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What Exactly Do You Want?



That’s the question I find myself asking every time I spend too much time on Wrestling Twitter, which is almost every day.

You say you want more complex storylines but then when we get anything that is more than the simple heel/face dynamic there are a bunch of comments about convoluted booking and questions like

  • why can’t they just do _?  
  • Is this person a heel or face?  Isn’t what they just did a heel kind of thing?

You say you want longer running narratives but then when we have to wait more than a few weeks to the big match or the big turn or the big elevation to the main event we get impatient and complain that they screwed the pooch by waiting too long to pull the trigger.

You say you want more Seth Rollins and Finn Balor in big matches and Roman Reigns out of them, then when you get that you barely pay attention to them and continue to talk about Roman.  You make more noise for Roman’s match with Bobby Lashley while you chant for a countdown clock when Seth is facing Dolph Ziggler in the main event.

You say the best wrestler should be the champion and face of the company and then you get mad that BRAUN STROWMAN hasn’t won the Universal Title yet.

You say you want a return to storytelling and things mattering but then if they don’t pick the ‘right’ people for the right spots you blame the storytellers for being bad at storytelling instead of simply saying that you like wrestler X and wish they got the plum spot in the story instead of wrestler Y.

You were saying ‘kill the brand split!’ because there were too many pay per views last year and some real duds on paper (although some of them did exceed expectations), but then when they go back to co-branded shows every month now there aren’t enough spots for everybody (yeah because you really want that Mojo Rawley vs No Way Jose on a RAW pay per view instead of on a Monday night to give you a bathroom break).

You want a stronger midcard but when they put guys there who can do just that, there are complaints that those guys ‘deserve better’.  Why are they wasting Daniel Bryan’s time by not putting him in World Title matches already?

I can keep going here, but what I’m getting at is that us wrestling fans can be totally impossible.  We keep asking for things, then if we get them we act like they didn’t happen.  And then when they don’t do what we want we scream bloody murder.  When they do simple things that wrestling companies have been doing for decades, like booking cheating heel champions, we act like they just started them last week and that it’s a national outrage.  When they present people as heel and faces they get accused of trying to tell us what to do (well duh….).  Seriously I do not envy the people who have to write these shows.  Y’all are never happy or satisfied unless they put your favorite people in the exact position you think they should be in, and even then you just give them an ‘ok, cool’ on your way to complaining again.

They have to write six hours of live TV every week, with no summer off or winter hiatus.  Sometimes it’s great, sometimes it’s ok, and some stuff they try does indeed suck.  But some of you guys do not help matters when you crap on things before they even get going.  Yes, it does take faith to go along with an angle that runs for several months.  But if you keep asking for that, and then they try to do it, then you need to show that faith. ‘Well, they’re just gonna mess it up…’  How, by not making the exact same choices throughout that you would?  If you’re that pressed for them to tell stories the way you would then apply for a job there and if you get it then maybe you will get to see stories how you want them.

Or you can try watching other companies that don’t succeed at all, or in some cases even make an attempt at telling big stories with their wrestlers.  Ring of Honor has a lot of talented people wrestling for them but even their best stuff isn’t punctuated by anything that will help you remember it after more than five minutes.  Impact Wrestling has had it moments but in between there’s been a whole lot of wackness.  No you are never going to get everything you want from the WWE, but you are indeed going to get some of what you want a lot more frequently than anywhere else.  We have to share the space with each other unlike with any other company and that means sometimes you get what you want and sometimes I get what I want and when it’s our turn to wait then we should understand.

My folks told me many times when I was growing up that you don’t always get what you want from everyone, and with some people you may never get all that you want, but that’s life.  You accept what you can’t control and keep rolling.  At the end of the day we’re not behind the scenes and we don’t really know, no matter how many dirt sheets you might read, what all has to be considered when the decisions are made.  That doesn’t mean that when they don’t shake like we want those decisions are all bad.  So we really need to stop treating it that way.

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