hell in a Cell. Granted, New Day are a strong team, but it’s not like their fifth reign needs to be a long one. New Day already has the record and achieved the Five-Time threshold, so they can let this one go. The match will still be great, but the ones who need the win are Rusev Day, not New Day. Meanwhile, Brie VS Maryse was not a good main event match. Granted, it was never going to be just about them, and in a vacuum, that fight between the two couples was good. The mixed tag could go either away, but I doubt this will really end Bryan VS Miz as a feud. I think it’d take a title to do that.

My Score: 8/10

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