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Mitchell’s WWE SmackDown Live Results & Report! (9/25/18)



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SmackDown GM Paige made it official on social media: there will be a contract signing for the WWE Championship No Holds Barred match at Super Show Down!



  • The Miz VS R-Truth w/ Carmella; The Miz wins and takes back his talk show.
  • Big E w/ The New Day VS Sheamus w/ Cesaro; Sheamus wins.
  • Asuka & Naomi VS Sonya Deville & Mandy Rose; Asuka & Naomi win.
  • Shinsuke Nakamura VS Tye Dillinger; Dillinger wins, by disqualification.
  • Becky Lynch VS Lana; Becky wins.


Miz TV opens SmackDown in Denver!

No, wait, this is the FABULOUS Truth opening SmackDown! Denver knows “What’s Up?!” as Truth welcomes us to the Most Must-See WWE Talk Show: Truth TV! And real quick, “What’s up!?” Truth introduces the “Andy Richard” to his “Conan the Barbarian”, the newly dyed Princess of Staten Island, Carmella! And in less than two weeks, Truth’s guest faces off against the old host, on Super Show Down. The winner there goes on to face the WWE Champion. Give it up for the Yes Man, Daniel Bryan!

Daniel Bryan joins the Fabulous Truth in the ring and takes a seat. Truth invited Bryan as his first ever guest because of all his questions. Bryan is happy to be in Denver, and is ready for the questions. Carmella helps Truth go into business mode, and Truth asks “D” about dealing with Miz’s plots and schemes these last 8 years. And Bryan finally foiled his plans with “Other Carmella.” No offense, THE Carmella, but it’s a good thing she dyed her hair because people were getting confused. Mostly Truth. But how great will it be to finally defeat Miz and get back to that WWE Championship? Bryan is impressed by that question. Carmella knows Truth drops the truth. Truth TV is already better than Miz TV. But wait, it’s time! For what? The Seven Second Dance Break! The music hits and the Fabulous Truth break it down!

But as Bryan was saying? Wow, dance breaks on the show? Again, infinitely better than Miz TV. Heck there’s an animal segment with the Denver Zoo. But to Super Show Down. Bryan asks if they know what “catharsis” means. Of course, but just explain it to Denver. Catharsis is the release of unspent emotional energy. Bryan has used up so much emotional energy to get back to wrestling, but now Bryan wants to get back to being champion. Bryan was only able to defend his title once, he has some unfinished business with the title. He also has unfinished business with The Miz, and The Miz literally cheated Bryan out of the win. So if Bryan wins at Super Show Down, that’s cathartic. Cathartic! But Bryan also wants to prove he’s the best, and The Miz will do anything he can to simply say he’s the best.

Speaking of The Miz, here he comes! Denver boos the A-Lister as he asks what Truth is up to. Well it doesn’t take a genius to figure this out. Fans chant “Truth TV! Truth TV!” Two weeks ago, Truth beat Miz in a match. And if Miz had a title, it’d be Truth’s. But Miz does have a talk show, so Truth took that. He’s an idiot. He’s the idiot with a talk show! Miz raises his hands, and asks if we know what it means. Denver does but they don’t care. Miz wants everyone to listen. He and Bryan have their differences, but the WWE Universe loves Daniel Bryan because he’s “the scrappy relatable underdog” who always fights and fights fair. “But that’s why you will never beat me.”

Miz may not be scrappy but he’s smart, not a coward, and wins at any cost. He’ll do whatever it takes, it’s why he won at Summerslam, at Hell in a Cell and will win at Super Show Down! Bryan foiled one plan, but Miz has plans for days! Miz will do anything, and he means anything, to become #1 contender! Will Bryan? No, because he’s too proud. But that’s why he disappoints those who care for him. Bryan will only win by compromising his morals. But then when he does cheat, he’ll be tarnishing his legacy. Truth says Miz won’t be blasting people, not like that! not on Truth TV! Now they don’t have time for the animals. Miz is banned from Truth TV, forever! But this isn’t Truth’s show! Fans disagree.

Well if Miz wants his show back, fight Truth for it! Dance Break! Miz storms off and finds Paige. Did she see that? yes, she did. How can she replace Miz TV with that?! Miz wants Truth TV cancelled! Well it’s like Truth said, if he wants it back, go win it back. Go on. Go. Will Miz be able to reclaim the Most Must-See Talk Show with a match?


The Miz VS R-Truth w/ Carmella!

Before the Hollywood A-Lister battles the Goat for the right to face THE WWE Champion, he battles the new Most Must-See Talk Show Host in WWE History. Will Miz win to win back “his show”? Or will Truth show Miz #WhatsUp instead?

SmackDown returns as Truth and Miz circle in the ring. They tie up and Miz gets a headlock. Truth gets Miz down and reverses to a headlock of his own. Miz powers out but Truth runs him over. Bryan joins commentary and loves what he sees as Truth knocks Miz back down. Things speed up and Truth holds ropes. Truth breaks it down to then dodge and roll Miz up. TWO, but Miz scrambles away as Truth looks to punch his face. Miz sees Bryan and takes off the headband. Truth drags Miz up but Miz hotshots him away. Miz mocks the Yes fingers at Bryan, but he runs into Truth’s hip toss. Cover, TWO! Carmella moonwalks on the apron while Truth brings Miz back up. Truth punches but Miz slaps him! Truth is mad now, and the chase is on!

Miz finds himself stopped by Carmella, Truth rocks him with a right! Truth throws Miz into barriers, then asks “What’s Up!?” before bumping Miz off the apron. They go back in the ring at the count of 7, then Truth has Miz in the corner. Truth throws corner punches, but Miz stops him at 8. Miz boots Truth right down, then he stares Bryan down. Bryan admits that boot hist hard, but he’s still confident Miz’s loose morality will be his downfall. Miz parodies the Yes Kicks again, the “It Kicks” get “NO! NO!” from fans. Miz backs off, throws the buzzsaw but gets rolled up! TWO and Miz kicks out a leg to low DDT! Cover, TWO! Miz keeps his cool as he sits Truth up for a knee to the back. Miz pulls back on Truth’s arms for the half surfboard, but fans rally up.

Truth powers up and turns Miz around to put the hold on him! Miz turns it back and has the hold back on Truth. Truth endures as the fans rally back up. Truth gets up but Miz makes it a back slide. They struggle against each other, and Truth turns it around! TWO, and a close one! Truth uppercuts Miz, then rocks him to ropes. He whips but Miz reverses to give that kitchen sink knee. Miz has control while we go picture in picture.

Miz stalks Truth while also taunting Carmella. He runs and low boots Truth down. Then he does his best Moonwalk, which isn’t very good at all. He boots Truth down again, covers, TWO! Miz keeps on Truth with a chinlock, and he grins right at Bryan. Truth endures while Miz pulls on him. Carmella and the fans rally for Truth as he powers his way up. Truth fights out with body shots, then another uppercut. He whips Miz but Miz revesrs, only for Truth to roll him up. TWO, and Truth walks into the A-List combination! Cover, TWO, but Miz thinks he got it. Miz goes after Truth by choking him on the ropes, stopping at 4 to then hit his running rope attack. Miz grins again as he stares Bryan down. Truth gets to a corner, and counter punches!

Truth backs Miz down with chops, then whips corner to corner. Miz reverses hard, then runs in, and hits his A-List lariat. Miz climbs up top and aims at Truth, for the double ax handles! Cover, TWO! Miz keeps his cool but he’s growing frustrated. He drags Truth up and throws him out of the ring. Miz wants the count to begin, and it does. We return to single picture as the count reaches 5. Truth begins to stir, and gets in at 9! Miz thinks he won, but Truth runs him over with lariats! Truth ducks, dodges and calf kicks! Truth gives another splits then hits a big corner splash. He kicks Miz low, suplex to stunner! Cover, TWO!! That was a creative move, but it didn’t get the job done.

Truth still has ideas, runs, but Miz dodges the scissor kick. Things speed up, Lie Detector Elbow! Cover, TWO! Miz crawls but Truth is on him. Fans chant for Truth but Miz gets a thumb to the eye and then the Skull-Crushing Finale! Miz grins at Bryan because we all know he got away with cheating. Miz makes sure Bryan knows what he means by doing anything to win, but he’s not done yet. He mocks the Yes Fingers again but fans make them the “NO!” fingers. Miz aims at Truth, Knee Plus! Cover, Miz wins!

Winner: The Miz, by pinfall

Bryan runs Miz off, but the Miz still brags that he won and did Bryan’s move just as good as Bryan does it. The Miz may have his talk show back, but will he get back to the world title after Super Show Down?


Charlotte Flair was in the middle of a photo shoot when…

Becky attacked! The Lass Kicker slammed Charlotte into drawers, and says no one cares about seeing her face. Becky would kick Charlotte down and then have the photographer take her photo while standing over Charlotte. Things are getting heated between these former friends, but will it burn them both up come Super Show Down?


Big E w/ The New Day VS Sheamus w/ Cesaro!

Awww~ Denver~! The powerhouse of positivity represents his pancake producing pals as he goes up against the Celtic Gladiator! Which side will earn points going towards their Super Show Down SmackDown Tag Team Championship show down?

Before the match, “ya bois” know they’ve got jokes, but sometimes they play too much. The New Day plays around, but at the end of the day, they respect The Bar. Yes, they do. Cesaro beat Kofi Kingston last week, and it was fair ‘n’ square. So it’d be silly for The New Day to not take The Bar seriously. Because The New Day respects The Bar, here’s the #SaySomethingNice Challenge. Xavier Woods starts with Cesaro. They might poke fun at his awkwardly shaped areola and how he’s a Swiss Jason Stathem, they enjoy Stathem’s movies and that’s a good thing! Big E moves to Sheamus. That mohawk is distracting, but the carpet surely matches the drapes.

Sheamus takes the microphone. The New Day has the fans fooled, but The Bar isn’t. The Bar wants to fight. And this mockery will end at Super Show Down when this fifth title reign ends. The laughs end tonight after Sheamus beats the crap out of Big E. Because they don’t just set the bar, they ARE the Bar! The bell rings and we begin!

Sheamus puts Big E in a headlock but Big E powers out. Sheamus mule kicks Big E then puts him in for Beats of the Bodhrain. He stops at 4 but then gets hip tossed out of the ring! Big E keep son Sheamus with body shots and clubbing forearms on the apron. Big E climbs up, takes aim, and hits the apron splash! He takes a breather in his corner like a boxer, the pancakes being smelling salts, while we go to break.

SmackDown returns and Big E grabs Sheamus for a belly2belly! And then another! Sheamus stops the hat trick then scoops in a fireman’s carry. Big E gets out to then urenage Sheamus! Cover, TWO! Fans fire up as Big E swivels the hips. Big E runs, but Sheamus puts knees up for the splash! Cover, TWO! Sheamus scoops and slams Big E, covers, TWO! Denver rallies with “New! Day Rocks!” while Sheamus stands. Cesaro keeps Sheamus focused as he calls for the Brogue. Big E slowly rises, Sheamus runs in, but Big E counters with a powerbomb! Cover, TWO!! Sheamus rolls away while Big E pulls himself up. The straps come down and Big E stalks Sheamus. Sheamus bails out, but Big E runs, only to run into the leg! Sheamus runs back in but Big E scoops him! But Sheamus holds ropes to escape, then BROGUE! Cover, Sheamus wins!

Winner: Sheamus, by pinfall

The Bar has so far swept the New Day in singles competition! But their Super Show Down is for the SmackDown Tag Team Championships, after all. Can Sheamus & Cesaro win when it’s 2v2 and not 1v1?


Paige wants things to be under control tonight.

She pleads that the contract signing not get out of hand, because for one, the monitors on the announce desk are really expensive. Is that too much to ask? AJ Styles says he’s just going out there to sign the contract. If he’s destroying anything, it’ll be Samoa Joe. Paige tries to reassure herself things will be okay, but will they?


Lana finds Rusev backstage.

Mr. & Mrs. Machka promise to make Aiden English pay for what he did. Tonight is just about asking why. He and Lana head to gorilla position, will they get the answers from English? Or will today not be a Happy Rusev Day?


Rusev and Lana head to the ring!

The Bulgarian Brute could’ve been WWE United States Champion again, but the Drama King may have overstepped his bounds when he shouted for Rusev to “CRUSH!” And then, sending the end of their partnership was near, Aiden English attacked Rusev! Rusev feels betrayed, because English did that on the greatest day of them all. Yes, on Rusev Day! English is a traitor, but before Rusev crushes him for good, he needs to know why. Rusev calls out “Aiden the Traitor” so he can explain himself. English appears and knows Rusev is angry, but this isn’t his fault. None of this is.

Before English met Rusev, Rusev was the Super Athlete. But none of the fans cared. Rusev was floundering and lacked direction, but English saw potential. English stood by Rusev’s side and made him the most beloved superstar today! If you don’t believe him, just watch the footage English has prepared. Almost a year ago to the day, that was English singing the Bulgarian National Anthem for Rusev, and that was the very first Rusev Day ever! And every day since, both in singles and tag competition, it was Rusev Day! English sang for Rusev every Rusev Day, and now fans chant for Rusev Day every chance they get. English wants Rusev to understand that. Wrestlemania, 70 thousand people were chanting! They’re legends! But what happened? English knows what happened: Lana happened. “This whole mess is Lana’s fault.”

Rusev doesn’t understand? Then watch the footage. Lana returned and she introduced Lana Day. But then there was loss after loss after loss, and nothing but arguments and tension between them all. Fans defend Lana with chants of “Lana Day!” but things were so much better when it was just the two of them. Not Rusev, English “and her.” Seriously? Before English, Lana was there making Rusev the unstoppable force. She is why he rode out on a tank! English is a great “glorified cheerleader”, but English is just making a name for himself off of Rusev’s name! Fair enough. No one questions Lana’s loyalty to her husband.

But if she was truly honest with Rusev, she would’ve told Rusev everything, right? With all of Lana’s “honesty”, what about that “one night in Milwaukee?” What one night?What is English talking about? English drops the mic before saying anything more, and Denver is suspicious. Is Rusev suspicious? Or is he going to trust his wife over his former friend?


Naomi helps Asuka warm up.

But the Empress of Tomorrow is like a jackhammer! Naomi has to take a break, and maybe get thicker gloves. Asuka goes again, and Naomi has to take another break. Will that Strong Style tear into the IIconics again tonight?


Rusev talks with Lana backstage.

She has no idea what Aiden English means. He trusts her, but it was rather specific for English to point out Milwaukee. Becky Lynch comes along and says Milwaukee’s a fun town. Becky, please, this is a private conversation. No no, Lana should leave her alone. This is Becky’s division now. Lana “tries” to compete, but when Becky finishes her off, Lana will need Rusev to pack her bags because Becky will make Lana unable to walk. Or maybe get English to do it. When were they last in Milwaukee? Was Rusev not listening just now?!


The IIconics are in the ring.

Peyton Royce & Billie Kay want to talk, but are interrupted right away by #GlowTime! And don’t forget the Empress of Tomorrow!

Asuka & Naomi VS Sonya Deville & Mandy Rose!

Time for Team #Glowmorrow to warm themselves up before Super Show Down and their match with the hometown heroes, the IIconics. Billie & Peyton join commentary to watch this match up close. The duo formerly known as Absolution don’t really see how this new pair of friends work out. But they only raised the ire of Asuka. Put your hair up and square up, because it’s time to #FeelTheGlow.

We go picture in picture while Mandy and Sonya finish up their introductions. The teams sort out, and we start with Mandy and Asuka. The Empress and God’s Greatest Creation circle and tie up. Asuka gets the wristlock then wrenches, but Mandy rolls through. Asuka wrenches her again, then hammerlcoks. Mandy elbows but Asuka catches it! Asuka wants her lock, but Mandy manages to tag Sonya. The Gladiator Gal enters while Asuka dodges Mandy’s knee, then Spears Asuka down! Cover, TWO, but Sonya keeps her cool. She toys with Asuka then brings her up to the corner. Tag to Mandy, and they stomp a mudhole into Asuka together. Mandy throws forearms, then backs off to choke Asuka on the ropes.

Mandy backs off again but Sonya gets a cheap shot. We return to single picture as Mandy gives Asuka more mudhole stomps. Tag to Sonya, and they kick Asuka from both sides! Sonya drags Asuka up for body scissors and the chinlock. Fans rally for Asuka while the IIconics feel pretty smug on commentary. Asuka slips around to throw hands on Sonya, but Sonya shoves her away. Sonya intercepts Asuka before she can tag, but then Asuka catches the kick to German Suplex Sonya down! Fans rally while Asuka crawls for her corner. Sonya also crawls, hot tags to Mandy and Naomi! Naomi rallies, then headscissors Mandy to ropes! She runs in for the siding SLAP, then a stiff kick! Leg drop on top, cover, but Sonya breaks it. Sonya gets thrown out, but Mandy hits her knee!

Tag to Sonya, and she runs for the shining wizard! Cover, but Asuka breaks it! Asuka throws Mandy out, then knocks her out with the hip attack! Sonya goes after Naomi with knees and punches. She whips but Asuka tags while Naomi springboards for the enziguri! Then it’s a double roundhouse! Cover, Asuka & Naomi win!

Winners: Asuka & Naomi, Asuka pinning

That’s lights out for the duo formerly known as Absolution. Will the Iconic Duo be able to avoid the same fate in their hometown?


Shinsuke Nakamura VS Tye Dillinger!

The King of Strong Style and the Perfect 10 are no strangers to each other, but now we live in the United States of Nakamerica. Will SmackDown truly be the Land of Opportunity should Dillinger win? Or will the Perfect Ten get a Knee2Face instead?

The bell rings and Dillinger dodges Nakamura’s bum rush! Dillinger chops and chops and chops! He whips but Nakamura reverses, only for Dillinger to blast his way back out with a lariat! Dillinger shows those ten fingers, then dares Nakamura to bring it. Nakamura boots but misses, yet dodges to roundhouse Dillinger down. Nakamura gives Dillinger Bad Vibrations, then puts Dillinger up top. Fans duel as Dillinger gets a Top Shelf Knee! Nakamura dumps Dillinger down and takes aim from the corner. Everyone knows what’s coming next, but so does Dillinger! He dodges, kicks, and gets it on the second time! Dillinger hurries up top fast, and jumps for a Perfect 10 Frog Splash! Cover, TWO!! That was so close but not close enough.

Dillinger is on Nakamura in the corner with Perfect 10 Punches! But wait, it’s Randy Orton!! He attacks Dillinger, but why!?

Winner: Tye Dillinger, by disqualification

The viper throws Dillinger into a post! Wait, Orton is counting? He batters Dillinger all around ringside, then tosses him over the announce desk! Orton drags Dillinger up for the back suplex onto the desk! They go back into the ring, and Orton stomps away on Dillinger. Orton drags Dillinger up, then hangs him out to dry on the ropes! But Orton still isn’t done with Dillinger, as he drags him out along the apron. Draping DDT to the ground! The Viper mocks the ten fingers, then leaves Dillinger for dead. Is this the new prey Orton spoke of?

Nakamura himself is a bit annoyed Orton ruined his fun. So he aims at the dazed Dillinger to KINSHASA him into the LED apron! The Viper and the King of Strong Style stand tall, will Dillinger be able to return to seek revenge on either of them?


Lana prepares for her match.

Rusev wishes her luck. And he says he still trusts her. But then why is he giving English a chance? Rusev doesn’t believe English. He’s just frustrated. That’s fine for him, but what about her? She’s facing the Relent-Lass one up next!


Backstage interview with Randy Orton.

Why did he go after Dillinger? Is he the next victim? No, no, but the bottom line is that the Perfect 10 “crap” just pisses Orton off. Well, if it’s not Dillinger, then who?!


Becky Lynch VS Lana!

The Straight Fire wants to burn the bridge between her and the Queen of Flair, and she’s just about done it with all the sneak attacks and disrespect shown the last few weeks. But now she wants to remove all the dead weight from her Women’s Division, starting with the Ravishing Russian. Will Becky break Lana’s spirit and possibly an arm? Or will Lana prove she’s the best, Lana number one?

The bell rings and Becky circles with Lana. They tie up and Becky gets the arm. Fans chant “Milwaukee!” to remind Lana of the suspicion English has cast. Becky has Lana by the arm and arm-drags her to a cover, TWO. Lana gets away and circles with Becky again. Becky gets a waistlock and slam, and then lets Lana go. She dares Lana to get up. Lana does and Becky shoves her. Lana SLAPS Becky, then tackles her! The Ravishing Russian throws furious forearms but Becky pushes her away. Becky walks into a kick but reverses the whip. Lana catches Becky with headscissor and an ax kick. Bulldog, cover, TWO! Becky bails out while Lana gets up.

Lana dares Becky to come back, but Becky takes her time. Lana comes out so Becky kicks her and throws her into barriers! Becky mocks Lana over the Milwaukee rumors, but Lana small packages! TWO, and Lana dodges to roundhouse Becky down! Cover, TWO!! Lana thought she had the champ, but she keeps on her with stomps. Lana climbs up but Becky trips her up and to the mat. Becky gets mad now, and she drags Lana up for the Becksploder, but Lana fights out. Becky gets her again, and throws her! Then, Disarm-Her! Lana taps, Becky wins!

Winner: Becky Lynch, by submission

Becky shows mercy by letting Lana go, but that’s because she wants to raise her belt high over Lana’s head. Lana has her own troubles, can she sort this scandal out with Rusev and English? As for Becky, will she retain against an angry Queen down in Melbourne?

Backstage interview with Aiden English.

Will The Drama King elaborate on Milwaukee? Not right now, but he will. English has proof, and will show his video evidence next week. Is this evidence going to tear Rusev Day apart from within?


SmackDown GM Paige is in the ring!

The Glampire in Chief presides over this contract signing prompted by the controversial ending at Hell in a Cell. Therefore, Super Show Down will be a NO HOLDS BARRED match! There has to be a winner, and Paige has taken all precautions possible. But everyone knows how these things end, so let’s just get to it. She introduces first the WWE Champion, the Phenomenal AJ Styles! The champion hits the ring, and that of course leaves the challenger, Samoa Joe! But wait, where is Samoa Joe? His music doesn’t hit, but is he even here right now? Styles sure doesn’t think Joe has the guts to show up. Joe might attack from behind somewhere, because that’s how Joe works. But Styles has eyes in the back of his head.

Joe isn’t here now, but we all know he’ll be at Super Show Down for that chance at the title. The match will have no disqualifications and no count outs, it’s right up Joe’s alley. Joe doesn’t follow rules, but that just means– Oh, Joe’s on the titantron! The great thing about this business is traveling all over the world, going to places they’d never imagine going. And Joe is in one of those places: the Styles family home in Georgia! What is Joe doing at Styles’ house!? Joe said daddy was coming home, but where is Daddy AJ? In Denver. Styles swears he’ll rip Joe apart, but Joe admires Styles’ lawn and white picket fence.

Joe wonders how Styles is feeling. is he helpless? is he horrified? Does he feel sick? Guilty for not heeding the warnings? Styles could’ve made a difference, but he’s far far away. What to do, what to do? Joe wants Styles to get his phone, but oh wait. Styles doesn’t bring his phone out to the ring. Well that’s okay, that’d ruin the surprise. Joe got a nice gift for Annie after all. Styles pleads that Joe stop, but Joe keeps walking to the porch. Is Styles feeling rage now? Is Styles fired up and feeling his blood boil? Good! Because both Joe and Styles know the wife and kids are home. What is Styles feeling now? Fear? Paralyzed and confused about what to do?

Joe wants Styles to remember that feeling, because he’ll feel that way again when he loses at Super Show Down. Remember this feeling, because this has always been about consequences. Styles “stole” the title from Joe at Hell in a Cell, “that demanded consequences.” Styles still pleads, but Joe rings the door bell. “Daddy’s home.” SmackDown’s out of time!! What’s happening now?!



My Thoughts:

Wow! What a crazy good episode. SmackDown has been much better at prioritizing builds, and now that Super Show Down is the next thing up, that’s where they’re directing us. Though, I will say SmackDown knows how to properly interweave Mixed Match Challenge as Truth and Carmella continue their own feud with The Miz. Truth TV was so great, but sadly it seems short-lived as Miz wins it back. But of course that’s so Miz and Bryan can plug their story. I still think Bryan wins at Super Show Down to then give us a big match up whether it’s Joe or Styles. At the same time, Miz is making a point of doing anything to win. This could give us at least a tease of Bryan wanting to cheat, but then doing things the right way and proving Miz wrong.

Big E VS Sheamus was a great match, and it’s a bit surprising Sheamus won. There’s no 50-50 booking so far, but maybe this just further establishes that The New Day retains. It’d be a great surprise if The Bar wins, for similar reasons why it would’ve been great if Rusev Day won. And speaking of, the twist in the Rusev Day story is actually making their break-up worth it. The Milwaukee mystery is definitely going to be WWE’s true Fall blockbuster. Becky also earns some big points for herself attacking Charlotte during a photo shoot then more or less squashing Lana. I really hope there’s more for Becky and Charlotte, something that leads us into and past even Evolution. Becky is on fire, WWE just needs to pour gasoline on it.

Naomi and Asuka are actually working as a duo, and I like that they’ve basically come up with a team finisher with the double roundhouse. Just as Nia Jax and Ember Moon could be Raw’s new candidate for Women’s Tag Team Champions while Sasha Banks is out, Naomi and Asuka could move up for SmackDown. Becky and Charlotte are enemies, and it’d great for Asuka to at least get tag titles on the main roster while she rebuilds her power. And lastly, that twist to the contract signing was evil but genius. In fact, Joe is an evil genius. He escalates this attack on Styles’ family by showing up to the Styles house! Television viewers don’t get to see much after the final minutes, but if this doesn’t get buzz for Styles VS Joe, nothing will.

My Score: 8.6/10

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