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Top 5: Potential Shawn Michaels Opponents



WWE WrestleMania Shawn Michaels

Shawn Michaels was the one person that people thought would live up to a wrestling retirement. He was very adamant that he was finished in the ring. You had to know it wouldn’t last forever though. As the Million Dollar Man said, everybody has a price. Somebody met Shawn’s price, and now the word on the streets is that he’ll be back for multiple matches.

Here’s the thing: I don’t really care about HBK vs Undertaker. I don’t need Michaels teaming with Triple H. I don’t want Kane. I want to see Shawn Michaels in fresh matches with people he hasn’t wrestled eleventy billion times. Why continue to live in the past & only feature Michaels in Senior Tour-style matches? If he’s going to insist on coming back, let’s have some fun with it. Let’s get Shawn some new opponents & create new memories.

Here are the Top 5 Potential Shawn Michaels Opponents.

5. Dolph Ziggler

Dolph Ziggler 2

If one wrestler has patterned their career after HBK, it’s definitely Ziggler. He’s utilized a superkick & elbow drop for years. He’s got the blond hair & the long tights. He excels at making his opponents look good. Ziggler’s meeting with Michaels in the ring took place when he was part of the Spirit Squad. The two men never met afterwards (except in one segment where HBK pointed out that Dolph’s name was Dolph Ziggler), as Ziggler was mostly on SmackDown while Michaels was on Raw.

Michaels would be looking across the ring at himself, only fifteen years younger.

4. Tommaso Ciampa

Three Stars Tommaso Ciampa NXT Takeover Chicago

As Michaels is currently an instructor at the Performance Center, it would only make sense for one of his students to confront him. Who would be more fitting than Tommy Entertainment? Ciampa is a despicable character that would be all about the opportunity to humble one of WWE’s all-time legends, not to mention a man that would be instrumental in helping him reach the main stage. HBK might take Ciampa to finishing school, but that could be just the beginning of their interaction.

3. The Miz

WWE The Miz

Miz certainly ranks among the top foils in WWE today, and a feud with him & Michaels would be great based on just the promos. It would also be a great way to promote their upcoming movie. Miz would be a great choice to get the youngsters that haven’t experienced Michaels live & in person yet to buy into HBK.

I know it’s hard to believe, but there are some out there.

2. AJ Styles

A potential dream match between Styles & Michaels came up during a Table For 3 episode they were part of with Kevin Nash. Many inside & outside the ring say that Styles has taken the spot Michaels used to have, that of the best in-ring performer in WWE. The two men share a lot in common outside the ring as well as inside, and given both men’s tendency to like working with their friends and making them look like a million bucks, a match between the two in their prime could have been one of the all-time greats.

It may be now as well. Remember, Shawn had a match with an elderly Ric Flair at WrestleMania XXIV that some say ranks among the best ever. I’m sure AJ could do the same with HBK.

Honorable Mention: Braun Strowman

You want Braun to get some heel heat? Have Shawn get those hands.

1. Daniel Bryan

The one time I really had a hankering for HBK to step back in the ring during his retirement was during the autumn of 2013. Shawn had gotten inserted into the issue between Daniel Bryan & Randy Orton by Triple H. Shawn chose his best friend’s interests over the interests of his former student, which rightfully enraged Bryan. For one of the few times during the 21st century, the fans sided against HBK. It led to a pretty awesome promo from Shawn and what we hoped would be more.

We didn’t get more. HBK wasn’t interested in coming back at that time. Now that the price is right, there’s a chance that the student & one of his teachers could finally meet in the ring. One might ask who the face & who the heel would be if Bryan & Michaels went back to their prior disagreement, but one might also ask if it matters.

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The Miz: WWE’s Newest Babyface Wins Fans Over

2019 , Miz is a face, Daniel Bryan is a heel…cats and dogs are sleeping together, right? David breaks down why Miz as face actually works this time around!



2019 , Miz is a face, Daniel Bryan is a heel…cats and dogs are sleeping together, right? David breaks down why Miz as face actually works this time around!

When WWE decided to flip the script and give Daniel Bryan his chance at becoming the company’s top heel, I immediately wondered what would happen to The Miz and how he would impact Tuesday nights.

For any of us who doubted the possibility that Mike Mizanin could pull off a run as a top baby face, we should all apologize now. One of my favorite characters in wrestling today proved once again last night that it does not matter which role he plays, there is brilliance and how he does it.

I’m not 100 percent excited about this program with Shane McMahon, however I think it is a great storyline the WWE put together in one of the more shocking twists and turns of the year so far. McMahon, much like his father Vince, is a natural heel. The Miz has shown versatile to make it work in either side of the squares-circle. Like his matches before, this could be a defining moment for McMahon, who will once again prove he is better than expected in a wrestling ring.

For The Miz, I’m curious how this all plays out given after this feud I wonder which direction the creative team will take in developing his character even more.

This promo on Tuesday night was nothing short of brilliant. And for a performer who is used to working off heat from the crowds, he showed the ability to win them over. The mark of a great wrestling performer is the ability to work as a babyface or a heel and keep the wrestling fan engaged.
It also presents a potential challenge to Bryan in the future should WWE keep the company title around his waist.

As I’ve discussed before, wrestlers need other wrestlers to be great. Jack Brisco needed Dory Funk, Jr. Ric Flair needed Ricky Steamboat and Dusty Rhodes. The Miz needs Bryan. From a fan perspective, seeing those two in a ring and a role reversal is worth the price of admission alone.

My concern as I just touched on it, is the company will drop the ball in character development. It will lose sight of what it has in the performer and the self promoter. There is no one better than the former WWE and Intercontinental champion.

The Miz’s words were real, succinct, passionate and gripping. Never for a lack of animation, he is just as dynamic when speaking his mind. There should be another world title run in his future, but I wonder with the most recent push of Kofi Kingston, does this mean the A-lister becomes the B+ superstar?

By the way, the comment about Vince not owning Kofi was spot on at the moment.

I suspect the feud between co-owner of WWE and the man I like to call the company’s greatest asset will continue past April. How it concludes is predictable. McMahon is not a full-time performer and should not be. As for The Miz, the doors opened a little wider on Tuesday night. We saw a focused and determined wrestler on television. I’m betting that translates to one of the best years he’s had in this business in 2019.


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Mustafa Ali Should Be Thankful For KofiMania

Steve Cook reminds us that Kofi’s current angle is due to Mustafa Ali’s injury. Which, may have turned out beneficial for…Mustafa?



Mustafa Ali

Steve Cook reminds us that Kofi’s current angle is due to Mustafa Ali’s injury. Which, may have turned out beneficial for…Mustafa?

When I first heard it, I didn’t believe it.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t mean to demean the ability of Mustafa Ali. In his limited time under WWE’s umbrella of entertainment, he’s amazed crowds with unbelievable moves. He’s also shown the ability to be likable, much to the amazement of some that believe that people of his descent can’t be supported by the WWE Universe.

Ali is a remarkable story. He was sixteen years old when he had his first match in February 2003. Mustafa worked graveyard shifts as a police officer while pursuing his wrestling dream, along with having a family.

He has a good head on his shoulders & a very promising future.

WWE is high on Ali, as they have every right to be. So high, in fact, that the word around the campfire was that Ali was slated to challenge for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania. Those plans were put on hold just before the Elimination Chamber, when Ali suffered an injury that forced him out of the Chamber match for the WWE Championship. Ali still might have been in line for a title shot, as there was still plenty of time before WrestleMania when he was scheduled to come back.

But a funny thing happened, Kofi Kingston was tapped to take his place, and the fans in Houston went absolutely crazy for him. We’ve been watching Kofi on WWE television for eleven years now. We saw him break into WWECW as a fresh-faced, happy-go-lucky Jamaican kid. Upon his arrival on Raw (and later SmackDown), he became a regular in the Intercontinental & United States championship scene, depending which show he was on. He also became a tag team specialist, winning tag team championships with CM Punk, Evan Bourne & R-Truth.

Then The New Day happened, and it took Kofi’s popularity to a whole other level. Kofi, Xavier Woods & Big E have become one of the most successful trios in wrestling history. The only downside? It put Kofi’s singles career on ice. There were no more quests for secondary titles in hopes of breaking into the main event scene as a legitimate contender for a top championship. Kofi, Big E & Xavier had their role. Pump up the crowds, make money off merchandise & be happy.

You can make a lot of money doing that. But eventually you develop a taste for something more.

Honestly, it seems more like Big E & Xavier developed that taste for Kofi. They’ve been speaking up for him ever since this thing started at Elimination Chamber. Back at Money in the Bank when New Day was granted a slot in the match, they insisted that Kofi take it. It makes sense. New Day has achieved so much on the tag team side of things that the only thing left for them to do is reach the top of the mountain. One of them obtaining a top singles championship will be like all of them doing so.

Kofi got Mustafa’s slot at Elimination Chamber, and the fans bit on it hard. Here was a guy they had been watching for years busting his butt and doing whatever he was asked to do at the best of his ability. To the Houston fans, Kofi more than deserved to be there. He deserved to be WWE Champion. It seems like most of the WWE Universe is falling in line with the idea. Kofi’s being thrown obstacles left & right now, and even people that should know better are really buying into the idea that WWE doesn’t want Kofi Kingston in the WWE Championship match at WrestleMania.

It’s an incredible thing. Kofi’s lucky to have gotten this opportunity. Do you know who’s even more lucky that Kofi got this opportunity?

Mustafa Ali.

It’s kind of funny when you think about it. Ali’s been wrestling longer than Kingston. He’s more than paid his dues to get to WWE. He’s defied the odds his entire career. Ali is an amazing story that is really difficult to root against. However, if he got pushed right into a WWE Championship match at WrestleMania after a couple of months on SmackDown, people would root against him. Specifically, the fans that attend WrestleMania would root against him.

Mustafa has paid his dues. But we didn’t get to see it. We’ve seen Kofi Kingston paying dues for over a decade now. Not to sell Mustafa’s experiences short, but we weren’t at the indy shows watching him work. We weren’t on the graveyard shift with him. Kofi Kingston has been right in front of us for eleven years, proving that he deserves to be at the top of WWE just as much as anybody else does. It’s easier for us to identify with Kofi.

Had Ali been placed into the WrestleMania match with Daniel Bryan, the same thing would have happened that happened at Fastlane in Cleveland. He would have gotten booed, he would have had a nice performance and that would have been it. Bryan would have moved on to the next thing in time for the next PPV while Mustafa Ali would be looking for his next goal.

He deserves better, and he’ll get better.

We need to see Mustafa Ali work his way up. It’s not his fault that most of us don’t watch 205 Live, but the fact of the matter is that we don’t. We need to see him against the best of WWE, busting his ass and proving he belongs with the best in the business every single night.

It’ll take longer to get there. The reward will be much better. Once Mustafa Ali reaches the top of WWE, there will be no doubt that he deserves it. He won’t be somebody getting a push because of his life story, or because there was nobody else around at the time. He’ll be a superstar that the WWE Universe has grown to love & respect.

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