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Speculation On Some Surprise Additions To WWE 2K19

We’re just under a month away now from the release of the anticipated WWE 2K19 game on October 5th with a number of details surrounding this year’s incarnation.

So far, we’ve seen two roster reveals (for part one go here, for part two go here), the announcement of the special Wooo! Edition highlighting Hall Of Famer Ric Flair (check that out here), plus the return of Showcase Mode featuring the rise of Daniel Bryan (see details on that here).

As for the return of Showcase Mode, there had been some talk about Bryan’s Ring Of Honor days possibly being part of the timeline or perhaps the inclusion of former WWE Superstar AJ Lee. Of course, AJ was ringside and played a pivotal role in Bryan’s record-breaking, 18 second, WrestleMania 28 loss when he was defeated by Sheamus for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Furthering that speculation, 2K has released the following new trailer for Showcase Mode which does show a brief clip of Bryan in an ROH ring and does depict the WrestleMania 28 match in-game.

EA’s Take: If I were to guess, I think the more likely of these two things being included would be a Ring Of Honor arena/match as a part of Showcase Mode. I can’t imagine that after everything that’s gone down between WWE and CM Punk this year, his wife would be having any association with the company. We’ve heard of Punk disowning people for similar reasons and they do say, “Never say never”, I just can’t see it.


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